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"Legacy"  Episode 117/605


G:  "What was wrong with staying on the coast?  There was sun,
surf, sand."

X:  "You got _two_ out of the three."

G:  "We were supposed to relax, remember?"

X:  "We had bad luck.  Goin' inland didn't have to be this way."

G:  "No, deserts don't have to be dry, windy, and desolate, Xena.
It's optional.  I can't _see_ anything."

X:  "Here, take my hand."

G:  "Do you even know where we're going?"

X:  "Do we ever know where we're going?"


X:  "Don't say I never give you anything-- sun-- sand-- "

G:  "Surf."

X:  "That was unnecessary-- a little uncalled for.  All right,
I'm pruning.  I'm outta here."

G:  "Strange beauty to the desert."

X:  "You do look for the good in everything, don'tcha?"

G:  "Why does it sound like an insult when _you_ say it?"

X:  "Well, maybe not _everything_."

G:  "Yeah, well-- sand up my wazoo gets me a little edgy."

X:  "Mm-m-- hate it when that happens.  What's that?  Let's go
check it out."


X:  "Nomads"

A Nomad:  "Crawl, you snakes of the devil [?]!"

G:  "Let's even the odds."

X:  "Yah!  Yah!  Yah-h-h-h!  Yah!  Yah-h-h-h-h-h!"


Nomads' Voices:  "Retreat!  Ride!  Ride!  Yah!  Yah!  Yah!  Yah!

Kahina [Kah]:  "Who do you think you are?  Who asked you to

G:  "You were being attacked."

Kah:  "Well, in the desert we learn young to mind our own
business; otherwise, you don't become old."

X:  "Growing old is overrated.  I never pass up a good fight."

Kah:  "You should pick your fights more wisely, then."

G:  "We don't pick them-- they pick us.  Come on, Xena."

Kah:  "Who are you to take that name?  Xena, the legendary
warrior princess is long dead."

X:  "No, she's not."

G:  "This is Xena."

Kah:  "Impossible."

G:  "No, it's just hard to explain."

Kah:  "Oh, and I suppose you're Gabrielle, the battling bard of

G:  "I've ner heard it used like that, but-- yeah, I'm

Kah:  "You're both lying.  I guess that's supposed to be the
legend'ry [sic] chakram."

X:  "Supposed to be."

Kah:  "So, you have a chakram.  That means nothing.  You didn't
use it in the battle."

X:  "It wasn't necessary."

Kah:  "_You_-- are a coward and a fraud!  Only the _real_ Xena
knows how to use a chakram."

G:  "Show her."

Nomad's Voice:  "Xena."



G:  "So this is the desert hospitality that I've heard so much

X:  "That's right-- though the fact they worship us could be
influencing the welcome a bit.  Don't refuse anything.  You'll
insult them.  [Whispers]  Thank you."

G:  "What is this?"

X:  "Something yummy.  Kahina."

Kah:  "Xena-- I sent word that you will lead us against our

G:  "Is it the people who attacked you today?"

Kah:  "Oh, no-- no, that's Tazir.  We're rivals, yes-- but the
enemy we both face comes from across the seas.  They've invaded
our lands and killed many of our people.  You know them, Xena."

X:  "Romans?"

Kah:  "Yes."

G:  "Some things never change."

Kah:  "Every time our tribes try to join together and fight,
ancient feuds drive us apart.  There's been so much bloodshed,
sometimes I think uniting is an impossibility.  But with you to
lead us, Xena, I have renewed hope."

X:  "Thanks for the compliment, but-- "

Kah:  "Xena-- we've grown up on the stories of your victories.
There's nothing you can't do, no place we wouldn't follow you."

G:  "Stories."

Kah:  "Oh, of course-- your scrolls.  We were brought up
listening to them.  Well, surely _you_ knew, Gabrielle."

G:  "I had no idea they'd come this far.  I'm pleased."

X:  "All right.  We'll do what we can to help you defeat the

Kah:  "Bring us wine.  We shall honor our guests.  Of course, our
tradition is one of hospitality.  My cousins will be honored to
take you both to bed."

Cousins:  [Giggle]

G:  "What was that you said about not refusing anything?"


G:  "Do you think those guys bought that `Amazon chastity' [?] I
made up?"

X:  "Oh, I think they were hanging on _every_ word of Gabrielle,
the battling bard."

G:  "Hm-m-m-- I think it has character."

X:  "Yeah."

G:  "I wish I had a dinar for every time I heard-- `Xena, the
legendary warrior princess.'"

X:  "Bet you do."

G:  "I think you're loving it."

X:  "Sure, what's not to love?  Nah-- it's just that these people
need help.  If anyone knows Romans, we do."

G:  "I'll say.  [Sighs]  Xena?  Do you ever have those moments in
battle-- where you have to decide whether to disable someone-- or
to kill them?"

X [Whispers]:  "What?"

G:  "Don't you ever think about it?"

X:  "You just have to trust your instincts, that's all."

G:  "Well-- what if your instincts are wrong?"

X:  "If you're gonna stop and debate that, you're gonna get


Nomads' Voices:  "Riders!"  "It's Kahina!"

Kah:  "Are you ready to join with me, Tazir?"

Tazir [Taz]:  "Show me this myth you claim to have found
wandering in the desert."

X:  "Watch who you're calling a myth."

Taz:  "Korah-- is this the woman you saw?"

Korah [Kor]:  "Yes, Father, it is.  She and her magnificent
friend swept down on us, and drove us away as though we were
children.  It was incredible, as I told you.  I have never seen
anyone-- "

Taz:  "That's enough."

Kor:  "-- fight like either one of them.  Xena has more strength,
but-- "

Taz [Interrupts]:  "Korah, I said that's enough.  I could hardly
believe my son's crazy tale-- but maybe the prophecies are coming
true after all.  Come-- we welcome you."


X:  "How far have the Romans gotten?"

Kah:  "Uh, they invaded nearest town not long ago."

Taz:  "They come in great numbers and overwhelm any resistance as
if-- as if they're tryin' to wipe us from the face of the Earth."

Kor:  "I want to be a warrior.  I dare not aspire to Xena's
greatness-- but I've seen your fighting style, such intelligence
and restraint.  I'm going to model myself after you."

G:  "Oh-hoh."

Kor:  "These weapons you use, they-they help you to fight
defensively when you don't wanna draw blood."

G:  "They do, but you see-- you can kill someone with it."

Kor:  "Could you teach me to use those weapons?"

G:  "If you want me to."

Kor [Chuckles]:  "May I wash your feet?"

G:  "I don't think you wanna do that."

Kor:  "No, it is a custom.  Please-- "

G:  "No, really, you-- "

Kor [Interrupts]:  "-- may I?"

G:  "OK-- if you must."

Kor:  "Your descriptions of the battles you've been in show
growth and understanding from the earliest of the scrolls to the
latest.  Were you aware of that?"

G:  "No."

Taz:  "They've started building roads across the sand."

X:  "How many legions are there?

Kah:  "We don't know."

X:  "Gabrielle-- let's go check out the town and find out what
the Romans are up to."

[All at once]  Kah:  "Its  too-- !"  Taz:  "It's too-- "  Kor:

X [Interrupts]:  "Hold it!  Gabrielle and I can handle this.
Everyone else stay here."

G:  "Just need to put this on."


X:  "What's with the desert boy?"

G:  "He wants me to teach him how to use the sais."

X:  "He's picked a great teacher."

G:  "It's kind of strange being thought of as a warrior more than
a bard.  Guess I've come a long way."

X:  "Is that a good thing?"

G:  "Yeah, it is."


G:  "For once, Xena, I'd like to be Roman  noble and you be the

Governor [Gov]:  "Yes, what is it?"

"Fasmia"  ["Fas":  "My loyal servant and I have just arrived from
Rome.  Are you in charge here?"

Gov:  "Yes, yes I am.  What can I do for you?"

"Fas":  "I am Fasmia-- wife of Cypio Africanus the fifth.  I
assume you've heard of my family."

Gov:  "Indeed I have, madam.  Cypios are well-known everywhere."

"Fas":  "Hm-m-- I've come to see whether this would be a
profitable place to invest our money."

Gov:  "My dear lady-- please excuse my manners.  Our prospects
here are excellent.  We've set up a profitable trade route--
protected by the forces of Rome."

"Servant" ["Ser"]:  "Protected from what?  The nomads?"

"Fas":  "I've heard they're very fierce."

Gov:  "Scattered savages, I assure you.  The tribes fight more
amongst themselves than with us."

"Fas":  "And what if they were to unite?  They'd be dangerous,
wouldn't they?"

Soldier [Sold]:  "There is no chance of that.  They spout old
stories of Xena-- Caesar's Thracian whore-- and wait for a--
legendary warrior to rise out of the sand and lead them."

"Ser":  "Are you concerned?"

Sold:  "Concerned?  About a long-crucified annoyance?  Hardly."

Gov:  "My dear lady-- your money will be safe with us.  At this
moment-- three legions are preparing an offensive to-- pacify the
ethnics once and for all.  Call it a-- cleansing, if you will."

"Ser":  "Seems overconfident, if I may say so."

Gov:  "You seem a little outspoken for a slave.  I think someone
should be punished."

"Fas":  "Oh, someone will be-- I promise.  Thank you, Governor--
you've been most helpful."


G:  "I think we should stop!"

X:  "We'll get covered over!  Keep moving!"

X:  "Gabrielle?"

G:  "Xena!"

X:  "Gabrielle?!  Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!"

G:  "Xena!"

X:  "Gabrielle!"

G:  "Korah?"

Kor:  "Gabrielle-- "

G:  "What?"

X:  "It's a scroll."

G:  "What have I done?"



G:  "I never thought I'd see this."

X:  "What's that?"

G:  "You washing blood off my hands."

X:  "I never thought I'd see it, either.  It says that Kahina and
Tazir have finalized their peace treaty.  I want you to go back
to Kahina's camp-- and wait for me there."

G:  "Where are you going?"

X:   "To take him home."

G:  "I'm going with you."

X:  "No, just-- give me a chance to explain to them."

G:  "Xena, I have to talk to Tazir."

X:  "You will-- later."


Nomad's Voice:  "A rider approaches!  It's Xena!"

Kah:  "Xena-- did the message reach you?"

Taz:  "It's Korah.  Korah!"

A Nomad's Voice:  "Tazir."

Taz:  "What happened?!  Quickly, men!  Korah-- how-- ?"

Kah:  "What's going on?  Xena?"

Taz:  "Someone'll die for this, I swear it!"

Kah:  "Who could have done it?  Thieves?"

Taz:  "Thieves-- yes-- more like one of your men, Kahina!"

Kah:  "Get your hands off me!  We had nothing to do with it!"

Taz:  "You've been trying to weaken my position for years.  Now
you take my son?!"

X:  "Tazir, wait-- I saw tracks where he was killed-- tracks of a
thousand men a mile wide."

Taz:  "Tracks?"

Kah:  "My people wouldn't leave a grain of sand out of place.  My
people had nothing to do with it!"

Nomad's Voice:  "True."

Taz:  "Only the cursed Romans would-- Romans-- Xena, did you see

X:  "No, there was a storm."

Taz:  "It must have been the Romans.  [Sighs]  How foolish I was
to-- send Korah."

X:  "The Romans are coming in several legions.  We have to hit
them _before_ they're ready."

Taz:  "They have cost me my son.  They will all die for this.  I
will slaughter them one by one with my own hands!  I will have
justice for my son's blood!"

Nomad's Voice:  "Take me with you!"

X:  "Save it for the Romans!"

A Nomad's Voice:  "Yes!"


G:  "How'd it go?"

X:  "Not good."

G [Sighs]:  "I should have gone with you.  I'll talk to him,

X:  "No-- it's more complicated than you think."

G:  "Xena, it's not complicated.  It is simple-- I killed Korah."

X:  "Out here, the penalty for that is death."

G:  "I accept that."

X:  "Well, I don't."

G [Whispers]:  "Xena."

X:  "What purpose would it serve?  It can't bring Korah back now,
can it"

G:  "Xena, that man out there deserves to know the truth."

X:  "He thinks he does.  He thinks the Romans did it."

G:  "Did you tell them that?"

X:  "It was an accident.  Let him believes the Romans did it.
They have to fight them anyway."

G:  "I can't lie about this."

X:  "You _don't_ have to lie."

Kah's Voice:  "Xena!"

X [Whispers]:  "Please-- please-- don't say anything."

Kah's Voice:  "Xena?"

Kah:  "We've spotted Romans in the desert.  We sent a patrol

X:  "What we have to do is find out where they are now and lure
them into a trap."

Kah:  "There's a valley just north of here.  We could lead them

X:  "That's perfect."

Kah:  "They cannot come soon enough.  I hunger for this fight to
begin, Xena, and for you to lead us to victory."

Kah's Man:  "Kahina-- we found him."

Kah:  "He's the killer?"

Kah's Man:  "Of course-- we caught him near the water-hole.  He
tried to escape.  See?  Korah's blood is still on it."

Kah:  "Let's take him to Tazir.  Let him make an example of him."

X:  "Just because he's a Roman doesn't mean he's the killer,

Kah:  "I have all the proof I need right here.  Tie him!  We'll
drag him into Tazir's camp!"

X:  "Hold it.  To kill a man in a fight to protect your homeland
is one thing-- but to pick out a Roman at random and execute him
for a crime he may not have committed, that is something else."

Kah:  "If he didn't do it, someone just like him did.  Come with
us, Xena-- you're one of us, now."

G:  "Wait!  He isn't the killer.  I am."



X:  "Where are they taking her?"

Kah:  "To Tazir's camp."

X:  "She doesn't deserve to die, Kahina."

Kah:  "Neither did Korah.  The law is a just one, Xena.  This
changes everything.  You _lied_ to us."

X:  "That's right, I lied-- and even if you were to kill
Gabrielle, the Romans would keep coming."

Kah:  "Then they will.  We can't follow you now.  Tomorrow at
dawn-- she dies."


Taz:  "How does it feel?"

G:  "How does what feel?"

Taz:  "Killing an innocent?"

G:  "It's unbearable"

Taz:  "He admired you and you slaughtered him."

G:  "No-- "

Taz:  "Silence!  If I had know what a snake you were-- I'd have
struck your head off and my son would still be alive-- murderer."

[[[[[[G:  "I'm going to join up with Xena.  I'm going to be a
warrior-- like her."  Lila:  "A warrior?  Gabrielle, _I_ can beat
you up."  G's Voice:  "You've got to take me with you-- and teach
me _everything_ you know."  Democritus:  "You have a remarkable
gift for healing."  G:  "No, that's Xena's specialty."  G:  "No,
Perdicus!  Oh!  No!"  G:  "I won't take a life-- even yours."
Eli's Voice:  "It's hard, the way of love-- but if you choose to
follow it-- you must do so with all your heart."  G:  "No, look,
you promise me-- if something happens to me, you will not become
a monster."  G:  "Get up!"  X:  "I can't, Gabrielle."  G:
"You're walking through life preaching peace, and-- Xena and I
have swords in our hands."  G and Company:  "Char-r-r-r-r-rge!"
G:  "Sometimes, the only answer is to fight."  G:  "If I kill
you-- you win.  I become like you."  Kor:  "These weapons you
use, they-they help you to fight defensively when you don't wanna
draw blood."  G:  "They do, but you see-- you can kill someone
with it."  G:  "Korah?"]]]]]]

G:  "Xena-- you once prayed never to see the light go out in me.
I just don't think there's much of that left in here.  This is
best for everyone."


Nomads:  "The end will come too quickly for what you deserve.
Pray the vultures don't get to you before we do."  "Bury the


Gov:  "My dear lady-- is there something I can do for you?"

"Fas":  "Actually, there my be something I can do for you."


Nomads' Voices:  "Yah!  Yah!"  "Yah!  Yah!"  "That's it!  Harder!
Harder!"  "Yah!"  "Yah!  Back to-- !"


"Fas":  "The Nomads are joining forces.  They found someone to
lead them.  This could mean trouble for you."

Gov:  "A minor annoyance."

"Fas":  "But one you could avoid if you knew where they were

Gov:  "True.  Our legions could use a-- diversion."


Nomads [Cheer]:  "Kill the murderer!  A life for a life!"
"Justice for Korah!"

Taz:  "Avenge my son!  Avenge Korah!"

Nomad:  "She must die!"



Nomads:  "Yah!  Yah!"

X:  "Yah!"

Nomad Sentry:  "The Romans!  The Romans are coming!"

Kah:  "Get the horses!  Quickly!"

G:  "I hate to interrupt their game, but I'm getting you out of

Taz:  "To the valley!"

X [Whispers]:  "All right."


Roman's Voice:  "Over here!"

G:  "Saved by the Romans.  I would have bet against that."

X:  "It sure took 'em long enough."

G:  "Xena?"

X:  "I needed a diversion."

G:  "Last night, I thought letting them kill me was the best
thing for everyone."

X:  "Gabrielle, you may never forgive yourself for what happened
to Korah-- but you'll be a stronger person for it."

G:  "I don't know."

X:  "I felt that way once.  I felt there was nothing left to live
for.  I was tired of hurting and I just wanted it to end."

G:  "What changed it for you?"

X:  "You did."

G:  "I guess we've come  full circle, huh?"

X:  "Come on."

X:  "You're out of time and you're out of options.  Now they know
that you're here, they'll hunt you down unless you stop them."

Kah [Scoffs]:  "You expect us to trust you now?  Why should we?"

X:  "You have no choice."

G:  "We could have ridden in the opposite direction."

Taz:  "Why didn't you?"

G:  "Tazir, your son's blood is on my hands, and it will be for
as I walk this Earth.  I can't change that-- but I _can_ help his
people win their freedom.  Maybe his death'll have some meaning

X:  "And I promised you that I'd help you defeat the Romans-- I
keep my promises."

Nomad:  "The Romans are coming!  They found our trail!"

Kah:  "She's right.  We have no choice."

Taz:  "All right."

X:  "Let's move it!  Get those horses outta here!"


X:  "You said the sun had to be in this position?"

Taz:  "Yes-- that's how we know when one is coming."

Nomad:  "They're right behind us!"

X:  "Everyone, get covered up!  Move!"

Kah:  "We don't have enough people, even with the surprise."

G:  "You have Xena.  What more do you want?"

Kah:  "Funny how the Romans showed up just in time to save your
friend-- almost like it was planned."

X:  "You got the fight you wanted.  Stop complaining."

Kah:  "Left a few details out of those stories, didn't you?"


Sold:  "Form up!"

A Sold's Voice:  "You heard him!  Move up the line!  Hold steady
Hold steady, men!"


Roman Sold:  "Die!"

G:  "Come on!"

X:  "Tell Caesar Xena sends her regards."

Sold:  "Xena?"


G:  "Do you think they'll succeed against the Romans?"

X:  "They've got a good chance.  The desert's a powerful weapon
in their favor."

G:  "For a while there, I didn't think the day would end so

X:  "Neither did I."

G:  "Hm-m-m-- you saved me today, Xena, against the greater good.
Why?  Isn't that what we've been fighting for?"

X:  "Gabrielle, in everyone's life, there's something that goes
beyond the greater good.  That's what you are in my life.  I
wasn't about to let you die out there if there was something I
could do about it."

G:  "What if it was my choice?"

X:  "Especially if it was your choice."

Taz:  "It seems I've treded Korah's life for my own-- thanks to
you.  That evens the scales between us."

G:  "It doesn't really, does it?"

Taz:  "No.  He could have become a great warrior-- just like

G:  "Just like me."


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