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“The Black Wolf”  Episode 11/111


Sold1:  “Silver-- and not even good silver.”

Man:  “How can I feed my family, when your taxes drain me dry.”

Sold1:  “Moonlight-- take a second job.  Or send your wife and
daughter out on the streets to make you money.”

[Soldiers attacked by Black Wolf Pack]

Man:  “Give this to Xerxes, from the Black Wolf.”

Man:  “Sir-- I believe this money belongs to you.”


Xerxes [Xer]:  “At first, I thought it was humorous-- the
audacity of the Black Wolf and his Wolf Pack daring to challenge
my authority.  Well it isn’t funny, anymore.  Give up the Black
Wolf or my guards will level your village.  You’ll be sent to
work in the mines.”

Diomedes [Dio]:  “I’m the Black Wolf.”

Wolves:  “No, it’s me!”  “No, I am!”  “I’m the Black Wolf.”

Flora [F]:  “I’m the Black Wolf!”

Wolf:  “I’m the Black Wolf!”

Xer:  “Arrest them all.  You’ve got seven days to give me the
Black Wolf, or I’ll skin you all-- pelt by pelt.”


X:  “Argo.  You’ve been needing new shoes since we left Corinth.
Hey.  That makes two of us.  Come on.”


Hermia [H]:  “Please, please.  Let a mother see her only
daughter.  She’s not like the rest of them.  She was well
brought up.”

Sold1:  “So well, she wound up in Xerxes’ dungeon.”

Smith:  “Yes, ma’am [?]-- thank you.”

H:  “Please, I beg you.  She needs her mother.”

Sold1:  “She should have thought of that before she joined the
Black Wolf!”

X:  “You like shoving women around so much?  Try me.”

Sold1:  “Take her!”


X:  “Hey.  It’s all right.”

H:  “Thank you.  Xena.”

X:  “Hermia.”

H:  “The gods!  It must be ten years since I saw you last.”

X:  “Come over here.  What are you doing here?  Where’s your

H:  “Persix (sp?) and Anteocles (sp?) inhabit the other side--
thanks to that murdering tyrant, Xerxes.  And now he’s thrown
Flora in his dungeon.”

X:  “Flora?  Little Flora?  She’s in prison?”

H:  “She’s not little anymore.  She’s all grown up and madly in
love with one of the Black Wolves.  Diomedes brought her under
the spell of these rebels.  He had her thinking they could bring
down Xerxes.  And now-- Flora’s all I have left in the world.
Why must she die for a lost cause?”

X:  “Causes are only lost when people give up.  Maybe Flora
knows that.  I’ll get Flora back for you.”

H:  “No one’s ever escaped from Xerxes’ dungeon before-- except
through the grave.”

X:  “I will get Flora back for you.”



Xer:  “I am being mocked by children!  You should’ve brought me
the Black Wolf.  Remind me why I haven’t haven’t had you flogged
by now!”

Koulos [K]:  “These rebels are incredibly disciplined.  The
usual techniques don’t work.”

Xer:  “The feast of Zeus is five days from now.  I want the
execution of the Black Wolf to be the main entertainment.  Or I
could execute my minister of security.  And that-- would be

K:  “I’ll find him.  A true leader can’t hide his identity
forever.  Or-- we could just pick one, and say it’s the Black
Wolf.  Who’d know?”

X:  “The Black Wolf would know.”

K:  “Guards!”

X:  “Oh, don’t bother the dears.  They’re sleeping.  If you kill
the wrong man, word will get out-- and the Black Wolf will have
a martyr to hold up in front of the people.”

K:  “Then we’ll kill them all.”

X:  “Good idea-- make martyrs of them all.  No, Xerxes, you’re
right.  It’s the Black Wolf you want.  Cut off the head of the
serpent, and the body withers and dies.”

Xer:  “Who are you?  What is your interest in all this?”

X:  “My name is Xena.  I’m a problem-solver.  I can solve your
problem for ten thousand dinars.”

K:  “This is outrageous.  I refuse to listen to this.”

X:  “Stage my arrest in the center of town-- in front of Black
Wolf sympathizers.  Once I’m inside your prison, I’ll expose the
Black Wolf, and hand him over to you.”

K:  “Why should we believe you could succeed?”

X:  “Ask Mezentius and Trakus about me?”

Xer:  “Mezentirus is dead?”

X:  “Yes, he is.  Ten thousand dinars and a new pair of boots.”

Xer:  “But fail, and you will join them on the block-- that’s my
offer.  Take it, or leave it.”

X:  “I’ll take it.”


Sold1:  “Sorry, Lord Koulos, she was too quick.”

K:  “If I have to rely on you and your guards, they’ll be
tossing my head around on the feast of Zeus.  Thank the gods I
have my own man on the inside.  And tomorrow, I’ll show you how
a real soldier handles this woman.”


[Mock fight between Xena and Koulos]

Sold1:  “Would you need my helmet, Lord Koulos?”

K:  “You’ll go to the dungeon for this, traitor-- you and this
Black Wolf sympathizer!”

X:  “Come and get me.”

K:  “With pleasure, traitor!”

[More fighting]

K:  “You’re making this harder than it needs to be.”

X:  “Well, you want it to look believable, don’t you?  Don’t
worry.  You’ll make a comeback-- in the end.”

K:  “Don’t just stand there; get her.  Take her away-- and that
traitor, too.”

X:  “Didn’t I tell you you’d win in the end?”


G:  “Argo.  Where’s the owner of this horse?”

Smith:  “Are you the one she said would pay me for the
horseshoes?  Give me the money and I’ll tell you.”

G:  “What happened?”

Smith:  “Fifteen dinars for the shoes-- five for the feed--
horse has a healthy appetite.  She said you should pick up her
gear and meet her at the tavern.”

G:  “Well, that doesn’t tell me where she is.”

Smith:  “Xerxes’ dungeon.”

G:  “Oh.  How can I see her?”

Smith:  “Anyone that wants to see someone in the dungeon, has to
get sent there.  It’s not a nice place to be.”


Sold:  “Go on!”

Spy:  “My rock-- you like my rock?”

X:  “No.”

Big Man:  “Looking for the man of your dreams, darling?”

X:  “Yep-- You’re not him.”

X:  “Listen-- you have a choice.  Either you let me pass right
now, or you nurse a broken leg.”

Dio:  “And, who would you be?”

Man:  “It’s OK, Diomedes.  She’s on our side.  She was trying to
protect me when Koulos arrested her.”

Dio:  “That means nothing.  Anyone who’s not one of us is a

F:  “Xena-- it’s been a long time.”

Dio:  “Xena-- this is Xena.”

X:  “You’ve grown up.”

F:  “You’ve grown legendary.”

X:  “I’m different, now.”

F:  “So I’ve heard.  Would you believe?  Xena taught me to swing
a sword-- and embroider linen for my wedding chest.”

Dio:  “You-- embroider?”

X:  “I have many skills.  I need to talk to you, alone.”


X:  “Your mother is worried sick about you.  I promised her I’d
get you out.”

F:  “I’m sure I caused her a lot of pain.  I regret that.  It
doesn’t matter.  There’s no way out of here.”

X:  “I’m sure Xerxes believes that.  I don’t.  That airshaft--
we can get up there.  You’ll have to hold onto my back, but--”

F:  “Can you carry twelve people on your back?  I’m not leaving
without the rest of the Wolf Pack.”


Salmoneus [Sal]:  “Hello, little friend!  Looking for some Black
Wolf merchandise?!  Shh!  Shh!  Not too loud.  Not just becuase
of Xerxes’ guards, but because these are incredible bargains!”

G:  “I don’t have time for this!”

Sal:  “Time?!  Who doesn’t have time for a great deal.  Trust
Salmoneus.  He only has the customers’ interests at heart.  Ask
anybody-- later.  Take a look at this-- huh?  This is a nice
pouch.  You put this on your back.  You can put a vegetable in
there-- a scroll.  Take a look.  Look-- here’s the Black Wolf
seal.  I call it-- my Black Wolf Pack.  Wolf-- Pack.  Get it?!
You like that?  Huh?”

G:  “That’s good, yeah.  That’s nice.  I need my tomato.”

Sal:  “How about a purse?  This is a nice Black Wolf purse.  You
put it around your waste.  You can put change in there-- keep
whatever you like.  Huh?  Wh?  Wh?  Wh?  Wh?”

Sold:  “Hey!”

Sal:  “Not a good idea!”

Sold:  “You think that’s funny, do you?  How about some time in
the dungeon?”

Sal:  “Hey!  It wasn’t me!  It was her!”

G:  “No!  I threw the tomato!”

Sal:  “Yeah, she threw it!”

Sold:  “Yeah, yeah.”

G:  “I did!  I did!”

Sal:  “Yeah!  What’re you doing?!  Please!”


Sold:  “In here.  Move it.  Hurry it up!”  “Move, quickly!”
“Faster.”  “Now, you’ll see.”  “That’s it; get in there!”

K:  “I’m not gonna waste any words with you people.  I want the
Black Wolf, and you’re gonna give him to me.  You!  Come here!
Look down.  What do you see?”

X:  “What’s your point?”

K:  “My point is this.  Don’t worry.  You’ll make a comeback--
in the end.”



Soldiers:  “Uh-- where did she go?”  “She can’t stay under
long?”  “Find her?”

K:  “I want the Black Wolf.”

Sal:  “It’s a misunderstanding!  I’m just a businessman!  Ow!
Uh!  Ooh!  Wait a minute.  Those boots-- that leather-- those
legs-- Xena!”

X:  “Salmoneus-- I’ve got a job for you.”

Sal:  “Ah.”


Dio:  “Here she comes.”

X:  “Flora, you won’t leave without your friends.  Very well.  I
can get us all out of here.”

Dio:  “Oh-- really?”

X:  “Yes.  And believe me-- my plan will work.  Your tunnel

F:  “What tunnel?”

Man:  “How did she know?”

X:  “This one.”

Woman:  “Who is she?”

X:  “This boulder’s been shifted too may times not to show wear.
And next time, learn to hide your excess dirt a little better.
Even the guards will notice this soon.  So, what’s it gonna be?
Are you in the mood to listen?”

Dio:  “I vote against it.  The idea that Xena, the Warrior
Princess, could be captured and thrown in prison-- sure smells
like a set-up to me.  If I was Xerxes, I couldn’t think of any
better way to get to the Black Wolf-- than by sending you in

X:  “You’re a smart man, Diomedes.  And you’re half right.  I
allowed myself to get captured to get Flora out.  She won’t
leave without all of you, so I have a plan.  But I need
everyone’s help-- all the prisoners.”

Dio:  “It’s not just my decision to make.  Talk.  We’ll listen.”


Big Man:  “What do you want my belt for?!”

Sal:  “To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.  I just need it--
and as many as we can get.”

Big Man:  “What if my drawers drop?!”

Sal:  “I don’t think that’s likely to happen.  Uh-- it’s a
perfect fit.  It’s like you were-- poured into that outfit.
That belt really ruins the line of the ensemble.  Mm-hmm?”

Big Man:  “Whatever.”

Sal:  “Ah.”


X:  “We need some help with the netting.”

F:  “What’s the problem?”

X:  “Your fellow Wolves don’t seem enthusiastic.”

Dio:  “I’ll take care of it.”

X:  “You might wanna have someone keep an eye on the other
prisoners.  We don’t need anyone talking to the guards about
this.  Those knots will never hold any weight.”

F:  “I know what I’m doing, Xena.  I’m not a little girl

X:  “No, you’re not.  So, what are you doing in here, fighting a

F:  “The times change people.”

X:  “And people change the times.  You remembered.”

F:  “I can hardly forget.  You used to say it a lot-- when our
village was being attacked.”

X:  “I just didn’t want people thinking that they had no

F:  “Even back then, you could read people.  I could never
figure that out.  You always had this knack for understanding
what someone needed, without asking.  That’s only one of the
things I liked about you.”

X:  “Remember that oak tree-- by the river?”

F:   “I tried to forget it.  You and all those other kids would
climb up into it.  And I would be left on the ground.  Then,
you’d reach down your hand, and you’d say, ‘You gotta have
faith; you got to.’  And I’d reach up-- and you’d pull your hand
away.  I fell for that every time.  I couldn’t understand why
someone-- I admired so much could treat me like that.  Can you
tell me why?”

X:  “I can tell you that you were the closest thing I’ve ever
had to a sister.  That was important to me.”


Spy:  “My rock.”

F:  “We’re just about done-- assuming the guards don’t do
another contraband sweep.  They usually toss us some food up
around midnight.”

Sal:  “All right-- I got fifteen belts-- four robes-- and three
proposals.  This is disgusting gonna work.  Still, for the
greater glory of the Black Wolf, huh?  A wolf, who’d be much
more widely known, if he had an agent to promote his image!-- I
might add.”

Man:  “Who _is_ this guy?”

X:  “All right-- you’ve added-- now go.”

Woman:  “Who is he, anyway?”

Man:  “Crazy little friend of Xena’s.”


X:  “What do you think?”

Sal:  “You’re asking me?  Hey-- for a fly-by-night operation, I
think it’s incredible!  These Wolf-people really know how to
organize, you know?  Listen, when you find out who the Black
Wolf is, you gotta let me know.  Not just because I’m running a
‘guess who the Black Wolf is’ pool-- Diomedes is the favorite,
by the way-- but, I’ve got my signature line of revolutionary
Black Wolf Ware ready to go.  I even have a slogan-- ‘Just cry
“Wolf!”’  You like it?!  OK-- anyway, I gotta talk to this wolf
person-- he’s got the power-of-attorney here.”

X:  “Diomedes, are you ready?”

Dio:  “Let’s get on with it.”

Man:  “Here we go.  Everyone in position.”

X:  “One, two, three.”


Guard:  “Rock, parchment, dagger.”

Sold1:  “All right.”

Guard:  “-- two, three.”

Sold1:  “Time to feed the animals.”


Soldiers:  “They’ve escaped!  Search the area!”  “Where are
they?!”  “Here!  They’ve dug a tunnel!”

X:  “Now.”

[Fight.  Wolves defeat Soldiers, then Cheer.]

X:  “Wait!  Wait.  This is no time to celebrate.  Let’s go.”

F:  “What’s wrong?”

X:  “This was too easy.”

Sal:  “Easy?!  This was easy?!  Huh?!”


Sal:  “Xena?  Is this the plan?!”

K:  “What took you so long?  I’ve been waiting for you.  Round
up the others and take them back.”

Soldiers:  “Yes, sir!”  “Let’s go.”

K:  “Xerxes wants to speak to you.”



K:  “At the very least she failed.  At the most, she betrayed
you.  Once she was in my dungeon, she began working against you,
Lord Xerxes.  She continually harassed my men.  She bonded [?]
with the Wolf Pack-- and led them in an escape.  If she just
betrayed me, I could deal with that.  But I cannot tolerate the
fact that someone would try to humiliate you.”

Xer:  “Well, Xena, you’ve said little.”

X:  “I haven’t had to say much.  Koulos said it all.  And he’s
right.  I bonded with the Wolf Pack, and I led them in an
escape.  And because of all that, I was about to become one of
them.  And then I would have found out who the Black Wolf is.”

Xer:  “Well, Koulos-- you seem to have set my plans back a bit.”

K:  “Respectfully, sir-- if this woman had told me her plan, I
could have guided her efforts.  And we would have the vermin by
now.  Her silence is what hurt us.”

X:  “Really?  Apparently, you weren’t completely surprised.
Who’s your man on the inside?  How did you know to be waiting
for us?”

K:  “I knew, because I’m good at what I do.”

X:  “Oh, yes, I can see that.  Even the Black Wolf can see
that-- whoever he is.  Send me back in.”

K:  “They’ll kill you.”

X:  “I still have some ideas left.  And who knows?  Maybe I can
turn this to my advantage.”

Xer:  [Laughs]  “Well if they do kill you, I won’t have to worry
about doing it.  And if you succeed, there may be a job waiting
for you when you get out.”


Sold1:  “Xerxes _commands_ that you give _up_ the Black Wolf--
by the time the sun hits this staff.”

Man:  “Never.”

Sold1:  “Or you _all_ die.”

Sal:  “Ow!”

Big Man:  “I found him!  The little rat!  He was hiding in the

Sal:  “Please-- you’re making a big mistake.  I hardly know the

Big Man:  “Any friend of that traitor, Xena, is an enemy of

Sal:  “Friend-- you see, that’s not the right usage of the word.
At best, it was purely a buiness relationship.”

X:  “If you’ve got a problem with me-- take it up with me.”

Big Man:  “I got no problem.”

X:  “I know I’m not the most popular person right now-- but I’m
not the one who betrayed you.  Why would I arrange an escape
just to tell the guards about it?”

Dio:  “It makes perfect sense to me.  Especially if you’re
intent on breaking our spirit-- if the escape fails, and we
become demoralized-- or the escape succeeds, and we begin to
trust you.  No-- no, not anymore.”

X:  “Diomedes, you don’t wanna do this.  You really don’t wanna
do this.”


F [?]:  “Stop it!”

X:  “There are two people in this dungeon who know I’m telling
the truth.  One is me-- and one’s a traitor.”

F:  “She could’a killed you-- and she didn’t.”


Sold1:  “You get fifteen dinars a day.  Take him over there.
All right?”


G:  “It’s really nice of you to walk me down here personally.
Excuse me?”

Spy:  “Do you like my rock?”

G:  “Have you seen Xena?  She-- she’s tall.  She’s beautiful.
She-- piercing blue eyes-- swings a mean right hook.  It looks
like she might have swung it already.”

X:  “What in the gods’ names are you doing here?”

G:  “Xena.  You get yourself thrown into a dungeon, and you
expect me to do nothing?  You should know me better by now.”

X:  “I should.”

G:  “I figure two things.  One-- if you’re here, it’s because
you want to be, which means that you have a plan to get out; and
two-- you’re gonna need my help.  You couldn’t ask for it, of
course-- that’s not you.  But-- you knew I’d get down here, and
I’d bring you this--”

X:  “My chakram.”

G:  “Ah-- and this.”

Sal:  “You!  That’s the ‘little Miss Innocent’ who had me thrown
in here in the first place!”

X:  “She’s my friend.”

Sal:  “She’s your friend.  She’s your friend?  You have a
friend?  What is she-- a warrior, huh?”

G:  “Hey, hey!  Back off!  You know, you wouldn’t be in here in
the first place if you had kept your hands off my tomatoes.”

Sal:  “I can explain that!”

G:  “So, why are you in here, Xena?  And, why does everybody
hate you?”

X:  “It’s a long story.  Salmoneus will be glad to tell you.
I’ve gotta go talk to someone.”

G:  “OK, tell me.”

Sal:  “It all started when this little blonde and her tomatoes
had me thrown into a dungeon--”

X:  “Hi.”

F:  “I’ve been thinking-- about you, and me-- how much we’ve
changed.  I realized something.”

X:  “What’s that?”

F:  “Why you never gave me your hand to climb the tree.  You
told me to have faith.  And I always thought you meant to have
faith in you.  But it was me you were talking about, wasn’t it?”

X:  “You have to have faith in yourself, Flora; otherwise, you
spend the rest of your life waiting for other people to offer
their hand to you.”

F:  “I told Diomedes the story about the tree.  He doesn’t
understand it.”

X:  “Diomedes is in love with you, you know.”

F:  “Yes-- and I love him.  I’d do anything for him.”

X:  “And he’d do anything for the Black Wolf?  Yes, I know who
the Black Wolf is.”

F:  “The others thought you could be fooled.  I knew it was just
a matter of time.  So-- now what?”

X:  “My plan hasn’t changed.  I’m still gonna get you out of


Sal:  “No.  No.  No.  I am not gonna do it.  It sounds too

G:  “Shh!”

Sal:  “Shh!”

G:  “What’s dangerous?  Look-- Xena wants us to collect as many
shirts as we can; wet  them; use them as air bladders; and
escape through the underwater river.”

Sal:  “Hah!”

G:  “It’s a great plan.”

Sal:  “Yeah-- great plan!”

G:  “Shh.”

Sal:  “If you’re a fish-- which I’m not.”

G:  “Then you can just stay.”

Sal:  “The hard decisions always become Salmoneus.’”

Spy:  “Rock.”

Sal:  “OK, how many shorts do you want?”

G:  “I said shirts-- shirts, not shorts.”

Sal:  “Shirts, shorts-- whatever.”

X:  “Sometimes, the best place to hide is out in the open, huh?
‘Rebels escaping through underground river.’”

Sal:  “Not nice to listen to other people’s conversations.”

G:  “Not polite.”

X:  “So, you’re the traitor.”

Spy:  “I’m a spy-- there’s a difference.  They know!  I’m coming


K:  “You’re a defiant bunch-- I’ll give you that.  I’ve
threatened all of you Black Wolves-- individually and in groups.
And it makes no difference-- each one of you is willing to die
for him.  Then it occurred to me, you Wolves consider yourselves
to be the saviors of the little people.  If that’s the case,
then my threats have been misdirected.”

Sal:  “Hmm?”

K:  “Guards!  Take the old guy!”

Sal:  “Hey!  Wait a minute!  What are you doing?!  Hey!”

K:  “Let’s see how you react to the death of someone who isn’t a
Black Wolf.”

Sal:  “But, I am!  I am the Black Wolf!  Aoooooooh!  Aoooooooh!
Ooohhhh!  [Screams]  Oh, no, please!  Somebody help me, please!
I’m just a travelling salesman!  Someone, someone!-- ”

X:  “Flora, do you have faith?”

X:  “Koulos-- get him out.  I’ll give you what you want.”

K:  “What is it I want?”

X:  “The Black Wolf-- it’s her.’

Dio:  “No!  I’m the Black Wolf!”

F:  “Stop!  She’s right.  I’m the Black Wolf.”

K:  “Excellent.”

Sold:  “Let’s go.”



Xer:  “This is wonderful-- and just in time for the feast.”

X:  “So you’re planning to execute the Black Wolf in the town

Xer:  “Of course.  I didn’t root her out just to have her buried
in a private ceremony.  This will be quite a spectacle.”

X:  “Glad I could help.  I’ll be even happier when I can get my

Xer:  “Ah, yes-- the ten thousand-- it’s yours-- and the boots.
But keep in mind, I wasn’t joking when I mentioned the possible
position here.”

X:  “What about Koulos?”

Xer:  “Ah, yes-- Koulos.  It should be interesting to see how
you deal with him.  Well-- are you staying, or leaving?”

X:  “And miss the execution of the Black Wolf?  I think not.”

Xer:  “I would be honored if you would accompany me.”


G:  “You’ve got to listen to me.”

Dio:  “There’s nothing you could say to me which would make me
think anything good about Xena.”

G:  “Have you thought that this might be part of the plan to get
you out of here?”

Sold:  “Get them lined up!”

Man:  “You’ll have to torture us as well.”

G:  “She said if you don’t believe me, that I’m to mention an
oak tree that she and Flora used to play in.”

Dio:  “Talk to me.”

G:  [Whispers in Diomedes’, then Salmoneus’, ear]

Sold:  “Come on!”

Sal:  “Like this-- hold them high.”


Sal:  “What if the plan works?  I’m a salesman, not a warrior.
What do I know about fighting?”

G:  “See the pointy ends of those swordie-things the guards are

Sal:  “Yeah?”

G:  “Stay away from them.”

Sal:  “Great advice.  Thank you so much.”

Cryer:  “All hail, Xerxes, Lord Emperor of the land.”

Xer:  “Citizens of Argos-- we have come to a glorious day-- a
day when we can restore the order of law to our land-- when
law-abiding citizens no longer have to live in fear of their
lives-- from rebellious acts of terror.  Carry out the

Cryer:  “The prisoner-- the villainess Black Wolf.  Bring the
prisoner forward.”

Woman:  “She’s the Black Wolf?  She’s a young girl.”

G:  “Now!”

Wolves:  “We’re free!”  “Come on, let’s get them!”


Xer:  “Stop them!  Kill them all!”

Xer:  “I owe Koulos an apology-- one I will give him-- after I
kill you!”

K:  “This time, no holding back.”

Sal:  “That must’ve hurt.”

[Wolves defeat Soldiers, then Cheer]


F:  “We already have some people in the government, so-- it
won’t be difficult to turn things around.”

Dio:  “But we could’ve [sic] never have gotten this far without
your help.  I was wrong about you.”

X:  “No you weren’t, Diomedes.  You knew what I was there for--
to get the Black Wolf.  Only I didn’t know at that time it was

F:  “How did you figure it out?”

Dio:  “When Diomedes didn’t wanna hear my plan, he kept looking
at you-- a lot of the  Wolves were doing that.  It didn’t take
long to notice that that was the procedure-- no decision was
made without a glance to the Black Wolf.”

Sal:  “That’s the old school.  Writing is gonna be big one of
these days, believe me.  So, what do you think?  I envision a
series of scrolls called-- the Black Wolf chronicles.  I’ll draw
up the paperwork, and all the Wolves will sign releases.  Hmm?”

X:  “Flora-- I think there’s someone there who wants to talk to

G:  “Pretty touching, isn’t it?”

Sal:  “This is what the public wants.  This alone’ll make us a

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