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Lines that are sung are in italic. Song titles are "small" and "strong" .


[Amazon Village]

[Inside a hut. Gabrielle is lying face down, naked, undergoing the whips of the Amazon purification ritual. When the shot gets to her face, we see a tear trickle down.]


Ephiny Three days, now. She's been undergoing the purification ritual for three days.

[Coming up to her]
That's crazy! Look, we have to get her out! She could be dying in there.

Ephiny She was dying out here. You didn't see her at the death of her child -- the pain she was in -- the despair. When she and Xena parted, she came to us.

Joxer If we leave her in there, she's gone.

Ephiny She's already gone. Her only chance is to work through the pain.

[Snow covered mountain peak. Xena is standing alone in the snow, agonizing in wordless song. Ares appears behind her.]

Ares Nice vocal! But you sure can't dance to it. Look, I feel your pain OK -- but how much longer before you start doing something about it?

[gravelly voice and without turning to look at him]
My son is dead, ya soul-less bastard! What can I do about that?

Ares Just goes to prove what I've been telling you all along-- no good deed goes unpunished-- saving people, defending the weak, trusting someone who betrayed you.

Xena Gabrielle.

Ares This whole atonement kick you've been on lately -- it's not you. You're full of fire -- bending the world to your will -- full of rage. And revenge.

Accept it, Xena.

Embrace it. You know what to do -- who to kill.

[Inside the hut. Gabrielle is now wearing a linen robe tied across one shoulder. A hand caresses, then slaps, Gabrielle's face. Callisto is standing beside her.]

[Trying not to look at Callisto]
You're not real. You're in my mind.

Callisto What difference does it make? You came here for the truth-- and the truth is that Xena made us both. She shaped our lives, changed our fates-- killed our familes.

[sitting up]
No-- I killed hers. Solan died because of my daughter.

Callisto Because of Xena, you had a daughter. Her hatred for Caesar took you to Brittania.

Gabrielle Yes-- b--

Callisto Straight to Dahak, where she deserted you. Isn't that right? Isn't that right?

Gabrielle Yes.

Callisto And you hate her for it, don't you? For betraying you? For failing you? You hate her, don't you? Don't you? Don't you?!

[Screams in anguish]

[Outside, on Gabrielle's Hut and Joxer]
[Screams from within hut]

[Joxer goes into the hut]

[Xena in a blood-lust riding to the Amazon Village]

[Turning around at the disturbance]
Xena? Stop her!
[Confronting Xena]

[Xena downs Ephiny]


[In a voice meaning she's intent on killing.]
Where's Gabrielle?

[Main Title]

Act I

[Amazon Village, outside]

[Joxer emerges from Gabrielle's hut carrying a barely conscious Gabrielle.]

Joxer Help! Somebody help her!

[Xena throws her chakram at Joxer but Ephiny strikes her arm as she throws and the chakram misses its mark.]

[While Joxer runs off carrying Gabrielle.]

Joxer! Run!

Amazons, attack!

[Amazons obediently attack Xena who promptly hits into the first two or three that are in the way before leaping over the rest to chase after Joxer.]

[By the time she catches up to him, Gabrielle has come to.]

Gabrielle Xena.

[Puts Gabrielle down.]
Go on, Gabrielle-- run!

Gabrielle Joxer!

[With grim determination, Xena lassos Gabrielle's feet, knocking her to the ground.]

Joxer Xena-- what are you doing?!

[Joxer rushes Xena who effortlessly throws him off. Then she mounts a nearby horse (not Argot) and rides off, dragging Gabrielle a little way behind her.]


[Xena rides out of the Amazon village (including through a fire) then through the country-side (including through a rocky stream), all the while dragging Gabrielle behind. She reaches a cliff-top overlooking the sea, stops and dismounts. Gabrielle has by now lost consciousness and Xena unties her, lifts her up and hoists her overhead preparing to throw her over the cliff into the waterfall.]

[Gabrielle regains consciousness and kicks out, hitting Xena on the head which makes her fall over and drop Gabrielle.]

[Xena and Gabrielle both stand up.]

[Also shouting]
I hate you!

[Gabrielle rushes Xena and both fall over the cliff into the path of a nearby waterfall.]

[Underwater images of Gabrielle and Xena as they drop down in the water.]

[A fast moving stream. Occasional images of Xena underwater.]

Callisto ("Aleph")
[Chanting, Unseen]
Absorb thyself in this great sea of the waters of life. Dive deep in it-- until thou hast lost thyself. And having lost thyself, then thou shalt find thyself again. Even as it is written, "She had her dwelling in the great sea-- and was a fish therein."

[Xena is pulled unconscious out of the water and laid on dry land.] Aleph am I. From mine unfathomable will, the universe hath its beginning. In my boundless wisdom are the types and patterns of all things.

[Silhouette of Xena and Callisto: Xena is lying uncounscious and Callisto leans down and kisses her lightly on the lips.]

[Music become tuneful. Xena opens her eyes and looks around... to see an eye in a small canvas bag wink back at her!]

[Then Xena sees Callisto.]

Song of the Fool

[Dressed as The Fool from The Tarot. Quite animated as suits a performing medieval fool.]
Glad that you're feelin' strong,
Thought I might lose ya.
Don't use words, sing a song--

[With her trademark grin, Callisto takes a chakram shaped object and spins it into a large disc. Then she forces the centre open from behind and peers through.]

[Winks. Music goes wild.]

This is Illusia!

Act II

[As before. Callisto is standing facing Xena. She tosses the chandra over to a waiting card-shaped object off to one side.]

What's Still Unwritten...
(Song of Illusia)

Callisto Xena, be warned,
Xena, beware.
By closing your eyes,
You can see what isn't there.

[Covers Xena eyes' briefly. Xena is now clothed as the High Priestess from The Tarot (she was naked before) and is seated on a throne of sorts.] Xena, be calm.
Open your eyes.
Lies may be truth,
And truth may be lies.

[Going over to Callisto.]
All right, Callisto-- cut the song and dance. What's going on? Where are we?

[Showing no sign of having heard Xena.]

[Pushes Xena back into her "throne".]

Fate is a wheel, it will reveal
All you've become-- All that you feel.

Destiny knows what has to be.
You'll pay the price. Nothing is free!

I'll be your guide, take the hand of your muse!
You just might lose your way
In the land of Illusia!!

Illusia is music,
A world built on rhyme.
It's carved out of space
In the absence of time.

You've tasted how evil
And good coexist.
The bitter and sweet of it--

Small White Dog All in the lips that you kissed. (ahh)

[Holds up then tosses a small disc.]

[Does the same to a second one.]

Lion and bull.

Eagle and Snake.

To live or die--
It's a choice you've got to make!
Can you undo what you create?
Step through the wheel...
[Low, menacing] Follow your fate.

[Callisto backflips into the chandra which closes up.]

[Lion, bull, eagle and snake that Callisto tossed are arranged around the chakram she spun before. All are floating in a card-shaped space floating in mid-air.]

The Fates have a fix on you.
We can play tricks on you.
We deal in truths you're too troubled to face.

Gamble the worth of you on the rebirth of you.
Don't turn away-- Don't start to fade.
What's still unwritten...
You can erase.

[Opens the centre of the chandra from behind like a door.]
Your villanous infamy
Tortures your soul.
Descent into evil
Must levy its toll.

The darkness that rots you
Has brought you to this.

[Stretches out toward Xena]
[Xena grabs it]
Surrender serenity, Suffer sweet misery
Sin seeks its cursed abysssss.

Anubis Oh, Xena, with death there is always Rebirth.

Sphinx Come see with a vision denied you on Earth.

Callisto Illusia is waiting -- we'll show you the way.
But all consequences are your own creation.
And there's a price you must pay!

Callisto & Animals
[Anubis and Sphinx jump up into the card around the chandra.]
The Fates have a fix on you.
We can play tricks on you.
We deal in truths you're too troubled to face.

Gamble the worth of you on the rebirth of you.
Now is the time; this is the place.
What's still unwritten--
You can erase!

Illusia is music,
A world built on rhyme.
It's carved out of space
In the absence of--

[Stands up and approaches Callisto and the card.]
All right, Callisto. You like little ditties? Fine. I got one for ya.

You're acting so strangely,
That I hardly know ya.
But still, I wouldn't trust you
As far as I could throw ya.

[Xena grabs Callisto by the ear and pulls. Callisto is thrown to the other side of Xena.]
Callisto Ow!

You're wrong not to trust one that knows you so well.
I never betrayed you. That was-- Gabrielle.

[A captivating image of Gabrielle appears in the corner of the tarot card.]

[Callisto gives a little frown.]

Gabrielle. Is she here?

The one who betrayed me-- is she in this land?

Callisto I'm merely your guide, Dear,
Along for a grin.
You'll get no free ride here.
If you want to know more-- then spin.

[Xena goes up to the tarot card and it's denizens, grabs the side of the chandra, and spins it like a chocolate wheel.]

[Callisto pulls Xena away while the chandra spins and spins.]

[A fast moving stream. Occasional images of Gabrielle underwater.]

Callisto ("Aleph")
[Chanting, Unseen]
Changeless, this great deep of elemental water remaineth forever pure. Because of this, it possesseth the quality of stability. From water do all forms have their beginning.

[Joxer, dressed as the Hanged Man is dangling by his feet over the stream. Suddenly he reaches down to pull Gabrielle out.]

[Gabrielle tumbles in mid air before landing on her feet amidst some bushes and very much awake.]

[Looking all about at the beautiful scenery.]

[Then she looks down.]

The Elysian fields. Only heroes wind up here.

Dead heroes.

Dead, naked heroes.

Joxer the Mighty
(Bitter Suite variant)
[Appearing from behind a tree, mandolin first.]

[Gabrielle starts running, looking for a better bush to hide behind.]

Joxer, the Mighty,
Master of geography,
Here to guide you on your way.
Stick to me, you'll never stray.
And if you're in a land that's new,
I'm the man who'll get you through.

[Low cackle, then trips over a rock]
Even when you're slightly nude...
I'm-- Joxer, I'm Joxer the mi-ghty!

[Background voice.] (We're in Illusia...)

[Determinedly hiding behind a bush.]
So much for the Elysian Fields theory.

[Popping up beside her, peering in the same direction as she is.]

[Surprising each other.]

Gabrielle How did you-- ?! Joxer, go away! Can't you see, I'm naked?!

[Getting up and away from Gabrielle.]
Okay, but, maybe I could, like, help you out, with--

Gabrielle Do-- !

[Reaches down to the grass.]
[Pulls a dress out of the grass.]
Being naked won't excuse ya.

Sing to talk, we're in Illusia.

[Callisto takes Xena to a castle. The door opens to a courtyard full of warriors.]

War and Peace

[Clearly happy to see Xena.]

[Xena is led through the warriors as she follows the singing looking for an idea of what is happening.]

Xena! Xena! Xena! Xena! Xena!

Praise the winds of chance that blew.
Xena's back, where friends are true.
We would fight to death for you-- brave Xena.
When your mighty chakram arcs,
Throwing fierce, magnetic sparks,
No one ever hits her marks-- like Xena!
Famed for prowess with a sword,
Who's as feared as is adored.
You've not lived till you've been gored-- by Xena!

Warrior One
[Xena is starting to warm to their adulation.]
You're the Warrior Princess
Who's as strong as an oak!

Warrior Two You've got eyes that can tear out
The heart of a bloke!

Warrior Three With one look you can wilt a flower!

Warrior Four Curdle milk or make men cower!

Warriors Welcome home, Xena, Welcome home!

[The warriors part to finally reveal Ares on a throne. Area is dressed as The Emperor from The Tarot.]
[With a quirky smile now she's seen who's behind it.]
[Ares smiles tolerantly.]

I thought as much. But why the big production number? What's the point?

Ares You-- are the most divine, delicious warrior.

Warriors (Xena!)

Ares A man can't help saluting your return.

Warriors (Xena!)

[Moves down from his throne to Xena.]
And if you start my heart,
It's just the way you slash and burn.

Bewitching woman, straining at the armor plate.

Warriors (Xena!)

Ares You singe me with the ardor you inflame.

Warriors (Xena!)

[Slices away an unimpressed Xena's dress at the shoulders.]
And in my carnal heart,
There's not a sorry shred of shame.

[Converging on Xena, hiding her from view.]
You and me love war!
Doesn't matter what it's for!
Pandemonium reigns
And we're bludgeoning brains!

Give us war, war, war!
Keep it down to a roar!

Warrior Five
[Sticking out of the group]
Words of wisdom Ares said,

[Appearing around the side of his warriors]
When in battle, Keep your head.


[Parting to reveal Xena clad as a warrior, similar to Ares but not her usual garb. She is a little surprised and not terribly impressed but Ares tosses up a helmet regardless.]

Warriors love war, war, war! (Yeah!)

[A village. Gabrielle is led in by Joxer, who promptly sits to one side and lets her explore on her own. Everyone is wearing bright colours, giving it a slightly surreal feel.]

[Dressed as The Empress from The Tarot]
I know this place-- these people...

That shop!

I'm home. This is Poteidia.

First Woman Hey, look-- it's Gabrielle.

Second Woman (Julie Moran) Gabrielle-- you're back.

[Clearly happy to see Gabrielle.]

[Gabrielle is led through the villagers as she follows the singing looking for an idea of what is happening.]

Gabrielle! Gabrielle! Gabrielle!

O'er the bridge of tears she's crossed.
And she's paid a fearful cost.
Her blood innocence is lost-- Gabrielle.
Now the past has set her free.
And she's traveled home to be
With her old friends, you and me-- Gabrielle.

Man You've been plucked out from the heart
Of our lives for so long.

Second Woman Now we're grateful you've come back
To the place you belong.

First Woman For what ails, the panacea,

Third Woman Surely waits in Poteidia!

Villagers Welcome home, Gabrielle, Welcome home!

[Gabrielle is guided further through the villagers until she meets her sister.]
[Embracing Lila.]
Lila! Sister! I-- I can't believe it!

Lila Villains, fools, and kings
Have made their mark on you.
Leave their easy evil in the dust.
If your child had lived,
[with some venom] We'd surely make her welcome, too.

Villagers You and me love peace,
With the ducks and goats and geese!
While the hours away,
Baking bread, pitching hay.
We love peace, peace, peace--
Simple joys that never cease.

Man Nothing changes but the time--

Small Group of Villagers
[From behind a door that is pulled open]
We don't even change our mind!


[Help Gabrielle onto a donkey.]

Villagers love peace, peace, peace!

[Back in Ares' fort.]
[Xena and Ares are in a chariot being pulled by two sphinxes. Xena's blood-lust has clearly been stirred.]
Pulverizing foes requires strategy.

Warriors Yeah!

Ares There's no mortal born who meets your skill.

Warriors Yeah!

Ares Xena, join my vision-- don't deny your destiny!

Warriors You and me love war!
Doesn't matter what it's for!

Warrior Six
[Hanging from above.]
Chop the tree down-- burn the root!

Ares Vengeance can be such a hoot.

Warriors Warriors love war, war, war!

[Poteidia again.]
[Walking alongside Gabrielle.]
Xena was no friend, she worked to twist your mind,
Though you tried to change her deadly ways.
Take this scythe--

[Hands Gabrielle a scythe.] It's just a case of killing to be kind.

Villagers You and me love peace,
With the ducks and goats and geese!

[Gets in a wagon which is pulled away.]
Sit and watch the world go by.

[Lying in hay, uncovered by the wagon.]
Vegetate until you die.

Villagers Villagers love peace, peace, peace!

* This bit is a little tricky, since the Warriors and the Villagers are simultaneously singing different lines! The CD notes made it easier, fortunately. *

[Cuts between the Villagers and Warriors, as Xena and Gabrielle approach each other.]

Warriors Villagers
    We -- love -- war!

    Peace is such a lovely state
    War can kill you so can hate

    Fear! Lies!
    Smite and smoke and pulverize!

    Here the simple life's a delight!

    Pus -- and -- Gore.

    Just you put your hand in mine,
    Sure your future's on the line!

    You've a son you must avenge.
    Know you must extract revenge!

    You must know that when

    Don't be put aside by beauty,
    Xena you must do your duty.

    Hope died she freed you!

Warrior & Villagers
[Xena advances through a double file of Warriors with swords while Gabrielle advances through a double file of Villages with scythes.]
Ah ah ah, Ah ah ah... Ah ah ah, Ah ah ah...
Ah ah ah, Ah ah ah... Ah ah ah, Ah ah ah...

Villagers Peace!
Warriors War!
Villagers Peace!
Warriors War!
Villagers Peace!
Warriors War!
Villagers Peace!
Warriors War!
Villagers/Warriors Peace!/War!/Peace!/War!/Peace!/War!/Peace!/War!

[Xena and Gabrielle pull their doors open and see each other for the first time since entering Illusia.]
[Rushes to attack.]

[Xena and Gabrielle trade blows, but Gabrielle is used to a staff, not a scythe and is quickly knocked down after the blades lock briefly. While she is prone, Xena stabs her.]


[Xena pulls her sword out of a dead Gabrielle.]

[Joxer comes forward now dressed as The Physician (?) from The Tarot. He lifts Gabrielle's hand momentarily and mournfully shakes his head before retreating to the wall his face a mask of sadness.]

[Ares come forward and picks Xena up.]

Melt Into Me

Ares You're lost and confused, but I understand.
This once beloved friend has been slain by your hand.
You feel all alone, betrayed and adrift
But maybe her loss can be viewed as a gift.

[Begins an oriental tango with Xena.]

[Xena is suddenly dressed as Death from The Tarot.]

Now I'll be your rock, your strength and support
Your close confidant with whom you can consort.
I know you completely; come melt into me.
Unleash the power of your destiny.

You've proved to yourself, now that you've made the kill,
That you're just like me, with as evil a will.
Our forces are meant to be merged into one.
The world will be panicked when our work is done!

Let the music of war, with its lustful refrain,
Arouse us to heights with a passionate strain.

Imagine how awesome, together we'd be.
So feel what I'm feeling

[Area ends with Xena in a dip. Then she turns and sees the dead Gabrielle and pulls away from him.] Come melt into me.

[Xena is again dressed as a warrior.]

Let Go

[Appears and comes close to Xena. Callisto is now dressed as Justice (?) from The Tarot.]

[Ares moves away.]

Did that fill you with glee
To kill your little friend?
Did that ease your suffering
Or bring it to an end?

Let go...

All of your anger will poison you yet--
Unless you can just--
Let go...

[Callisto and Joxer fade.]

[Puts his crown back on.]


Nothing more need be said.

Ding, dong-- the bitch is dead.

[Distraught. Picks up Gabrielle.]
I killed Gabrielle.

[Appearing from another door.]

[Dressed in a simple, long white dress, similar to the one earlier but a bit fancier.]

You killed me.

[Warriors and Villagers fade. Dead Gabrielle fades.]
[A little broken.]
By the gods, Xena-- you killed me. I knew you were trying before, Xena, but I didn't know--

[A little lost at how she's been manipulated.]
No, no-- I didn't, it wa-- none of this is real! Ares and Callisto, and-- well, Joxer. I didn't kill you. I killed an illusion.

Gabrielle If that's supposed to make me feel better--

Xena I need time to think.

[Tarot card with just the chandra appears.]
Gabrielle What is that?

Xena Us. Somehow, it's all about us.

[Lightening fires out from the chandra to strike Xena and Gabrielle, freezing them where they stand.]

[Xena and Gabrielle appear suddenly in a large, dim building with pillars but a ruined roof, showing a night sky. They are otherwise alone.]

Xena Everything about this Illusia place has been bright and cheery-- the music, the colors. But this place is dark. It's meant to scare us.

Gabrielle What if you're wrong?

You got any better ideas?!

Gabrielle You're asking me? Well, that's a first. You know, ever since we've met, you've always made the decisions.

[Starts echoing]
[Echos lots]
Because you always take so long to reach one! [reach... reach... reach...]

Always weighing the pros and cons! [cons... cons... cons...]

[They stop and wait for the echos to die.]
Gabrielle What's causing that?

Xena We are.

Or I should say you are.


[Lots more echos.]

There you go again! You're always blaming me for everything! [blame... blame... blame...]

Xena, why is it never your fault?! [fault... fault... fault...]

[Shouting to get over the echos.]
It's the past! [past... past... past...]

Each time we accuse each other about the past, [accuse... accuse... accuse...] the echoes start, [echos... echos... echos...], and we can't hear one another! [hear one another... hear one another... hear one another...]

[With her hands over her ears.]
Well, how do we stop it?! [stop it... stop it... stop it...]

Xena Tell me how you feel! [feel... feel... feel...] Right now! Nothing about the past! [past... past... past...] Right now!

[Echos suddenly cease]
I hurt inside!

[Quietly after a long moment] Don't you?

Hearts are Hurting
(Part One)
[Walking away from Gabrielle]
My heart is hurting beyond words.
The pain is tearing up my soul.
These days have seen my spirit die,
My life propelled out of control.

My wounds lie naked to the world--
My depth of suffering exposed.
This damaged past can never heal
Until this nightmare book is closed.

Gabrielle My heart is hurting beyond words.
The pain is tearing up my soul.
Please tell me how I can retrieve
The life that all this sadness stole?

[Following Xena.] Because of you this happened!
Because you had to carry out
Your vengeful, little plans!

[Echos start again.]
[Going back towards Gabrielle.]
It's you who should feel guilty!
Because of you my child is dead.
His blood is on your hands!

Gabrielle If only you had never brought me there.

Xena If only you had done what you were told.

Gabrielle It's you who's to be blamed.

Xena And you should be ashamed!

Gabrielle It's your fault!

[The Tarot card and chandra appear again.]
Xena No, it's yours!

Gabrielle How could you?!

[Shouting in Gabrielle's face]
How could you?!

It's your fault!

It's your fault!

[The chandra bursts apart in flame.]
[Dahak theme song.]
Gabrielle It's Dahak!


[Flames leap from the chandra to grab Gabrielle's legs and pulls her towards it.]
Xena Gabrielle?!

Gabrielle No!

Not again! Noooooo!

Xena I'm coming!

Gabrielle Not again! Please!

[Grabs Gabrielle's arms as she is being pulled in by the feet]
Hold on, tight.

Gabrielle No!

Don't let go! Don't let go! Noooooo!

[The flames pull Gabrielle and Xena through the shattered chandra. Gabrielle screams.]
Can you forgive me?
Open up your heart and let me in.
No matter if the Fates against us turn.
There's one thing through all of this I've learned.
That what I need from you
Is to...

Forgive me, I'm sorry, believe me.
Stop hating, stop hurting, Forgive me.
Forgive those who'd harm you,
Do good for those who hate.
Forgive, if not forget,
I know it's not too late.
Forgive me and you'll discover, too,
That the love of your love is-- you.

Act IV

[Dahak's temple.]

[Gabrielle appears in a flaming burst, Gabrielle lying on the altar, Xena is standing beside it.]

[Quickly getting off the alter. Looking in horror at her blood smeared hands.]

[Almost in tears.]

Blood. No! Not here.

It's Dahak. This is where it started.

I can't! I can't!

Xena No... Gabrielle!

Gabrielle I can't!

[Grabbing hold of Gabrielle]
Look-- Gabrielle, think. Everything about this world has been a torment. We've been guided through it for a reason. Whatever happens, we have to go through it together.

[With several massive rumbles, one of the stone coffins open and out comes Torment from The Tarot. Torment flies around with trumpeting sounds.]

Hate Is The Star
(Song of the Torment)

Torment It begins very small,
Seems like nothing much at all.
Just a germ, just a speck, just a grain.
But the seed has been sewn,
And before you know it's grown,
It has spread through your life like a stain.

[Torment has called forth six robed and hooded figures. Four of them fold back their hoods to reveal Caeser, Khrafstar, Callisto and Ares.] And its power will strangle your love and your joy.
And its hunger consumes-- for it lives to destroy!

Xena Hatred, Gabrielle, that's what we're fighting -- hatred.

Torment & the Hatred Chorus Hate is the star; it becomes who you are.
Not the hated but the hater
Has a torment that's greater.

[Torment flies between Xena and Gabrielle.]
[Gabrielle, now dressed in her travel clothes, is grabbed by manacles and chained to Dahak's altar. Xena, now dressed in a rough shift, is similarly bound to a cross behind her.] It will eat you alive, consume you and spit you out.
Hate's gonna win, that there's no doubt about!
Hate doesn't care who you are!
Hate is the star!

Learning hate is an art.
Even people who are smart
Can be caught, can be crushed, can be creamed.
Hate has swallowed you whole.
Did you think you're in control?
Hate you thought, hate you spoke, hate you dreamed.

[The two remaining figures fold back their hoods to reveal an Evil Gabrielle, holding a hammer to break Xena's legs, and an Evil Xena holding Dahak's knife to murder Gabrielle with.] All your hate gave me substance--
Your lives are undone.
It's your eve of destruction--
Your hatred has won!

Gabrielle No!

Xena Gabrielle!

[Torment laughs]

Hearts are Hurting
(Part two)

Xena I never dreamed that we'd be distanced by a hate
That all the trust we had would go.

Gabrielle How could I hate you?

Xena How could it come to pass, this awful twist of fate?

Gabrielle How could I hurt you?

Xena This madness can't be so.

Gabrielle I can't believe it.

Xena I never dreamed that any barriers could rise.

Gabrielle Or that I'd ever see the stranger in your eyes.

Xena Our hearts were hurting both the same.

Gabrielle The hurt was tearing up our souls.

Xena The fury in us made us blind.

Gabrielle We could not see beyond the pain.

Xena If we can turn again to love.

Gabrielle If we can heal these open wounds.

Xena We'll leave this hatred far behind.

Gabrielle So not a trace of hate remains.

Both We'll overcome our damaged past!
And we'll grow stronger side by side!
To stand together through the storms!
We're safe 'cause love will be our guide!

[Evil Xena and Evil Gabrielle are destroyed, along with Caesar, Khrafstar, Callisto and Ares.]

[Xena's and Gabrielle's bonds are released but Torment flies past again, laughing.]

[The chandra and its card reappear and opens up to reveal a scene through a waterfall of a small landscape drenched in golden light. Solan appers standing on the far side of the waterfall, watching them.]

[In some surprise]
Solan-- it was him.


Gabrielle He's why we're here. It's the way out. It's gotta be. He's here to lead us home.

Come on.

[Jumps through the waterfall to the other side. She is not wet. But Solan is not there.]
[To Xena]

Come on!

[Xena puts her hand in the waterfall, but pulls it back as if burnt.]

[Torment, still around, laughs. Xena looks up at him.]

Gabrielle Xena, quick!

I can't.

[Torment, still around, laughs.]
Gabrielle Of course you can.

Xena It's no use, Gabrielle.

It's Ming T'ien.

[Torment throws his hood back to reveal Ming Ti'en who laughs.]
Xena I killed him.
I killed you, you bastard!

[Ming Ti'en laughs again.]
Gabrielle You lied?

You gave me your word.
You lied.

[Ming Ti'en laughs so more.]

The Love of Your Love

Xena Yes, I lied.
Thought I could protect you from the truth.
Deliver you from evil,
Spare your innocence and youth.
That I could simply will it
Was the real untruth.

I was wrong.
I wore a mask to cover my deceit.
But underneath it all
I couldn't keep away my doubt.
Now I'm left without a mask
And one question left to ask.

I'm sorry, please help me, forgive me.
Don't hate me, don't leave me, forgive me.
Forgive me my debt as only you could.
Forgive me the hate; replace evil with good.
Forgive me and find out that you--
Will be able to forgive yourself, too.

[Gabrielle's face has cleared and she nods and smiles in forgiveness.]

[Solan re-appears behind Gabrielle.]

My dear Solan--
I never told you that you were my son.
I didn't know the days we had left were so few.
If I only knew, I'd have been with you.

I'm so sorry,
I couldn't be the mother you deserved.
And I regret that I missed your first step--
Your first word--
That I never heard. Now it seems absurd.

[Gets down on her knees.]
[Gabrielle and Xena reach out their hands to each other, meeting in the waterfall.]
Ming Ti'en
[Ming Ti'en destroyed.]

[Gabrielle pulls Xena through the waterfall, emerging in her normal armour. She goes to Solan.]
Solan Mother?

Xena Solan!

Gabrielle Go on.

[Xena and Solan embrace]
Solan I love you, Mother.

Xena I love you, Solan. I'll always love you.

[Xena and Gabrielle are embracing seated on the edges of the surf at the bottom of the cliff they fell off (much) earlier.]
Gabrielle We're home.

Xena At last.

[They laugh and embrace again as the surf comes into meet them.]

[End Credits.]

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