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Season One 1999
Season Two 2001
Season Three 2002
Season Four 2003

Season One 1999-2001
(H01/101) Get Away from My Mom (04/26/99)
(H02/102) I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences (05/03/99)
(H03/103) The Art of the Sucker Punch (05/10/99)
(H04/104) Brendon Gets Rabies (05/17/99)
(H05/105) We'll Always Have Tuesday (05/24/99)
(H06/106) Director's Cut (09/02/01)
(H07/107) It Was Supposed To Be Funny (09/09/01)
(H08/108) Method of Acting (09/16/01)
(H09/109) Life Through A Fish Eye Lens (09/23/01)
(H10/110) School Nurse (09/30/01)
(H11/111) Mortgages and Marbles (09/30/01)
(H12/112) Law & Boarder (10/07/01)
(H13/113) Brendon's Choice (10/07/01)

Season Two 2002
(H14/201) Politics (01/06/02)
(H15/202) Identifying A Body (01/13/02)
(H16/203) Hiatus (01/20/02)
(H17/204) Business & Pleasure (01/27/02)
(H18/205) The Party (02/03/02)
(H19/206) Impressions (02/10/02)
(H20/207) Dad (02/17/02)
(H21/208) Therapy (02/24/02)
(H22/209) Class Trip (03/03/02)
(H23/210) History (03/10/02)
(H24/211) Writer's Block (03/17/02)
(H25/212) Pizza Club (03/24/02)
(H26/213) The Wedding (03/31/02)

Season Three 2002-2003
(H27/301) Shore Leave (08/04/02)
(H28/302) Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (08/11/02)
(H29/303) Bad Infulences (08/18/02)
(H30/304) Improving Your Life Through Improv (08/28/02)
(H31/305) Four's Company (10/06/02)
(H32/306) Renaissance (10/13/02)
(H33/307) My Cheatin' Heart (10/20/02)
(H34/308) Guitarmageddon (10/27/02)
(H35/309) Storm Warning (11/03/02)
(H36/310) Time To Pay the Price (11/10/02)
(H37/311) Broken Dreams (11/17/02)
(H38/312) Stow-A-Way (11/24/02)
(H39/313) Coffins and Cradles (00/00/03)

Season Four 2003
(H41/401) Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion
(H42/402) Camp
(H43/403) Bye Bye Greasy
(H44/404) The Heart Smashers
(H45/405) Psyche-Delicate
(H46/406) Curses
(H47/407) The Wizard's Baker
(H48/408) Honkey Magoo
(H49/409) Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me
(H50/410) Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee
(H51/411) Definite Possible Murder
(H52/412) Temporary Blindness
(H53/413) Focus Grill

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