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"When Fates Collide"  Episode 133/618


[[[[[[X:  [Spits]  Julius Caesar [JC]:  "Goodbye, Xena.  Break
her legs."  X:  [Screams]]]]]]]

JC's Voice:  "Stop.  Back it up.  Now.  There.  Let's take a look
at that."

[[[[[[X:  "Why don't you and I work together?"  JC:  "So-- you
wanna help me conquer the world."  X:  "Why not?  We'd make an
unstoppable team."  X:  "I'd love to join forces with you."  JC:
"Some enemies are-- harder-- than others."  X:  "Oh, I count on

JC's Voice:  "Much better."

JC:  "It's ironic, isn't it?  How a single stick can change the
entire path of one's destiny.  Had I not betrayed Xena, I'd be
ruling Rome today.  Instead, I get stabbed in the back by my good
friend, Brutus-- while Xena gets to ride off into the sunset with
her girlfriend-- hardly a fitting end for Julius Caesar."

Clotho [Clo]:  "You cannot change your fate-- "

Lachesis [Lac]'s Voice:  "-- once it has been chosen."

Atropos [Atr]:  "Unchin us now and accept your destiny."

JC:  "Let me tell you-- about my destiny.  With Hades out of the
picture-- underworld security's become rather, uh-- lax-- which
brings me to this-- defining Xena moment-- mysterious--
romantic-- good lighting."

Atr:  "Tampering with the loom-- will alter the very fabric of
life-- "

Clo:  "-- changing not only your destiny-- "

Lac's Voice:  "-- but that of countless others."

JC:  "Oh, I'm counting on it."


JC:  "That grain must be allocated.  The people must eat."

Brutus [Bru] [Clears throat]:  "Caesar?"

JC:  "Excuse me.  What news, Brutus?"

Bru:  "The Chinese emissaries have arrived."

JC:  "Ah-h-h-h-- excellent.  Lao Ma's peacemakers."

Bru:  "This visit is very important to us."

JC:  "Of course.  And-- as always, Brutus-- I greatly appreciate
your counsel [Laughs]-- my good friend.  Now-- escort them in."

Soldier's Voices:  "Open the gate!  Take your positions!"


Soldiers' Voices:  "Get ready!"  "Oh, my head!"  "Help me up."

X:  "My Emperor."

JC:  "My Empress."

X:  [Giggles]



JC:  "Oh, I have some entertainment planned for my lady tonight."

X:  "A new wrestler from Thrace?"

JC:  "No-- a new play from Athens.  I thought youd appreciate a
taste of your own culture."

X:  "Oh-oh-- more drivel from old men with tricky names.  That
was very thoughtful of you."

Bru:  "Emperor-- "

JC:  "Ah-- honored emissaries."

X:  "Huh-- well, the senate is meeting to vote on new weaponry
for my men.  I feel I should be there."

JC:  "Of course.  Brutus-- accompany her, please.
Representatives of Lao Ma-- from the land of Ch'in-- welcome.
Now-- what have you brought for me?"

Emissary 2:  "Directly from Lao Ma's hand."

JC:  "Hm-m-- Lao Ma's reputation for fairness is well-deserved.
Rome accepts her offer of an alliance with Ch'in.  Now, please,
accept my offer of hospitality for the evening."

Emissaries:  [Gasp]

JC:  "May I introduce Alti-- high priestess of Rome."

Alti:  "The pleasure is all mine.  A lifetime of pain in one
exquisite moment."  [Laughs]

JC:  "Xena's right.  You _are_ amibitious."


Actor:  "The love we have is stronger than the Elysian fields or

Actress:  "We're gonna be together for eternity."

Actor:  "And I wouldn't have it any other way."


Actor:  "Let me introduce to you-- the writer of `Fallen Angel'--
Greece's own-- Gabrielle, the visionary voice of Athens."


G:  [Chuckles]

X:  "I found your play very moving."

Alti:  "What do you suppose the Empress and the writer are
discussing, hm-m?  Horse-riding?  Sword play?"

Bru:  "Emperor-- I need to speak with you immediately."

JC:  "Really, Brutus, this-- isn't a good time."

Bru:  "Regarding Ch'in-- and her emissaries."

JC:  "Ah-- yes, of course.  Excuse me."

X:  "What inspires you?"

G:  "It's like the words come from somewhere else.  I just write
them down.  But you, Empress-- all of Rome talks about you.  The
country thrives.  The people adore you.  They say that the army
would follow you through the gates of Hades."

X:  "Well, everything has its price, Gabrielle."

Bru [Loud Whisper]:  "You ordered Lao Ma's emissaries killed?!"

JC:  "Yes.  Alti advised it."

Bru [Softly]:  "Lao Ma will send assassins."

JC:  "Don't worry, Brutus.  I know how to deal with assassins."

X:  "In the third act, you had your hero throw himself over the
cliff with no fear of dying-- all for her.  Do you really believe
that kind of love exists?"

Gab:  "That's what we all dream about, isn't it?  Someone who
looks so deeply into our soul that-- they'd find something worth
dying for."

JC:  "Excuse me.  Your play was, uh-- riveting.  Well-done.
Thank you.  The army's expecting us first thing in the morning."

X:  "Thank you, Gabrielle, for honoring Rome with your play.
Good night."

JC:  "Did you enjoy the evening?"


JC:  "Tell me-- what did you and that playwright talk about?"

X:  "Her work-- her life.  She interests me."

JC:  "Really?  It's been a long time."

X:  "It's been a long day.  Where're you going?"

JC:  "Well-- since I'm not needed here-- there's a little matter
I must discusss with Brutus."

Alti:  "I had the most interesting vision tonight-- of you and
the writer?"

X:  "You take liberties, Alti."

Alti:  "Really?"

X:  "The high priestess has no business in my bed chamber."

Alti:  "Well, it's Caesar's bed chamber, too.  I saw the way you
looked at her tonight during the play.  [Chuckles]  Wouldn't
Caesar give anything to have you look at him that way."

X:  "What do you want?"

Alti:  "You're in my way, Xena-- and it's time I did something
about it."


Alti:  "I can see into your soul, Xena-- where you've been and
where you're going.  I have that power and I will destroy you.
Can you feel the pain and terror in your soul?  Secreting its
blackness-- oozing inside of you?  And know this, Xena-- Caesar,
Rome-- all of it-- will be mine."



JC:  "Xena-- are you all right?  Tell me, Alti-- is there a
single reason I shouldn't kill you right now?"

X:  "Yes-- because I wanna do it-- in the forum before the

JC:  "Of course.  Brutus, have her interrogated.  There may be
others involved.  And make sure you warn the guards about her


X:  "Where is Brutus going with the royal guard?"

JC:  "Oh, arresting that woman playwright.  Alti confessed that
she was an accomplice in her plan.  Apparently, they were both
working with assassins from Ch'in to destroy us.  Hope you
weren't too fond of her."


G:  "There _must_ be a mistake!  I've committed no crime against


"Jox":  "This is a great honor, Empress.  You know, you once did
a great favor for me."

X:  "Oh, I did?"

"Jox":  "Mm-hm-m-- my youngest daughter was very ill, and-- you
allowed your physician to treat her.  You saved her life, you

X:  "I'm pleased.  Leave us.  You, too."

"Jox":  "I can't leave the prisoner unguarded."

G:  "Empress."

X:  "Caesar tells me that you are an assassin.  Is this true?"

G:  "An assassin?  I've never harmed anyone in my life.  Why
should you believe me instead of your husband?"

X:  "I believe you."

G:  "Why?"

X:  "You think that love is worth dying for.  That's not exactly
the path of an assassin."

G [Sighs]:  "They're building crosses."

X:  "Yes.  You can't have a crucifixion without crosses.  Why
would Caesar want you dead?"

G:  "I don't know.  I'm a playwrite.  I live on a vineyard by the
sea.  I-- I have a simple life.  What possible threat could I be
to Caesar?"

X:  "I don't know-- but I intend to find out.  Guards?!  Neil
[?]-- come with me."


X:  "Unlock it."

"Jox":  "But Caesar said-- "

X:  "-- to enrage the Empress till she beats the tar out of you?"

"Jox":  "No, I must have missed that.  I'll open the door."

X:  "Get out.  You implicated the playwright as your accomplice."

Alti [Laughs]:  "The playwright?  Are you kidding me?  What do
you want?"

X:  "Your hands on me-- like they were last night.  They gave me
insight and knowledge.  These are things I value greatly."

Alti:  "And why would do that?"

X:  "Then rot."

Alti:  "Wait--  free me-- and I'll show you things."

X:  "You keep in mind what my husband will do to you if I am
harmed in any way."

Alti:  "Oh-- your husband?"

[[[[[[JC:  "Break her legs."  X:  [Screams]]]]]]]

X:  "Ow-w-w!"

[[[[[[Alti:  "Tell me who the blonde one is!  Tell me who she
is!"  G:  "You taught me that there are things worth dying for."
JC:  "You can't have a crucifixion without crosses, Brutus."  JC:
"-- which brings me to this-- defining Xena moment-- mysterious--
romantic-- good lighting."]]]]]]

Alti:  "Those images-- they're not from this life.  There's
something-- more."

X:  "Yes, much more."

Alti:  "Now, your part of the bargain."

X:  "The hammering's stopped."

"Jox":  "They've taken the playwright."


G [Gasps]:  "No, please!  Ple-- !  Uh!"



G:  "Uh!"

X:  "Stop!  I know the truth, Caesar.  I know who I was.  I know
who you were."

JC:  "What on Earth are you talking about?"

X:  "Crucifying me on the beach was drastic.  I must have been
your worst nightmare."

JC:  "Yes-- well, I've had better experiences with women."

X:  "So, it is true-- you betrayed me!"

JC:  "A regret I harbored for eternity-- so I gave us a second

X:  "You tampered with the Fates and their loom.  This is

JC:  "Listen, my love.  As we speak, our legions are preparing to
conquer the kingdom of Lao Ma-- the richest province in Ch'in.
Once achieved, all nations will bow at our feet.  We'll be the
Emperor and Empress-- not just of Rome-- but of the world.  That
is our destiny."

X:  "And that can still happen.  If you set her free-- I will be
your Empress and we will conquer the world.  But if you kill
her-- I will dedicate this life to changing things back to the
way they were-- and I can do it-- because we both know I have
many skills."

JC:  "Release the prisoner."

X:  "Gabrielle-- get out of the way!  Get your _filthy_ hands off
her!  Gabrielle-- can you stand?  Are you all right?"

G:  "Thank you for saving my life, Empress.  I am in your debt."

X:  "I'm not your Empress.  I'm your friend.  Bring her a horse!
Gabrielle, go back to your vineyard by the sea.  Be happy.  Write
all those great plays you've got inside you."

G:  "Xena-- Xena-- when I thought I was going to die-- it all
became so clear.  My life is empty-- despite my success.  I write
about love, but I've never felt it before."

X:  "Rome is not safe for you.  Leave now."

G:  "I will never forget you."


Alti:  "Your wife freed me."

JC:  "Of course.  You showed Xena visions of her former life."

Alti:  "She'll never play the good little Empress now.
[Chuckles]  You need a much more _loyal_ partner-- Caesar."

JC:  "I don't trust you-- Alti."

Alti:  "I love Rome just as much as you do, Caesar.  And those
visions?  Made my abilities so much stronger."

JC:  "Prove it.  I pardoned that playwright, Gabrielle.  Find
her.  Kill her."


G:  "Whoa!  [Yells]  No!"  

Alti [Laughs]:  "Aw such a pretty girl, huh?  Do you know what a
fate worse than death means?  Dying before you get a chance to
know who you really are."

[[[[[[G:  "I'm not cut out for this village life.  I was born to
do so much more."  G:  "Xena-a-a-a-a!"  X:  "Even in death,
Gabrielle-- I will never leave you."]]]]]]

Alti:  [Laughs]

X:  "Alti-i-i-i-i!  Yah-h-h-h!  Gabrielle-- come on, get up.
Gabrielle-- what has she done to you?  Alti-i-i-i-i-i!"

Alti:  "My powers have evolved, Xena.  That glimpse into your
soul-- showed me the other world."

X:  "Alti-- "

Alti:  "I saw just how strong I've become-- and, thanks to you,
I'm just hitting my stride."

X:  "This isn't about you, Alti!"

Alti:  "Oh, yes it is!  It's all about me-- and what _I_ know!
Your story will end with your playwright unable to save her
`Fallen Angel'."  [Laughs]


X:  "This is where your memories end, Alti.  Get up!  Get up!"

X:  "No-o-o-o-o!"

JC:  "Whoa-a-a-a."

"Jox":  "You!  Watch that sling!  Back in line!"

G:  "Xena!"

"Jox":  "No!  No!  You can't help her-- but I can help _you_."

JC:  "You couldn't let it go-- couldja?"

X:  "You betrayed me again, Caesar.  No matter what life you
live, you'll always be scum!  Not even the Fates could change

JC:  "Your death will not be in vain, Xena-- because you'll
always hold-- a special place in Rome's heart-- amongst Caesar's

X:  [Spits]

Soldier:  "Hyah!  Hah!  Yah!  Yah!"

Alti:  [Laughs]


JC:  "How do the legions look?"

Bru:  "Excellent-- but there is some-- concern about the

JC:  "She-- defied my orders and attacked Roman troops.  That's
an act of treason punishable by death."

Bru:  "But she's very popular.  The troops look up to her."

JC:  "And-- what about you, Brutus?  Do you also look up to Xena?
Alti will be joining us on our march east-- as my new-- Empress.
Do you have a problem with that?"

Bru:  "Caesar, if I speak out it is from concern.  It doesn't
mean I'm any less loyal to you."

JC:  "Please-- don't misunderstand me.  It's not that I love you
any less-- but-- that I love-- Rome-- more."

Bru:  "Uh!  Oh!"

JC:  "And I am-- Rome."


"Jox":  "I can't believe they were gonna kill you for writing
that bad play.  I saw it.  Could'a used a few more fight scenes."

G:  "I'll keep that in mind.  [Whispers]  Xena."

X:  "Gabrielle, you shouldn't have come."

G:  "Alti showed me something.  Another world or-- time."

X:  "That doesn't matter now.  Ah-h-h-h!"

G [Whispers]:  "I'm sorry."

X [Whispers]:  "That's OK."

G:  "Xena-- when I'm with you-- this emptiness that I have felt
my entire life-- is gone.  You have to tell me what's going on."

X:  "Caesar changed our fate-- giving us this godforsaken world."

G:  "There must be something that I can do."

X:  "No-- what you can do is get out of here alive.  I have to go
through this alone."

G [Whispers]:  "I can't let you die."

X:  "Some things are worth dying for.  Isn't that what your play
was about?  Being prepared to sacrifice all for love?"

G [Whispers]:  "For love."

X:  "In the other world, my destiny was linked to Caesar-- and
that cross-- and I hated them both-- but now I realize that--
everything happens preceisely as it should-- precisely."

G:  "Xena-- "

X:  "Go now, Gabrielle."

G:  "I can't."

X:  "Go now.  Get out."

G [Whispers]:  "No."

X:  "Get out."

G:  "Don't."

"Jox":  "Empress-- it's time."

X:  "I'll love you forever."

G:  "Don't touch her."

Soldier:  "Come on!"

X:  "Uh!  Get her out alive"

Soldier's Voice:  "Let's go!"



X:  "Uh!"


JC:  [Screams]


X:  [Screams]


G [Sighs]  [Whispers]:  "It's horrible."

Clo:  "We Caesar left us chained-- "

Lac:  "-- we could not mind the loom-- "

Atr:  "-- creating a world full of-- chaos and-- confusion."

G:  "We're stuck in this world-- because of you?"


X:  [Screams]

Alti:  [Laughs]


Clo:  "No!  Burning the loom-- "

Lac:  "-- will destroy everything!"

G:  "So be it.  Your loom-- destroyed what was meant to be."


Alti:  [Screams]

X:  "I love you, Gabrielle."


X:  "Hey."

G:  "Hi."

X:  "You brought the world back to us."

G:  "I'm glad.  I like this one better."

X:  "Even though you're not a famous playwright?"

G:  "Fame-- who needs it?  Did you really like my play?"

X:  "It was all right.  Maybe it could've done with a few more
fight scenes."

G:  "Everyone's a critic."


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