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“Intimate Stranger”  Episode 31/207


War:  “She’s over here.”

G:  “Are those men with Theodorus?”

X:  “Yes, they’re sure to be heading back to him.  You OK?”

G:  “Yeah-- just anything to do with Callisto.”

X:  “I understand.  That’s why he has to be brought to justice--
all of Callisto’s men.  Think you can find your way back to Argo
in the dark?”

G:  “Yeah.”

Ares/Cyrene [A/C]:  “Daughter.”

X:  “Mother.”

A/C:  “Welcome home, Xena.”

X:  “What are you doing here?”

A/C:  “You’re on your way to Amphipolis.  I came out to meet

X:  “But, I’m not.  This is dangerous.  You shouldn’t be here.”

A/C:  “But you are coming home-- back where you’re loved and
needed-- back where you belong.”

X:  “Who are you?”

A/C:  “Mm-hm-mm.”

X:  “Ares.  What do you want?”

A:  “Want?  Well, I told you-- I just wanted to welcome you back
into my fold.”

X:  “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

A: “I’m talking about your execution of Callisto.”

X:  “That’s not what happened.”

A:  “No?  Didn’t you serve as judge, jury, and executioner?  Or
am I missing something?  A young girl was before you.  She had
committed-- [breathes in]-- unspeakable crimes-- but, just like
you.  You were given a chance to reform-- a chance you never
gave Callisto.”

Callisto [C]:  “Xena, help me, please.  Don’t let me die.  You
can’t let me die.  I am you.”

X:  “No.”

C:  “Who are you to judge the things I’ve done?  I can change,
Xena.  I can change.  You did-- I can.  Please help me.  Hurry,
help me!  I’m scared, Xena.  Please, please.”

X:  “No, Ares-- no!”

C:  “Help me-- [Screams]”


X:  “Gabrielle, wake up.  Gabrielle, wake up.”


G:  “Xena-- come on.  You can’t go on like this.”

X:  “Gabrielle-- do you think I executed Callisto?”

G:  “No-- I think that you did what you had to do.”

X:  “These dreams-- they’re all about her.  Ares taunting me,
saying that I murdered her.  That I never gave her a chance to

G:  “Callisto chose her own path-- not you.  I’m sure that,
maybe, there was some goodness that could be mined, but-- it
wasn’t your responsibility.  Just because you didn’t try to
change her-- just because you didn’t show her the mercy that
other people have shown you, doesn’t make you a murderer.”

X:  “What are you saying?”

G:  “I’m saying, that if Hercules had treated you-- the way that
you treated Callisto-- you’d be dead now.  And you deserve it
more than her.  After all, she didn’t create you.”



X:  “Gabrielle, do you dream?”

G:  “Yeah.  I used to have the most vivid dreams.  You know, my
best stories came from them.  I haven’t dreamt once since
Perdicus died.  The stories just aren’t there, anymore.  What’s
the matter?  Are we on the right trail?”

X:  “Yes.  Looks like they’re headed toward that deserted
village over the river.  But someone else is following
Theodorus-- and that someone’s gonna get himself killed.”


Theodorus [Th]:  “Why were you following me?!”

Joxer [J]:  “To bring you to justice!  The same way Xena and I
brought Callisto to justice.”

Th:  “Callisto?  All she could ever think about was Xena!  And
it got her killed.”

J:  “Oh.”

Th:  “What do you say, boys?  Shall we see what the mighty Joxer
is made of-- from the inside?!”

J:  “Oh, no, no!  No, wait, wait-- wait a minute!  You don’t--
you don’t want to kill me!  You’re gonna need a hostage for the
Athenian army.”

Th:  “That’s Xena!”

J:  “And the entire Athenian army!”

Th:  “Regroup, into the woods, now!”

J:  “Yeah-- I’m really getting mad, now!  That’s right, ‘cause
you’re dealing with Joxer, the Magnificent!  Don’t worry.  I
cleared the place out for you.”

X:  “They’re gone.”

G:  “Are we going after himm?”

X:  “No, not in the darkness.”

J:  “Right behind you.”

X:  “They won’t get far-- we’ll camp here.”

G:  “I’ll get the blankets.”

X:  “Mmm.”

J:  “Hello.  Hello!”

X:  “Calm down, Joxer.  We saw ya.”

J:  “Great!  Well, you think you can cut me down, without
dropping me flat on my face?”

X:  “No.”


X:  “I let her die, Gabrielle.  At the time, I thought it was
justice, but, I don’t know now.”

G:  “This is such a mess.  You wish you hadn’t killed her; Joxer
wishes he had killed her; and I wish she had never been born.  I
guess Callisto won after all.”

C:  “Xee-nah.”


C:  “Hello, Xena.  Oh, how I’ve missed you.  Do you know how
boring Tartarus can be?  Same old torture every day, every day.
Makes me appreciate what we had.”

X: “This is a dream.”

C:  “Oh-- you’re only half right.  Dreams-- are the fine line
between the real world and the Underworld.  And with a little
help-- well, that line can just disappear.”

X:  “What kind of help?”

A:  “Help from a god, perhaps.”

X:  “What are you doing, Ares?  What’s your plan?”

A:  “My plan?  My plan is what it’s always been-- to find that--
one special warrior who’ll lead the world into peace and

X:  “Me.”

A:  “Uh, no-- not anymore.  Funny-- I never really got to know
Callisto-- until after you killed her.  She has potential.”

X:  “I didn’t kill her, Ares.”

C:  “Oh, keep telling yourself that, dear, and maybe, someday,
you’ll believe it.  See, you let me sink into the quicksand.
What’s the difference?”

A:  “Personally, I always preferred an up-front, face-to-face--
killing worthy of a warrior.  Simply allowing someone to die
doesn’t soften it.  You murdered her-- and it’s time you
admitted it.”

X:  “All right!  I am guilty of murder.”

C:  “I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”


C-in-X: [C-X]:  “Gabrielle-- wake up.  I understand, now.
Callisto is free.  Somehow, she’s back, and she’s working with

G:  “What are we gonna do?  If Ares--”

C-X:  “We have to go to Amphipolis.  I can’t explain it, but
that’s where she’s headed.. She wants revenge.  I think she’s
going to kill my mother.  No-- Joxer will only get himself
killed.  Gather up our things.”


A:  “Welcome back, Callisto.”

C-X:  “Ah-- I wonder how Xena’s enjoying her new surroundings.


X-in-C [X-C]:  “Callisto!”



G:  “Come on.  Come on, girl.”

C-X:  “Callisto’s going back to get her army.  But I’m going to
beat her to it.  If I can remove Theodorus from power, then,
maybe they’ll be just stupid enough to follow me.”

G:  “What’s the matter, girl?  Something’s wrong with Argo.  I
think you should take her reins.”

C-X:  “No, no, you hold her-- she’s picking up on my feelings.
She was like this the last time I went up against Callisto.
Gabrielle-- I have something important to tell you.  You
should’ve killed Callisto.”

G:  “What?”

C-X:  “I was wrong.  You had every right to, not me.  For me, it
was murder.  And the guilt is going to destroy me.  I don’t
think I can do it again.”

G:  “It’s up to me?  Is that what you’re saying?”

C-X:  “No, Gabrielle.  But she’s going to try and kill my

G:  “She has to be stopped.”

C-X:  “Well, I can do that, but, what then?  I’ve never felt
so-- helpless.”


Hades [H]:  “This is ridiculous.  What you’re saying is
impossible, and it’s exactly what I’d expect of you, Callisto.”

X-C:  “She got to me through my dreams, Hades-- through my
guilt.  And Ares is helping her.”

H:  “Guilt-- that is possible.  The-- dead can invade the dreams
of the guilty.  Oh-- you’re smart-- so smart.  No wonder Xena
had to kill you.  No, Callisto-- Tartarus is your eternity.”

X-C:  “I was down here with Marcus, remember?”

H:  “That’s no secret.  You’ll have to do better than that.”

X-C:  “I stabbed Marcus in the heart because I love him.  You
saw it.  How many people would know that but you?”

H:  “No one, except Marcus, and he wouldn’t tell anyone.  I
can’t believe Ares would do this.  He’s really overstepped the
bounds this time.”

X-C:  “If you help me, we can defeat him.”

H:  “You?  Your guilt allowed her to escape, Xena. You’re not
totally innocent here.  I will give you one full day.  After
that, someone goes back to Tartarus.  Take it or leave it.”


C-X:  “Again!  Again!  Come on, Gabrielle, focus on your enemy.”

G:  “This is new for me, OK?”

C-X:  “It is not new; it’s just buried.  You had that fire when
you went up against Callisto the first time, remember?”

G:  “Yes, I remember!  I don’t want to go there, again.  I can’t
do this, Xena.  Killing-- it-- the idea--”

C-X:  “That is not what we’re talking about.  Callisto is
already dead.  We need to send her back to Tartarus.  Now, come
on.  This-- is your weapon-- and this is your enemy.  Now
strike!  Come on, Gabrielle.  Brace with your back foot and
lunge with your whole body.  All right, Gabrielle.  I’m
Callisto-- right here in front of you.  I just look like Xena,
but really, I’m Callisto.  So, kill me.  I said, kill me, little
girl!  Come on, right here in the chest.  Put me out of my
misery!  You are pathetic!  Remember, I killed your love.  I
took my sword and _stuck_ it through him, and I felt his warm
blood on my hand.  You can’t even avenge his death.  [Coughs]
Very good, Gabrielle!  I’m sorry I had to do that-- but you had
to face it, and-- well you weren’t going to fet there without
it, were you?”

G:  “I think I’m gonna be sick.  For a moment there, I thought
you were Callisto and I-- I hated you.”

C-X:  “Well, hatred’s not something to be feared.  It’s a part
of all of us.  And for some of us, it’s all we ever really know.
I know that was hard, and I’m very proud of you.  Now, you stay
here and wait-- rest a while-- while I deal with the scum who’s
been following us.”


A:  “Oh, very good, my sweet.  Oh-- you’re gonna be so good--
once I finish training you.  What are you doing with that girl?”

C-X:  “That’s my business.  I have plans for her.”

A:  “Stop thinking of revenge.  Xena has already escaped the
Underworld.  Don’t you even think of taking her on.”

C-X:  “Don’t even think of stopping me.”

A:  “Oh-- Hades has given Xena one day.  After that, she’ll take
your place in Tartarus for eternity.  You’re only to avoid her
until then.  Now, kill the girl-- and move on.”

C-X:  “First things first, Ares.  I promised you my allegiance.
I promised you an army to rule the world.  You promised me

A:  “I did, didn’t I?”


G:  “Who was following us?”

C-X:  “Oh, just one of Theodorus’ men.  Don’t worry, I scared
him off.  We have to get moving.”

G:  “Right-- I’ll get Argo.”

C-X:  “No-- no, Argo has to stay here.  She hasn’t been herself.
I don’t want her getting hurt because of me.”

G:  “Are you sure?  I mean, she’s been a little skittish.  I

C-X:  “Gabrielle, let’s get moving along.  I have to get Argo’s
bridle off and, and-- hide the saddle.  You go on.  I’ll catch
up.  You can’t figure it out, can you?  I look like Xena; I even
smell like Xena.  But, something tells you I’m not.  Poor, dumb
animal.  You don’t know what’s going on.  You don’t know whether
to run or stay.  Well-- you should’ve run.”



X-C:  “Argo.  It’s gonna be OK, girl, it is.  I’m so sorry.
What did she do to you?  Hold still-- hold still.  Easy, girl.
OK.  It’s OK.  I know what she was trying to do.  But, it’s not
gonna work.  Joxer.”

J:  “Stay back; I mean it.  That’s Xena’s horse.  And I don’t
know what you did to her, but I’m not gonna give you the chance
to finish the job.”

X-C:  “Joxer, put your sword down and I’ll explain.”

J:  “Over my dead body-- maybe.”

X-C:  “OK, girl-- this is gonna hurt a bit.  But I have to-- put
this against your-- lung.”

J:  “Oooh!”

X-C:  “Joxer, listen to me, and listen good!  I am not Callisto!
It’s me-- Xena.  Callisto’s working with Ares.  I only have one
day-- less, now.”

J:  “Prove to me, then, that you’re Xena.”

X-C:  “Have you ever seen Callisto use pressure points?”

J:  “No-- OK!  OK!  You’re Xena.  Release it!  Release it!  OK,
OK, OK.  You’re-- Xena, then.  So did-- did you, I mean--
Callisto-- whoever-- try to kill Argo?”

X-C:  “No-- she knew it would be more painful if I had to put
Argo down.  But I know a few things she doesn’t.  Argo won’t
die.  Thank you-- for trying to protect her.  Only someone with
a brave heart would stand up to Callisto for a horse.”

J:  “Well, um-- it’s OK, ‘cause, you know-- I do have a brave
heart, and I’m-- you know, um-- a pretty big guy, and
everything, and-- you’re welcome.”


War:  “It’s Xena!”

Th:  “No-- don’t give her a reason.  Put the swords away.  She’s
no threat if we’re no threat.”

C-X:  “Is that what you think of me?”

Th:  “Oh, yes, Xena.  You only kill when threatened-- some sort
of code you have.  Callisto gave you an excuse to kill her, but
not me.  So we talk.”

C-X:  “Talk-- I don’t really feel like talking.”

Th:  “Then, get out of here-- or just kill me in cold blood.

War:  “Yeah, Xena-- kill him!”

C-X:  “Hmm!  Oops!  Gressius-- who will you follow, now?”

Gressius [Gr]:  “You, Xena-- Warrior Princess.”

C-X:  “Well?”

Warriors:  “Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!”

C-X:  “Enough!  Take my army to Amphipolis.  Capture the town,
and bring everyone here.  Don’t forget a soul, understand?  And
don’t kill anyone.”

Gr:  “Yes, Xena.”


J:  “What?  What is it?”

X-C:  “I don’t know-- I can’t tell yet in this body.  But I
think someone’s-- Joxer, take a nap.”

C-X:  “Aaaaaah!  Ah-ah-ah-ah-- I’ll just catch it and throw it

X-C:  “Where’s Gabrielle?”

C-X:  “Gabrielle?  Gabrielle?  Oh, well, I’m Xena now.  So she’s
my little friend.  Of course, if anything ever happened to
Gabrielle, pretty Xena would be crushed, wouldn’t I?  Maybe
something has already happened to Gabrielle.  Maybe I’ve already
killed her, and hung her up from that tree.”


C-X:  “Ooh, I like that move.”

G:  “Callisto!”

C-X:  “Go on.  You can take her out with the dagger-- or you can
let her kill you.  Looks like someone’s going to die-- and
either way, I win.”



C-X:  “Kill her, Gabrielle, hurry!”

X-C:  “Gabrielle, wait!  Listen to me.  I’m going to tell you
the impossible!  I’m Xena!”

C-X:  “She’s up to something, Gabrielle; don’t trust her.”

X-C:  “Callisto tricked me with my guilt!  She’s working with

C-X:  “Remember Perdicus.”

G:  “You killed Perdicus!”

X-C:  “Ask her if she knows your dreams, Gabrielle!  Remember?
You told me all you could dream about since Perdicus died was
what?  Ask her!”

G:  “What was it?  What was I dreaming?”

C-X:  “She’s trying to trick you.”

G:  “What was it?!”

C-X:  “You’ve been dreaming of this moment-- the moment you
finally get to avenge his death.”

X-C:  “No, Callisto.  Gabrielle hasn’t dreamt anything since you
killed Perdicus.”

G:  “Xena?  Xena?  Are you really Xena?”

X-C:  “Yeah.”

G:  “But, how could she--?”

X-C:  “I’ll explain later.”

G:  “I almost killed you.”


X-C:  “It’s me, Joxer.”

J:  “Just a reflex.  Callisto-- she got away from me again,
didn’t she?”

X-C:  “We have to hurry.  I don’t have much time before Hades
calls me back to Tartarus.”

G:  “Xena-- Callisto has your village.  She’s taking them to a--
a cave.”

J:  “To use ‘em as hostages?”

X-C:  “N-- she wants my village to die the same way hers did--
by fire.  And she wants me there to see it.”

J:  “So, what’s the plan?”

X-C:  “We have to get some things first.  Callisto used my guilt
to betray me.  I have to turn that back on her.”


Warriors:  “Get in there!”  “Get in the cage!”

C-X:  “Is this everyone?”

Gr:  “Everyone we could find.”

C-X:  “Get the torches ready and stand by.  Xe-- Callisto is
coming.  And when she gets here, we’ll burn them all.

Gr:  “No, but it will be done.”

Cyrene [Cy]:  “Xena?  Xena.  What are you doing?  Please-- let’s

C-X:  “Look into my eyes, old woman.  Xena’s not home.”

Cy:  “Who are you?”

C-X:  “Just another loving daughter.  That woman-- make sure the
first torch lands at her feet. Come on, Xena.  You don’t have
much time.  Come to me, Xena.  Oh, it’s you.”

A:  “What do you think you’re doing?  If you can just wait,
you’ll have it all.  In a short time--”

C-X:  “In a short time, Xena will be back in the Underworld, and
I won’t have my satisfaction.”

A:  “You think you know her-- but you don’t.  I do, and you are
giving her ever opportunity to beat you!  Now, I forbid this!”

C-X:  “You?!  Forbid me?!  No one, god or man, forbids me from
doing anything.  All my anger-- all my hatred-- it’s for Xena,
alone.  When I’m done with her, you can have what’s left.  I
won’t care.”

A:  “This-- was not my plan.”

C-X:  “Funny, it was always mine.  Yes, I used you.  But you can
still claim victory if you let me finish what I came here for.”

A:  “You’re on your own, then.”

Gr:  “It’s oil!  Put out your torches!”

C-X:  “Stand your ground!  I said, stand your ground!”

Gr:  “We’ll be burned alive!  Let’s get out of here!”  

Warriors:  “Where?”  “To the river!”  “Come on!”  “Run!”  “Waste
no time!”  “We’ll all be killed!”  “Away!  “All right!”

C-X:  “Xena-- time’s not on your side.  Show yourself.”


X-C:  “It’s happening, Callisto.”

C-X:  “No, I still get my revenge.  If Hades takes you down to
the Underworld-- you’ll still know that I killed her.”


C-X:  “Xena-- you put me to sleep.  This is a dream.”

X-C:  “You’re only half right, Callisto.  As you said-- the
dream is the border between the real world and the Underworld.”

C-X:  “It makes no difference.  I can still wake up from this
nightmare.  And I will have no guilt to make my dreams

X-C:  “Don’t you?”

C-X:  “Mm-mm.  However evil you think I am, Xena-- my soul is
clean, because it’s all on you.  You started this when you
killed my family.”

X-C:  “Are you thinking of your family now?  Because when you
think of the dead--”

Mama:  “-- the dead can hear you.”

C-X:  “Mama?  Look at her, Xena.  You look at my mother!  She’s
here to remind you of your past.”

Mama:  “No-- I’m not here because of Xena.  I’ve come because of

C-X:  “Me?”

Mama:  “Yes.  Every time you killed-- you were killing me.”

X-C:  “How many of your victims had faces, Callisto?  How many
had families?  Sons and daughters who loved their parents.  How
many were just like your mother when they died at your hand?”

C-X:  “No-- no, you _can’t_ make me feel guilty.”

X-C:  “You’re right.  Only you can do that.”

C-X:  “Mother.”

X-C:  “I’ve got my own past to deal with.  But I’m not taking
the weight of your crimes anymore.”

Mama:  “Look around you.  These people didn’t need to die.”

C-X:  “No-- no, you go away!  I didn’t do anything!  She did it!
Not me!”

X-C:  “You can’t shut it out.  It’s like a crashing wave.  Once
it starts, there’s no stopping it.”

Mama:  “I love you, Callisto.  You’ll always be my daughter.
You have to face your crimes.”

C-X:  “No, no!”


G:  “Hold it!  Don’t move.  Who are you?”

X-C:  “It’s me, Gabrielle-- Xena.”

G:  “How do I know that?”

X-C:  “A long time ago, you told me the cycle of hate has to
end-- and the only way to end it is through love.  It’s a hard
lesson to learn.  Callisto couldn’t possibly know or understand

G:  “Xena.”

J:  “It’s great, ‘cause it’s-- hey, remember, thee um-- you
guys?  Oh-- I helped.”


J:  “You’ll be OK, Argo.  No, no-- don’t bother thanking me.  I
was just risking my life for you, is all.  You know-- when Xena
was Callisto--- I mean-- when Callisto was Xena.  And--”

X-C:  “Joxer.”

J:  “Yeah?  Ah!”

X-C:  “It’s me, Joxer.”

J:  “Right-- I was just testing.”

X-C:  “Get used to it-- I’m in her body.”

J:  “Right!  Of course you are!”

X-C:  “Again, I want to thank you for protecting Argo.  You were
very heroic.”

J:  “Well-- you know?  Us heroes got to-- stick together,
‘cause, when I come in, it’s two swords blazing, and then, and--
yeah?  Ah!”

G:  “Calm down.”

J:  “I’m calm-- see?  Nerves of steel.”

G:  “I’m sorry it took so long.  I didn’t want to get out of
bed.  Did you sleep?”

X-C:  “Yeah-- we better get going.”

G:  “Wait.  So, this is it?  I mean, you’re just-- in there-- to

X-C:  “Looks like it.  Gabrielle, this can’t be easy for you.
If you don’t want to come with me, I understand.”

G:  “No, it-- it’s gonna take some getting used to.  I mean-- of
all the bodies to be stuck in, why did it have to be Callisto?”

X-C:  “Try not to think of the hatred you have for this body--
for Callisto.  Try and think of the love that you have for

G:  “I’ll try.  I dreamt a wonderful story last night.  Do you
want to hear it?”

X-C:  “I’d love to.”

G:  “Mm-hmm.  I sing the song of Perdicus-- the boy I knew-- the
man I loved.”

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