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Latest update: 09-28-99

Indexed by Michael Klossner (mklossne@asl.lib.ar.us)


At present this index does not cover all magazine articles on
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.  I am concentrating on magazines and
individual issues which have several articles on the series.
I hope to update this index as new issues appear.

THE CHAKRAM is the newsletter of the Official XENA Fan Club, 
administered by Creation Entertainment. The magazine is 
available to members of the Fan Club (Galleria Tower,
100 W. Broadway #1200, Glendale, CA 91210; e-mail 
outback@primenet.com; web site http://www.creationent.com).
MAGAZINE and the HERCULES & XENA YEARBOOK.  Issues are sold
in stores but are not available as a subscription.  (Web
site http://www.topps.com).  CINEFANTASTIQUE and FEMME FATALES
back issues can be ordered at 800-798-6515.

Articles are referenced in the form prefix issue:page.  The prefix
identifies the magazine.  Issues of THE CHAKRAM have the prefix "C".
Issues of the Topps XENA magazine have the prefix "T" and the Topps 
Yearbooks have the prefix "TY".  Thus,
"C1:17" is issue 1, page 17 of THE CHAKRAM.
"T4:9" is Topps' XENA magazine 4, page 9.
"TY1:3" is Topps' HERCULES & XENA YEARBOOK 1, page 3.
"CFQ599:40" is CINEFANTASTIQUE, May 1999, p. 40.
"FF1099:30" is FEMME FATALES, Oct. 22, 1999, p. 30.
So far 8 issues of THE CHAKRAM, 4 of the Topps XENA magazine
and one YEARBOOK have appeared.  Only XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
material from CINEFANTASTIQUE May 1999 issue and FEMME FATALES
Oct. 22, 1999 issue is indexed.

My thanks to Arleen Schwemmer for information about the
Topps magazines.

For more subject indexing of nonfiction on XENA, see the WHOOSH
Subject Index at the WHOOSH Home Page, the Index to Robert
XENAVERSE in WHOOSH 22 and the Index to Nikki Stafford's LUCY




   -- and script changes in XWP  C7:10-11
   -- offscreen work  C7:14
Ad-libbed moments in XWP  C8:14
Adrienne (Fan)  C1:17
ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE (69/401, 70/402)  C5:5, 8, 9; C6:7-11;
      C7:15; C8:24-25; CFQ599:36; FF1099:22, 27, 38-39
   -- production drawings  C8:16-18
   -- title  C4:15
   -- viewer response  C7:15
Afterlives in XWP  C7:19-21
Aiden-Gabrielle embrace scene (PARADISE FOUND (81/413))  C7:12
"All About Aphrodite"  TY1:52-56
Alti  C6:7-8, 10-11; C7:19-21; C8:9, 24-25
   -- makeup  C8:21, 25
   -- voice  C6:11; 8:24
Amarice  C8:6, 10
AMAZON HIGH (TV pilot)  T4:47
Amazons  T4:35
Amina Sarauniya Zazzua, queen of Zazzua  T3:36
Angel, Vanessa  T1:9
Animals in XWP  C8:18
Annem (Fan)  C1:22
Annie  C8:7
Annie's song scene (DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN (90/422))  C7:10-11;
Anokin  C6:7, 11
Aphrodite (Goddess)  TY1:52-56; CFQ599:47; FF1099:35-37
   -- costume  CFQ599:47
   -- speech  CFQ599:47
Apollena (Fan)  C1:22
THE APPKE (H30/217)  FF1099:35
"The Architect of Armageddon Tells All"  T3:8-11
Ares (God)  C4:17; C6:18; T1:36; T3:40-42; T4:10; CFQ599:46
  -- and Callisto  C5:17
"Ares Speaks"  T3:40-44
Argo (Horse)  T4:19-22
Ariana (Fan)  C2:23
ARMAGEDDON NOW (H72/413, H73/414)  T3:11
Arminestra  C7:19, 21
Armus, Adam
  -- interviewed  C4:22-23
Atyminius  T1:35
Autolycus  T2:35; CFQ599:46


Bacchae  T1:21-22
Bader, Hilary
  -- interviewed  C4:21-22
Baer, Caetrin  C3:22
Barb (Fan)  C2:22
Barbara (Fan)  C1:19
Bath scene (THE DEBT II (53/307))  C5:10
Battle scene (THE DEBT I (52/306))  C8:16
Bcavert (Fan)  C1:21-22
Becker, Josh  CFQ599:40
Bed scene (PARADISE FOUND (81/413))  C7:15
BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302)  C6:19
Berman, Gary  C2:8
Berryman, Bonnie  T3:50-51
Beswick, Doug  CFQ599:40-41
Betrayal of Xena by Gabrielle (THE DEBT (52/306, 53/307))
   C2:5, 11, 20, 23; C4:8-9, 21
BETWEEN THE LINES (83/415)  C6:11; C7:15, 18-22; C8:24-25
Bibliography of articles on XWP  C1:11
Birdcages scene (THE DEBT I (52/306))  C8:17
THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)  C2:7; C3:3, 5, 8-9, 11-14, 23; 
   C4:11, 21; C7:14; C8:22; T2:11; T3:2, 12-23; CFQ599:34, 37, 39, 
   41-43, 45; FF1099:20, 24
"Bitter Suite: The Making of a Musical"  T3:12-23
BJStranger (Fan)   C1:16
Blankenship, Laurie  C1:14-15
Blood drops scene (PARADISE FOUND (81/413))  C7:15
Blood in XWP  C7:6-7, 15
  -- restrictions on showing  C5:19
Boat used in XWP  C5:10
Body makeup in XWP  C8:21
Borias  C6:11, 18
Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni  T3:35-36
Boutilier, James G.  CFQ599:47; FF1099:32-37
Bragg, Brian K.  C1:23
Braxis (Dragon)  TY1:26
Brendaemt (Fan)  C1:19
THE BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (Ronny Yu, 1993)  T1:9; T4:7
Brutus  C8:10
Burbank Hercules and Xena Convention (01/97)  C1:9-10;


Caesar, Julius  C1:16; C3:9, 20; C5:7, 18
Cake fight scene (STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD (H64/405))
Calhoun, Jeff  T3:14-16, 18, 22-23
Callisto  C1:18-19; C3:13-14; C5:11-20; C6:13; T1:34; T2:13-17, 48-51;
  -- and Gabrielle  C5:16
  -- and Solan's death  C3:10
  -- and Xena   C5:16 
  -- as avenger   C5:11-12, 19
  -- eye color  C5:10
  -- death  C4:5, 14, 19, 20
CALLISTO (22/122)  C1:7, 14; C5:11-13
"Callisto's Final Triumph" (Comic art story)  T2:38-44
Camera filter in XWP  C8:22
Campbell, Bruce   C8:13-14; CFQ599:32, 46; FF1099:20
Campfire scene (CALLISTO (22/122))  C1:7, 14; C5:13
Carbonaro, Phil  CFQ599:40-41
Carmen (Fan)  C1:16, 20, 22-23; C2:22-23
Cathy (Fan)  C1:14
Cave of Ages (Unused scene in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE (69/401,
   -- production drawings  C8:16-17
Censorship of XWP  FF1099:21
Centaurs  T4:20; CFQ599:39
  -- Callisto  T3
  -- Gabrielle  T2
  -- Hercules and Iolaus  TY1
  -- Xena  T1; TY1
  -- Xena and Gabrielle  T4 
Chakram doorway (THE DEBT (52/306, 53/307))  C8:16
Chakram (Weapon)  C1:23; C5:10, 12; C8:16-17; T1:10
Chamberlain, Matthew  CFQ599:41
"Characters in Conflict" (Art work)  T3:24, 33
Charades scene (FORGIVEN (60/314))  C3:18; C4:12
Ching, Sui-Tung  T4:16
Chitty,  Phil  C8:17-18
Chopra, Deepak  C5:5
Choreography in XWP  T3:22-23
Chungg, Barron  FF1099:34, 36
Cipriano, Tony  T3:51
Clarke, Frederick S.  CFQ599:3
"Clash of the Titans" (Art work)  T2:24, 33
Cliff scene (SACRIFICE II (68/322))  C5:10
Clip episodes  C4:21
Collectibles   T1:52-54; T2:54; T3:50-52; T4:6, 52
"Collecting Xena"  T1:52-54; T2:54; T3:52; T4:52
Comedy episodes  C6:19; CFQ599:34, 43, 45; FF1099:18, 20
Comic books  T1:37; T2:37; T3:7; T4:7
Confession scene (A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214))  C5:19
"Conjuring the Fire Demon"  T2:18-22
"Conversing with Lucy Lawless"  C1:4-8; C3:4-5; C4:4-5
"Conversing with Renee O'Connor"  C2:4-7
Cope, Barbie  C8:22
Cormack, Danielle  
  -- interviewed  T4:44-47
Corson (Fan)  C1:22
Cortese  T1:36
Costumes in XWP  C7:10; T1:10; T3:14-15; FF1099:38
Cotta Vaz, Marc  T2:18-22
Covington, Janice  C7:22
Coyle, Robert Paul  T3:8-11; TY1:8-11
 -- interviewed  C4:20
Creation Entertainment  T1:54
Creative License  T3:50-51
Crossword puzzle  C1:11
Crucifixion scene (IDES OF MARCH (89/421))  C8:11
Crucifixion vision scene (ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE II
    (70/402))  C5:6, 8; C6:11, 21; C7:20
CRUSADER (76/408)  C6:5, 18, 20-22
Csokas, Marton  C8:25
"The Cutting Edge"  T4:17-18
Cyane  C6:7-8
Cyclops  T1:20
Czokas, Martin  C5:6


"Dahak, Anatomy of an Apocalypse"  T4:8-12
Dahak (God)  C4:16-17; T4:8-12, 48-50
DallasDeb (Fan)  C3:23
Dance scene (ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE II (70/402))  C8:25
Darshams  C7:18
DAUGHTER OF POMIRA (79/411))  C8:21
David (Fan)  C1:22
Davis, William B.  T1:16
A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215)  C1:8, 19-21
THE DEBT (52/306, 53/307)  C2:5, 11, 14-15, 19-21, 23;
  C3:8, 18; C4:8-9, 21; C7:13; C8:16-17, 20
  -- two characters with same name  T1:44-46
DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN (90/422)  C7:10-12; C8:7-8, 10, 14
Delaney, Sharon  Complete contents of all issues of CHAKRAM; 
  T1:8-11; T3:40-44; TY1:38-40
THE DELIVERER (50/304)  C2:4, 15-17, 22; C4:17; C8:18; T2:18-22
DESTINY (36/212)  C1:14-16; C3:9, 20; C5:10
Destroyer  C6:5, 12-13
DEVI (82/414)  C7:10, 16-17
DeVries, Dave  T2:24, 33
Dialogue in XWP  T1:16
Dialogue looping in XWP  C5:9
Dickson, Ngila  C7:10; C8:20, 22; T1:10; T3:14-15
Directing XWP  C7:10-15; C8:7-8, 10, 13-14
Disclaimers  C1:12; CFQ599:44-45
"Dispatches from Amphipolis"  C1:13-23; C2:22-23; C3:22-23
Diva (Fan)  C1:16
DOOMSDAY (H39/302))  C8:17
Dragging of Gabrielle scene (THE BITTER SUITE (58/312))
  C3:3, 5, 8-9, 12, 14; C4:11
Dragons  T1:20-21; TY1:26
Dragos, D. M.  C1:22
Dryads  T1:21-22; TY1:27; CFQ599:41, 42
Dyann (Fan)  C1:13


Editing of XWP  C7:11; T4:17-18
Eli  C7:16-17
Ellie (Fan)  C2:22
Emartin (Fan)  C1:23
Emmy Awards  C5:4 
END OF THE BEGINNING (H56/319)  T3:10; TY1:25
ENDGAME (88/420)  C8:10
Engles, Angie  C1:17
Ephiny   T4:44-47
"Ephiny of the Amazons"  T4:44-47
Eternity scene (ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE 1 (69/401))  C6:9
THE EXECUTION (41/217)  FF1099:20
"Exploring the Xenaverse"  T1:4-7; T2:6-7; T3:7; T4:6-7
"Eye of the Beholder" (Comic art story)  T4:44-47


Face licking scene (DEVI (82/414))  C7:10, 17
Fadden, James  C1:17-19
Fairman, Adele  C1:23
Families of XWP characters  TY1:42-43
A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403)  C6:12-15; C8:17
Fan art work  T3:6; T4:5
Fan commentaries on WXP  C1:13-23; C2:22-23; C3:22-23
Fan conventions  T1:6; FF1099:27
  -- photos  C1:9-10; C2:9; C3:6-7; C4:6-7
Fans of XWP  C7:22
Fawcett, John  C8:10
"Feedback Forum" (Letters)  T2:4-5; T3:4-5; T4:4
Field, Robert   C7:11; T4:17-18
Field, Sally  C7:8
"Fifth Season Surprises" (HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS)  TY1:8-11
Fight scene (A TALE OF TWO MUSES (74/406))  C6:5, 18
Fight scene (BETWEEN THE LINES (83/415))  C8:25
Fight scenes (CRUSADER (76/408))  C6:21-22
Fight scenes in XWP  T2:16; T4:7, 16-18; FF1099:19, 22, 27
FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS (64/318)  C3:5; C4:22-23; FF1099:20
Fire blowing stunt  C1:6; C5:10
Fire demon scene (THE DELIVERER (50/304))  T2:18-22
Fire pit scene (SACRIFICE 2 (68/322))  C6:4
Flat Earth Productions  T2:18-22; TY1:25-27; CFQ599:40-42
"Flat Earth Top 10 Special Effects"  TY1:24-27
Flying scenes (ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE 2 (70/402))  C6:11; 
FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216)  T2:46
FORGET ME NOT (63/317)  C3:14; C4:9, 12, 21-22; C5:7-8
FORGIVEN (60/314)  C3:17-18, 23; C4:10, 12
Foster, Nora Kay
  -- interviewed C4:22-23
Franklin, David  C8:10
Freelance writers and XWP  CFQ599:38
Friedman, Liz  C1:14
  -- interviewed  C2:15; 6:12-15; CFQ599:44-45
"From "Grease" to China"  C2:10-14
"From Huntress to Heroine" (Graphic art story)  T1:48-51
"From Mound to Mount Olympus"  TY1:12-15
"From the Editor" (Column)  C1:3; C2:3; C3:3; C4:3; C5:3; C6:3; C7:3; 
Fungus makeup (IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404))  C8:22 
THE FURIES (47/301)  CFQ599:35-36, 43; FF1099:22 
Future visions scene (ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE 2 (70/402))  C6:11

Gabrielle  CFQ599:33 
  -- and Brutus  C8:10 
  -- and Najara  C6:20-22
  -- and Perdicus  C5:14-15
  -- and war  C6:16-17
  -- and Xena, see  Xena--and Gabrielle 
  -- attack on Romans (IDES OF MARCH (89/421))  C8:11
  -- blood innocence  C2:4, 15-17
  -- character development  C1:21-22; C3:18-19;
     C4:9-10, 12, 16; C7:21; T2:12; TY1:23
  -- costume  C7:9, 15; T1:10
  -- escape from fire pit  C6:13
  -- fighting  C6:18; T4:7
  -- footware  C7:9, 15  
  -- hair  C6:4; C8:20
  -- makeup  C8:22
  -- maturation  C5:23
  -- pacifism  C7:9
  -- staff  C7:15
Gabrielle-centered episodes  CFQ599:36
"Gabrielle Child of Light/Hope Daughter of Darkness"
    (Art work)  T4:24, 33
Gabrielle turning into statue scene (PARADISE FOUND (81/413))  
GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305)  C2:5, 11, 18, 22-23
Gauntlet scene (THE GAUNTLET (H12/112))  CFQ599:46
THE GAUNTLET  (H12/112)  C1:13; C3:8; T1:9; CFQ599:46; FF1099:21
Gaynor, Beth  C2:23; C3:22-23
Gear carried by Xena and Gabrielle  C1:23
Gender issues
  -- in XWP  C1:13-14; T1:14; CFQ599:42
  -- in Young Hercules  TY1:11
Gender, Paul  T3:37
"The Genesis of Xena"  T1:8-11
Gerani, Gary  T1:2, 9, 33-36; T2:2, 8-12; T3:2, 12-23; 
    T4:2, 8-12, 17-18; TY1, 2-3, 24-27
GIANT KILLER (27/203)  CFQ599:42
Giants effects  CFQ599:42
Gillies, Rob  C2:20-21; C3:8; C7:10
   -- interviewed  C8:16-18
Gina (Fan)  C1:19, 23
GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204)  T1:21-22; CFQ599:41-42
Girotti, Ken  C8:11, 13
Gods in XWP  C5:15; T1:11, 14
  -- problem of defeating gods  C4:17-18; C5:16
A GOOD DAY (73/405)  C6:5, 16-19
Good, Missy  C3:23
Gosling, Ryan  TY1:11
GREASE (Play)  C2:10; T1:4, 13-14; T2:6; FF1099:26
  -- photographs  C2:12-13; C4:7
THE GREATER GOOD (21/121)  C5:14
Gruendemann, Eric  C7:11; CFQ599:38
  -- interviewed  C5:9-10; C8:13-15


Hair extensions  C8:20-21
Hair in XWP  C8:20-22
Harpies  T1:21; TY1:25; CFQ599:42
Harte, Robert   C5:22
Harts, Christopher  T2:52-53
Henaghan, Joanna  C8:18
"Hercules and Xena, Ancient Heroes for a New Day"  TY1:4-7
"Hercules and Xena, Heroes with Heart"  TY1:2-3
Hercules and Xena Learning Adventure (CD-ROM)  T1:53
  T1:5; T2:7; CFQ599:37, 43; FF1099: 20, 29-30
Hercules and Xena: The Role-Playing Game  T2:54
Hercules & Xena, Wizards of the Screen (Theme park 
  attraction)  T1:4
    T1:11; TY1:2-3, 5-7
  -- 3rd season  TY1:14
  -- 4th season  TY1:10, 14
  -- 4th season episode guide  TY1:49-51
  -- 5th season  TY1:8-11, 14-15, 44-46
  -- crossover episodes  T3:8-11
  -- Xena origins episodes  T1:48-51; CFQ599:32; FF1099:19
"Hercules/Xena Pin-Up Portfolio"  TY1:17-19
Here Be Monsters"  T1:19-22
"Here Comes Trouble"  T2:13-17
Heroic Legends of Hercules and Xena (CD-ROM)  T1:53
Hickey scene (BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302))  C6:19
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons  T4:35
Hong Kong  C3:4
"The Hong Kong Connection"  T4:14-16
Hong Kong films  T1:9; T4:14-16; CFQ599:33; FF1099:19
HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110)  C5:19; T4:45-46
Hope  C3:10; C4:15, 16; C6:4-5, 12-13; T4:2
   -- makeup  C8:22
Horde (Pomira)  C8:21
Horses on XWP  T4:19-22
Howard, Robert E.  T1:9
Howard Stern Show  T2:7
Huff, Robert  C1:23
Hurley, Vanessa  C8:22
Hurst, Michael 
  -- interviewed  TY1:44-47


IDES OF MARCH (89/421)  C8:11, 13
"In Search of Historic Xenas"  T3:34-36; T4:34-37
IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404)  C5:7; C6:5; C8:22
"In the Eye of the Storm"  TY1:20-23
India episodes  C5:7, 10; C7:22; C8:16
"The Infernal Destroyer" (Graphic story)  T4:48-50
INTIMATE STRANGER (31/207)  C5:17-20
  -- death  TY1:44-46
Irvine, Laura  T4:16
IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (24/124)  C4:9; C5:19; FF1099:21
Izzo, Josh  T1:52-54; T2:54; T3:52; T4:52


Jacqueline (Fan)  C1:22
Jason  TY1:7
Jenkins, Sam  TY1:15
Jinn (Spirits)  C6:21
Joan of Arc  C6:20; T4:35-37
Joyce, Bernadette  CFQ599:44-45
Joxer  C1:22; C3:8; C5:12; C6:14; T2:44-47; CFQ599:46
  -- fan reaction   T2:46
"Joxer the Mighty" (Song)  T2:46; T3:23, centerfold
JUDGE JUDY (Telvision program)  C5:5


Kali  C8:21
KAMA SUTRA (Mira Nair, 1996)  C7:17
Kate (Fan)  C1:14, 17-18, 21; C2:23
Kathie and Regis (Talk show)  T2:7
Kim, Jacqueline  C2:19; TY1:22
KING CON (61/315)  FF1099:20 
THE KING OF ASSASSINS (54/308)  T2:46-47
Kiss scene (THE QUEST (37/213))  C3:9
Kit (Fan)  C2:22
KULL THE CONQUEROR (John Nicolella, 1997)  T2:7
Kurtzman, Alex  C8:6
Kutchaver, Kevin  CFQ599:40-42


Ladder fight scene (CALLISTO (22/122))  C5:13
Laing, John  C8:18
Lao Ma  TY1:22
Lawless, Daisy  C1:4; C4:5; C7:8; C8:7; T2:10
Lawless, Garth  C7:8
Lawless, Lucy  T4:47; CFQ599:32
  -- acting  C7:8; C8:10; CFQ599:38, 43; FF1099:20
  -- and American accent  FF1099:30
  -- and anger  C1:6
  -- and challenges  C7:7
  -- and child-raising  C8:7
  -- and comedy  CFQ599:35, 43
  -- and films  C7:7
  -- and multiculturalism  C1:5-6
  -- and Renee O'Connor  C2:7
  -- and script process  CFQ599:37; FF1099:30
  -- and self-help tapes  C5:5
  -- and ugly makeup  C7:6, 14
  -- as gold miner  FF1099:16
  -- at hiatus party  D5:6
  -- baby plans  C7:8
  -- back injury  C7:8
  -- biography  T1:14
  -- career  T1:15; FF1099:30-31
  -- casting as Xena  T1:10; CFQ599:35, 43; FF1099:16
  -- childhood  C1:4-5; C7:4-6
  -- education  C7:4-5 
  -- engagement  T2:6
  -- family  C7:5
  -- 4th season depression  C5:8; CFQ599:36; FF1099:22
  -- horse riding  C1:4
  -- importance to XWP  C5:13
  -- in flying scenes  C8:24
  -- injury  C3:5; C5:16, 20; CFQ599:36, 39; FF1099:23
  -- interviewed  C1:4-8; C2:10-14; C3:4-5; C4:4-5; C5:4-6; C7:4-8;
         C8:4-7; T1:13-16; T2:10; T3:7; TY1:20-23; CFQ599:35-37; 
         FF1099:16-18, 21-26, 29-31
  -- lifestyle  CFQ599:37
  -- message to fans  C7:3
  -- musical interests   C7:7
  -- near-accident in car  C5:5
  -- on acting  C1:6-7
  -- on playing Xena  FF1099:16, 18
  -- on talk shows  T2:7
  -- pregnancy (Daisy)  C8:5
  -- pregnancy (1999)  C7:3; C8:3-8
  -- reading interests  C1:5; C7:5-6
  -- religion  C7:4, 8
  -- singing voice  FF1099:24 
  -- vocabulary  C5:4-5
  -- wedding  C4:4-5
  -- workload  C5:6, 8, 9; TY1:21; CFQ599:36, 46; FF1099:20-21
Lederman, Elliot  T1:54
Leick, Hudson  C5:11; CFQ599:39, 45-46
  -- career  T2:17
  -- interviewed  T2:13-17 
Lesbian innuendo in XWP  CFQ599:46; FF1099:21, 30
"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" (Comic art story)  T1:39-43
Lewinsky, Monica  C7:5
Lilith  TY1:11
Lipstick in XWP  C8:22
LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN (75/407))  C7:14; C8:18
LoDuca, Joseph  C3:11; T3:13, 16, 20-23
Lolson (Fan)  C1:14
Lord Nelson (Fan)  C1:15, 19-20; C3:23
"Love is a trick" line (RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205))  C5:14
"The Love of Your Life" (Song)  T3:centerfold
Lunacy (Fan)  C2:22
Lyceus  C5:21-22


Mad scene (PARADISE FOUND (81/413))  C7:6, 14
Mags (Fan)  C1:17
Magyar, Rick  T4:38-43
Makeup in XWP  C8:20-22; FF1099:38-39
"The Making of Xena VR"  T2:52-53
Mandrake Lizard  TY1:26
Manheim, Chris  C6:14-15; CFQ599:38
   -- interviewed  C3:9-10, 14; C5:21-23; C7:16-17
"The Many Faces of Renee O'Connor"  T1:44-47
Maphias  C5:22
Martincik, Lisa  C1:13-14
MARY POPPINS (Robert Stevenson, 1964) and XWP  C1:23
Marzia (Fan)  C1:20
MATERNAL INSTINCTS (57/311)  C3:9-10, 22-23; C4:10-11
McGrath, L. A.  C1:19
McLachlan, Sarah  C7:7
Meg  TY1:39
Meleager   T2:36
Mendhi  C7:10, 15, 18-20; C8:22
Mendhi painting scene (BETWEEN THE LINES (83/415))  C7:15
MERLIN (TV miniseries, 1998)  C6:10
Moise, Patty  T3:6
Monster head prop  C8:17
Monsters in XWP and HTLJ  T1:19-22; TY1:24-27
  1975)  C5:12
MORTAL BELOVED (16/116)  T1:21; CFQ599:42
Muir, Steve  C8:8-9
Multiple role effects  CFQ599:40 
Music in XWP  T3:20-23
"Mythic Multiplicity"  TY1:38-40


Naiyima  C7:18-19
Najara  C6:5, 20-22
Naked Gabrielles (THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER (56/310))  C5:10
Nazarro, Joe  T2:34-36, 44-47; T3:12-23; TY1:52-56
A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214)  C1:18-19; C5:16, 19; C8:17
New York Hercules and Xena Convention (09/97)  C2:8
New Zealand locations  CFQ599:44
New Zealanders and Americans  C3:5
Newton, Horace  T4:19-22
Nitefal (Fan)  C1:18
Nogalin  C6:18
Novinskie, Charles S.  T1:37; T2:37


O'Connor Renee  C1:6-7, 17; C4:5; C5:4, 23; CFQ599:33
  -- acting  C2:7; C7:12, 15; C8:11; T1:47
  -- and babies  C2:5; C8:8
  -- and music  C2:6
  -- and religions  C8:10
  -- as director  C7:10-12; C8:7-8, 10, 14
  -- as director's observer  C5:6, 9-10
  -- career T1:46
  -- fight scenes  C8:25
  -- hair  C7:9
  -- injured in fight scene  C8:11
  -- injury  C3:5
  -- interviewed  C2:4-7; C4:8-12; C6:4-5; C7:9-12; C8:8-11; T1:44-47; 
        T2:12; T4:7
  -- on "protecting my character"  C4:9-10; C5:7-8
Official Hercules and Xena Convention  C2:8
Omundson, Tim  C7:16
ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313)  C3:5, 9, 12, 15-16, 23;
   C4:9, 11-12
O'Neill, Gene   
  -- interviewed  C3:15-16
O'Neill, Kevin  T3:19; CFQ599:40-42
Opening titles of XWP  T4:18
Orci, Roberto  C8:6
Orpheus head effects  CFQ599:41
Overtime shooting in XWP  C5:13
Oxford Word Game  C5:4-5


Paintings scene (THE DELIVERER (50/304)  C8:18
PAPILLON (Franklin Schaffner, 1973)  C7:14
Pappas, Mel  C7:22
PARADISE FOUND (81/413)  C5:23; C7:6, 12-15, 17; C8:21
PAST IMPERFECT (77/3409)  C6:18
Pepla films  TY1:2, 5
Perdicus  C5:14-15
Perfida (Sea sepent)  TY1:25
"The Perils of Being Joxer"  T2:44-47
Petracles  T2:36
Phillips-Oland, Pamela  T3:22
Phlanagus  C6:17-18
Photomontage  C4:13
Pinwheels scene  (A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403))  C8:17
Poetry on XWP  T3:46-48
Pollison, David  T4:15-16
"Portrait of Xena" (Art work)  T1:24
Poseidon (God)  T1:22; CFQ599:42
"Postcards from the Lava Pit"  C4:8-12
Prayer scene (RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205))  C5:14-15
THE PRICE (44/220)  C1:7; C8:21
Prison scene (IDES OF MARCH (89/421))  C8:11
Production design in XWP  C8:16-18
Production of XWP  C5:9-10; C7:5; C8:13-15; FF1099:38-39
PROMETHEUS (08/108)  T1:20-21
Props in XWP  C8:17
Pyroman  TY1:26


THE QUEST (37/213)  C1:17; C3:9
Quotes by villains  T1:34-36


Rabbit fight scene (IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404))  C6:5
Raimi, Sam  C1:14; C7:13, 15; CFQ599:32
Raimi, Ted  C8:10; T2:44-47; TY1:54; CFQ599:46
  -- career  T2:47
Rappaport, Sheeri  FF1099:38-39
Rats scene (LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN (75/407))  C7:14; C8:18
"Ready When You Are, Ms. O'Connor"  C7:9-12
Rebekah (Fan)  C1:21
"Reconstructing Iolaus"  TY1:44-47
Red Sonja (Fictitious character)  T1:9
Reeves, Steve  TY1:2, 5
Reincarnation in XWP  C7:18-22
REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202)  C1:14-15; C5:3, 20, 21-23
Renaissance Pictures  CFQ599:32, 44-45
Resuscitation scene (IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (24/124))
RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205)  C5:14-15
Rift between Xena and Gabrielle  C2:4-6, 11, 15;
   C3:3, 13; T1,11; T2:10-11; T3:2; TY1:22-23; CFQ599:37, 38
ROBOCOP (Paul Verhoeven, 1987) CFQ599:44
Rock burial of gods  C4:17-18
Rogue characters in XWP  T2:34-36
Rombus (Fan)  C1:14


SACRIFICE (67/321, 68/322)  C4:5, 14-20; C6:4
Sai (Weapon)  C8:8-9
St. Aubin, Claude  T1:39-43; T2:38-44
Salmoneus  C1:22-23; T2:35-36; CFQ599:46
Sand I-J (Fan)  C1:16
Sandpit scene (RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205))  C5:10, 15, 17-18
Santa Monica Convention (1999)  C8:24-25
Sassone, Oley  T3:14, 17-18; CFQ599:41
SATURDAY NITE LIVE (Television program)  C5:4-5
Scapperotti, Dan  CFQ599:32-46; FF1099:16-26, 29-31 
Scene planned by R. Tapert for future episode  C7:13
Schulian, John  T1:10-11
Scott, Dolores  C1:16
Scott, T. J.  C5:9-10, 13; C7:14-15; C8:24-25
"Scoundrels, Scamps & Scalawags"  T2:34-36
Sczesny, Julie Ann  T3:34-36; T4:19-22, 34-37
Sears, Steven L.  C5:21; T3:16-17; T4:9-10, 12; CFQ599:38
  -- interviewed  C2:16-17; C3:11-13, 19-22; C4:16-19;
     C5:17-20; C6:16-19; C7:18-22
"Secrets of Argo"  T4:19-22
Sets in XWP  C8:15-16
Sex in XWP  C8:6
Shakti-Gabrielle fight scene  C7:21
"The Shape of Things"  TY1:58-63
Short, Geoff  C8:18
Siebert, Charles  C5:8
Silver, Diane  C3:22-23
Silver (Fan)  C1:16, 22
Simone, Nina  C7:7
"Sing Along with Xena"  T3:centerfold
SINS OF THE PAST (01/101)  T1:20
Six Destroyers  C4:17
Skeleton fighters  TY1:26
Sky, Jennifer  C8:11, 22
Smeets, Francia  
  -- interviewed  C8:20-22
Smith, Chloe  C7:11; C8:13
Smith, Joe  T1:24, 33; T4:24, 33
Smith, Kevin  C3:5; CFQ599:46
  -- interviewed  T3:40-44
"The Song of Life"  T3:46-48
Sorbo, Kevin   TY1:12-15
  -- career  TY1:12
  -- illness  TY1:10, 12, 15
  -- workload  TY1:15
Spear-throwing scene (A GOOD DAY (73/405))  C6:5, 17
Special effects in XWP and HTLJ  C8:14; T2:18-22; T3:19; TY1:24-27;
Spiegel, Dennis  T3:22
Spijkerbosch, Michelle  C1:4-5
Spikus (Fan)  C1:22
Staff fighting  T4:7
Stansfield, Claire  C6:10-11; C8:9, 21
   -- at Santa Monica Convention  C8:24-25
   -- career  FF1099:27-29, 60
   -- interviewed  FF1099:27-29, 60
Starship Children's Hospital (Auckland, N.Z.)  C8:3
Steacy, Ken  TY1:28, 37
Stewart, R. J.  C3:10, 15; C4:10; C7:10-11; C8:10-11, 13-16; CFQ599:36, 37,
     43, 46; FF1099:22
  -- interviewed  C2:18-21; C3:17-18; C4:14-15; C5:11-16; C6:7-9, 20-22;
Stock footage in XWP  C8:17
Stonehenge  T4:12
Story development in XWP  C8:13-15
Stunts on XWP   C8:25; CFQ599:36
Subtext, see  Lesbian innuendo in XWP
Suttee  C7:18
Swenson, Kara  C1:14


Taborn, Kym Masera  C1:14
A TALE OF TWO MUSES (74/406)  C6:5, 18 
Taoism in THE DEBT (52/306, 53/307)  C2:19
Tapert, Robert  C1:14; C3:12, 14; C4:4-5; C6:10; C8:4, 6, 11, 13-15,
     20-21, 24; T1:8-11; T2:6; T3:14, 16; CFQ599:38, 41-42
  -- and script process  CFQ599:43; FF1099:20
  -- as director  C5:23; C7:12-15
  -- interviewed  C3:8-9; C5:7-8; C7:13-15; CFQ599:32-34, 37, 39, 
        43, 45-46; FF1099:19-21
  -- least favorite episodes  FF1099:20
  -- preference for "evil Xena"  C3:14; C6:8; FF1099:19
Tara  C3:17
Tarot symbols in THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)  C3:12
Tartarus scene (INTIMATE STRANGER (31/207))  C5:19-20
Tataka  C7:10, 16-17
Tataka defying Xena to kill Gabrielle's body scene (DEVI (82/414))
"Teatime in New Zealand, or the Amazons Ate All the Pizza"  C7:4-8
Temecula  C6:16
Teranishi, Robert   TY1:17-19; TY1:58-63
THELMA AND LOUISE (Ridley Scott, 1991) C5:5
THEM BONES, THEM BONES (95/505)  C8:9-10
Thersites  T1:35
Thomas, Ray  T1:19-22, 39-43; T2:38-44; T4:38-43; TY1:58-63
Thracian (Fan)  C1:13
Three Stooges  CFQ599:43, 46; FF1099:22
THE TITANS (07,107)  C1:20
Tobin, Noreen
  -- interviewed  C3:15-16
Topps magazine covers  T1:7; T2:4; T4:4
Toris  C5:22
Torres, Gina  C5:7
Trading cards  T2:6; T4:6
Trancer (Fan)  X1:19
Trebor, Robert  T2:35-36; CFQ599:46
Trump, Donald  C3:4
Truth or Dare scene (A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214))  C5:16
TSUNAMI (65/319)  C4:5; CFQ599:40
  -- water tank collapse  C5:10; C8:18
Turtle scene (PARADISE FOUND (81/413))  C7:12, 14
Two-part episodes  CFQ599:45
Tydings, Alexandra  C4:23
  -- career  TY1:55; FF1099:35-36
  -- interviewed  TY1:52-56; CFQ599:47; FF1099:32-37


ULYSSES (43/219)  CFQ599:42
Universal Studios Theme Park (Orlando, Fla.)  T1:4


Valley Forge Convention (10/97)  C2:8
VANISHING ACT (66/320)  FF1099:20
Velasca  T1:34
"Vengeance Everlasting" (Graphic story)  T2:48-51
Vette, Mark  C8:18
Video release of XWP  T3:7
Village burning scene (A GOOD DAY (73/405))  C6:18
Villains in XWP  T1:33-36
Violence in XWP   C8:6; CFQ599:34


Walks, Russell  T3:24, 33
Wall of China (The DEBT I (52/306))  C8:16-17
Ward-Lealand, Jennifer  TY1:48
Warren, W. Bond  T4:14-16
WARRIOR ... POETESS ... TRAMP (Proposed XWP epsiode)  TY1:40
WARRIOR ... PRIESTESS ... TRAMP (55/309)  CFQ599:40
WARRIOR ... PRINCESS ... TRAMP (30/206)  CFQ599:35, 40; FF1099:18, 21
Water splashing scene (DEVI (82/414))  C7:16
The WAY (84/416)  C8:21  
   -- Fan reaction to removal from syndication  C8:3
Weather problems in New Zealand  C5:9
Web sites on XWP  C1:12
Weisbrot, Robert  T4:44-47; TY1:4-7, 12-15, 20-23
WHEN IN ROME (62/316)  C3:19-22, 23; C4:12; CFQ599:40-41
Wilson, Catherine M.  C1:21
"The Woman Behind the Warrior"  T1:13-16
Women directors in XWP  C8:14
Women warriors in history and legend  T3:34-37; T4:34-37
Woods, Jake  FF1099:27-29, 60
Wound makeup in XWP  C8:22
Writing of XWP  CFQ599:38-39


X-FILES (TV program)  C8:24; FF1099:28
   -- and Ares  T1:11, 15; T3:42
   -- and evil  C3:14; C6:8, 18; C8:6; CFQ599:46; FF1099:19
   -- and Gabrielle  C1:19-20; C2:6; C3:23; C4:15; C5:20, 22; C6:5, 9, 
      14-15; C7:21; C8:9; T1:46; TY1:7; CFQ599:46; FF1099:20
   -- and gods  C5:15
   -- and warrior's way  C7:21; C8:9
   -- as flawed hero  C5:18
   -- as possible demigoddess  T1:11, 15; T3:42
   -- character development  C1:7, 14, 20-21; C7:21; T1:13; T2:10; TY1:6-7
   -- costume  C7:6; T1:10
   -- doubles  TY1:38-40
   -- family  C5:21-22
   -- fighting  C6:18
   -- hair  C8:20-21
   -- hair color  T1:10
   -- makeup  C8:21-22
   -- policy against harming women and children  C6:8; C8:6
   -- pregnancy  C8:4, 6
   -- redemption  CFQ599:33
   -- skin color  C8:21
   -- suicidal behavior  C3:12, 15; C4:15; C5:15
   -- warcry  CFQ599:37; FF1099:30
   -- warlord period  T2:11-12
   -- warrior instincts  C4:19
"Xena Conquers Comics"  T1:37; T2:37
Xena-Gabrielle reunion scene (A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403))  C6:15
Xena in mass media  C1:3, 9
Xena (Racing car)  T4:6
THE XENA SCROLLS (34/210)  C7:22; CFQ599:36-37, 43; FF1099:26, 29
"Xena sweepstakes"  T3:54; T4:54
"Xena Trivia Contest"  T2:56
"Xena vs. the Stone Giant"  TY1:28, 37
Xena VR (Virtual reality game)  T1:6; T2:52-53
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Television show)  TY1:6-7; CFQ599:3
   -- 1st season episode guide  T1:centerfold
   -- 2nd season episode guide  T2:centerfold
   -- 3rd season  T1:7; T2:8-12; TY1:21
   -- 3rd season episode guide  T3:centerfold
   -- 4th season   C5:15; TY1:21-22
   -- 4th season morale problem  C5:8
   -- and censorship  CFQ599:46
   -- origins  T1:8-11; CFQ599:32-33; FF1099:19
   -- shooting schedule  FF1099:23
"Xena with a Z"  T3:37
XenaFilesFan (Fan)  C1:20-21
"Xena's Destiny"  T2:8-12
"Xena's Most Wanted"  T1:33-36
"Xenites Unite!" (Editor's column)  T1:2; T2:2; T3:2; T4:2


Yoga  C7:12, 14
YOUNG HERCULES (Television program)  T2:7; T3:7; TY1:11


Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra  T3:37
Zielinsky, Lara  C2:22
Zoroastrianism  T4:11


Michael Klossner Michael Klossner
I was the right age to enjoy the children's swashbuckler series of the first decade of TV - ROBIN HOOD, ZORRO, and half a dozen others. These have remained among my favorite TV nostalgia memories. The genre died on TV, as in the movies, but I am delighted that there have been three excellent, up-to-date sword series in the 1980s and 90s: ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, the Sharpe's series of TV films starring Sean Bean, and XENA.

I have written chapters annotating the best books and magazines on genre films and TV in four books, all edited by Neil Barron: Fantasy Literature (1989), Horror Literature (1989), Anatomy Of Wonder 4 (1995, covering SF) and Fantasy And Horror Literature (1999).

Although a mere Yankee transplant, I work as a librarian at the Arkansas State Library. I contribute to Chakram, as "Boeotian". Favorite episode: A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214)
Favorite line: Xena to Salmoneus: "Make sure you keep amusing me." THE GAUNTLET (H12/112).
First episode seen: CHARIOTS OF WAR (02/102)
Least favorite episode: THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)

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