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aka Sins of the Father

Season 1, episode 02
Series 102
1st release: 09-11-95
2nd release: 12-04-95
3rd release: 07-15-96
1st USA release: 08-04-98
1st SF Channel release: 02-01-00
1st Oxygen release: 01-01-01
Production number: 76902
Script number: 102
Script history:
Shooting: 06/26/95
Pink: 06/27/95
Blue: 06/28/95
Yellow: 07/03/95
Green: 07/06/95
White: 07/15/95
Approximate shooting dates: June-July 1995
Last update: 11-05-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Kym Taborn
SYNOPSIS 2 by Kym Taborn
SYNOPSIS 3 by Gonzalo Viola
COMMENTARY 1 by Kym Taborn
COMMENTARY 2 by Beboman
COMMENTARY 3 by Martman

Nick Kokotakis (Darius)
Jeff Thomas (Cycnus)
Stuart Turner (Sphaerus)

Nigel Godfrey (Tynus)
Robert Harte (Ugly Ruffian)
Dane Jerro (Homesteader)
Patrick Morrison (Lykus)
Ruth Morrison (Sarita)
Morgan Palmer Hubbard (Argolis)

Story by Josh Becker and Jack Perez
Teleplay by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Edited by Robert Field
Directed by Harley Cokeliss.

After being befriended by a peace-loving homesteader named Darius (Nick Kokotakis), Xena takes on a blood thirsty warlord and his son, who have mercilessly pillaged Darius's community.

Xena defends a town against a band of thugs led by a father and son duo.

Chariot-mounted thugs swoop down on a peaceful village.

1st RELEASE: 09-11-95
An AA average of 4.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) HERCULES 9th with 5.7
(2) STAR TREK: DS9 10th with 5.6
(3) XENA 19th with 4.5.

2nd RELEASE: 12-04-95.
An AA average of 4.7
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) STAR TREK: DS9 9th with 5.9
(2) HERCULES 15th with 5.4
(3) XENA with 4.7

3rd RELEASE: 07-15-96.
An AA average of 4.1
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) HERCULES 9th with 4.4
(2) XENA 12th with 5.0
(3) STAR TREK DS9 15th with 3.9
(4) BAYWATCH 25th with 3.1


This synopsis is by Kym Taborn.

A roving band of warriors attacks a colony of pacifist Trojans. Xena intercedes and after saving the son of one of the pacifists gets an arrow in her side. She is taken in by the pacifist and nursed back to health.

Meanwhile the shooter of the arrow is suffering from severe father angst. Gabrielle unwittingly meets this troubled young man when he aids her in her attempt to get rid of a guy trying to pick her up in a bar.

The father prejudices his angst- filled son against Xena by telling him that Xena killed his brother, who just happened to be a "real man". The truth is later revealed that the doomed son was killed by his own army when he discovered the joys of peace. This really makes the father go over the edge. The angst-filled son then tries to kill his father. Xena, recognizing that too much angst would be created, kills the father instead. The son, however, still has residual angst, which he shares with Gabrielle at a fireplace at the bar.


This synopsis is by Kym Taborn.

It's the double date from hell! Xena finds a sensitive single-parent peacenik and Gabrielle finds a sensitive tormented warlord's son with severe family problems.

Unfortunately, Gabrielle's boy shoots Xena with an arrow and is ordered by his father to slaughter the peacenik and his village. Fortunately Xena survives and takes on the warlord, the warlord's son, the peacenik villager's leader, and anything else in her path. Xena wins by skewering the warlord (a very common solution for Xena). Gabrielle tries to be nice to the warlord's son, but he's kind of sensitive about his father's skewering and all.


This synopsis is by Gonzalo Viola.

In a peaceful valley where settlers have met together to build a new barn, men under the command of Cycnus suddenly swoop down in chariots and destroy the barn. Xena arrives just in time to pull a young boy to safety before he is crushed by the collapsing timbers. For saving the boy's life, Sphaerus, Cycnus' son and the leader of the men, strikes her down with an arrow and rides off. Darius, the young boy's father, nurses Xena's wound and insists that she stay with him and his children until she is healed.

That night, Sphaerus and his men ride out of the darkness to attack again. The next day, Gabrielle meets Sphaerus and, unaware of what has happened, reveals the wornan warrior's identity. Later, Darius and the other villagers meet with Sphaerus to arrange a peace, though none of the villagers know that Cycnus has given his son orders to slaughter them all. Xena insists on accompanying Darius to the meeting, though she lays down her warrior guise and is beautifully dressed in a dress that belonged to his dead wife. Before Sphaerus' hidden thugs can launch their attack, Xena discovers their hiding place and launches a great fight. Scared, the villagers decide to flee and Sphaerus, beginning to question his father's cruel plan, orders his men not to follow.

Fearful of Sphaerus' revenge, Darius gets ready to flee before he returns. Xena tries to convince him to stay and fight, but when Darius refuses, she dons her warrior tunic and vows to go on the battle herseif. At the same time, Cycnus, accusing his son of cowardice, leads the warrios in one last chariot raid against Xena and the villagers. Sending Gabrielle ahead to act as a decoy, Xena takes out several of Cycnus' men before commendeering a chariot and facing Cycnus and Sphaerus with her sword and chakram.

Seeing her bravery and that Darius has returned to he1p her, Sphaerus turns his sword against his father, saying that the killing must end. Later Xena kills Cycnus before he can kill his own son. Sphaerus then promises that the villagers will live in peace and Xena and Gabrielle say goodbye to their new friends and leave the village to conitue on their journeys.


This commentary is by Kym Taborn.

XWP, especially because of its pioneering concept of women doing it for themselves, has become very popular among women of all ilks. Whether done consciously or unconsciously, XWP can be viewed by many diverse audiences. To fan the fire, the show is packed with double entendres (and even triple ones too!) which play to the viewers proclivities. "Chariots of War" is affectionately know by many fans as the "heterosexual" episode. 'Nuff said?

The arrow removal scene is reminiscent of the the level of violence found in THE GAUNTLET and THE RECKONING. Whereas the GAUNTLET dealt with Xena being beaten almost to death, and THE RECKONING with Xena being tortured to near senselessness, CHARIOTS OF WAR offered a medical moment where Darius had to help Xena remove the arrow in her side. Ultimately, Xena has to pull the arrow out herself because Darius is out of his element.


This commentary is by Beboman.

Excellent second episode. The opening scene of this episode outlines some of the differences between our two main characters. Where Gabrielle is an idealistic person who believes there is a mate for everyone, Xena is more realistic, pessimistic, and hard; “The strongest tree stands alone”, is what she says. In addition, by this point in their journey Xena has become Gabrielle’s guardian. Before Xena leaves to find a route around the river, she makes sure Gabrielle is in a safe place where she can stay until Xena’s return.

When Xena comes upon the innocent villager being attacked, she once again becomes the defender of the weak and helpless; once again using her fighting techniques for good instead of evil. Xena’s fight abilities are very well demonstrated, as well as her resourcefulness in battle. (Great first fighting scene.)

After the fight, Xena shows her ability to catch arrows in flight, but she misses one, which hits her. We now move to the arrow-removing scene, by far some of the best acting of the first season (Up there with “Is There a Doctor”, “Greater Good”, and Callisto.) This scene shows both the physical and mental strength of our character. (That was some awesome acting. I could feel the pain as the arrow was pushed in and the shaft pulled out. When she guided the poker, she was just awesome.)

But our main character does not have a chance to rest and recover, because Xena’s reputation once again follows her, making the guilt about her past even greater. We see once again that, for Xena, enjoying a moment of peace and family life is not going to be an easy process. Family life is something that is not within Xena’s reach at this time. Once again, Xena is asked to leave after she has risked her life to save the villagers.

On the other hand, Gabrielle’s fighting skills are far from developed at this time. One thing is for sure; she can talk her way out of almost anything or any situation. The gal can really think on her feet. What Gabrielle lacks in strength and power, she has extra in wit and resourcefulness.

When Xena puts on the dress that once belonged to Darius’ wife and sees herself in the mirror, the image in the mirror is soft and so different from her reality. Xena says, “I have never worn a dress like this before.” After the fight, at the town meeting, when Xena is putting her warrior outfit back on, the wind covers her chakram as Xena looks at herself in the mirror. Xena realizes that love and a family are not within her reach at this time. No matter what she does, says or how she dresses, people are still going to see her as a warlord, a killer.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, young, inexperienced and still in awe of this dark and enigmatic figure, sees her life with Xena as one great big adventure. We see this when she comes across Xena after the fight at the town meeting and Xena is trying to convince her to stay behind. Gabrielle is eager for the adventure and says, “Come on, what are you waiting for.” But Gabrielle does not realize all the danger that awaits them.

By the end of the episode we, the audience, begin to see a glimpse of the new born friendship and the realization that Gabrielle is begging to understand what her life with Xena is going to be like. Yes, she misses her family but not as much when she is with Xena. This is the beginning of their life together.

By the end of the episode Gabrielle has made another choice. She is leaving the man she might truly love to follow Xena into an unknown life. At the same time, Gabrielle has discovered that she has helped someone find the right path in their life using words as her weapon.

Then there is the father and son struggle. Good over evil, peace against war, in which the son represents good and peace; the father is evil and war. By the end of the episode, the son finds his own way, even at the cost of his father’s life. Truth, good, and peace have won, but not without a battle.

The final fighting scene between father and son was the final struggle between right and wrong. Xena takes the side of right and eliminates wrong at the same time and at the same time keeps the son from ending up with his father’s blood on his hands; a guilt Xena, consciously or subconsciously, does not want this young man to have to bear.

The comedy that was interwoven into the fighting scenes of this episode made the fighting scenes more appealing. The fighting scenes in this episode helped to establish and showcase the great versatility of Xena’s fighting skills. (It is just great to see Xena fight; she really does enjoy a good fight.)

Then we come to the end of the show. Some very hard decisions are made. The young warrior makes peace with the village, Xena leaves a family that could have been hers and a person who might have made her happy in pursuit of redemption for her past sins. She seeks a redemption she may never attain. Gabrielle also leaves someone who might be the person for her to pursue an unknown road full of grand adventures.

The script was good, the show had some really good moments, the acting by the two leading ladies was very good and the photography was just great. Besides the arrow-removing scene, my next favorite scene in this episode was when Xena was looking at herself in the mirror. There was a softness about her that was so different from the scenes before.


This commentary is by Martman.

Considering that Chariots Of War was only the second ever episode of Xena: Warrior Princess, you'd think TPTB would've tried to follow up what they stared in Sins Of The Past with a killer episode. Unfortunately, Chariots was mired down by a rather boring plot and uninteresting side characters (Gabrielle not included). Tapert and company have defintely produced better quality than this. Thankfully, Dreamworker ended up being a pretty good episode, otherwise, the series might've ended up dead before it ever started.


The Seeds Of The Future

Although it wasn't readily apparent in this episode, Chariots Of War forshadowed the growth of the Xena/Gab relationship seed (which had been planted in Sins Of The Past) to a position of central importance on this show. Gabrielle made mention of how everyone needs a person to be their lifelong companion to "entwine with" as it were. Unfortunately, she didn't expressly say that her "entwinment" (is that even a word?) was with Xena. But, she did say that even though she misses her family, she doesn't notice it as much when she's with her. And that is, in reality, not something to take lightly.

On the other hand, although Xena mentioned Gab was her friend, she didn't really say much more than that. That's not to say that Xena is at fault for not communicating. I mean afterall, Gab was really kind of a tag-a-long at this point, so Xena saw it fit to leave her behind whenever necessary (either for the girl's own safety, or so Xena could concentrate on the mission). Hence, Xena and Gab never got to spend time together to deepen their relationship. Additionally, she's a warrior (with a dark, evil past no less), and obviously, a warrior who allows themselves to get emotionally attached end up in trouble; hence her comment that "the strongest tree stands alone". So while Xena appreciates Gab's heroics in SOTP, she still hasn't developed a deep fondness for the young Potedian. I think she truly does believe Gab is her friend, but she's more of an acquaintance at this point.

Consequently, Gab is getting more from the relationship that Xena. She's getting to travel, go on wild adventures, and meet new people. Also, she's learning that the world outside of Potedia is not always friendly. What is Xena getting from Gab, really besides a traveling companion? I mean I'm not saying Gab is excess luggage or anything like that, but at this point, she hasn't told Xena about the power of love to conquer hate, and she hasn't been given time alone to affirm her commitment to the warrior. These contributions from Gab will end up helping to complete the relationship and thus ensure that both are getting something out of it. But that still lays in the future.

The Chosen Path

One of the long time themes of XWP has been that people, not the gods, are in charge of their own destinies, and as such, THEY are ultimately accountable for choosing their paths in life. This was very true in Chariots of War, despite the fact that the ep's name didn't really reflect this.


Since this was only the second ep of the whole series, Xena was still in the phase of questioning her path in life - questioning if she could ever atone for the sins of her past (gee, wonder where I got that from *wink*). Of course she tried her best in Chariots, and she succeeded, but even so, she paid a heavy price. She got an arrow in the gut and nearly died, and the villagers were not that thrilled with the fact that she was a warrior (much less the fact that she was Xena: Warrior Princess). Yet this is what she's chosen to do; she's chosen to atone for her past by helping those whom she once terrorized. (The Greater Good as it would later be called) It's a shame though that Xena had to face the doubts of the villagers all by herself. Having Gab support her in those scenes could've helped out a lot.

Peaceful Villagers

Peace is a good thing. There's just one problem with it - when you put it on a show like Xena: Warrior Princess which is (at least in part) an action show, IT'S BORING! Does anyone reading this actually think that Darius or any of his fellow villagers had any charisma or interest whatsoever? I'd like to know. By the way, the whole peace thing in Chariots reminded me a lot of Gab's way of peace in season 4. But unlike the villagers, Gab was suppose to be a fighter, and thus her way detracted from the overall enjoyment of several season 4 episodes. And again, one of the central reasons why (aside from a complete turn around for her character) was that it was BORING. Too bad TPTB didn't learn their lesson the first time.

Warlord And Son

Lastly, here's definite proof of what Xena will later say about one's destiny. Just cuz Cycnus ended up being an evil, hate filled warlord, and died by Xena's hand doesn't mean that his son had to share the same fate. The choice was HIS. He could follow in his dad's footsteps to ruin, OR he could turn around and become a good person, and he did the later. Personally I regret that the actor for this part had very little charisma; if he had that, they could very well have made a spinoff for him - as a warrior who fights for good like Xena. Oh well. At least he didn't end up as shishkabob.

Random Thoughts

1. Gee, curtains don't offer much privacy to change clothes. Imagine if Darius' kids had walked in on Xena while she was changing!

The Final Word

There wasn't really much to talk about with Chariots of War. It makes me glad that I caught this episode in reruns, cuz if I had seen it when it first aired I wonder if I would ever have become as interested in XWP as I currently am. I doubt TPTB won over many new fans with this episode.

Final Episode Score: 6


Click here to read a Music Guide to CHARIOTS OF WAR by DJWP. If you like this feature, CLICK here to write to DJWP and tell her to start making more of these because the fans DEMAND IT!


Changing Times is by Debbie White.

Xena and Gabrielle become closer friends in CHARIOTS OF WAR. Xena learns that it is sometimes okay to accept help and learns about families. Gabrielle learns that doing the right thing is not always easy or a joyful task. Xena is very much the warrior here while Gabrielle is the talker. Also, the farmers in this episode have come from Troy, which Xena and Gabrielle travel to in a later episode (BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS, #12).

The Changing Xena

Xena goes out alone to see if she can find a passable ford. While out, she hears the sound of battle and rides to the rescue of some peaceful farmers. While returning a boy she rescued back to his father, Xena is hit by one of four arrows shot by a warlord's son and falls to the ground. The farmer, Darius, takes her to his home to take care of her. Still the warrior even when wounded and in safety, she protests the removal of her weapons. The farmer, an ex-soldier, does not know how to treat her wound. Xena tells him how, showing for the first time that she has at least basic medical skills and more knowledge than the common soldier.

The farmers want to be peaceful while Xena is very much a fighter. When, still weak, the food silo is burned, Xena stubbornly wants to fight because the farmers refuse to. When the peace conference is about to be ambushed, Xena jumps in to save the day. Xena thinks the only way to handle warlords is fighting, and in this episode, she is right.

She has her reasons for thinking fighting is the answer. She "was these people" and still sees fighting as the only thing they will listen to.

Xena still has her bad reputation, too. Darius was willing to let Xena stay in his house despite that reputation. Xena tries to leave, though, determined that no one but her should suffer from and deal with the consequences of her reputation. The farmer helps break this habit of thought by insisting she stay. Luckily, Xena's wound was on his side and made it difficult to leave without his help.

Xena does not accept help often. At first, she is not willing to burden Darius. When her wound forces her to stay, she becomes more willing to accept help. In the end, Xena forgets her chakram and needs Darius' help, as he rides up with Xena's chakram in the nick of time. Xena goes from refusing help, to accepting it.

Xena also learns about something else she has forgotten about: families. As Darius' family takes care of her, Xena becomes more comfortable around them. She tells the children stories and see how much they love each other. When Darius offers Xena his family, she says she never thought about it until now, and cannot have one yet. Xena gives the family one last longing look, then sets off to finish her pittance for her evil deeds. Xena has been without a family for so long, she only now thinks to ask Gabrielle if Gabrielle missed her family.

Xena still views Gabrielle as somewhat as an 'extra body' to keep safe. Xena leaves Gabrielle at a safe inn, while she scouts ahead to see if a ford is passable. Later, when wounded, Xena tries to leave saying that she has a friend that depends on her. Darius points out that "surely she can take care of herself for one night." When Xena does go back for Gabrielle, though, Xena has already changed enough that she actually apologies for worrying Gabrielle. When Gabrielle helps talk Sphaerus, the warlord's son who shot Xena with an arrow, out of fighting, Xena thanks her for the help. Xena now respects Gabrielle as a friend and for what skills she has.

Interesting fact: "This is the only thing I have to wear!" -Xena, to Darius about wearing her warrior outfit to the peace conference.

Changing Gabrielle

Gabrielle, though left out of most of the fighting, does prove her worth in her quick thinking and silver tongue. She talks her way around an overbearing warrior and into Sphaerus's lap. Without even knowing it, she makes him guilty about hurting Xena while at the same time providing him with a way to become free from the situation. When fighting on the beach, Gabrielle talks Sphaerus out of his anger and into standing up against his father (and for peace). In the end, Sphaerus returns the favor by teaching Gabrielle something she had not really considered: killing his father, Cycnus, might have been the right thing to do, "but he was my father."

Gabrielle not only talks her way out of situations, but shows her bravery. She talks back without hesitation to warriors wanting to rumble (and tumble), but also does things she would rather not do. She rides a galloping horse, then jumps from the horse into a chariot, both going at top speed, because Xena needed her to. Neither Xena or Gabrielle may appreciate all she can do, but Gabrielle certainly is gutsy when she needs to be.

Gabrielle appreciates Xena and what she can do. She tells Sphaerus, "I don't know why I worry, she always comes back okay." Xena is the unstoppable hero in Gabrielle's eyes. Still, even as she gets to know Xena better, she never does see a situation Xena cannot handle...physically. Gabrielle still depends on Xena for protection, while Xena is now opening up to help from Gabrielle.

"What a great story this will make." --Gabrielle, HOOVES AND HARLOTS (#10)


Highlights by Kym Taborn.

The chariot chase scene is worth the price of admission, especially considering Xena and Gabrielle's discussion mid-chase.


Keep your eye on the chakram at all times. It has a life of its own in this episode.

There is a scene where Xena is riding along, She is wearing her armor, then the next shot she is not, then the next shot she is. Fast dresser that Xena.

When Xena jumps into the chariot, the white horse is on the left and the brown horse on the right. All the subsequent scenes have the brown horse on the left and the white horse on the right. She is not only a fast dresser.


11-05-01. From Ife. CHARIOTS OR WAR indicates Xena's toughness in no uncertain terms: "An arrow in the gut? Posh. I'll tell you how to push and pull it through, joke with the kids while I'm bleedin', sear the wound myself, *then* blissfully pass out. After which, I'll don something pretty, show you how great I look when I ain't snarlin', and make it perfectly clear that if I ain't married with kids, it's cause I choose not to be."

01-31-00. From Freya. I was watching Star Wars Episode 5, Empire Strikes Back and I noticed the guy who directed Chariots of War, Harley Cokeliss, was listed under Asst. Supervisor Editor or some such.


Prepared by SheWho.

These observations were made from the 07-15-95 White shooting draft (5th revision)

After Gabrielle tells Xena that sometimes it's good for the soul to be soft, Xena says, "It might be good for the soul but it's not good for the life expectancy."

After Gabrielle asks "what's wrong with this place?" (to wait for Xena):
Xena: "It's a snake hole."
Gabrielle: I'm not a child, you know. I'll get along here fine. I'll just blend in and everything will be--"
She notices a greasy, ugly brute drooling over her, lecherously.
Gabrielle: "Another place sounds fine."

The Xena-Gabrielle goodbye exchange "Don't forget about me!" "I wish!" is not in the script.

When Darius says he does not think he can push the arrow in Xena's side all the way through, she says, "Trust me, it's gonna hurt me a lot more than it hurts you."

Xena has Darius bring her a piece of wood along with the hot poker. She puts the wood in her mouth as she cauterizes the wound.

While Gab waits in the bar, she changes her order to water, "At the current price of water, of course." After commenting that Xena takes a lot of risks, she adds: "Still, I can't wait around here all day." Later she remarks on it being a nice establishment, "So nice, I've decided to spend the night."

The following author's note follows Darius' line "Are you so brave that you fear someone caring for you?":
"Xena turns to the one man who's asked the right question."

Some omitted dialogue from the scene where Darius is asking Xena not to fight:
X: "A man like Cycnus respects power. If you want peace, you'll have to fight for it."
Darius: "Maybe Tynus was right. You're as eager to do battle as the rest of them."
"A silent beat. These words hit home with Xena."
Xena: "Only when there's no other way."
Darius: "But there has to be. I went to war once at Troy. When I finally returned, I found my house burned down and my wife murdered. It took me three days to find my children hiding in a cave, cold and hungry.."

A small variation in Gabrielle's 'choice' speech, but since all things Gabrielle are important, I'm including it:
Gabrielle: "I can understand that. Just a few weeks before I left my village, my mother kept telling me that they wanted me to stay, to get married, have kids ... and I remember telling her, "Mom, I'm always going to be grateful for the way you've raised me, but don't expect me to pay for it with my future."

The next scene begins with Xena wearing her leather:
Xena: "I'm hoping to find my father in town. There's a good chance...What's wrong?" Darius then suggests she change clothes for the meeting.

Darius tells Xena about the dress: "The first time my wife wore it, I fell in love with her." Writer's note following: "Xena blushes [yeah, right!], then so does Darius, realizing the insinuation."

Just in case it's ambiguous, the script makes clear that Sphaerus recognizes Xena when she comes into the meeting.

Xena is about to be jumped by the thugs, but holds up her hands in a "Wait!" gesture, tears her dress, then motions for the attack to continue.

The scene as Xena prepares to depart is described:
"Xena finishes tying her warrior tunic. She looks at the dress lying on the bed, tattered from her last battle, and realizes the life it represents could never be. She exits."

The Xena-Gabrielle reunion is described:
"With Darius' house back in the distance, Xena continues to ride toward the hills. Just then, she squints at something stirring dust in the distance. Is it an enemy? Someone in distress? We hear a distant voice:"
Gabrielle: "Xena!! It's me! Gabrielle!"

After Xena says she's sorry, the dialogue has a minor variation:
Gabrielle (not hearing her): "Here I am, wandering around this gods forsaken land, which I might add, is not the safest place for an attractive young woman...(realizing) Did you just apologize?"

When Gabrielle asks Xena where she's going, instead of that great 'look' we get in the televised version, Xena answers her: "A Warlord in the hills needs to be taught a lesson."
Gabrielle: "Oh, no. I'm not waiting around while you have all the fun.
"Gabrielle starts off. Xena hesitates."
Xena: "This guy means business."
Gabrielle (not paying attention): "Are you gonna stand there all day? Come on, we've got a Warlord to fight."

The "Xena, which way? Nevermind--this way" voiceover during the chariot chase is not in the script.

Xena hands the chariot reins to Gabrielle and tells her to drive.
"Gabrielle takes hold of the reins in a panic. What is she supposed to do with these? As Xena turns to face her opponent, the Chariot swerves out of control."
Xena (yelling at Gabrielle): "What are you doing?"
Gabrielle (yelling back): "I have no idea."

After Xena says remind her to have a talk with Gabrielle about her taste in men, Gabrielle replies:
Gabrielle (derisively): "Men? The best ones are boats."

When Sphaerus challenges his father, "Xena makes a move to intervene, but Gabrielle stops her by grabbing her arm."
Gabrielle: "He has to do this by himself."

In the Xena-Darius goodbye scene, Xena says she's never thought of having a home and family until now, and tells Darius he's a lucky man. Then:
"Somewhere out there I have a father. I want to know about him. I want to know if he's as wonderful a man as you." Darius then kisses Xena.

The line about Gabrielle not wanting to ride until they make those things closer to the ground is not in the script. [It was in the SOTP script.] Neither are the lines about Gabrielle learning that she hates chariots.


Click here to read a transcript of CHARIOTS OF WAR.


No humorous disclaimer

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