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Season 2, episode 08
Series 208
1st release: 11/27/00
2nd release: 01/22/01
Production number: 1324
Last update: 11/16/01

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Captaine Brogard)
Shemp Wooley (Voice of Jean-Claude)

Roy Ward (Sultan)
Gabriella Larkin (Iris)
Cherie Bray Taylor (Sales Girl)
Dave Horn (Guard)

Written by Rick Copp
Directed by Charlie Haskell


Emilia (Angela Dotchin) is kidnapped and forced to join the harem of a famous sultan. ClickTV


1st release: 11/27/00
An AA average of q.9
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
Xena 3.4
Back2Back 1.9

2nd release: 01/22/01
An AA average of 1.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
Andromeda 4.0
Xena 3.3
Stargate SG-1 3.2
VIP 2.9
Beastmaster 2.6
Earth Final Conflict/Baywatch Hawaii 2.2
Sheena 2.1
Lost World 2.0
Invisible Man/Relic Hunter 1.7
Back2Back/Maximum Exposure 1.6
Queen of Swords 1.3
Battle Bome 1.0


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


Jack is admiring an island sales girl who is modeling very abbreviated outfits for him to give to his "wife" for their anniversary. When the girl goes to change into another outfit, Emilia comes up and wants to know what Jack is doing. Jack says it is the six-month anniversary of their partnership, so he's looking for the right gift. Em suggests that they celebrate with a nice game of chess after the governor's party. Jack bemoans the fact that they have to attend another of Croque's parties, but brightens when Em tells him that an Arabian Sultan and his seventy wives will also be there. The sales girl emerges in a bikini and asks Jack if his "wife" would like this one. Em rolls her eyes: "Thank you so much, Jack, but I already have a handkerchief."

At the party, Croque introduces Em and Jack to the Sultan. The Sultan seems smitten with Emilia, even when she implies that he controls his harem by giving them new names, such as Petunia and Lilac, and erasing their former identities. Two of the wives draw Jack into conversation, and while he is distracted, the Sultan's guards whisk Emilia away.

In the harem, Em is brought before the Sultan, who renames her "Sunflower".

Act I

The Sultan introduces Em to his wife Iris, who will show her around. Em insists that her name is not Sunflower and demands to be released, but the Sultan just thinks she is cute.

Iris, who turns out to be the Sultan's first wife, tells Em that she is the real boss of the harem and Em better do as she says. Em is not willing to do this and tells all the wives that they should not fight among themselves but unite to insist on their rights. She tries to leave, but is stopped by the guards.

Jack comes to the Sultan's vacation palace to apply for a job, possibly as harem security. His application is accepted, but he is appalled to learn that only eunuchs can guard the harem. He makes up a story about being injured during the war and is hired.

Iris thinks there is something odd about the new eunuch and calls for a security check. Several of the wives bare themselves while Iris watches for a "reaction" from Jack. Em sees what is happening and stabs Jack in the foot with a fork. Jack passes the test. The Sultan then plays spin the bottle to determine who his companion for the evening will be, and Em wins.

Jack contacts Em and says that they can slip out when the guard changes. Em says she can't leave without the other wives. Iris discovers them talking and calls the guards. Jack fights them off, but Em still refuses to go with him, so he jumps off the balcony. The Sultan comes in, and Iris tells him that Sunflower was plotting her escape with the new eunuch. The Sultan says she will be executed at dawn.

Act II

Iris brings Em food in the dungeon. Em congratulates her on getting rid of the competition. She urges Iris to stand up to the Sultan. Iris says that to disobey the Sultan means death. After Iris leaves, Jack appears in the dungeon window. He tells Em that the Dragoon will provide the opening and that Em should be ready to bring the other wives when he does.

When she is brought out for her execution, Em says she has some last words. She begins a long speech begging the other wives to think of independence.

Croque and Brogard are celebrating signing a treaty with the Sultan to place France's armies around the globe, when Jack (as the Dragoon) leaps through the window and taunts them and then runs out the door. Brogard calls for his soldiers to give chase.

Em is continuing her speech to the wives, but the Sultan is impatient and orders the execution to proceed. Em's head is placed on the block, but before she can be beheaded, Iris speaks up and says that, as annoying as she is, Sunflower has a point. She tells the Sultan that her name is Sheba -- "not Iris, not Daffodil, Sheba." She reminds the Sultan that he once called her by her real name and that was the only time she had really felt like a woman. The Sultan calls for the guards, but all the other wives join her and face them down. Just then, Jack enters and tells the Sultan that the French are storming the palace. While the guards are fighting the soldiers, Jack and Em get all the wives out. The Sultan grabs Sheba's arm and says at least she should stay with him and it would be just the two of them. Sheba: "Stick it, Slick. And for the last time, the name's Sheba!" They all get out of the palace. Em thanks Sheba for saving her life. Sheba: "No, thank you for saving mine."

Back home, Em is satisfied with another day of thwarting French imperialism and standing up for women's rights. Jack hands her a gift and reminds her that it is their anniversary. The gift is a necklace with a charm that reads: "To my partner, the only one who can get a rise out of me. Your favorite eunuch, Jack". Em is touched and kisses Jack on the cheek. Jack suggests a game of chess and a bottle of wine and goes off to get the chessboard while Em smiles at her necklace.


11-16-01. Gabriella Larkin played Kinden in the Xena episode "Between the Lines".

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