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“Sacrifice”  Episode 67/321


Callisto [Cal]:  [Screams]  Just weren’t built to hold a real
god, were you?  Huh.  Go away.”


Women:  “Huh!  Huh!”  “Hey!  Hey!  Hey!”

X:  “Can you see your friend?”

G:  “No-- but she’s gotta be here.  These are the people that
her parents told me about, I’m sure.  I wish I could just make
out what he’s saying.”

X:  “I can’t make it all out, but it’s- it’s something about the
return of a goddess.  They need to build temples to her--
prepare the way.”

G:  “Xena-- there she is.  That’s my friend, Seraphin.  What is
she doing?”

X:  “Ahh!”


G:  “Seraphin!”

Priest’s Voice:  “Let’s take her!”

G:  “This way!”

Priest’s Voice:  “Now!  Quickly!”

X:  “I’m gonna get Seraphin!”

G:  “Right!”

Cal:  [Chuckles]



G:  “We have to find her, Xena.  I’ve known Seraphin since she
was-- she was five.  I can’t believe that she would be a
worshipper of Callisto’s.”

X:  “More than that-- she was a sacrifice.  When we stepped in,
Callisto decided to take one of the other priests.”

G:  “Do you think it’s possible that Callisto could end up like
the other gods?  With temples, and followers?”

X:  “It’s not like her-- there has to be something else.  I-- I
just don’t know what.  The first thing is to find your friend.
Come on.  Chsk-chsk.”


Cal:  “Hi, Honey, I’m home.  Ah-- well-- there you are.  Hello,
Pumpkin.  Your Auntie Callisto’s brought you a little treat.  It
is what you wanted, isn’t it?  They called him the, the--
‘priest to the flesh.’  Now-- shall I carve, or will you?”


X:  “Most of them are headed toward the river.  They’re going to

G:  “Right.”

X:  “Gabrielle-- I want you to take Argo.  Go on ahead.  I’ll
catch up with you later.  How long have you been watching me?”

Ares:  “Since you broke up Callisto’s little party.  Looks like
the new kid on the block wants to create her own dynasty.  She’s
got a lot to learn, though.  I, uh-- don’t suppose she happened
to be wearing a, uh-- pendant, at all?”

X:  “You mean the hind’s blood?  No.  I heard the story, Ares.
Callisto killed Strife using a dagger of hind’s blood, and then
Hercules forced her through the gate into that other world.”

Ares:  “What I want to know is, how she got through that gate.”

X:  “She’s a goddess.  How long would it have taken you?”

Ares:  “Good point.  Still, it’s good she didn’t have it on her
because, now-- ”

X:  “-- now, she can’t use it against you.”

Ares:  “-- or against any other god.  Callisto didn’t come back
for a few temples.  She wants it all.  Now, Xena-- you’re gonna
need an ally.  Maybe we can-- come up with some arrangement.”

X:  “Forget it.  I’m not in this for your petty revenge.”

Ares:  “Callisto is not a true god.  She was mortal.  She’s got
no control-- no respect for any of us.  All she can bring is
destruction.  And when she gets an army of worshippers--
conquers the world-- what then?”

X:  “Then she’s comin’ after you.”


Werfner [Werf]:  “Priest of the flesh has gone.  Glory to him!”

People:  “Glory!”

Werf:  “He will be replaced.  But the blood-- the time of the
_blood_ has come.  And this time, there will be no interruption.
Glory to the blood!  The rebirth of the goddess!  Hmm?”


Cal:  “Hmm, not happy to see me, are you?  Neither am I, really.
But I’ve got a plan to solve both of our problems.”

X:  “Why don’t you let me in on it?”

Cal:  “Oh-- Xena-- tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk.  I tell you about it, and
the first thing you know-- you’ll be trying to stop me.  You
just trust me.  You’re gonna love it.  Well-- ’least half of

X:  “Oh, goody.”

Cal:  “You know, it’s funny that I keep this thing around.  I
don’t really need it.  It’s just for decoration-- and for fun.
I don’t know if I’m toying with you-- or you’re toying with me.
Oh-- you can’t beat me, Xena.  You can only-- you can only delay
me.  Uh-- sorry, Xena, but I’m on a schedule.  Oh, yes.”

Ares:  “Oh, I’ve been lookin’ forward to this reunion for a
l-o-n-g, long time.  Oh, you’re going back through the gate--
but not before we settle a few things.”

Cal:  “Love to chat, but-- gotta go.”

Ares:  “I am really gonna enjoy tearing her limb-- from limb.”

G:  “Seraphin!  What is wrong with you?!  We’re trying to save
your life!”

Seraphin [Sera]:  “Gabrielle-- you don’t understand.  I don’t
want to go.”

G:  “No, I know-- you wanna be sacrificed to the temple of
Callisto.  Well, it’s not going to happen.”

Sera:  “Who’s Callisto?”

G:  “Who’s-- ?  You mean, you aren’t being sacrificed to

Sera:  “I’m chosen-- for the priestess of the blood-- for the
rebirth of the goddess?”

X:  “This isn’t about Callisto.  It’s about something else-- the
goddess of Dahok.  It’s about Hope.”



X:  “Hope is gathering a following.”

G:  “Can’t be.”

X:  “Yes-- she’s building a power base of people to worship

Sera:  “And why shouldn’t we worship her?  I mean, we’re not
fools.  We look at how the world is today.  Where is the
happiness?  Where is the peace?”

G:  “Seraphin-- you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Hope is bringing Dahok’s destruction.”

Sera:  “The goddess, Hope, is the savior of this world.  I must
get back to Werfner.  The high priest needs me-- needs _me_--
for the goddess.” 

X:  “Your goddess killed my child.”

G:  “It’s OK.  Come along.  I’ll explain to you.”

Ares:  “Hope is building an army of the ignorant.  Incredible--
are mortals so stupid as to believe Dahok will actually bring
them peace?  They all deserve what they get.  I really don’t
know why you continue to protect them.”

X:  “Shut up, Ares.  Hope must die.”

Ares:  “Oh, my thoughts, exactly-- but my way.  I got a lotta
options, here.  I can raise a combined army of all my warriors.
Hope wants to fight?  I’ll be there-- but on my terms.  Not to--
press a point, but-- I could really use an overall commander.”

X:  “Your army means nothing to me.”
Ares:  “Takin’ this all a little-- personally-- aren’t we?  OK.
When you realize you’re wrong, call me-- if you survive.”

G:  “Are you OK?”

X:  “Ares is right.”

G:  “About leading his army?  Xena, are you sure that’s best?”

X:  “I’m taking it all too personally.  I can’t afford that.”

G:  “It’s OK to be angry.”

X:  “No, it’s not.  Anger clouds the mind.  It prevents focus.
Hope still has a mortal form.  Maybe, we can use that to our

G:  “That’s if we can get past her powers.”

X:  “She still hasn’t made an appearance.  It’s possible that
she’s not able to.  The rebirth that Seraphin mentioned-- talk
to her.  Find out what it means.”

G:  “Do you think that Hope is vulnerable?”

X:  “That’s exactly what I think.  And if I’m right-- we got a
chance to kill her.”


Werf:  “Wait!  This is a place of rebirth-- the Cave of the
Sister Peaks.  This is where the goddess is.”

Cal:  “Very good.”

Werf:  “No, please, please!  We are only a servant-- to the
greatness of the-- ”

Cal:  “Yes, I know who you serve, you little worm.  She and I
are old friends.  I’ve already given her the priest of the
flesh, and now she’s waiting for the priest of the blood.  And
just-- guess who gets that honor?”

Werf:  “Uh-huh-- no, it can’t be us.”

Cal:  “Mm-hmm-- afraid so.”

Werf:  “No!  We are not the chosen one!  The priestess servant--
she’s the chosen one.  It’s her blood.”

Cal:  “What _exactly_ do you mean?”

Werf:  “If our blood could _release_ the goddess, we would
_drive_ the sword into our own chest-- but it won’t!  You’re
here to help her, aren’t you?  To release her.  We can talk to
her for you.”

Cal:  “Really?”


Ares:  “No, you aren’t listening!  I said _everybody_!  I want
every warlord-- every soldier who ever professed an allegaince
to me-- all of them.  This is gonna be the largest army ever

Warlord:  “But this is Dahok and his daughter.”

Ares:  “And I am Ares, god of war!  I will _not_ end up some
footnote in the annals of history!  Dahok wants a battle for
dominion-- all right.  I’ll give him one he’ll never forget.
But we strike now!  So, do as I tell you-- and go.”


G:  “Do you remember the river near your house?”

Sera:  “I remember.”

G:  “Your parents used to get so upset at us for swimming there.
[Sera laughs.]  And we would nod our heads-- and we’d say, ‘Oh,
we’ll never do it again.’”

Sera:  “But, we’d go and we’d do it.”

G:  “We didn’t want anyone telling us what to do.”

Sera:  “I’m not going home, Gabrielle.  I’ve found my place.”

G:  “But, this isn’t your place.  These aren’t your friends,
Seraphin.  What happened to the girl that I knew, who had a mind
of her own?  I just can’t believe that you’d blindly follow
Dahok and his followers.”

Sera:  “Look, it’s not as blind as you think.  Yes, I know Dahok
has a plan.  And yes, I know people must die.  But it’s for the
greater good.”

G:  “Don’t tell me about the greater good, because you have no
idea what it means.”

Sera:  “And you have no idea of the greatness of Dahok.  When
the goddess is reborn, she will return from the Sister Peaks.
The bringer of the destroyer will wash the land of its sins.  On
the rebirth, it will come to pass.  Werfner, the high priest,
has promised us this.”

G:  “This rebirth-- what is that?  Can-- can you explain it to
me, ‘cause I don’t know what it means.”

Sera:  “It’s the time when she becomes her destiny, and she
emerges stronger and more powerful.  Let the goddess, Hope,
touch your soul.”

G:  “She already has.  Hope is my daughter.”


Werf:  “Very good.  You molded her cocoon from Janiclea’s
flesh-- as it is written.”

Cal:  “The priest of the flesh-- it wasn’t that hard to figure
out.  Now, talk to her.”

Werf:  “What-- what do you want us to ask her?”

Cal:  “Ask her if she understands what I’m doing-- and exactly
_why_ I’m protecting her.”

Werf:  “You wanna die?”

Cal:  “More than that.  I want oblivion.  I want my life to end.
I want it it all to stop.  No nothing!  No memories, no
Tartarus, nothing!  And I know-- I know she can do it.  Now,
does she agree?”

Werf:  “The goddess understands, and-- she agrees.”

Cal:  “You should’ve been my child-- you know that?  But, that’s
OK.  Oooh-- such power, it’s almost scary.  Daughter of Dahok--
with the power of her father behind her.  Yes-- it’s quite--


X:  “Hey.  Every village has got the same story-- people leaving
home to join Dahok’s followers.  ‘Disciples,’ they’re calling
themselves now.”

G:  “Are they under a spell or something?”

X:  “No, they’re simple people.  They’re-- they’re poor and
they’re-- they’re disillusioned.  That’s all she needs to draw
them in.  What’s wrong with her?”

G:  “I told her about Hope-- about me and Hope.”

X:  “And?”

G:  “I don’t know.  When she looks at me, it’s like there’s
somebody else in there.  How could this happen?  I mean, if I
were to bet what she’d be doing right now-- ”

X:  “That’s the funny thing about people.  Just when you think
you’ve got them figured out, they show a completely different
side to their character.”

G:  “I know what you mean.  You think we’ll ever get her back?
The Seraphin I know?”

X:  “We’re gonna do everything we possibly can.  But first, I
gotta deal with Callisto.”

G:  “And, what about Hope?”

X:  “I don’t wanna split my efforts.  Callisto is protecting
Hope.  So, whatever happens, I gotta take her out of the
picture.  The villagers mentioned a drifter who’d been stealing
food from the markets-- and by the description, it sounds like
the priest that we saw with Seraphin.  He’s gotta be in the same
general area as Hope.”

G:  “The Sister Peaks.”

X:  “Right.  Look, Gabrielle-- do not turn your back on her.
She is not your friend any longer.  She belongs to Hope.  Be
back as soon as I can.  OK.”


Werf:  “You should have told us you didn’t eat.  We wouldn’t
have brought back so much.  If we were immortal, we would still
like to eat all _kinds_-- ”

Cal:  “Quiet!  We’ve got a visitor.  Oh, she’s so good.  I’ll be
right back.”

Werf:  “Visitor-- we don’t like visitors.”


Cal:  “Oh, Xena, come on.  I know you’re here.  Still trying to
stop me, even though I’m doing you a favor.”

X:  “You can do me a favor by handing over Hope.”

Cal:  “Oh, you figured it out, did you?  Well, no can do.  She’s
not quite up to snuff at the moment.  She’s cocooned-- helpless.
She needs her Auntie Callisto.  And you would just run her

X:  “That’s the idea.”

Cal:  “Yeah, well, I can’t let it happen.  See, I have plans for
her-- big plans.”

X:  “Well, forget about them-- and hand over that monster!”

Cal:  “What is this?  Some kind of martyrdom phase you’re going
through?  I could kill you in an instant.  Nice try-- but that
threat worked when I was only a mortal.  But, I’m a god now,
Xena.  Welcome to my world.  Now, get ready to leave it.”

X:  “Give me your best shot.”

Cal:  “Oh, clever, clever girl.  You want me to use my powers in
here, so all these stupid  rocks come tumbling down on me.”

X:  “You’re a god.  It won’t kill ya.”

Cal:  “No-- won’t kill me.  But it will keep me locked up long
enough for you to get to my precious little baby.  Oh, well--
back to basics.  Ouch!  Don’t do that.  The best you can hope
for is a stand-off-- and who do you really think’s going to tire
out first-- huh?  Well, I gotta give you credit for trying.  You
should’ve kept running.  I couldn’t use my powers in there, but
out here-- well-- can you say, ‘Nighty-night?’  [Screams]
[Gasps]  No!”

X:  “Nighty-night.”


X:  “Stay back, Ares.  I’m the one who gets to kill her.”

Ares:  “Then I guess we got a problem-- ‘cause I just can’t let
that happen.”



Sera:  “We had heard about the mother of the goddess, Hope.
She’s known as the betrayer-- the one who selfishly killed her
own daughter.”

G:  “That’s not how it was.”

Sera:  “We were never told her name, because it was said that to
speak it was obscene blasphemy.  I didn’t know it was you-- but
I guess it makes sense.”

G:  “How does it make sense?”

Sera:  “She’s your daughter.  She’s a balance of Dahok’s power.
The goddess, Hope, is a balance of good and evil.  But born as a
mortal-- she is one of us.”

G:  “She’s evil.  That’s what she is.  She’s like her father.”

Sera:  “She has a harsh father, yes.  That’s why Hope was born
of a good person-- of you.  She can stand as a champion for
mortals-- a leader for us all.”

G:  “She is a murderer.  She doesn’t care about any of us.  Even
as a child-- ”

Ser:  “Can you blame a child for not understanding a power that
was given it?  A child, without guidance-- without her mother?
After the rebirth, the goddess, Hope, will have the wisdom to
know what’s best.  She’s your daughter, Gabrielle.  How could
your daughter be evil?”

X:  “Ares has got Hope.”

G:  “You saw her?”

X:  “Yes, I saw her-- or something very like her.  She’s in a

G:  “What is Ares up to?”

X:  “I know he’s not taking her to Mt. Olympus because of the
other gods.  There’s only one place that she’d be safe.”

G:  “One place-- the halls of war.”

X:  “We’ll need every bit of time we’ve got.  We’ll travel
overnight by foot.  I think we can be there by morning.”

G:  “And then what?”

X:  “First things first.  Let’s just get there.”


Ares:  “Can you hear me?  Can you?  You and Callisto killed
Strife.  You tried to kill me.  But as you’ve probably figured
out-- I forgive you.  Xena’s not finished, you know.  When she
puts her mind to killing someone, they generally get killed.  I
know.  I gave her that focus.  I suggest-- that you do something
to discourage her.”


G:  “What is that?”

Sera:  “The goddess.  Oh-- she’s speaking to us.  You have to
leave, Gabrielle.  They’re coming.”

G:  “Who’s coming?”

X:  “Gabrielle.”

Voices:  “Priestess of the blood.”

G:  “By the gods.”

Voices:  “Priestess of the blood.  Priestess of the blood.”

X:  “They’re just innocent people.  Hope knows I won’t kill ‘em.
There was a hut on the other side of the ridge.  Run to it.
I’ll meet you there.  OK, fellas, break it up.”

Voice:  “Stop her.”

G:  “Come on.”



G:  “Hurry!”

Sera:  “You don’t understand, Gabrielle.  They’re trying to save

G:  “They’re trying to save you for a sacrifice!”

Sera:  “They won’t hurt us-- they wouldn’t!”

G:  “Right, they won’t hurt the betrayer?”

Sera:  “No, no, no, but I will tell them-- that-that you
realize-- that you were wrong.  Hmm, I can see it in your eyes.
They’re coming.”

G:  “Xena!”

X:  “Gabrielle, up through the roof.  Climb down the tree, and
head for the river through the forest.  Come on, your turn.”

Sera:  “No, leave me here.”

X:  “Come on!”

Sera:  “No, Xena!”

[Xena yell]


X:  “This is the area.  The halls of war are around here,
someplace.  The entrance is along these cliffs.”

G:  “Xena-- about this rebirth of Hope.  What if it changes

X:  “It won’t change her-- except to make her more powerful and
more evil.”

G:  “I just can’t help thinking that-- that she was a child when
she did all those things.”

X:  “And my son was only a child when she killed him.  Don’t you
dare defend Hope to me.  I’m gonna head south and see if I can
find anything.  You stay here and don’t let her outta your

Sera:  “You can sense her, can’t you?  She’s your daughter,
Gabrielle.  She loves you.  Don’t you know that?  She needs

G:  “Don’t you think I know that?  I have thought of that every
minute-- but I can’t play ‘What if?’”

Sera:  “But it doesn’t have to be like that.  She knows.  The
goddess, Hope, knows.  I can feel it.  And if Xena kills her,
I-- ”

G:  “Go to her.  Find her.  Warn her.”

Sera:  “I will.  I’ll tell her that her mother loves her.  Oh,
you are the savior of the world, Gabrielle.”

X:  “That was good.  With the connection Hope has to her
followers, Seraphin should lead me right to her.  You almost
convinced me.”

G:  “I’m not blind, anymore.  You realize that we’ve given Hope
exactly what she wants-- Seraphin.”

X:  “It was the only way that we could get to her in time.  If
we waited, Hope would just choose a new priestess of the blood.”


Werf:  “We thought this place safe.  You told us it was.”

Ares:  “No-- ‘Safe’ was not the word I used.  When Xena starts
to move-- nothing is-- safe.  But once Hope is released-- we
won’t have to worry about that.  Weren’t you supposed to bring
Seraphin here, first?”

Werf:  “We-- we-- failed.  But we’re looking.”

Ares:  “I do have one card to play-- something even Xena won’t
see coming.”


G:  “Be careful.”

X:  “Yeah.”

Ares:  “Shh.  Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh.  You and I have got something to
talk about.”


G:  “Where are we?  What-what is this place?  Who are they?”

Clotho:  “We-- ”

Lachesis:  “-- are-- ”

Atropos:  “-- the Fates.”

Ares:  “Yes, the Fates.  They spin the thread of life for all
you mortals.”

G:  “What am I doing here?”

Ares:  “Oh, I don’t know-- old time’s sake?  To call in a debt,
remember?  You still owe me for gettin’ you to Ch’in ahead of
Xena.  Now, I’m callin’ that favor in.  If Xena kills Hope--
this thread is cut.”

G:  “If I have to die to keep Dahok’s evil from the world, then
I will.  That-that’s-that’s Xena.  This is Xena’s life thread.”

Ares:  “That’s right.  And if she kills Hope-- chk-chk-chk.  The
Fates agree-- I have the right to ask this?”

Clotho:  “The debt is binding.”

Lachesis:  “The burden is-- ”

Atropos:  “-- on Gabrielle.”

Clotho:  “If Xena kills Hope-- ”

Lachesis:  “Xena-- ”

Atropos:  “-- will die.”



Sera:  “My goddess-- I’m here.  I bring you my life’s blood.  I
bring you freedom.”

Werf:  “The offering of the priestess of the blood-- the rebirth
of the goddess.  With this offering-- the goddess awakens-- the
daughter of Dahok-- the bringer of-- the destroyer.”

X:  “Yah!”


Werf:  “Kill her!”

X:  “Yah!”  [Xena yell]

Sera:  “No, Xena!”

Werf:  “Ah!”

Sera:  “Ah!”

X:  “Yahhhh!  What do you think you’re-- ?!”

Hope:  “Ohhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!  [Gasps]”

Cal:  [Chuckles]


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