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Lena Kundera

Who Is Lena Kundera
And Why An Episode Guide for **Just** Her?

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This is most strange, Michael, but for a second there, you looked like a big ice cube

Lena Kundera, corporate spy and sophisticated lady

Lena Kundera was a smart, sophisticated, financial genius and ruthless corporate spy whose wry, ironic humor and duplicitous ways captivated many All My Children fans in the beginning of 2003. Born in Poland, educated in the United Kingdom, and acquiring her business savvy in Europe, polylingual Lena Kundera came to Pine Valley, Pennsylvania to covertly assist Michael Cambias in his plan to obtain by any means necessary the formula of cosmetics chemist Boyd Larraby for an anti-aging cream. Lena's mission was to infiltrate the cosmetic supercorporation Enchantment and to seduce the formula out of Larraby, while Michael's was to orchestrate a hostile take over of Enchantment and to seduce Kendall Hart, the unfavored daughter of Enchantment C.E.O. and founder, Erica Kane. This plan eventually was thwarted by the scruples of Larraby and Hart, but also by the complication of Lena Kundera becoming fond of Erica Kane's favored daughter, Bianca Montgomery.

Bianca, I heard your girlfriends tend to be murdered or put into asylums; thank goodness none have been led to suicide!

Bianca Montgomery always had an attraction to the bad girls

While on her mission, Lena began a working relationship with Bianca Montgomery that soon turned social. As Lena realized seducing Boyd would not get the formula, she allowed herself to get to know Bianca better. When Michael's plan on manipulating Kendall failed, he ordered Lena to seduce Bianca and to use her to get Boyd's formula. In complete contravention of how she had lived her life up to then, Lena found that she could not use Bianca in this manner, so Lena told Bianca that she could not see her again and made preparations to leave the country. Meanwhile, Bianca became angry over Lena dumping her, and when she found out Lena was leaving the country, Bianca rushed over to the Pine Valley International Airport and begged Lena to stay. This not only resulted in the first daytime same sex romantic kiss, but also in Bianca convincing Lena to stay against Lena's better judgment. This put into motion a whole boatload of soap opera contrivances, starting with Lena telling Michael that she would no longer work for him, but he threatened the life of her mother, so Lena agreed to do one last job for him -- steal Boyd's formula from Erica's safe. Unfortunately, Bianca watched the theft from security cameras and so began the agony and the ecstasy of the saga of the on-again/off-again relationship of Lena and Bianca (acknowledged by Kendall herself in the 09/19/03 episode, and fondly called by Lianca fans as the "Bianca Yo-yo"), the only two lesbians in Pine Valley (after kissing Bianca, Lena apparently resigned her bi commission).

But if I stay, how can I be sure you won't, like, dump me four times to my one? Oh, and before I forget to say it one more time, I lahv you.

After experiencing the redemptive powers of Bianca love, Lena was allowed to wear white

Lena Kundera came to Pine Valley as a short term character but after capturing the heart of Bianca Montgomery and many fans, she stayed on in Pine Valley when her portrayer, actor Olga Sosnovska, became an All My Children contract player.

Why the episode guide? The character of Lena Kundera is fun. She's an intelligent and ruthless player. She can take on just about everyone. She once even had the biggest hand gun in Pine Valley! She has a temper that comes out in full force when anyone dares threaten those most dear to her. Yet, she's totally devoted to her mother (working two jobs to support her) and Bianca Montgomery. No matter what crap that soap opera universe throws at her, Lena still wants to take matters into her own hands and to protect her loved ones, even if that means giving them time and space, putting up with annoying best friends, trying to kill Michael Cambias, or even trying to klll herself.

This guide is a momument to Lena Kundera, one of the most colorful and interesting characters on daytime TV. Once a high stakes corporate criminal without morals, now redeemed by the love of one of those Pine Valley Kane spawn, Lena is fun to watch, even through the bad hair days and scenes where her and Bianca have to dance.

My intent is to allow the visitor to experience anew or for the first time the excitement, the intrigue, the joy, the mystery, the anger, the incoherence, the happiness, the anguish, the frustration, the glacial pace, and the fun that is the saga of Lena Kundera in her adventures, big and small, in that sleepy little town of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.

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