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“Adventures in the Sin Trade II”  Episode 02/73


Narrator:  “Previously, on Xena-- ”  [[[[[[X:  “My friend,
Gabrielle-- where is she?”  Hades:  “If  she’s dead-- she didn’t
come to me.”  X’s Voice:  “Gabrielle-- I’m entering a world of
darkness I promised myself I’d never return to.”  Alti:  “Help
me-- and I’ll make you-- the Destroyer of Nations.”  X’s Voice:
“But it’s the only way I can see you again.”  Dead Amazon’s
Voice:  “Now you, too, are in the land of the dead.”  X:  “I’m
looking for a friend.”  “Otere [O]:  “We’re gonna let her
accomplish what she must there.”  X:  “I’m going back to stop
Alti.”  O:  “You move directly on Alti, she’ll send him after
us.”  X:  “Who’s ‘Him’?”  O:  “Berserker.”  Alti:  “Xena’s
coming!  Did you _idiots_ think I didn’t _know_ that, already?”
O:  “Can we beat her?”  X:  “We’ve got to.”]]]]]]  

O:  “Xena-- ”

X:  “Nice job.”

O:  “What is it?”

X:  “Be patient.  You’ll find out soon enough.”

O:  “This is good for me, right?”

X:  “That’s right.  Now just relax.”

O:  “That felt great.”

X:  “A little more pressure, and you can kill someone with that
move.  OK.”  [Sighs]

O:  “So, what do we do, now?”

X:  “The ancient Amazons used to use this time to purge their
spirits-- like the steam purges their bodies.  To beat Alti and
to learn the new holy word, we have to have spiritual powers of
our own.”

O:  “So, you spent time in the Bonyas with the Amazons?”

X:  “Yes.  Yes.”

[The Past]

X’s Voice:  “Her name was Cyane.  She was the Amazon Queen.”

X:  “Ahhhhh!  Ahhhh!”

Cyane:  “Hmm.”

X:  “Ahhh!  Yeah.”

Cyane:  “Ahhhhhhhhh!  Yah!”


Borias [Bor]:  “Hey!  I am Borias.  You must be Cyane, the queen
of the Amazons.”

Cyane:  “Yes.”

Bor:  “That woman you’re trying to kill-- she’s with me.”

Cyane:  “You sent word that you wanted to talk _peace_.”

Bor:  “That’s true.  But peace would be impossible if you kill

Cyane:  “Sh!  She tried to kill me.”

Bor:  “Is that true, Xena?”

X:  “Ahhh!”

Bor:  “I understand your anger with her, Cyane.  But Xena’s not
like you and me.  She  thinks with her will-- not her reason.
You must have warriors in your camp with the same weakness.  It
would be terrible to let the peace be destroyed by one vild
[sic] act.”

Cyane:  “If one of my warriors were to do something like this--
she’d be punished.”

Bor:  “And Xena _will_ be punished.”

Cyane:  “My instincts tell me to trust you.”

Bor:  “Thank you.  I promise to never violate your trust.”

X [Laughs]:  “That was some nice talking, Borias.  I’ll give you
that.  Oh, come on.  You don’t really think I’m going to let you
punish me, do you?”

Bor:  “You went directly against my plan.  You almost ruined
everything.  Trying to assassinate her was idiotic.”

X:  “You’re right.  she’s much too tough to die.  We should
definitely hang with her for a while.  Besides, she’s got some
fighting techniques I just gotta learn.”

[The Present]

O’s Voice:  “Xena?”

O:  “Xena, um-- there’s something you may not remember that I
‘ve been wanting-- ”

X [Interrupting]:  “Your father died defending his village
against my army.”

O:  “Mm-- hmm.”

X:  “You must feel a lot of anger toward me.”

O:  “Yes-- but in some strange way, I owe you something.  I
mean, you taught me how to stay alive.”

X:  “No.  No, Otere.  If you learned anything from that monster
I used to be, it was how to stay dead-- how to be numb to
anything that is beautiful-- or meaningful.  And I can never ask
your forgiveness.  But I do ask that you let me help you build a
new life.  That’s what my friend, Gabrielle, did for me.”

O:  “All right.”

X:  “Thank you.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

X:  “Meet your new Shamaness.  In order to defeat Alti, we must
leave the prison of our own bodies.”

O:  “How do we do that?”

X:  “By the dance of the spirits.  Come.  We must prepare for

Alti:  “Will of the universe.  Oh-- don’t let the spirits escape
your grasp.  Close the gates to eternity-- and send those
enslaved souls to me-- so that I can lead them against the
forces of light.  Ahhh.”

Alti:  “Know your mission.  Succeed-- and I will free you from
this spiritual bondage-- let you pass on into eternity.  but
fail!  And you will live forever-- in the land of the dead.
Now-- attack the spirits of Xena and her  friends-- enter the
deepest recesses of their minds-- and _drive_ them to their


X’s Spirit:  “Amazons, arise.  Bring your spirits to me.  We
must be ready to make a spiritual war.  Comd on.  You can do

O’s Spirit:  “Are we dead?”

X:  “No, you’re just in a trance.  Come on.  Bahhhhhh!”


X:  “Come on.  Come on-- you can do it.  Fight them!  Yakut,
fight them.  Come on-- you gotta believe it.  Will it to
happen-- get ‘em out!  Come on!  Fight them!  Yakut.  Good,
Yakut.  Good girl.  Otere, you did it.  You’re gonna be all
right, now.  Come on.”


X:  “We’re going the wrong way.  Alti’s stronghold lies towards
the buttes.”

O:  “That’s not the way to the canyons.”

Yakut:  “That’s the way to the-- ”

X:  “-- the Amazon place of rest.”

O:  “Yes.”

X  “Her power lies where the Amazon dead ascend to the land of
the dead.  We make camp here, tonight.  Set up a charm ring
around the camp.  That ought to keep Alti and her demon friends
busy for a while.”


O:  “It’s done.  Xena, are you all right?”

X:  “They asked me to join them.”

O:  “Who?”


[The Past]

Cyane’s Voice:  “You know, you have the potential to be the
greatest of women warriors.”

Cyane:  “At heart, you’re an Amazon, whether you believe it or

X:  “It’s not for me, Cyane.”

Cyane:  “Oh, uh-- what is for you, then?  Life with Borias?”

X:  “You think I deserve better than that, huh?”

Cyane:  “No-- I think _he_ deserves better than that.  He’s
trying to change, Xena.  Let him.  If you two stay together,
you’re just gonna end up killing him.  And you don’t want that
baby inside of you to grow up with a murderer for a mother, do

X:  “I’m already a murder, Cyane.  Becoming an Amazon won’t
change that.”

Cyane:  “You’re a murderer because you still think and act like
one.  Join us.  We can teach you a new way-- a new code to live
by.  We live for each other-- not ourselves.  We’ll be seeing a
lot more of you, now that we’re allied with you and Borias.
Think about my offer.”


Yak:  “So you decided to become an Amazon.”

O:  “No-- Xena never became an Amazon.  It wasn’t long after
that that Borias left me with Cyane.  Then I know what

X:  “No, you don’t.”


Alti:  “You can’t join them.”

X:  “Relax, Alti.  It was just a proposal.”

Alti:  “Xena-- you and I-- love the same things.”

X:  “I don’t think so, Alti.”

Alti:  “Yes-- we both live for power.  But so far, your power’s
been limited to the world of blood-- and sweat.”

X:  “I’ve done quite well in that world.”

Alti:  “Yes-- but imagine-- what you’d do if you had the
spiritual force to match the power of your army.  You’d be
unstoppable.  Anything could be-- in your reach-- Greece,
Egypt-- Rome-- Caesar.”

X:  “You talk a good show, Alti, but all I’ve seen so far is a
few disappearing acts.”

Alti:  “That’s why we have to destroy the Amazons.  I must-- ”

Cyane:  “Ahh!  Don’t put your soul in her hands, Xena.  She’ll
destroy it.”

X:  “You won a spiritual duel.  How’d you do that?”

Cyane:  “Your choices are simple, Xena.  Side with us and find
life-- or side with Alti and find death.”


X:  “Alti’s close, tonight.  I want you to sleep in a circle,
back-to-back.  I’ll keep watch.  But remember, any living thing
can hold her spirit.”

Yak:  “So, are you gonna finish telling us about-- ?”

X [Interrupting]:  “No, you’ve heard enough for now.  Go.”


X:  “Ahhhhhhh!  Ahhhhh!”

G:  “Xena.  Xena.”

X:  “Ahh!  Gabrielle.  Ahhhh!”

Alti:  “Tell me who she is!  Tell me who the blonde one is!”



Alti:  “Tell me who she is!  Tell me who the blonde one is!
Tell me who she is!”

X:  “She’s goodness and innocence, Alti.  And she’ll live inside
me forever.  She frightens you ‘cause she represents what can
defeat you.”

Alti:  “Don’t underestimate me, Xena.  You don’t know what I’m
capable of.  I’m gonna take you back to your past and show you


[The Past]

Alti:  “Son of darkness-- enemy of the land.  Come and curse the
child that Xena carries within her.  Make sure that he never
experiences the love of _either_ of his parents.  Ha!”


[The Present]

Alti:  [Laughs]


Yak:  “This must be what the prophecy was.  She’s lost all her
powers.  Maybe they’ve passed over to you.  Do you feel any

O:  “A little.”

Yak:  “Nope-- that couldn’t have been it.  If you had her
powers-- I’d never have got that punch in.”


Amazon’s Voice:  “Xena’s awake.”

O:  “How you feeling?”

X:  “Alti-- she cursed my son.  She cursed him.”

O:  “Well, did her curse work?”

X:  “Yes-- Solon knew the love of neither Borias nor me.”

O:  “Why would Alti do that?”

X:  “Because she knew.  She knew that the light from a child’s
face would turn me away from her darkness.  She couldn’t afford
that.  When we get to the resting place, that’s the source of
_all_ Alti’s power.  Come on.”


O:  “It’s what’s left of Cyane.  This is where they all died.”

Yak:  “We should honor them somehow.”

O:  “Do you know a tribute we can pay them?”

X:  “Yes.”

Yak:  “We’re ready to avenge their deaths, Xena.”

O:  “Amazons-- Xena has proven herself to be our friend.  Let’s
give her the Amazon tribute.”

X:  “No.  Don’t do that-- you can’t give me that tribute.
Before you follow me into combat against pure evil-- you have to
hear everything that happened so long ago.”


[The Past]

Cyane:  “Xena-- this is a sacred place for Amazons.  Only
leaders of our tribe are allowed to see this.”

X:  “You mean, I’m not welcome?  I thought you said I could
become an Amazon.”

Cyane:  “Well-- yes, that’s true, after-- an initiation, but
until then-- ”

X:  “Who’s this?  Who died?”

Cyane:  “A young warrior.  We found her in the woods.  It’s--
it’s so strange-- she must have fallen from a tree.”

X:  “Oh-- a little redhead?”
Cyane:  “Yeah.”

X:  “She didn’t fall.  I pushed her.  Yeah-- see, I killed your
little friend-- for sport!  And now I’m gonna show you how I can
out-Amazon the Amazons!”

Cyane:  “Get her!”


Cyane:  “Xena!”

X:  “Cyane-- no tricks for you.  I’m gonna beat you fair and

Cyane [Screams]:  “Why?”

X:  “Alti offered me a better deal.”


X:  “All right, I delivered.”

Alti:  “You did, indeed.”

X:  “Is that what you wanted?  Her blood?”

Alti:  “Oh-- it will give me great power.”

X:  “You better deliver on your part of the bargain.”

Alti:  “Xena-- your destiny will be fulfilled, just as I


[The Present]

X’s Voice:  “I killed all the Amazon leaders.”

X:  “Without them, the Amazons were easy prey.  They were all
but wiped out-- except for you.  I didn’t know it then-- but
what Alti took from Cyane allowed her to keep their spirits in
the land of the dead.  I believe that Alti’s great power is
derived from their spirits.  She’s a spiritual parasite--
she’s-she lives off their strength-- and turns their light into
darness.  And I am responsible for it all.  Alti’s forces are
close at hand.  We don’t have time to work up to releasing our

O:  “So, what are you doing?”

X:  “Killing us-- sort of.”



X’s Spirit:  “In spiritual time, we can get a lot done and still
get back to our bodies before we’re dead.  Join me.  [Fight]

Alti:  “Ahhhh!  Wondering what that was?  That was a piece of
your future.”

X:  “Ahhhhhh!”

Alti:  “Do you know why I’m taking you into your future?”

X:  “You wanna kill me by making me experience my death?”

Alti:  “Oh, you’re so clever!  Xena!”

X:  “Uh!  Ahhhhhhh!”

Alti:  “What was _that_ all about-- huh?  They almost got you.
Just a little further, and we may get to the real thing.”

X:  “Uhhhh!  Uhhh!”

Alti:  “That was _interesting_, huh, Xena?”


[The Future]

X:  “Gabrielle-- you’re the best thing in my life.”

G:  “I love you, Xena.”


[The Present]

Alti:  “You little _friend_ is dying with you, Xena.  How does
_that_ make you feel?”

X:  “Good.”

Alti:  “Good?”

X:  “‘Cause if she’s dying in my future-- that means she’s
alive!  Ah!  Ahh!”

Alti [Yells]:  “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” 

X:  “Now you know _your_ future.  Ahhh!  Gabrielle.  Otere.
Yakut.  Yakut.  Oh, Yakut.  Yakut-- the new holy word that the
Shamaness must give the Amazon dead-- it’s ‘Love’.”

Yak  “Love?”


Dead Amazon:  “Cyane?  What is it?”

Cyane:  “She did it!  Xena’s released us!  Uh-- we can cross


O:  “Xena.”

X:  “Otere-- tonight, your destiny is fulfilled.  You take my
power as leader of the Amazons.”

O:  “Where are you going?”

X:  “Home.  She’s alive.”


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