Whoosh! Bianca, why aren't we rolling aorund like weasels now that we have no impediments? Oh. I forgot about Maggie. My bad.
After a drought of four months, Lena
can't stop telling Bianca she loves her

Lena Kundera

February 25, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 03/02/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Lena and Maggie wait while Bianca slays her Michael Cambias demon.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No Lena mention

From About All My Children

Bianca looks around the empty courtroom and tells Lena it's so quiet; with no jury and no press, it's just a room. Lena suggests they go home, but Bianca says she can't, not yet. Lena insists there's nothing here to stay for, but Bianca insists she has to find it! Lena asks find what? She's walking away from serious charges and is free to go-she's done here! Bianca says that's just the thing-something inside of her is telling her it's not over yet. Lena calls her the strongest and bravest of women, but Bianca laughs she's not really objective about her! Lena thinks, if people were to look at them, she bets they would think she is tough as nails, while Bianca is the delicate flower, "They couldn't be more wrong!" Bianca sighs that she doesn't feel very strong, but Lena doesn't know another person that could do what she did today, so utterly unselfish and it took so much courage! Bianca argues that Kendall was the brave one, and so many people have put themselves on the line for her. Lena insists it was all based on lies, while what she did today was the one pure moment in the whole ugly mess. It took so much courage, and she'll always love her for that! Maggie comes in and agrees with Lena that what she did today was amazing. She says her car is outside-is she ready to go? When Bianca says there's one more thing she has to do, Lena urges her to think of the baby. Bianca declares she is thinking of the baby, "What I have to do, I'm doing for the baby!"

As they stand in the courtyard outside Michael's condo, Maggie protests she doesn't know why Bianca has to do this right now! Bianca explains she has to see for herself that there's nothing to be afraid of anymore; she refuses their offer to come in with her, saying it's enough to know that Maggie and Lena are right outside. Maggie says she doesn't have to prove anything, but Bianca tells her she's wrong. She goes into the condo and closes the door; she remembers saying she was pregnant and would refile rape charges, and had all the proof she needed. Michael taunted her, saying she was going to do as she's told for the rest of her life, and a shot rang out. She gasped and turned back to the couch to find Michael sitting there as he had before. Taking a deep breath, Bianca says he can't trick her anymore-those days are over, and she knows he's not really here because she remembers everything. She stood right there and pulled the trigger, and watched him fall down dead. She's not proud of what she did, but she did what she had to do, because when she saw him coming toward her with that look in his eye, she thought no, not again! She's not sorry he's gone, regretting only that she didn't remember sooner, because she could have saved a lot of good people a lot of pain. What she's learned from this whole, horrible, disgusting nightmare is that she's a survivor. She's still scared and is a long way from over it, but she survived him, and he is a dead man, "You have no power over me anymore-me or my baby. MY baby!" She vows to love her baby and keep her safe, concluding that she's taking back her life and he has to stay exactly where she put him-dead! "So, say goodbye, Michael. I mean it this time-get out of my life, go away!" Michael gets up and advances toward her, but Bianca repeats, "Go away!" Bianca turns back to find him gone, and laughs with relief. Lena and Maggie come in, having decided this can't be good for her, and Bianca tells them Michael is gone! She thought she'd be seeing him in every dark corner for the rest of her life, but he's really gone. She made him go away, and now she and her baby are really free! She hugs Lena and Maggie, and takes one last look before they go, saying she never wants to see this place again, "Never!"

From Soap Slut

No mention of the Lenameister. Sniff.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Greenlee has a box.
  • Ryan has a key.
  • Erica has a glass.
  • Jack has an issue.
  • Lena has a pedestal.
  • Maggie has a scarf.
  • Bianca has an tic.

The Set-Up Ė At the penthouse, Jack wants to talk about Ericaís feelings and her emotions and her hair and where did she get her nails done? Do they take men? Erica is so happy she canít wait to get drunk.

At the courthouse, Ryan sees Kendall. No, Greenlee! No, Kendall!

In the Shaft of Self-Pity, Greenlee wakes up alive. Boo! Hiss!

The Courthouse Ė Ryan accuses Kendall of having done something to Greenlee and demands to know the truth.

Yeah, FrankenBrow: between her murder trial and her sisterís admission of guilt, Kendall had lots of time to spare to trap Greenlee in her shaft. And stop grabbing women when they walk away from you, you stupid moron.

Outside Ė On the Blanket of Self-Delusion, Greenlee thinks sheís in her Garden of Eden with Ryan the White. Tolkien weeps.

The Courthouse Ė Lena is ready to drive Bianca home, but she doesnít want to go because she still has not found "it."

Lena: "Find what? Youíre walking away from all the serious charges, all your secrets are out in the open: youíre free to go, youíre done here."
Bianca: "Thatís just the thing, Lena: something inside me is telling me that itís not over yet."

Please oh please: canít we just chalk that to indigestion? If we get one more VolderMurder day, Iíll need to go find Harold and Maudeís cliff.

Lena: "You might not see it in yourself, but you are the strongest, bravest of women."
Bianca: "Lena, I donít think youíre really objective about me."

What gave you the clue, the pedestal under your feet?

Lena: "Bianca, when people look at us, I bet they think I am tough as nails and you are the delicate flower: they couldnít be more wrong."

Oh, pfft: all the Liancalites know that Biancaís the top.

Lena: "What you did today - that was the one, pure moment in this whole ugly mess and it took so much courage: Iíll always love you for that."
Maggie: "Lenaís right: what you did today was amazing."

Oh, hello troll. Canít stay away from Lena, can you? Youíre like Lenaís own Marge Ė except for the sense of humor and the fashion sense. Poor Marge, she had to give up Calvin Klein for me and switch to Gucci. I hope the new flip flops are working for you, babe.

The Penthouse Ė Jack has been around Erica long enough to know when sheís full of shit: no amount of hand-waving and hairspray is going to distract him from the fact that sheís not wearing the Purple Monstrosity. Erica and her unflappable hair are the only things that make sense to Jack, but heís stunned to realize that sheís not been wearing her engagement ring "for weeks."

And youíve been stunned all that time? Erica, you selfish, horrible woman, get that ring back on, marry Jack and make an honest crapfest out of your dysfunctional family, damn it: donít make me come over there and give you a mullet!

Kendall walks in, worried about Erica, and is surprised to discover her mother is planning a career change.

Erica: "I signed Enchantment over to you."

What must it be like, I wonder, to sign over companies that one does not even own?

Erica: "Itís decided: youíre my daughter and you should run Enchantment. And besides, youíve earned it. My goodness, carrying that burden all these months, protecting your sister and keeping all her secrets and making sure that she was safe: I mean, youíve been absolutely saintly."

You know the globe you wanted when you were seven and bitched and moaned and drove your parents nuts until you finally got it and, once it was in your room, you looked and thought "meh?" Thatís what Kendallís thinking now.

Michaelís Condo Ė Lena and Maggie wonder why Bianca has brought them here.

Bianca: "I have to see for myself [Ö] that thereís nothing to be afraid of anymore."

Thatís ridiculous: itís like trying to get over an explosion by stepping on a mine, but far be it from me to keep you from your neurosis.

Maggie: "Well, Iím going with you."
Bianca: "Maggie, youíre such a good friend: thank you. But itís enough for me to know that you and Lena are going to be right outside."

As Bianca steps inside, Maggie turns to Lena to try and get her to stop Bianca, but Lena shakes her head and telegraphs something about Bianca being the one who wears the pants.

Inside, Bianca remembers the night she killed Asshat and then sees him. On the couch! But heís dead! And still on the couch!

Bianca: "You canít trick me anymore, those days are over. I know youíre not really here."

"And Iím talking to you anyway because I want to prove to you I know youíre not there. A-ha! Arenít I smart? Youíre a figment of my imagination and I choose to talk to you because I can! I can turn you off any time I want to: I just like to talk to people who are not there! Because I am sane, SANE!"

The Last Scenes Ė Bianca tells Lena and Maggie that she made Michael "go away" and sheís finally "free" of him; to celebrate, Stretch and Shortie let go of all pretense and just pass Bianca around.

At Ryanís place, Kendall is alone with the keys, the pinecones and the pillows she can use to snuff out all of her hopes.

Above the Shaft of Self-Pity, Ryan talks to his relatives, the Rocks.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Paul has the results of Babeís test; Kendall asks Ryan for another chance.


color me grateful for that first Lianca scene. I thought it was cool to have Binks acknowledge that she's aware that Lena doesn't see her clearly. We've known that forever but it was nice seeing it confirmed. I also enjoyed getting to see a bit of how Lena views Lianca, as people and a couple. I'm digging on these little Lianca advancements. Now that the Mikey crap is clearing up, I think we'll actually get some progress going on Bianca's relationships. I'm down with that.

I guess there is movement on the glacial passed Lianca front. I'm not holding my breathe for any real progress anytime soon, but today's scenes were good.

Black Knight
Okay, Lena worships Bianca more than ever, but it's not like we were expecting that aspect to change. But I like that her view of Bianca has changed slightly--she used to think Bianca was a "delicate flower" too, and that led to trouble before during FEM, so it's a good thing she's dropped it.

Lena's so cool. Every time Bianca does something that Lena can't see herself doing, Lena builds that pedestal higher. While that's bound to be an issue Bianca would like to correct (since Bianca's only stated a billion times that she doesn't see herself that way), watching Lena get evermore besotted is just too cute. Mmm, schmoopy Lena.

[Kendall's moving! Go on, Bianca, move in with her!] Go on, do it Binky! You know you want to. Lena will be happier too. Kendall doesn't mind sharing her toys, unlike some other roomies.

Black Knight
I swear I saw Lena's feet floating approximately three inches off the ground, she was so blissfully adoring. Hrrrrmmm, now that reminds me of something I read once about worship really exalting the worshipper. I can see it leading to trouble down the road if Bianca meets someone who sees her more clearly and loves her for who she is without slapping on that "perfection" tag, but for now, Lena's just so damn cute.

[Kendall doesn't mind sharing her toys, unlike some other roomies.]
Yup, just as long as Lena recognizes that Kendall comes first. (Suggestive sentence alert!) Snerk. You know, there was actually a funny little bit after Bianca told Lena that the prosecution wouldn't press charges. Lena flings herself at Bianca and hugs her hard, and Kendall's reaction is subtle but funny as she jerks backwards so Lena doesn't crash into her. There's a slight element of "Hey there, we do share Bianca and I'm happy for you two and all, but watch the PDA in front of me, 'k?". Hee.


This parody is by LizzieT.

A few people lingered at the courthouse.
Kendall: What's wrong Ryan? You look like you're hallucinating again.
Ryan: Where is Greenlee?
Kendall: How should I know? I've been a little busy being on trial for murder in case you haven't noticed.
Ryan: Did you do something to her?
Kendall: I don't believe this. I just got over being falsly accused of murder and now you're trying to blame me for Greenlee's disappearance?
Ryan: If you did something to her you'd better tell me.
Kendall: Or what? You'll stare me to death? Why don't you go fall in a mine shaft?
Bianca: I heard everything Ryan. It sounds like you and Kendall are really over. I'm so sorry.
Baby: I heard everything too Ryan. And I have one thing to say to you. Ppphhhttttttt!

Later Bianca went back into the courtroom.
Lena: Are you ready to go home?
Bianca: I can't leave yet.
Lena: Of course you can. I know it's hard to believe but this storyline is finally over.
Bianca: Not quite. I still have one more traumatic thing to do.
Lena: I'll come with you.
Maggie: Me too.
Lena: Aren't you supposed to be having a storyline with Jamie? I thought I saw some chemistry between the two of you.
Maggie: Nice try but you can't get rid of me that easily. If there are traumatic events ahead I'm coming along.
Baby: I would say "I'll pass" but I don't think that's an option.

Bianca went to Michael's condo.
Bianca: I have to go in alone. You two wait for me out here.
Baby: And no cat fights. At least not until I get back. I hate to miss the good stuff.
Bianca: So here I am at the murder scene.
Baby: You know, it's not surprising the guy got whacked considering the door to this place is never locked.
Bianca: I'll remember one more time how I killed him for the benefit of anyone who wasn't watching yesterday.:::gasp:::Michael! You're here again!
Baby: Either this is the scene where you banish his ghost from your life for good or you're still a nutcase who talks to furniture thinking it's dead people.
Bianca: You don't have any power over me any more Michael. Your contract has finally run out. You don't even have any lines today. Now begone!
Baby: Hey, it worked! You've cured yourself of hallucinations. Maybe you can share your secret with Ryan. He's really starting to annoy the audience.

Jack went to see Erica.
Jack: How are you?
Erica: I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be? Everything's peachy.
Jack: Well, it's been a hard day. You confessed to a murder, then you found out your daughter was a murderer.
Erica: I know. Isn't it wonderful? Let's celebrate. How about a drink - or five?
Jack: I think we need to talk. I noticed that you're not wearing your engagement ring. We are still getting married aren't we?
Erica: Oh, the ring. It's nothing. I just gave up wearing diamond rings for Lent.
Jack: I see. That makes ......wait a minute. You're not Catholic. What's going on here?
:::knock knock:::
Erica: Kendall, how lovely to see you. Come in and have a drink - or six.
Kendall: I was worried about you. How are you?
Erica: Why does everyone keep asking me that? Just because I've been hallucinating, experiencing amnesia, trying to kill people, acting completely withdrawn or a little too happy like today doesn't mean something's wrong. Oh by the way - I'm giving you Enchantment.
Kendall: You're what?
Erica: Just call it a real "I like Kendall" day.
Kendall: But what are you going to do?
Erica: I think I'll design a line of clothing. Maybe I'll even sell it on the Home Shopping Network like some of those soap people do. Of course I'll have to go to Europe right away to get started.
Kendall: But what about Bianca?
Erica: What about her?
Kendall: She's having a baby soon. She's bound to want her mother there.
Erica: Yes of course. That's why she was planning on leaving the country and having it without my knowledge. But enough about that minor annoyance. Let's talk about you and Ryan. You really blew it with him.
Kendall: I did?
Erica: Yes. He was a prince among men and you let him slip away. You should have held on to him. It's not like he ever did something awful to you like keep your daughter's pregnancy a secret or anything. You really wrecked your life by losing him. Now I'll just shove you out the door and say goodnight.
Jack: Erica, as subtle as that little performance was, I know what you were really saying. You were talking about me weren't you?
Erica: Don't be silly Jack. Everything isn't always all about you. It's always all about me

Greenlee was STILL in the mine shaft.
Greenlee: I don't believe it. There's light.
Mine Shaft: Yes Greenlee. Go into the light. And hurry. My patience is running out.
Greenlee: I'm in a lovely garden having a picnic. And Ryan's here again wearing the silliest shirt I've ever seen.
Ryan: The better to show my abs my dear. Now let me push you in the garden swing.
Greenlee: Will these shamelessly romantic scenes help to win the audience over to our side?
Ryan: I think they're more likely to make the audience want us together so they can FF through both of us at the same time. But just in case anyone hasn't hit that button yet, here's a box.
Greenlee: What's in it?
Ryan: I'm not sure. Either it symbolizes love and happiness or it symbolizes this story is dumber than a box of rocks.
Greenlee: Darn! Now I'm back in the mine shaft.
Mine Shaft: ::sob::::What did I ever do to deserve this:::sob::::Did I cave in on a bunch of miners or something?::sob::::

Ryan arrived at the falls.
Ryan: So here I am at the falls to say goodbye to Leo. Funny, Leo and I seem to be much closer now that he's dead. I know we were friends but the way I'm carrying on now you'd think we had been Siamese twins. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about Greenlee lately. You'd think I would have been thinking about Kendall since I was in love with her but for some reason they seem to be pushing me in Greenlee's direction. So here I am standing by this mine shaft talking about my feelings for Greenlee.
Mine shaft: :::sob::::Weeks of Greenlee wasn't enough? Now I have to listen to him?:::sob::: Will my suffering never end?:::sob::::


Hmmm, I really need to get a lock for the front door.

Is this FINALLY the last of Michael?

Pssst, don't look now, but I see a maggie behind you

Bianca gives Lena...

Lena laughs knowing that she will get the last laugh, or something like that

...and Maggie equal time


Lena: What you did today, that was the one pure moment in this whole ugly mess. It took so much courage, and I'll always love you for that.

Lena: But you didn't. Bianca, when people look at us, I bet they think i am tough as nails and you're the delicate flower. They couldn't be more wrong.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca tells Lena she knows it's not over quite yet]

[amc040225a starts]
Lena: Bianca?
Bianca: It's so quiet. No jury, no press. It's just a room.
Lena: Come on, let's go home.
Bianca: I can'T. Not yet.
Lena: There's nothing here to stay for.
Bianca: I have to find it.
Lena: Find what? You're walking away from all the serious charges. All your secrets are out in the open. You're free to go. You're done here.
Bianca: That's just the thing, lena. Something inside me is telling me that it's not over yet.

***** (clip b) [Lena tells Bianca that she knows exactly who they are]
[amc040225b starts]
Lena: You may not see it in yourself, but everybody knows you're the strongest, the bravest of women.
Bianca: Lena, I don't think you're really objective about me.
Lena: I know exactly who you are and who I am. When things got tough for me, I tried to run away.
Bianca: Yes, and i was going to leave town to have this baby.
Lena: But you didn't. Bianca, when people look at us, I bet they think i am tough as nails and you're the delicate flower. They couldn't be more wrong.
Bianca: I don't feel very strong.
Lena: I don't know another person that could have done what you did today. It was so utterly unselfish, and it took so much courage.
Bianca: No. Kendall was the brave one. She was willing to take the fall for me. So many people have put themselves on the line for me.
Lena: It was all based on lies. What you did today, that was the one pure moment in this whole ugly mess. It took so much courage, and I'll always love you for that.
Maggie: Lena's right. What you did today was amazing.
Bianca: I wish i could believe you.
Maggie: We'll work on that. My car's outside. Are you ready to go?
Bianca: There's one more thing I have to do.
Lena: Come on, bianca. You need some rest. Think of the baby.
Bianca: I am thinking of the baby. What i have to do I'm doing for the baby.

***** (clip c) [Lena confirms that she's the bottom and I lahv you to Bianca for the 14th time]

[amc040225c-inc1 starts]
Maggie: I don't understand why we have to be hear right now.
Bianca: You don't but I do. i have to see for myself.
Lena: See what?
Bianca: That there's nothing to be afraid of anymore. I'll just be a minute.
Maggie: You do not have to go in there.
Bianca: Yes, i do.
Maggie: Well, then, I'm going with you.
Bianca: Maggie, you're such a good friend. Thank you. But it's enough for me to know that you and lena are going to be right outside.
Maggie: You don't have to prove anything.
Bianca: You're wrong.
[Bianca enters the condo with Maggie and Lena remaining outside]
[amc040225c-inc1 ends]
Bianca's voice: I'm pregnant. I'll refile rape charges, and this time I'll have all the proof I need.
Michael's voice: You know, sweetheart, you really are good for a laugh.
Bianca's voice: You're not going to get away with it. They're going to charge you and try you and convict you, and then they'll lock you up for good.
Michael's voice: Oh, oh, oh, that's good. There's my little girl. There's all the fire and passion that i want. I mean, after all, you are the mother of my little child.
[Michael laughs]
bianca's voice: Oh, no, you will never see this child.
Michael's voice: You say i raped you. I say that we love other and the sex was consensual, beautiful. It was heartfelt between the two of us.
Bianca's voice: You're a pig. Stop it. Just shut up.
Michael's voice: Because you know how much we like to have fun, don't we? Remember myrtle's?
Bianca's voice: If you move, I'll shoot. So help me god, I will shoot.
Michael's voice: Bianca, you're going to do as you're told for the rest of your life.

***** (clip d) [Bianca confronts her memories of Michael (no Lena)]
Bianca: Breathe. Breathe. Just breathe.
Bianca: You can't trick me anymore. Those days are over. I know you're not really here because I remember everything. I stood right there on that spot, and I pulled the trigger, and I watched you fall down dead. I'm not proud of what I did, but I did what i had to do. Because when i saw you coming towards me with that look in your eye, i thought, no. Not again. I'm not going to let you hurt me or anybody else ever again. And I'm not sorry you're gone. The only thing i regret is that i didn't remember pulling the trigger sooner because then i could've saved a lot of good people a lot of pain. But here's what I've learned from this whole horrible, disgusting nightmare -- I'm a survivor. I'm still scared and i'm long way from over it, but I survived you. And you, michael cambias, are a dead man. You have no power over me anymore. Nor my baby. My baby. I have a life to live. I'm going to give my child a life filled with love. I'm going to keep her safe. I'm taking back my life. And you -- you have to stay exactly where I put you -- dead. So say goodbye, michael. I mean it this time. Get out of my life. Go away. Go away.

***** (clip e) [Bianca gives the blossoming triangle a hug]

[amc040225e starts]
Maggie: Ok, we've decided this cannot be good for you.
Lena: Bianca, what happened?
Bianca: He's gone. Michael. I thought that i would be seeing him in every dark corner for the rest of my life, but he's really gone.
Lena: Are you ok?
Bianca: Yeah. I made him go away. I'm free. Me and my baby are -- we're free.
Lena: Thank god.
Maggie: Finally.
Bianca: I know.
Maggie: Now can we take you home?
Bianca: Yes, please. I never, ever want to see this place again. Never.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040225a.mov (6.3m; 0:56) Bianca tells Lena she knows it's not over quite yet
amc040225b.mov (11.8m; 1:45) Lena tells Bianca that she knows exactly who they are
amc040225c-inc1.mov (4.4m; 0:39) Lena confirms that she's the bottom and I lahv you to Bianca for the 14th time
amc040225e.mov (5.3m; 0:47) Bianca gives the blossoming triangle a hug

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