Fait Accompli

Season 5, episode 07
Series 507
1st release: 11/17/05
Last update: 01/29/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Mia Maestro (Nadia)
Angus Macfadyen (Joseph Ehrmann)
Amy Acker (Kelly Peyton)
Tyrees Allen (Gordon Dean)
Jay Huguley (Dr. Peter Marks)
Keone Young (Professor Choi)
Alex Ball (Delivery Man)
Lorenzo Caccialanza (Chancellor)
Ali Dean (Sheik)
Carl Gilliard (Agent #1)

Written by Andi Bushell
Directed by Richard Coad

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

In Rome, Sydney tours the University of Rome with the chancellor as her guide. Meanwhile, Renee approaches the university's archives. Sydney pretends to be faint, and the chancellor goes to get her some water, but not before Sydney lifts a key from him. She makes a copy of it with a device that sends the key to Renee. Renee gets into the archives and searches for a package they have learned will be left there for Gordon Dean. Sydney locates the number of the package just as someone approaches and calls her by name -- it's her old professor from California. Sydney converses with Professor Choi and manages to transmit the number to Renee at the same time. Renee finds the right area just as a man enters the archives room and goes to the same package Renee was headed for. Renee steps out with a gun and says she'll take the package. The man knocks Renee's gun away, and they fight. Renee wins and gets the package, radioing Sydney that she is on the way to the extraction point. Sydney manages to slip away from Professor Choi and meets Renee.

Back in LA, Sloane goes to visit Nadia. She is still comatose. He kisses her forehead. The doctor tells him that nothing they have tried has worked, and they are running out of options. Sloane says he will not give up. His cell phone rings -- it's Gordon Dean. He says he wants Sloane to get back the access card Sydney got in Rome.

Dean tells Peyton that their cell is at risk of being terminated, and they must succeed in getting the access card back. Peyton looks calculating as Dean drives away.

Sloane confesses to Jack that he knows Sydney got the access card because Dean told him she did.

Sydney tells Rachel the card they retrieved apparently gains access to a secure network somewhere, but they don't know what network or how to find it yet. As they talk, a large package is delivered -- it's a crib. Rachel offers to help Sydney put it together, but Sydney says she will do it later.

At APO, Sloane explains to Jack and Sydney how he had been contacted by Dean and released because of Dean's interference. He says that realizing Nadia won't get better made him decide to tell them everything. He wants to help them capture Dean, using the access card as bait. Sydney is suspicious, but they decide to give it a try. Sloane calls Dean and says he has the card. They set up a meeting at a busy racetrack in Dubai. Tom Grace is to take the lead in apprehending Dean, since he's the only one on the team that Dean hasn't met.

In Dubai, Sydney gives Sloane the access card and tells him she will be tracking him remotely so Dean won't detect any transmitters. Sloane is to stall Dean until his security men have been identified and taken out. Rachel monitors the scene through surveillance cameras.

Dean arrives at the track and is followed by Dixon, disguised as an Arab. Grace pretends to be drunk and accosts Dean. When Dean's security tries to take Grace aside, Grace stuns him and leaves him in a corner of the concourse. Dean has already moved on and proceeds to sit next to Sloane in the grandstand. Sloane passes him the card. The second security man is spotted, and Dixon takes him out as well. Suddenly the race begins, and everyone's transmitters are filled with static from the PA system. Jack gives the order to move in on Dean, but no one hears it. Dean can't get his security men to respond, so he makes Sloane leave with him. When they get near Dean's car, Sloane knocks Dean's gun away, but Dean recovers and knocks Sloane down. Rachel realizes something has gone wrong and runs down to the stable area, running into Dean just as he's leaving. Dean says he is surprised to see Rachel there and asks if she's going to fight him, obviously contemptuous of her skills. Rachel does surprise him, grabbing a shovel and knocking him down with it. Sydney finally makes radio contact, and Rachel tells her she just hit Dean with a shovel. Sydney: "Is he conscious?" Rachel: "Yeah, I think so." Sydney: "Then hit him again." Rachel does.

In LA, Dean is brought to APO. Sydney phones Renee to tell her they will now get the truth about Prophet Five. Sydney goes to interrogate Dean, asking who he works for and what their agenda is. Dean says they both have the same goal -- finding out who calls the shots. The key is the access card. Dean says it is only good for twelve hours, so they need to make a deal -- if APO will help him disappear, he will give them the codes they need. Sydney is skeptical and injects him with a serum of Marshall's making that will make him tell the truth.

At a dock, Sloane is approached by a man named Ehrmann, who tells him that Gordon Dean must now be eliminated. He wants Sloane to kill him. Sloane refuses, saying that he has confessed his deal with Dean, and they no longer have any power over him. Ehrmann says they can still offer Sloane something. Sloane's phone rings -- it's the hospital. Sloane rushes there to find Nadia conscious and seemingly recovered. She recognizes Sloane and asks where she is. He says she's going to be okay.

Back at APO, Dean is growing increasingly agitated, and Marshall realizes he gave him too much of the serum. He suggests that Sydney comfort Dean and make him feel safe. Sydney talks to Dean and tells him she won't let anything happen to him. She asks about the access card. Dean tells her the watchman is on the roof in Glenheim. Marshall locates a Glenheim Corporation in Seattle. Dean tells Sydney that "they" wanted Vaughn killed, and "they have plans for you." Jack comes in to tell Sydney that Nadia has regained consciousness. Before Sydney arrives at the hospital, though, Nadia lapses back into her illness and has to be put back into a coma. The doctor tells Sydney and Sloane that Nadia waking up must have been a fluke, but Sloane looks grim.

Sydney arrives back at APO, and Jack fills her in on what they've learned -- the network they're looking for piggybacks off of other networks without their knowledge, never staying long in one place. They only have a short time to access the network in its present location.

In Seattle, Dixon and Grace get to the Glenheim Building. Marshall talks them through getting into the network. What he finds is surprising -- from what he can detect, the network is coming from various governments around the world. They realize that Dean's organization must already have people on the inside in these various governments. Marshall notes that there are twelve nodes, and Rachel recalls Dean's saying: "There was never a one, there was ever the twelve."

Sloane goes to Dean's cell, after the surveillance cameras are disabled so that no one knows he's there. He kills Dean by making him swallow a cyanide pill.

Marshall realizes there is an encryption on the networks, and in six minutes they will be locked out. Sydney remembers that Dean said he could help with the codes and goes to his cell, where she finds him dead, having apparently killed himself.

Sydney tells Jack that it's like the Alliance all over again -- where do thay even start? She starts to leave, and then asks Jack if he has plans for the evening.

Peyton and Ehrmann toast their success, and Ehrmann gives Dean's operation to Peyton. But he tells her not to consider any more betrayals. Ehrmann then goes to meet with Sloane and says he's glad Sloane took their offer after all. Sloane wants to know when Nadia will be permanently cured. Ehrmann says soon, but they need Sloane to do some more things for them first.

At Sydney's apartment, Sydney and Jack put the crib together. Jack says he remembers putting Sydney's crib together many years ago. When it is done, they start to take it into the nursery and realize too late that it won't go through the door. Jack: "Get me the screwdriver." Sydney laughs.

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