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“Sacrifice, II”  Episode 68/322


[[[[[[Werfner:  “You wanna die?”  Callisto [Cal]:  “I want
oblivion.  I want my life to end.  I want it all to stop.  No
nothing!”  X:  “This isn’t about Callisto.  It’s about something
else.”  Cal:  “Daughter of Dahok.”  X:  “It’s about Hope.”  Cal:
“Such power, it’s almost scary.”  X:  “Callisto is protecting
Hope.  So whatever happens, I gotta take her out of the
picture.”  Cal:  “No!”  Ares:  “You still owe me for gettin’ you
to Ch’in ahead of Xena.  Now, I’m callin’ that favor in.”  G:
“Do you think that Hope is vulnerable?”  X:  That’s exactly what
I think.”  G:  “This is Xena’s life thread.”  Ares:  “That’s
right.”  X:  “And if I’m right-- we got a chance to kill her.”
Ares:  “And if she kills Hope-- chsk-chsk-chsk.  Do the Fates
agree?”  Clotho:  “If Xena kills Hope-- ”  Lachesis:  “-- Xena--
”  Atropos:  “-- will die.”


X:  “Ahhhhh!  What do you think you’re-- ?”

Hope:  “Ohhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!  Ahhhhh!  Hello, Mother.”

G:  “Hope?”

Cal:  “Aw, the mother and child reunion.  I’m all misty-eyed.”

X:  “Ahhh!”

Cal:  “Ooh-- now, she’s scary.  And you just lost your one
chance before she hatched-- Xena.”

X:  “It ain’t over, yet.”

G:  “Xena!  If you kill her, she-- !”

X:  “Get back, Gabrielle!”


X:  “Hope is just _using_ ya, Callisto.  I wouldn’t turn my back
on her.”

Cal:  “Like you turned your back on precious little Gabrielle?
Yeah-- guess you speak from experience, huh?”

X:  “Experience that!”

Cal:  “Ahh!”

X:  “Ahhh!”

Seraphin [Sera]:  “Gabrielle?  What’s happening to me?!  Help
me!  Please!”

X:  “Ahhh!”

G:  “Hope!”

Sera:  “No!”

G:  “Hope!  Stop this!”

Sera:  “Gabrielle!  No!  Come on!  You’re her mother.  The two
of you should be together.”

G:  “Get out of my way!  Hope-- ahh!  Ahhhhh!”

X:  “Ahhh!  Go!  Keep moving!  Hurry!  Go!”

Hope:  “Callisto!  Dahok has more important things in mind.
Take me out of here.”

G:  “Look, Xena you can’t kill her-- !  Xena-- ”

X:  “Well, you protected your daughter well, didn’t you?”

G:  “Look, you don’t understand.”

X:  “Why you released that monster that killed _my_ son on all
the children of the world?  Well that, I do not understand.”



G:  “Xena-- just listen to me.  Ares came to me.  He called in
my debt.  He said that I had to stop you from killing Hope, or
you were going to die.”

X:  “Don’t you get it?  I would _gladly_ die to rid the world of
that thing.”

G:  “Well, I had to do something.  I had to think quickly.  I--
I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing you.”

X:  “Hope’s stronger now-- but she’s still half-human.”

Sera:  “Uh.”

X:  “I hurt her in there.  And when it happened-- Seraphin
returned to normal for a minute.  Gabrielle, whatever happens, I
must stop Hope.  And if I have to die doing it, then so be it.
Do you understand?”

G:  “I understand.”

X:  “You saw her face, didn’t you?”

G:  “Mmm.”

X:  “It’s strange-- the one I love most in all the world and the
one I hate-- look exactly the same.”


Cal:  “I don’t know why you wanna look like her.  She’s an
annoying little-- ”

Hope:  “Do it.”

Cal:  “So be it.  Hmm.  Well, it is a good disguise, and-- it’ll
attract less attention than walking around naked, I suppose.”

Hope:  “Attracting attention isn’t a problem.  Now that I’m
back-- the faithful will come by the thousands.  The blood of
innocents will soak the holy ground-- and Dahok _will_ enter the

Cal:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Glory, Hallelujah-- but
first, your promise.  Come on.  Kill me.”

Hope:  “You could be a soldier in Dahok’s army.  Instead, you
choose oblivion.”

Cal:  “Yeah, well-- call me short-sighted-- but that’s our

Hope:  “When I’m finished with you, you will get your reward--
as promised.”


Dahok:  [Growls]

Ares:  “The pantheon of gods will fall once you enter the world,
Dahok.  I don’t regret joining you-- ”

Dahok:  [Growls]

Ares:  “I mean-- serving you-- oh, dark one.”

Dahok:  [Growls]



Werfner:  “If you understood what an honor it was to be chosen,
you would not be fighting us!  Your innocence, your blood will
welcome Dahok into the world!”

X:  “Welcome this.”

Sera:  “It’s happening all over the land, Xener, and you _can’t
stop it!”

G:  “People being taken as hostages?!”

Sera:  “Well, that’s why Hope’s come back!  One of her duties is
to prepare the way!  These people, and hundreds like them, are
being chosen!”

X:  “As blood sacrifices-- all for the glory of Dahok.  You said
that that was just one of her duties.  What else is there?”

Sera:  “Maybe that hasn’t been revealed to me, yet.”

G:  “Seraphin, you’re talking about the slaughter of innocent

X:  “Save your breath.  Dahok’s hold on his followers is
stronger than ever.”

Follower:  “We’ll make a flying sacrifice out of you!  Now you!”

Ares:  “Never gives up-- ”

Male Voice:  “Yeah!”

Ares:  “Even when it’s hopeless.  Time was, it was a quality I
admired about her.”

G:  “How’s life as a slave to your new master-- Dahok?”

Ares:  “I consider it a partnership.  You know, he’s not so bad,
once you get to know him.  He’s-- ruthless, decisive.  We got a
lot in common.”

X:  “Uhhh!”

Ares:  “I’m here to remind you-- that our deal is still in

G:  “I know that Hope has to die-- no matter the consequences.”

Ares:  “Even if that means-- saying goodbye to your beloved
Xena?  Think you can just-- let it happen?  I don’t.”

Male Voices:  “There they go!”  “Get to the horses!”  “Here they
are!  I found them!”

X:  “Ahh!”


Hope:  “A temple to a lesser god-- changes are in order.”

Cal:  “I _always_ wanted to do that.”

Ares:  “Tell me how you really feel, Callisto?”

Cal:  “Ares.  Well, come on!”

Ares:  “Sorry-- this time we’re on the same side.”

Cal:  “What?!  He’s with us?!  You didn’t tell me that!”

Hope:  “You’re told what you _need_ to know, Callisto-- nothing

Cal:  “Hope, you mess with him-- you’re asking for trouble.”

Hope:  “Relax-- we all want the same thing-- the hind’s-blood
dagger-- the only thing that can kill a god.”

Ares:  “And with it-- no god would raise a hand against Dahok,
or-- against me, for that matter.”

Hope:  “I know where it is.  I saw where Hercules put it.”

Cal:  “All right, enough games!  Where is it?”

Hope:  “I wouldn’t want you using it on yourself, Callisto--

Cal:  “I want it-- now!”

Ares:  “Just like old times.”

Cal:  “You remember when I killed Strife, that look in his eyes?
You’re _next_, Ares.”

Hope:  “Enough!  Ares-- you and I have unfinished business.
Callisto, I will deal with you _when I say_-- not before.”

Ares:  “You are so not like your mother.”


Male Voice:  “Get going!”

G:  “That’s the third group we’ve seen.  They’re all headed the
same way.”

X:  “Toward Dahok’s holy ground.”

G:  “Don’t you think we should help them?”

X:  “No, there must be hundreds of groups like these being
brought to slaughter from all over.  We can’t liberate them all.
We’ll save more people if we get to the source of the problem
and snuff it out.”

Sera:  “You’re gonna try using me again to betray my god--
aren’t you?!  Well, you know what?  I can’t let you!”

X:  “Ahhhhhh!”

Sera:  “No!  Let me go!”

X:  “I gotcha!  Stay still!  Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!”

Cal:  “Why, hello there, Xena.  How will you _ever_ get out of
this one?”  [Laughs]



G:  “Ahhhhh!  Ahhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!”

Sera:  “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

X:  [Xena yell]

Cal:  “Oh, well done, Xena.  I’m not here to fight with you,
Xena-- just wanna chat.”

X:  “Let me guess-- things didn’t work out with Hope quite the
way you expected.”

Cal:  “No, actually-- the sight of her and Ares rolling around
like weasels made me sick.”

G:  “Hope and Ares?”

Cal:  “Oh yes, Gabrielle-- it seems your daughter is in heat.”

X:  “So you’re switching sides-- again.”

Cal:  “For a price.  I help you put Dahok back in the bottle,
and you help me die.  I figure you got a bead on that
hind’s-blood dagger.  Hercules probably told you where it was.
It can kill a god, you know.  So, how about it?  I scratch your
back-- you stab mine.”

X:  “What’s the matter?  Existence getting to be a bit of a

Cal:  “Yes-- honestly.  I yearn for oblivion-- annihiliation--
peace, if you will.”

X:  “You helped that demon kill my son.  You think I’m gonna
help you find peace?”

Cal:  “Then I’ll just go back and do Hope’s bidding.”

X:  “Do that.  I’ve beaten you before; I can beat you again.”

G:  “Seraphin!”

X:  “Let her go!  She’ll only slow us down.  She’s doomed anyway
if we can’t stop Hope.  May you live forever.”


Hope:  “It’s gone.”


Joxer:  “That’s far enough.  Release those people, or you’ll be

Follower:  “Who are you?”

Joxer:  “Joxer, the Mighty.”

Follower:  “Never heard of you.  Step aside-- or suffer the
wrath of Dahok.”

Joxer:  “Dahok?  The one great evil-- Dahok?  You’re-- workin’
for him?  Good benefits?  It’s funny-- ”

Sera:  “Come-- let us give these sacrifices to our lord.”


Cal:  “Look, I know about Ares deal with the Fates.  After Hope
dies, you’re not gonna be around much longer.  And we can help
each other out-- right?  You know where that dagger is, don’t
you?  You could just-- use it and do the job on me.”

X:  “I could, but I won’t.”

Cal:  “No, you want it for Ares.  You’re willing to take Ares
out to get to Hope.  Well, why not let me help you?  And then it
would be so simple to just-- turn it on me.”

X:  “Because, I like the idea of you living with your

Cal:  “Oh, please!  Who said anything about suffering.  Really,
it’s more of a boredom thing, an emptiness, really.  Anyways,
I’m disappointed in you, Xena.  The sensible thing would be to
enlist me on your side.  You’re taking this far, far too

G:  “You know, she’s right?”

X:  “What?”

G:  “Remember what you said about staying focused?  You’re
letting your anger get in the way here, Xena.  It’s best if we
let her help us.”

X:  “All right.”


Joxer:  “Ow!  Geesh!  Ooh!  Ooh!  Ooh!  Ooh!  Jumped by a
hundred guys.  Why, if I ever find the-- eee!  Hi, Gabrielle.
Gaby!  Boy, am I glad to see you!  We got big trouble!  Hey,
where’s Xena?”

Hope-as-G:  “We’re close-- aren’t we?”

Joxer:  “Yeah, I’d say so.  Now, look-- Dahok and his guys
hijacked-- ”

Hope-as-G:  “We’ve known each other for-- how long, now?”

Joxer:  “I don’t know, a couple years?  Look-- if we can get a
small band together-- ”

Hope-as-G:  “You know me pretty well, don’t you?”

Joxer:  “Yeah, I’d say so-- a small band together-- ”

Hope-as-G:  “Better than anyone?  Other than Xena, of course.”

Joxer:  “Yeah, like I say, we’re pretty close.  Now, I’ll come
up from behind-- I’ll camp--”

Hope-as-G:  “I want to talk to you about our relationship.”

Joxer:  “You wanna-- you wa-- you mean, like, you and me?”

Hope-as-G:  “Just like that.”

Joxer [Chuckles]:  “Wait a minute, you-you-you-- you wanna know
how _I_ feel about _our_ relationship?”

Hope-as-G:  “I wanna know how you feel about me.”

Joxer:  “Well, I-- uh-- [Chuckles] it’s a really big question.
Um, I-I, uh-- I feel, um-- well, I feel, uh-- ”

Hope-as-G:  “Would you call it love?”

Joxer:  “Well-- uh, that’s a _huge_ word, but um, uh-- I think I
have a nosebleed.”

Hope [Aside]:  “Strange-- there wasn’t enough love in her to let
me live-- yet people love _her_.  [Out loud, as G]:  What would
you make of my feelings towards Xena?”

Joxer:  “Xena?  Well-- you know-- you love her more than anybody
in the whole world.”

Hope-as-G:  “More than anyone.  Has Xena told you anything about
the hind’s-blood dagger?”

Joxer:  “What’s that?”

Hope-as-G:  “Never mind.”

Joxer:  “Gaah-- shee!”



Woman:  “Ahhh!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Stay with the children!”

Girl:  “Mommy, I’m scared!”  [Sobs]

G:  “I’ll make sure they get into the woods.”

X:  “All right, don’t be gone long.  We’ve gotta keep moving!”

Follower:  “You’re coming with us!  Uhhh!  Uhhh!”

Follower:  “Yahhh!  Uhhhh!  Uhhhhh!”

G:  “Hurry!  Go!”

Follower:  “Uhhhhhhhh!  Uhhh!”

Man:  “Yow!  Yoo-hoo!  Ha-ha-ha!”

Cal:  [Screams]

Follower:  [Screams]

Man:  “Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!  Ah-ah-ah!  Ah!  Ahhhhhh!”

X:  “Gabrielle.  Gabrielle.  Now’s your chance to go for the
dagger while Callisto’s occupied.  Come on!”

Joxer:  “Gabrielle?!  Callisto!”

Cal:  [Screams]

X:  “This way.”

Hope:  “I’m right behind you.”



X:  “OK-- I wantchou to go to the ruins at the foot of Mt.

Hope-as-G:  “Is that where the dagger’s hidden?”

X:  “In a crypt.  I’ll keep Callisto busy, but you gotta watch
for Ares.  Gabrielle, we’ll be lucky if we get one last shot at
Hope.  I’m counting on you.”

Hope-as-G:  “She _is_ evil.  She deserves to die.”

X:  “Maybe even to suffer a little.”

Hop-as-G:  “I wouldn’t say that.  After all, she is my child.
Now, Xena, tell me-- where is the dagger?  There must be a
thousand crypts.”

X:  “It’s carved in the shape of-- there!  Don’t turn around,
Gabrielle.  Don’t you turn around.  What’s the name of your

Hope-as-Hope:  “What sister?”

X:  “Ahhh!”

Ares:  “Let’s go.  You can’t have a bloodletting without the
guest of honor.”

X:  “Hope wants that dagger.  She needs it to kill the Olympian
gods.  What did you think you were doing?”

Cal:  “A girl’s gotta have _some_ fun.  Now, let’s get that

X:  “First things first.”

Cal:  “When the time comes-- it just better be there.”


Hope:  “When the blood flows, my father will enter the world.
By morning, we will have enough sacrifices to begin.  Now, go.
Get ready.”

Werfner:  “As you wish.”

Dahok:  [Growls]

Hope:  “I have satisfied my curiosity, Father.  My mother and
Xena are weak.  They’re fools.  If they dare come here, they
will be sorry.”

Ares:  “Whoo-hoo-- they’ll come.  They’ll go.”


Joxer:  “Ooh!  Uh!  Uh.”

X:  “All right, that’s enough!”

Joxer:  “Ow-w-w-- I don’t know why I keep fallin’ off those

X:  “I am sick to death of you.  The fate of the entire world
rests on this mission.  If you think I’m gonna let a bumbling
fool like you mess it up, you got another thing coming.”

Joxer:  “What?!”

X:  “Well, you don’t hear too good, huh?  I said I am sick of
you.  Now, get lost!”

Joxer [Chuckles]:  “You guys!”

G:  “Xena.”

X:  “You need a little lesson, huh?  Listen to me, you
bumbling-- ”  [Continues speaking incomprehensibly in the

Cal:  “You didn’t sneak off, back in that village, and get that
hind’s-blood dagger, now, did you?”

X’s Voice:  “Get lost, and don’t follow us!”

G:  “If I did, do you think I would tell you?”

X:  “Now, scram, ya fool!  Moron!  Get out of there!  All right,
let’s move!”


Joxer:  “Huh!  Hundred men-- I’ll be ready if there’s a thousand
men.  Hey!  Geh-heh!  Hi, fellas.  Nice robes.”

Werfner:  “It looks like we found another sacrifice.”


Cal:  “No need for firewood with me around.  This is probably
the last night sky either one of us will ever see.”

X:  “I’m going for a walk.”


X:  “Ares-- I know you’re here, ‘cause my skin is crawling.
Show yourself.”

Ares:  “You’re the only mortal I know who can do that.”

X:  “What do you want?”

Ares:  “I’ve come to give you one last chance to join up with me
and Dahok.  We’re gonna win, Xena.  There’s no turning back.
Join us.”

X:  “What makes you think that you can trust Dahok?  Let me
guess.  Is it because you played such a large part in his
daughter’s delicate condition?”

Ares:  “So, you know.  And we haven’t even sent out the
announcements, yet.”

X:  “Seraphin said that Hope had a special purpose.  I heard you
were together, and I guessed the rest.  Hope is pregnant with
your child.”

G:  “No.  That’s not possible.”

Ares:  “Congratulations, Gabrielle.  You’re gonna be a grandma.”



X:  “Dahok’s daughter-- your Olympian seed.  You sold out your
fellow gods so that you could sire a new race.”

Ares:  “Our child will be the first of what Dahok calls “the six
destroyers”-- insidious creatures with no souls, who eat of the
living and the righteous, and lay waste to all gods.”

X:  “You deserve the little monsters.”

G:  “This can’t be happening.”

Ares:  “Oh, but it can, Gabrielle-- all thanks to you, it’s the
beginning of the end.  The bloodletting ceremony will be the
window into the world for Dahok.  Even if you manage to somehow
kill Hope-- you still lose.  The Fates will cut you down.  So
for me, it’s-- win-win.  Goodbye, Xena.  It _has_ been fun.”


Follower:  “Come on!  Move!  Go!  Get in there!  Get in there!



Dahok:  [Growls]


Follower:  “Get in there!”

X:  “Find anything?”

Cal:  “No dagger-- you’ve hidden it well.  OK, we’ll do things
your way.  But if you don’t produce it soon-- you’ll get no help
from me.”


Hope:  “I’m not going to hurt you.  It’s growing-- inside me,
Gabrielle-- the child-- the way that I grew inside of you.”

G:  “What do you want, Hope?”

Hope:  “I want to give you one last chance.  Don’t make me do
this alone.  Come-- be my mother.  If I say so, Father will
welcome you.  Please-- please, Mother.”

G:  “Hope-- when I gave you that poison-- ”

Hope:  “I forgive you.  Ahh-- ”

G:  “I’m so sorry it didn’t finish you.”


Follower:  “Get in there!”

Cal:  “Try not to die before doing me first-- or I’ll make
Gabrielle wish you had.  How’s that for incentive?”

X:  “Gabrielle, stay here.”

G:  “No way.  After all we’ve been through, I am with you till
the end.”

X:  “Then just one thing.  When I’m gone, I don’t want you to
feel any guilt.”

G:  “Xena-- ”

X:  “Listen to me.  A lot’s happened to us over the past year,
and there were times when we were both very confused.  But I
want you to know that I still think you are the best thing that
ever happened to me.  You gave my life meaning and joy-- and you
will be a part of me forever.  Ready?”

G:   “Yeah.”

X:  “Let’s go.”



X:  [Yells, then does Xena Yell]

Ares:  “She’s here.  It’s time.”

Hope:  “Prepare the sacrifices.  Slit their throats!”


Follower:  “Ahhhhh!”

Joxer:  “Xena!  Uh!”

Sera:  “Yahhhhhhh!  Yahhhhh!”

X:  “Ahhhh!”

Joxer:  “Ooh!”

X:  “Yeahhh!”

Hope:  “Ares.”

Ares:  “Don’t worry.  They gotta come through me to get to you.”

Dahok:  [Growls]

X:  “Joxer!  Did you get it?!”

Joxer:  “I got it.”

Follower:  “Ahhhh!  Uh!”

X:  “You want a taste of hind’s blood, huh?”

Ares:  “This isn’t over yet.  Ahhhhh!”

Cal:  “Do it!  Gut her!  Then it’s my turn!”

Hope:  “You can’t stop the will of Dahok.”


[[[[[[Clotho:  “If Xena kills Hope-- ”  Lachesis:  “-- Xena-- ”
Atropos:  “-- will die.”]]]]]]


Ares:  “You know the stakes, Gabrielle.  Xena’s fate is in your

X:  “Ahhhhhhh!”

G:  “No!  Hope!”

X:  “Ahhhhhhh!  Gabrielle!”

G:  “Xenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

X:  “Gab--”

Joxer:  “Gabrielle!”

Cal [Laughs]:  “I never thought I’d feel so good again!  Seeing
poor, dear Gabrielle sacrifice herself makes it all worthwhile.
It finally gives me a reason-- for living, and I have you to
thank for it, Xena!”  [Laughs]

X:  “Ahhhhhhh!”

Cal:  “Uh!”

X:  “No more living for you.”


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