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Lena Kundera

May 05, 2004

(Lena mention)
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No mention

From About All My Children

Bianca steps off the elevator, and Kendall asks what she's doing here? "I'm here to work!" Bianca declares. Simone and Mia tell Bianca they're sorry about everything. Adding that she looks great, they leave the sisters alone. Bianca asks where she wants her, but Kendall wonders if she's really sure she's ready? Bianca needs this, saying she won't break, and Kendall has to stop treating her like a piece of glass that's going to shatter as soon as reality hits. She's more than ready, and thinks Kendall needs her with the teen line, noting that she headed up that division at Enchantment quite successfully. She knows product, demographics, Enchantment, and that she's understaffed, especially now that Lena's gone. Kendall's sorry about Lena's mother's illness, and that it took Lena away from her. Bianca says it's not forever. There's phones, e-mails, planes and love, which trumps everything. Kendall calls it bad timing, but Bianca says it was great of Kendall to let her go on such short notice. When Kendall wishes she could have done more, Bianca says she can, "Point me to my desk!" Assured that she's ready for this, Kendall hugs her sister and welcomes her back. Bianca's really excited, and can't wait to get started...

You gave Ryan an ultimatum?" Bianca exclaims. How could she nail him to the wall like that? Kendall asks what choice she had? Does she honestly think Greenlee is new and improved? Bianca suggests, "Maybe we're wrong about Greenlee-maybe she really has changed!" Kendall knows Greenlee gave her the necklace Leo gave her, but that doesn't mean she can trust her. She reminds her sister of all the horrible things Greenlee has done to them, and insists no one changes that quickly. Bianca agrees, probably not, but telling Ryan he could never see her again is severe! Kendall repeats she had to do it, and Bianca asks if she couldn't just trust him? She loves Lena, but if she told her she could never speak to Maggie againÖ Kendall insists that's not the same thing; Maggie is her friend, and she's not trying to take her away from Lena. Greenlee's only in this for one reason, to take Ryan away from her, and would have if she hadn't stopped her...

From Soap Slut

No mention -- sniff.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


Before The Break Ė At the Chandler manse, Krystal, Mary and Babe form the Unholy Union.

At the Kiddy Palace, J.R. asks Jamie to be his best man, but itís just an excuse to take a stroll in the BroYay.

At the Franken Cave, Ryan stares at the phone and wonders why itís making a sound.

The Franken Cave Ė Greenlee wants to do the marriage thing right; sheís primarily concerned with asset management and with the pros and cons of a joint bank account but, mostly, she wants to make sure she gets to keep Kendall on even days, weekends and holidays.

Fusion Ė Kendall informs Mia and Simone that neither Ryan nor Greenlee will attend the meeting; she cracks her CEO whip and asks them about the teen beauty line.

Simone: "Yes, I was up all night brainstorming."

And Kendall knows all about that. Ahem.

The Kiddy Palace Ė J.R. asks Jamie to be Bessimoís godfather because children ought to depend on other children.

J.R.: "I know it seems like a lot of responsibility, but if you can stand up next to me at the wedding, I know you can handle this."

If any of us can stand to watch you marry a woman without collapsing in laughter, Iím sure your boyfr - I mean, brother, can, too.

J.R.: "Who knows me better than you? Whoís closer? What do you say?"

Other than no one on staff knows how to write for siblings without conjuring up images of brainstorming? Not a thing.

Maggie, Reggie and Jamie (now youíre getting the Kiddy Palace thing, arenít you?) agree to play a joke on Danielle and blah, blah snoozecakes.

Fusion Ė Simone and Mia know they need to give the girlfisters some alone time and leave as soon as Bianca walks into the office.

Bianca: "So. Where do you want me?"

On the desk. At! At the desk! At.

Kendall: "I donít know: are you really sure youíre ready to do this?"
Bianca: "Kendall, I need this."

Why do I even try to keep it clean?

Bianca: "I know products, demographics, I know Enchantment and I know youíre understaffed. I mean, especially now that Lena is gone."


Kendall: "Iím sorry. Iím really sorry about Lenaís motherís illness, that it took her away from you."
Bianca: "Itís not forever. And thereís Ė thereís phones, thereís e-mails, thereís planes. And love. That trumps everything, right?"

And there are plural verbs that can actually agree with plural nouns.

Bianca: "Weíre going to be ok."

Recast if you have to: the Lianca banner is unfurled on my balcony. Well, it would be if I liked banners, which I donít, but I do have a balcony.

Bianca: "It was great of you to let her go on such short notice."

Aww: itís almost as if the writers remembered that Lena actually had a job!

Outside the elevator, Liza grabs Mia. Why is Liza wearing that beige woolly thing thatís big enough for a linebacker? Stop covering her up for godís sakes: sheís fine!

Liza: "Iíve got some news thatís going to blow your mind."

But that could be anything from the new towel you just bought to a new shade of white for the walls! Do try to remember youíre talking to Mia.

The Chandler Manse Ė Babe wants to use palm trees and furry animal prints in the music room.

I have no words. None. Suddenly, Iím as stuck-up as Mary.

Mary: "No more tassels."
Krystal: "Oh come on, honey: they drip glamour."
Mary: "Maybe on a pillow: not as a part of your body."

Krystal: "All you gotta do is put a little shoulder into it, Mary. Here, let me show you how to do it."

Hey, Mary knows how to be a Ďho without being cheap! And please, please, please: give Anna Stuart a contract! She does stuck-up horror better than anyone.

The Kiddy Palace Ė You know what would be worse than sticking Danielle with the bill for twelve pizzas? (The plural of pizza, actually, is pizze, but would I argue about language? Never.) Adding pepperoni and pineapple! Thank you, Maggie.

Once Reggie leaves the apartment, Jamie tells Maggie that, while Danielle is a pain in the ass, she was still able to tell that Maggie is not "the jealous type."

Maggie: "Do you want me to be jealous?"
Jamie: "No. Itís just Ė most girls probably would be."
Maggie: "Iím not Ďmost girls.í"

Thank god for that.

Fusion Ė Kendall, please hand Bianca a jacket: I think sheís, erm, cold.

Bianca is horrified to learn that Kendall gave Ryan an ultimatum and proposes that, perhaps, Greenlee really has changed.

Kendall: "I know that she gave you the necklace that Leo gave her, but that doesnít mean that you can trust her."

Kendall, if youíre going to do ten Rack Checks a minute, think of a better excuse than Leoís necklace: Biancaís Rack isnít a teleprompter.

Bianca thinks the ultimatum was "severe" and wonders why Kendall canít just trust Ryan.

Bianca: "I love Lena, but if she told me that I could never speak to Maggie again Ė "

Lena would never do that: sheíd rather take the abuse in silence. Oh, wait: I think Iíve watched that already.

Kendall: "No, thatís not the same: Maggie is your friend and sheís not trying to take you away from Lena."

And itís not as if sheíd be able to even if she could figure herself out.

The Franken Cave Ė Greenlee and Ryan talk about marital sex and canít quite agree on whether to "go all the way" or "completely abstain."

Greenlee: "What do you think?"
Ryan: "What do you think?"

Gee, Ryan, youíre supposedly in love with Kendall: do you think you could oh, I donít know, try not to fuck around right away?

They decide to remain friends without benefits but agree to share Kendall.

The Kiddy Palace Ė The plan is to make Danielle believe Jamie is really coming on to her and blah, blah model for Fusion blah, blah snortinglaughtercakes. Oh, this joke is funny, funny, meh.

The Last Scenes Ė At Fusion, Tad goes caveman and Liza goes stupid.

At the Chandler manse, Babe announces she wants Bianca to be her maid of honor, something that floats as well as a bottle filled with cement.

J.R.: "Donít you think we should be thinking about this some more?"
Babe: "J.R., itís pretty much all Iíve been thinking about."

You just canít wait to fondle the Rack again, can you?

At the Franken Cave, Bianca brings the pretty.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Babe and J.R. have a disagreement; Liza tells Tad sheís trying to protect him; Greenlee wonít share her news with Kendall; Bianca wants to remove the No Greenlee clause.


This parody is by LizzieT.

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Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

Kendall: Are you sure you're ready to go back to work?
Simone: We'll drop these prints off to the guys in graphics. Bianca, it's really nice to see you. I'm really sorry about everything.
Mia: You look great.
Bianca: Oh --
simone: You really do.
Bianca: Thank you.
Simone: We'll see you later.
Bianca: So, where do you want me?
Kendall: I don't know. Are you really sure that you're ready to do this?
Bianca: Kendall, i need this. What am I supposed to do, just sit at home and -- what? I won't break. You got to stop treating me like i'm a piece of glass that's going to shatter as soon as reality hits.
Kendall: I just -- I don't want you to jump into anything that you're not ready for.
Bianca: I'm more than ready for this. Besides, you need me. Fusion's teen line. You know, I headed up development of enchantment's line -- quite successfully, I might add.
Kendall: Yes, yes, and I know that you can do the work. I know that.
Bianca: All right, then let me. I know product, demographics, I know enchantment. And I know you're understaffed, I mean, especially now that lena is gone.
Kendall: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about lena's mother's illness and that it took her away from you.
Bianca: Well, it's not forever. And there's -- there's phones, there's email, there's planes, and -- and love. That trumps everything, right? We're going to be ok.
Kendall: Yeah, it was just bad timing.
Bianca: Yeah, it was great of you to let her go on such short notice, kendall. I know it couldn't have been easy, especially with how crazy everything's been around here.
Kendall: I wish i could have done more.
Bianca: You can. Point me to my desk.
Kendall: Ok, are you sure? You're sure that you're ready for this? Ok. Welcome back!
Bianca: Thank you. I'm really excited!
Kendall: Oh.
Bianca: I can't wait to get started. I mean, I know enchantment, but fusion is a whole new world.
Kendall: Yes.
Bianca: How is the merger going? Does -- does greenlee know that she's out?
Kendall: Yeah, yeah, we dropped that bomb already. She's gone.
Bianca: And how did she take it?
Kendall: She was kicking and screaming, but she's gone.
Bianca: And what does ryan say? How does he feel about the whole thing? Is everything all right with you two?

***** (clip b)

Bianca: You gave ryan an ultimatum? Kendall, how could you nail him to the wall like that?
Kendall: What choice -- what choice did I have? I mean, do you honestly really think that greenlee is new and improved?
Bianca: You know, maybe we're wrong about greenlee. Maybe she really has changed.
Kendall: Look, I know that she gave you the necklace that leo gave her, but that doesn't mean that you can trust her.
Bianca: I don't know.
Kendall: No, think about all the horrible things that she's done to us. No one changes that quickly.
Bianca: Ok. All right, fine, probably not. But to tell ryan that he can never see her again -- kendall, that's severe.
Kendall: I had to do it.
Bianca: Couldn't you just trust him? I love lena, but if she told me that i could never speak to maggie again --
kendall: No, that's not the same. That's not the same. Maggie is your friend and she's not trying to take you away from lena. Greenlee's only in this for one reason -- to get ryan, to take ryan away from me, and if i didn't stop her, she would have.
Bianca: Kendall, I understand that greenlee pushes your buttons, but i don't like what this has done to you and ryan.
Kendall: Well, he needs to see what she's really all about.
Bianca: Or maybe you do. You know, when we put that clause in the cambias bylaws, it was because i thought that greenlee was a threat. But now? Maybe greenlee is in a different place.


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