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Shamelessly Self-Promotional Commercial Links

Welcome to our page for shamelessly self-promotional commercial links. The following Web sites/companies have either nothing or very little to do with Xena: Warrior Princess but, for some reason, they are offering a link to Whoosh! and this is our way of returning the favor. Many of them have even sent us free stuff for putting a link here! We like that. If you have a non-Xena related Web site and would like to be listed here in return for a link to Whoosh!, please contact Kym Taborn at And please don't hesitate to send us more free stuff!
This commercial site gave us nothing, but they seemed really hurt when we did not have a link to their site from our webpage. We do not want anyone to be hurt because they are not linked to our website. So, here it is. They also have this fun search graphic:
Click Here to go to The Celebrity Cafe
Click here to go to the Celebrity Cafe
Interviews with your favorite celebrities, search engine,
top 20 lists, quotes, mailing lists, and more...
Battle On!Battle On!
by Greg Cox
The publishers of this book sent free copies of this book to each Executive Committee member of Whoosh!. We love that! So click away and check out this book if you don't have it already.
Get fueled!Web Fuel
Web Fuel is a company that makes these totally cool space-age looking mints and tins. The inside cover of the tin displays a handful of "cool" Web site addresses. Whoosh! is proud to be among the sites listed in Web Fuel. Does this mean that we are officially COOL now?
Weisbrot book Doubleday Books
The publishers of Robert Weisbrot's Official Guides were kind enough to send us a free copy of both the Xena and the Hercules versions. The Xena book has gotten nothing but raves so far from Xenites everywhere. Check out Doubleday's Web site to read a summary of the book and find out how to order it online.

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