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Lena Kundera

July 16, 2004

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JR Chandler
Bianca Montgomery


Bianca unironically tells JR that she would never hurt Lena.


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No mention

From About All My Children

Bianca says Jamie was really upset when he left, and she hopes JR can get through to him. He does, too, and Maggie asks why they should believe a word that comes out of his mouth? JR says he didn't think before he mouthed off. He knows she stands by Jamie and takes his side, no matter what; that's how he feels about his wife. He asks Bianca how she would feel if Maggie accused her of drugging Lena? Bianca thinks that's inconceivable-she would never hurt Lena! JR says that's how he felt when Jamie accused him. She'd be mad at Maggie, wouldn't she? Bianca thinks it would help if they knew who really drugged Babe, but JR thinks all that matters now if that neither he nor Jamie would do anything to hurt Babe, and they need to be protecting her together.

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No mention


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Just this:
JR: "How would you feel if Maggie accused you of drugging Lena?"
Bianca:"That's unconceivable: I would never hurt Lena."

Aaannnddd millions of people laugh! At you! You stupid tool, what do you think you've been doing for the last year? Shut up, jack***.


This parody is by LizzieT.

On strike until the show gets better


From Barb

Bianca you tool
Care only about yourself
Worst girlfriend ever.


Unverified in non-clip parts

Clip A

Bianca: No, Jamie was pretty upset when he left here, J.R. I really hope you can get through to him.
J.R.: Yeah, me, too.
Maggie: Question -- why should we believe a single word that's coming out of your mouth?
J.R.: I didn't think before I mouthed off today. Jamie wouldn't be that skeevy. I know that. It's just when he accused me of hurting Babe I lost it.
Maggie: Big whoop. Look, not for nothing, but this Jamie's and my apartment and --
J.R.: Maggie, you'd stand by Jamie. You take his side no matter what.
Maggie: Yes, definitely.
J.R.: Well, that's how I feel about my wife. How would you feel if Maggie accused you of drugging Lena?
Bianca: Well, that's -- I mean, it's inconceivable. I would never hurt Lena.
J.R.: Well, that's how I felt when Jamie accused me. You'd be mad at Maggie, wouldn't you?
Bianca: You know what? It would really help matters if we knew who did drug Babe.
J.R.: Well, that could be anyone. But all that matters right now is that Jamie and I, we rule each other out. Neither of us would do anything to hurt Babe. We need to be protecting her together.

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