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"Devi"  Episode 82/414


Man:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h."

G's Voice:  "India is _so_ different-- and yet, there's this
connection, too-- you know?  It's so exotic-- so mysterious--
so-- look.  Maybe that's India's way of rolling out the red

X:  "That's gotta hurt."

G:  "India is completely different.  It's such a strange place.
It's-- "

X:  "Well, it ain't Greece."

G:  "Look.  Now, do you see why I do yoga every day?"

X:  "So you don't end up like that?"

G:  "Xena, he's a master.  I can only hope to achieve that kind
of power."

X:  "Don't get me wrong-- the gods know I've done stranger
things, but yoga's just not for me."

G:  "That's all right.  When you're crippled and old, and I'm
doing headstands, I'll remind you of this."

X:  "Oh, I bet you will."

Eli's Voice:  "No trick here, people-- [_true_?] magic!"

G:  "Come on."

Eli:  "And now, for the _ultimate_ test!  So dangerous, that
few-- have ever _dared_ to attempt it.  Maya-- the rope and
basket, please.  Good people-- prepare to be astonished-- as I
send my brave assistant, Maya-- into the land-- of the spirits.

G:  "How did he do that?"

X:  "My guess is, the coiled end supports the rope."

Eli:  "Any-- skeptics-- are welcome to join me and prove it's but
an illusion."

G:  "Here's one."

X:  "Ah.  Well-- since you ask.  Ah-h-h-h-h-h!"

Eli:  "Satisfied?  Good.  Come along, Maya-- up you go.  We
mustn't keep the spirits waiting.  There she goes, people-- up to
that land beyond this earthly veil-- a place, known only in songs
and legends-- a region completely unchartered by humans-- until
now.  Wish her luck, folks!  Dekayah!  Ladies and gentlemen, if
it's true that seeing is believing-- then you have just
witnessed-- a miracle.  But, please-- don't take my word for it--
ask her yourself.  Maya-- return to us!  Maya-- return to us!
Maya!  By the gods!  What's happened?!  Wait.  There's still-- a
chance I can save her-- but I will require complete-- silence.

Man's Voice [In Background]:  "It's a miracle!"

Eli:  "Thank the gods you're all right.  For a moment-- I thought
something went wrong.  Maya, what's wrong?!  This isn't part of
the act.  Maya-- stop!"


Eli:  "Be careful.  Something's wrong."



[Fight continues]

Eli:  "She's possessed.

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h!"

Eli:  "Abba, help me!"

G:  "Stop!  It's OK!  Are you OK?"

Vikram [Vik]:  "Fear not!  A higher power has prevailed-- and
driven the demon from her."

Bearded Man:  "It's her!  She has the higher power!"

Man:  "He's right!  _She_ beat the demon!"

Bearded Man:  "She's a Devi!  The girl's a Devi!"

Man's Voice:  "Praise her!"

Man:  "Devi."

G:  "What's a Devi?!"

Eli:  "It's a healing deity.  They're saying that you cured her--
that you exorcised the demon."

Vik:  "Devi or not-- there are spirits at work here-- spirits
that _you_ have brought to us." 

Eli:  "Wait a minute.  I'm just a magician.  I don't have any
spirtual powers.  Even if I did, I'd use them to _help_ people,
not to _hurt_ them.  I just do illusions!  That's all!  J-- just

Vik:  "What about Aja the baker?  Burned alive the day you got
here.  And Chandra the seamstress-- blinded by her own hand."

Bearded Man:  "Kill him!"

X:  "I don't like the sound of this.  I'm gonna get him outta

G:  "I'll-I'll handle the crowd."

Bearded Man:  "Kill the devilmonger!"

G:  "Wait!  Um, y-you can't kill him because you think that he's
evil!  You see?  You need proof!  Wait!  No-- "

Man's Voice:  "You're the Devi!"

G:  "No, no, no, no.  You're wrong.  I'm not."


Eli:  "Look-- I appreciate your help, but I can't hide in here."

X:  "Sure you can.  Why not?"

Eli:  "You saw that priest.  He wants me dead."

X:  "Exactly.  He won't look here."

Eli:  "Ri-i-i-ight.  The name's Eli."

X:  "Xena.  My friend's name is Gabrielle."

Eli:  "I guess I really owe you two-- not only did you save _my_
life and everyone else's-- but your friend saved my assistant's

X:  "I'm glad we could help.  If I were you, I'd lay low till
things calm down, and then get out of town fast."

Eli:  "So, is she?"

X:  "What?"

Eli:  "You friend, Gabrielle-- is she really a Devi?"

X:  "Not last time I looked."

Eli:  "Well, then, how'd she do it?  The demon-- how'd she cast
it out?"

X:  "I don't know."

Eli:  "Right.  You tell me she's not a Devi and yet the demon
just-- popped out at her touch.  That's some trick."

X:  "You think so?"

Eli:  "Oh, I know it is.  What I _don't_ know-- is how she did
it.  But I will."


People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  [Etc.]"

G:  "No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  I'm not!"

People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  [Etc.]"

G:  "I'm not what you think I am."

People:  "Devi!  Devi!"

G:  "I-I'm not a Devi."

Woman's Voice:  "Oh, Devi!  Devi!"

G:  "I wish I could help you.  I can't."

Ravi:  "You drove out the demon!  Praise to our Devi!  Praise
her!  Ah-h-h!  My eye!  I can see!  I can see!  Look, Chaka!
Kamal!  I can see you!  You did it!  You cured me!  Your servant
and defender, Devi!  My sword for you!"


Eli:  "-- very, very heavy-- so heavy, you can hardly keep them
open.  Don't try.  Close your eyes, Xena.  Sleep-- hearing only
the sound of my voice."

X:  "Your voice."

Eli:  "That's it.  Good.  Now-- tell me-- was it real what your
friend did?  Saving someone possessed?"


People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  [Etc.]"

Servant:  "My sword for you, Devi!"

People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!
Devi!  [Etc.]"

Man:  "My sword for you, Devi."

People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!
Devi!  [Etc.]"

Vik:  "Suffer not, demonizer among you."

People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!"


Eli:  "Where haven't I looked?  Tell me.  Has she found the
power?  Tell me."

X:  "I got a better idea-- you tell _me_."

Eli:  "The power to work a miracle-- no tricks."

X:  "What kind of miracle?"

Eli:  "When I was thirteen-- my father's best friend collapsed.
He had chronic convulsions, and-- I was left with him while my
father went for help.  And all I could do was stand there--
helpless.  As I reached out-- trying-- to calm him, I guess-- I
felt this kind of-- white, hot surge go through me.  And when I
touched him-- it stopped.  Whatever, or-- whoever gripped him--
let go.  He never convulsed again.  I'm sorry if I tried to trick
you-- but I've searched so long, I just thought that if your
friend-- had found a way to ease people's suffering, that maybe
she could share it with me."

Vik:  "You?  What are you doing here?"

X:  "I thought that temples welcomed everyone."

Vik:  "Not to those who help the dark ones."

X:  "Come on.  He's just a guy who does tricks."

Vik:  "Your friend-- what is she?  A Devi, or a harbinger of

X:  "Some people see evil everywhere."

Vik:  "A Priest is trained to be vigilant."

X:  "Well, that's good-- `cause you're gonna need to watch your
back.  A man like you must have many enemies."


X:  "Aw, yeah-- that's great.  Maybe you are a Devi after all,

G:  "Maybe I am.  Xena, something happened to me.  And I've been
trying to think of how to tell you."

X:  "What?  What happened?"

G:  "I did it.  Xena, I healed someone.  A man came to me.  He
had lost his eye.  Xena, I brought back his sight."

X:  "Gabrielle-- "

G:  "I can't explain it.  It was real, Xena.  I'm wondering-- I
know that you had a spirit inside you.  What does that feel

X:  "Is that what's happened?  `Cause, Gabrielle, there are
spirits that are good-- and bad, but they're smart, and sometimes
you can't tell one from another."

G:  "Whatever this is,  it wasn't bad, Xena.  How could it be?
It was beautiful.  I healed!  That is _all_ I have ever wanted to
do.  That is all I've ever _dreamed_ about doing.  Now that I
have this abillity-- I think I understand that power-- the power
to control life-- and death."



X:  "Gabrielle, are you asleep?"

G:  "Not anymore.  What's up?"

X:  "Us-- at least, we should be.  Come on, get up.  We can go do
some yoga, get somethin' to eat.  We can be on the road by noon."

G:  "Yoga?  We're gonna do yoga.  As in, you and me?  [Chuckles]
OK-- who are you, and what have you done with Xena?"

X:  "Ha-ha."

G:  "I know what you're doing.  You're checking to see if I'm the
same Gabrielle as always.  Admit it, Xena, you're afraid the
power I have is bad."

X:  "When it comes to special powers, I've learned you can't be
too careful."

G:  "You're right.  Relax.  I bet-- I bet it was a fluke.  Most
people have probably forgotten it."

X:  "Well-- maybe you're right."

Men's Voices:  "Look!  There she is!"  "The Devi!"

Woman's Voice:  "Praise her!  Praise the Devi!"

People:  "Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!
Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!  Devi!"


X:  "Vikram!  Ah-h-h-h-h!"

Eli:  "Uh!"

X:  "I thought you were leaving town."

Eli:  "I was, as soon as it's safe.  That's why I was about to
duck out.  I thought you might be trouble."

X:  "What makes you think I'm not?"

Eli:  "You don't think I had anything to do with that?"

X:  "Nobody else here."

Eli:  "There doesn't _have_ to be.  The man _killed_ himself.
Look, the man was a suicidal zealot!"

X:  "That priest did not kill himself."

Eli:  "Sure, he did!  He tied up the rope and climbed up on the
altar and jumped down!  Wait.  If he jumped-- down from the
altar-- why is he hanging above it?  You know, on second thought,
leaving town right now does have its advantages."

X:  "You're not going anywhere until we get to the bottom of


Men's Voices:  "Make way for the Devi!"  "Keep back!"

Eli:  "What's with all the muscle?"

X:  "Don't let `em throw ya."

Eli:  "Let the bodygurards go.  They're gone."

X:  "I'm gonna go check it out.  You stay here.  I'll come back
for ya, later."

Eli:  "Uh-- "

Man:  "It's the Devi!  The Devi!  Out of my way!"

Eli:  "Hey, big fella.  Sit.  Nice doggy.  Ah-ah-h!"

X:  "Drop!  Ah-h-h!  Come on!  Eli!  The wagon!"

Eli:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!  Huh!"

X:  "Ah-h-h-h!"

G:  "Thank you for the pearls.  They're beautiful."

Eli:  "Whoa!"

G:  "My pearls!"

Eli:  "Please!  Save me, Devi!  The demons have me!  Please!
Free me!  Please!  Bless you.  Bless you, Devi.  Bless you.
Bless you.  Thank you, Devi.  Bless you.  She did it.  She healed
me.  She lifted me up!  You saw!  Praise the Devi!  Praise the

G:  "What's going on here?"

Eli:  "You witnessed it!  I plead again!  Praise the Devi!"

People:  "Praise the Devi! [Etc.]"

G:  "Xena-- I didn't heal anything."

People:  "Praise the Devi!  Praise the Devi!  Praise the Devi!
Praise the Devi!  Praise the Devi!"


X:  "Why'd you bolt?  I told you I was coming back.  Why'd you

Eli:  "Are you kiddin'?  The way her bodyguards vanish the moment
I show up?  And then those demon dogs just happen to attack me?
Come on-- doesn't take much to make the connection-- or to figure
out who killed the old priest, `cause he was right-- there's evil

X:  "So, why'd you come back, hmm?  This?"

Eli:  "Sacred water from the Ganges.  It pays to be prepared.
The old man wasn't the only priest in the province.  And if I can
get that into the right hands-- it'll work against a-- "

X:  "Against who?"

Eli:  "Against any demon you name.  Take your pick.  They're all
here.  It's evil incarnate."

X:  "Huh.  Who's that?"

Eli:  "Her name's Tataka-- a conniving little demon who converted
hundreds with her sweet face and-- deceptive good works."

X:  "Deceptive, how?"

Eli:  "She cured the sick and deformed, only to send them to the
slaughter against the great god, Rama.  Oh, she's a real gem--
duping people who need her.  Yeah, she's a real pearl."

X:  "`Pearl.'  `Pearl.'"



Tataka-as-G [Tat/G]:  "That bad, huh?  OK, it's a bit much, I
know.  What can I do?  These are all gifts from the people that
I've healed.  Now, how can I refuse that?  Besides-- I think the
more that I dress like them, the more they seem to turn to me--
for my help.  I mean-- underneath _all_ this-- I'm still me."

X:  "Oh-- thank goodness.  For a moment there, you had me

Tat/G:  "What's this?"

X:  "A little insurance I took out-- sacred water from the

Tat/G:  "Insurance?  Against what?  Against me?"

X:  "Gabrielle."

Tat/G:  "Agains my being a demon?"

X:  "That's ridiculous."

Tat/G:  "Is it?  Why else would you have it?  This is a test.
Fine.  You wanna test me?  Let's do it.  Let's see if sacred
water eats through my skin, shall we?  Huh?  Am I sizzling, now?!
Am I burning?!  Am I still evil incarnate, Xena?"

X:  "It was not-- a test.  It couldn't be.  Ganges water only
burns in the hands of a priest or exorcist.  I took all the holy
water `cause I knew that Eli wouldn't leave town without some."

Tat/G:  "I'm sorry.  I just know you have doubts about me.  And I
tell you that this power is good, that it's my calling.  And
instead of being happy for me, you think that I'm evil."

X:  "Gabrielle-- Eli told me about the picture in the t-- "

Tat/G:  "Eli?  You're taking the word of a street magician over

X:  "It's not that."

Tat/G:  "Why is this so hard for you to accept?  Xena, I do _not_
hurt people.  I heal them."

X:  "Hey.  Oh, no, don `t-don't cry.  Don't cry, now.  I'm sorry.
[Whispers]  I'm sorry."


Eli:  "Xena?  You back?  I guess not."

Ravi:  "Aren't _you_ a sight for sore eyes?!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-!"

Eli:  "Ah-h-h!"

X:  "That's not nice."

Ravi:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"


X:  "Eli!  Eli!  Sacred water-- use it."

Ravi:  [Screams]

Eli:  "What was _that_ about?"

X:  "I guess Tataker [sic] figured it out."

Eli:  "Tataka?  Figured what out?"

X:  "Same thing I did.  Gabrielle's not the Devi, Eli-- you are."

Eli:  "What?"

X:  "Think about it.  I pushed your assistant, Maya, into you.
But in the chaos, all anybody saw was Gabrielle pull her up.  The
burning water just proves it.  She didn't cast the demon out--
you did-- straight into Gabrielle."


X:  "Gabrielle.  Gabrielle.  Wake up."

Tat/G:  "What?  What is it?"

X:  "Eli's been attacked.  If I hadn't shown up and scared away
whoever did it, he'd be dead by now.  As it is-- "

Tat/G:  "He's alive?"

X:  "Barely.  I need you to come and heal him.  If he dies, so
does our best chance of finding out who's behind all of this."

Tat/G:  "Take me to him.  I should probably tell Ravi.  He might
send out a search party or-- .  Ravi!  Ravi!"

Servant:  "Forgive me, Devi-- but Ravi's not back.  May I be of

Tat/G:  "He's not back?"

Servant:  "No."

Tat/G:  "No.  Thank you.  So, Eli's hurt?  Is he, Xena?"

X:  "Not as bad as Ravi-- Tataka."

Tat/G:  "Well-- it's a good thing I sent backup."


Eli:  "Yah-h-h!"

X:  "I thought we had an agreement.  I saved your life.  You save

Eli:  "I can't do it.  Believe me-- I wanna help you.  But I

X:  "Then there's no choice.  We have to have an exorcism."

Eli:  "Exorcism?"

X:  "It's either that, or kill her, and I won't kill Gabrielle."

Eli [Laughs]:  "I can't do an exorcism!"

X:  "Then, _I'll_ do it!"

Eli:  "You?"

X:  "Wll, f you don't have the guts, then I'll have to.  What do
I need to know?"

Eli:  "Uh-- you need an icon-- from Gabrielle."


Tat/G:  "First-- I eliminate Xena-- and then Eli won't have a



X:  "Icon, icon.  Her quill."

Men's Voices:  "Where is Xena?!"  "We must find Xena!"


Tat/G:  "Psst.  Forgive them.  I know they're rough.  But we're
_all_ in danger, until we find Xena."

X:  "Looking for me?"

Tat/G:  "Ha!  Not anymore.  [Laughs]  An exorcism?!  Really,
Xena?  Now, don't you think that's the pot calling the kettle-- ?
You want me out?  You're gonna have to kill this sweet, little
body to do it.  I don't think you can."

X:  "Watch me."


Tat/G:  "S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s."

X:  "I'm warning you, Tataka-- get out while you still can."

Tat/G:  "And give up this face?  And this firm-- strong, body?
Fat chance!"

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h!"

Tat/G:  [Evil laugh]

X:  "Ah-h!  Ah-h!"

Tat/G:  "I think your time in this life is over, Xena."

X:  "Ah-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h!  Think again!  Give Gabrielle back!"

Tat/G [Whispers]:  "Come and get her.  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xe--
!  Xena!  [Whispers]  Xena."

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Eli:  "No-o-o-o-o-o!  Let me try and save her."

X:  "We have thirty seconds."

Tat/G:  "Charlatan!  Fraud!  Who are you to challenge _me_?!  The
power you seek-- it's a lie."

Eli:  "I failed."

X:  "Eli, don't believe her!  Keep going!  Eli-- you find that
power-- and you save my friend."

Eli:  "Abba, help me."

[Tataka's spirit is exorcised.]

G [Whispers]:  "Xena."

X [Softly]:  "It's all right.  It's all right.  You're gonna be
all right."


X:  "I guess this is where we part coompany."

G:  "Why don't you come with us for a while?"

Eli:  "Yeah, I'd like to-- but I think I've had my share of
adventure for a bit."

G:  "Where will you go?"

Eli:  "Somewhere where I can-- just sit and think-- "

X:  "Some things don't bear too much thinking about.  Some things
you've just got to take on faith."

G:  "She's right.  I _know_ the power I had with my healing.  And
I know it was bad-- but I think that because it exists, there has
to be another power out there-- maybe for good-- and stronger."

Eli:  "Yeah.  Stronger."

G:  "Why don't we travel with you for a while?"

Eli:  "No, really.  I'll be fine."

G:  "I don't think you should be alone."

Eli:  "You know?  I don't think I am.  Goodbye, Gabrielle.  Take
care.  Xena."

X:  "Eli.  Thank you."

Eli:  "Thank you."

G:  "What do you think he meant?  He's not alone?"

X:  "I don't think even Eli knows that yet."


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