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“Regrets... I’ve Had A Few”  Episode 62/403


Woman:  “There he is!  He’s coming here now!”

Man’s Voice:  “Hurry!  Let’s find out what’s happened!”

Tidus [Tid] [Interrupts]:  “He got off!  Claxon got off again!”

People:  “What?!”

Tid:  “No witnesses!  Judge let him go!”

Claxon [Cla]:  “You see, Tidus?  I knew-- once you thought about
it-- you’d tell the judge-- it _wasn’t_ me you saw-- strangling
that little redhead.  This is a fine-looking family you’ve got
heah [sic].  Be a shame if something bad happened to ‘em--
wouldn’t it?  Heh.  Ooh-- if it ain’t the long arm of the law.
Guess you lose again, Jaris.”

Jaris [Jar]:  “Don’t worry-- I’m a patient man.”

Cla:  “You don’t get it, do you?  Nobody’s gonna testify against
me.  And no judge would find me guilty-- if they did!”

Jar:  “All right, Claxon-- take if off the street.”

Cla:  “I’m tired of you in my face.  You bother me.  You’re like
a bug-- and bugs-- get squashed.”

Jar:  “You wanna get into this in front of a town full of

Cla:  “Nobody’s gonna see a thing.”

H:  “Call me nobody-- and I’ve already seen enough.”


Man’s Voice:  “Come on.”

H:  [Sighs]

Jar:  “Hercules!”

H:  “It’s a-- nice, quiet little town you got here, Jaris.  I
just thought I’d-- drop in.”

Jar:  “Good timing.  I’ve been trying to get rid of Claxon for
years.  It’s so good to see you.”

H:  “You, too.”

Jar:  “I guess you heard about my wife.”

H:  “Yeah.  I’m-- sorry.  Aspa was a wonderful woman.”

Jar:  “She was.  And she would have made a wonderful mother to
little Bartoc, too.  At least she got to hold him before she

H:  “You named him after your brother.”

Jar:  “Yeah-- you gotta see him.”

H:  “I’d love to.”

Jar:  “Remember Aspa’s sister?”

H:  “Sure-- hi, Rena.”

Rena:  “Nice to see you again, Hercules.”

Jar:  “And the little fuss-budget is Bartoc.”

H:  “That’s great.”

Rena:  “He needs a nap.”

Jar:  “Sorry he’s in such a mood.  He was sick all night with a

H:  “Hmm.”

Jar:  “You better take him home, Rena.  I’ll walk you to the
wagon.  Catch up with you.”

Rena:  “We should Have Hercules over for dinner.”

Jar:  “That’s a good idea.”

H:  “Celesta.  Celesta!”

Celesta [Cel]:  “Hello, Hercules.”

H:  “Hi.  I, uh-- wish I could say I was happy to see you.”

Cel:  “Mortals think I come to _take_ life.  I’m only here to
guide them to the other side when it’s their time to go.”

H:  “I-- know you’re a source of comfort on the journey-- but the
mortal half of me is-- always saddened to see a life end.”

Cel:  “I’ve always admired your compassion for humans.”

H:  “Celesta!  Not the baby?”

Cel:  “No, I’m not here for the baby.”

H:  [Sighs]

Cel:  “I’ve come for Jaris.”



H:  “Jaris?  Jaris-- is gonna die?  How?”

Cel:  “You can’t stop it.  The Fates have already severed Jaris’
lifeline.  It will be fast and painless.”

H:  “But he’s so young.”

Cel:  “There are things even you are powerless to change,

H:  “W-wait-wait-- don’t take him yet!  Give him some more time,
to-- to get his life in order!  Say his goodbyes.”

Cel:  “You know I can’t do that.”

H:  “You can’t tell me he’s gonna die and expect me not to help

Cel:  “Hades will have my head.  All right-- a day, no longer.
Death is never easy.  It’s the survivors who have it the hardest.
You found that out when you met Jaris’ brother.”

H:  “Bartoc.  It was the first time I ever met you.  I’ll never
forget what happened.  I thought I put it behind me-- until now.”


[The Past]

Cheiron:  “Hercules!  Pick up the pace!  You’re walking through
this like a drill!”

Young Hercules [Y H]:  “But it is a drill.”

Cheiron:  “Well done, Iolaus.”

Y H:  “Cheiron, I’ve done this so much, I could do it in my

Cheiron:  “It’s not the moves that need work-- it’s the attitude.
You _win_ or you _lose_ here!”

Y I:  “Well, you know, Chieron-- I _try_ to tell him, but-- ooh!”

Cheiron:  “You are my most promising student, Hercules.  But
lately, you’ve grown cocky and overconfident.”

Y H:  “Well-- it’s the training.  I mean-- day in, day out.  It’s

Cheiron:  “That’s it!  You have fourteen days to enjoy the
festival-- and to visit with your families!  When you come back--
come back ready to work!”


Y I:  “Six weeks-- of ‘Up and dawn and drill till you drop’.
Oh-h-h-h-h-- I am so ready for your mother’s cooking.”

Y H:  “Maybe you should have continued a life of crime, Iolaus.
Hard prison labor-- would be a _breeze_ compared to life at
Cheiron’s academy.”

Kenickus [Ken]:  “Look at ‘em-- all those goody-goody cadets.
They make me wanna puke.”

Dageth [Dag]:  “Here he comes-- hot-shot Hercules.  Thinks he can
stick his nose in and cost us a turf war.  Now, it’s payback
time.  All right-- Bartoc-- kill Hercules-- and you’ll be one of

Y Bartoc [Y Bar]:  “You sure a knife will do it?  He’s stronger
than anyone-- never been beat.”

Dag:  “Just do it!  We’ll set him up.”


Dag:  “Now, Bartoc!  Gut him!”

Y H:  “You know?  It’s just like ya to send a baby to do your
work, Dageth.”

Y Bar:  “I’ll show you who’s a baby!”

Dag:  “Get up!  You wimp!”

Y H:  “Come on.  You know-- I do have a tougher workout every day
before breakfast.”

Y Bar:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h!”

Dag:  “Let-- let’s get outta here!”

Thug:  “Hurry!”

Y I:  “Herc-- Herc!  He’s dead.”


Cheiron:  “Such a waste-- and for nothing.”

Y H:  “It’s my fault.”

Y I:  “Herc-- he had a knife.”

Y H:  “No, I didn’t take it seriously.  I should have handled it

Cheiron:  “Yes-- you should have-- but you didn’t.  Next time,
you will.  It’s called learning.”

Y I:  “Dageth called him Bartoc.  The guy says his father’s a
farmer, about half a day away.”

Cheiron:  “You know what you have to do, don’t you?”

Y H:  “Yes, I do.”


Y I:  “Hey!  Yo, Herc!  Wait up!”

Y H:  “Iolaus.”

Y I:  “Let’s get going!”

Y H:  “This is something I gotta do by myself.”

Y I:  “Ah-h-h-h, man!”

Y H:  “Please.”

Y I:  “Well, just don’t forget it was a gang who forced Bartoc
into fighting you.  You can’t take all the blame.”

Y H:  “Yeah, I know.  But this kid’s dead because of me.  It’s
nobody else’s fault.  It’s up to me to take him home.”

Y I:  “This how you tail a guy, huh?  A blind Cyclops attracts
less attention.”

Ken:  “Let me go.  I’ll cut you.”

Y I:  “Little kids shouldn’t play with knives.”

Ken:  “No-- it’s chumps like you we oughtta play with.”


Y H:  “You, again.”

Cel:  “Hello, Hercules.  I’m Celesta.”

Y H:  “Messenger of Hades.  That’s why you were there today.  You
came for the boy.  You’re not what I would have expected.”

Cel:  “I hear that a lot.  What you’re doing-- taking his body
home to his family-- is a very compassionate act.  Most of us on
Olympus are very proud of you, Hercules.”

Y H:  “And my father, Zeus-- is he proud of me, too?”

Cel:  “Of course.”

Y H:  “Of course.”

Cel:  “The king of gods has enormous responsibility.  Hercules,
he thinks of you more than you know.”

Y H:  “Yeah.  Look-- thanks for the nice words, but-- if you
really wanna help me-- bring Bartoc back to life.”

Cel:  “I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

Y H:  “Then we have nothing to talk about.  No offense-- I-- I
appreciate that the other gods realize that I exist-- but it
would be nice-- if my own father did-- even if he does think of
me more than I know.  It was nice meeting you.”

Cel:  “I hope you can help the boy’s family find peace,
Hercules-- and find some for yourself.”


Y H:  “Hey-- let me give you a hand with that.  This thing’s
bigger than you are.”

Y Jar:  “Thanks.  Are you here to see my father?”

Y H:  “Is his name Nehemiah?”

Y Jar:  “That’s him.  I’m Jaris.”

Y H:  “Hello, Jaris.  I’m Hercules.  I need to speak to your
father.  It’s about your brother.”

Y Jar:  “Bartoc?!  Great!  Father will be happy to meet a friend
of his!  Oh-- oh, wait here!  Father!  Father!  Come quick!
Father!  There’s a guy over there!  He’s a friend of Bartoc’s!”

Nehemiah [Neh]:  “Well, let’s meet him.  Don’t even think about
eating that!  That fruit may look sweet as honey-- it’ll make ya
sick if you eat it raw.”

Y Jar:  “Bartoc fed one to our cattle one time.  We couldn’t
drink the milk for a week!”

Neh:  “Well, he didn’t know.  Sometimes, pretty means poison.
Jaris you know Bartoc.”

Y H:  “I’m Hercules.  I knew Bartoc-- just for a short time.”

Neh:  “Jaris-- go to the house.”

Y Jar:  “But why?”

Neh:  “Do as I say-- now.  That’s my boy, isn’t it?”

Y H:  “I’m sorry, sir.  It was an accident.  I didn’t-- ”

Neh:  “Thank you for-- bringing him home.  You’re a good friend.”



H:  “Your father would be proud of you.”

Jar:  “Well, I’m not a farmer like he was.  But town constable is
honest work.  And with troublemakers like Claxon around, at least
I’m never gonna be out of a job.”

H:  “Jaris-- have you ever-- talked with-- Rena about-- you know,
if something-- were to happen to you-- what would happen-- to
little Bartoc?”

Jar:  “Well, no.”

H:  “Would she raise him?  I mean-- I can tell she loves him.”

Jar:  “Yes, she does-- she and her husband, both.  Herc, what are
you getting at?”

H [Sighs]:  “I saw Celesta today-- the messenger of death.  She--
she came for you.”

Jar:  “But I’m still here-- and I feel fine.”

H:  “She’s giving you some extra time to make arrangements for
your son.”

Jar:  “Could it be a mistake?”

H:  “No.  I’m sorry.”

Jar:  “Always hoped I’d accomplish something before my time

H:  “But you have.  You’ve been someone your neighbors could turn
to for help.  You stood up for them.”

Jar:  “I haven’t done enought.  Decent people can’t even walk the
streets.  Claxon-- others like him.  I’m leaving my son to grow
up in a world full of vicious animals!”

H:  “He’ll grow up in a world with people who love him.  That’s
more important.”

Jar:  “I gotta think this through.  Some things I gotta do.  How
much time?  Did she say?”

H:  “Not much-- one day.”


Y Jar:  “It’s all your fault!  If he hadn’t run away, he’d still
be alive!”

Neh:  “Jaris-- ”

Y Jar:  “I’m _gonna_ run away myself!  And _don’t_ try and stop

Y H:  “I’ll talk to him.”


Y H:  “Wow!  This is nice.”

Y Jar:  “Bartoc built it.”

Y H:  “You guys must have been pretty good pals, huh?”

Y Jar:  “He was my brother.  I always thought he’d come back for
me someday-- someday when things had cooled off between him and--

Y H:  “What was it about?  The argument?”

Y Jar:  “Bartoc was hanging around some guys-- my father didn’t
like.  He said it was for his own good-- that he didn’t wanna
_see_ them around here any more.”

Y H:  “Well, at least he cared-- right?  My father didn’t care
about me-- still doesn’t.  If I was in Bartoc’s place-- I’d never
wanna leave here.”

Y Jar:  “Did Bartoc ever talk about me?”

Y H:  “Yeah-- of course.  All the time.”

Y Jar:  “Tell me about him-- these last few months.”

Y H:  “Well-- he-- you ever hear of Cheiron’s academy?”

Y Jar:  “He went there?  That’s gotta be tough.”

Y H:  “Uh-- it ain’t no picnic.  You see, Cheiron’s a Centaur--
’s a great warrior-- doesn’t put up with anything.  You learn how
to handle yourself-- learn how to look out for each other.”

Y Jar:  “You and Bartoc-- that’s great!”


Dag:  “Well-- if it isn’t Mr.
‘Look-at-me-I’m-in-the-academy-now’.  What’s your job?  Shooing
flies off the Centaur?”

Y I:  “Well, it sure beats this lame excuse for a crew.  Ahh!”

Dag:  “So-- Hercules has taken our dead buddy back to the farm.
It makes things simple.  Him and the old man are both responsible
for putting that poor kik in the ground!”

Y I:  “Yeah, right-- blame everybody but yourself.  Big man.”

Dag:  “Word is out-- from here to Corinth.  As soon as a few more
crews get here-- Hercules and the old man are dead meat.”

Y I:  “You know?  This has nothing to do with settling things.
This is all about you-- trying to look tough.”

Ken:  “Check it-- I float like a Harpy-- and sting like a
Stymphalian bird!”

Y I:  “And drop like a rock.”

Thug:  “Get him!”

Dag:  “Hey!  You tell your buddy, Hercules, we’ll be coming for
him and the old man!  Stop fighting!  He’s gone!”


Y I’s Voice:  “Herc!”

Neh:  “You’re another of Bartoc’s friends.  Thank you for being

Y I:  “Well-- I had to come.”

Neh:  “Hercules-- would you mind saying a few words?”

Y H:  “Um-- I’m not family.”

Y Jar:  “Please, Hercules?  You were his friend.”

Neh:  “In some ways, you may have known him better than we did.”

Y H [Sighs]:  “Bartoc-- was trying to find his way-- he was, uh--
trying to find who he-- he really was.  That’s not always easy.
I-i-it can be tough-- opening up-- talking about how you feel, or
admitting that you feel-- lost-- or-- forgotten.  Bartoc will
always be with you.  He’ll be in your hearts.  And he’ll hear
_your_ thoughts when you think of him-- and he’ll hear mine, too.
Iolaus?  Wh-wh-what happened?  What are you-what are you doin’

Y I:  “What am _I_ doing here?  Herc-- I don’t know _what_ is
going on, but Dageth is coming after you.  He’s bringing his own
gang, and a bunch of others.”

Y H:  “We need to leave.  I-I-- I can draw them away.”

Y I:  “No, no.  No.  It won’t work.  He’s got a grudge against
Bartoc’s father, too.  You’re both on his hit list.”

Neh:  “Hercules-- I’d like you to stay on awhile-- your friend,

Y I:  “Iolaus.”

Neh:  “Iolaus-- it’d be good for, uh-- Jaris to have someone to
talk to-- who was close to Bartoc.”

Y H:  “W-we’d be glad to-- Nehemiah.”

Y I:  “Close to Bartoc?  You didn’t _tell_ him, did you?!”

Y H:  “No.”

Y I:  “Ya didn’t tell him?”

Y H:  “No.”

Y I:  “Oh, do you want me to tell him?”

Y H:  “No, I don’t want you to”

Y I:  “Well, I’ll tell him!”

Y H:  “Iolaus, I don’t wantcha to say _anything_!  That mans’ son
and that boy’s brother is _dead_ because of me.  Any trouble that
they’re in-- is my fault.  I’ll handle it.”


Tid:  “Claxon, why?!  I kept quiet!  You got off!”

Cla:  “Yeah-- this is just a reminduh [sic]-- in case you change
your mind.”

Tid:  “Ooh!  Oh!  Oh!”

Cla:  “Huh?  Jaris?  What a surprise.  You caught me stepping on
a bug.  I guess that’s some kind of violation.  OK?  Take me to
court-- but I gotta tell ya-- I’m getting tired of you wasting my

Jar:  “I haven’t got time to waste either, Claxon.”

Cla:  “Smart man.  Oh-- just between us-- I strangled that
redhead-- choked the life-- right out of her.  And Tidus, there?
He saw’r [sic] it all.  She was-- frisky, though-- put up a real
good fight.  I’m thinking of looking up her sister.”  [Laughs]

Tid [?]’s Voice:  “Jaris!  Don’t!”

Jar:  “Should have done that a long time ago.”

H:  “Why?  Why?!”

Jar:  “No time.  If I gotta go, I’m take as many like him with me
as I can.”



Cel:  “This didn’t have to happen, Hercules.  I broke the rule.
I gave him extra time.”

H:  “No, I’m the one who’s responsible.  I should have stayed
with him.  He’s afraid of facing death.  That’s why he’s-- doing
this instead of taking care of his son.”

Cel:  “You’d better stop him soon.  If this keeps up, all the
evil he does will outweigh all the good he’s already done in his
life-- and Hades won’t permit him into the Elysisn Fields.”

H:  “I won’t let that happen.  I owe it to his father-- and his


Neh:  “You’re not afraid to get your hands calloused.  Bartoc
never had a taste for it.”

Y H:  “You’ve been doin’ this all your life.  I’m just catchin’

Neh:  “Storm’s comin’.  You better hurry, Son.”

Y I:  “Herc-- they’re here.”

Y H:  “I know.  I saw ‘em-- about 30 by my count.”

Y I:  “Yeah, well maybe we could have headed them off if we left
before-- but now they’ve got us boxed in.”

Y H:  “Nehemiah wouldn’t have stood a chance-- you know that.
What’s on your mind, Iolaus?”

Y I:  “Ok-- you asked for it.  No matter how hard you try, you’re
_never_ gonna take that dead kid’s place!  So the old man called
you ‘Son’-- so what?!  You’re not really his son!  You can’t make
up for killing that kid by stepping into his life!”

Y H:  “That’s not what I’m doin’!”

Y I:  “Oh, really?  Well, you could have fooled me-- and maybe

Y Jar:  “Hercules, you better come outside.”

Dag:  “Now, this is _really_ nowhere.  No wonder Bartoc couldn’t
wait to get away from here-- the place stinks.”

Y I:  “Yeah, talk about stinks, you guys mind standing downwind a
bit?  I just had lunch.”

Y H:  “Cut to the chase, Dageth.”

Dag:  “Thought you might wanna know-- I got rival crews behind
me-- guys who would’ve cut each other’s hearts out a few days
ago.  But you’re our common cause, Hercules.  Thanks to you--
we’re too big to stop.”

Y Jar:  “What’s going on, Hercules?  You know who these guys are,
don’t you?”

Dag:  “You’d be Jaris, huh?  Knew your brother.  Just to show I’m
righeous-- I’m willing to cut you a break.  Join up-- and you
won’t be hurt.  You could even take your brother’s place with

Y Jar:  “What’s he talking about, Hercules?!  You neve said
anything about Bartoc being in a gang!”

Y H:  “Jaris, go to the barn-- now.”

Gang-Banger’s Voice:  “-- going to his Mommy, now?”

Dag:  “What’s up, Herc?  Don’t you think the kid has a right to
hear this?  Especially considering what you did to his big

Gang-Bangers’ Voices:  “Big man!  Get ready to rumble!”  “Wait,
wait, wait.”

Dag:  “The way I see it-- you’re either with us-- or against us.
Come sundown-- everyone against us-- dies.  Let’s go.”

Y I:  “As soon as it get’s dark, maybe we should try and sneak
Jaris outta here.”

Y H:  “No-- he’s safer here where we can watch out for him.”


Y H:  “Hey!  Hey!”

Y Jar:  “Let-- go ’a me!”

Y H:  “Jaris-- what are you doin’?!”

Y Jar:  “They’re those guys my father ran out of town before!  I
heard what they said!  They’re coming for us!  I’m not a kid,
anymore!  I can help fight ‘em!  It’s what Bartoc would have

Y H:  “Jaris, sometimes!  Ya gotta fight-- butcha gotta pick your
time-- and ya gotta pick your place.  Ya can’t be forced into it.
Bartoc forgot that-- that’s what got him killed.”

Y Jar:  “So how’d he really die?  In a gang fight?  Did Dageth do

Y H:  “Jaris, go find your father.  There’s some things I need to
tell him.”

Y I:  “A-a-ah, Herc, maybe now’s not the time, huh?”

Y H:  “No-- I should have been honest from the start.  I need to
tell him what really happened.”


1st Thug:  “Come on, come on!  I did all the hard work, bashin’
that miser-lady over the head.  I got the bigger share comin’.”

2nd Thug:  “She was sound asleep when we broke in-- would’ve
stayed that way, too, had you not made so much racket!”

1st Thug:  “Hey-- you still got me to thank.  Now, she can’t
identify us!”

2nd Thug:  “She was blind, you moron!” 

Jar:  “Hello, boys.”

A Thug:  “Huh?”

1st Thug:  “Jaris-- we won these dinars fair and square in a card

A Thug’s Voice:  “Yeah.”

1st Thug:  “You can’t prove we didn’t.”
Jar:  “You’re right-- I can’t.  Guess what?  I don’t care.”


Thug:  “He’s gone crazy!”

1st Thug:  “Please!  Don’t kill me!  Look!  I confess!  Uh!
I-I-I’m sorry!  It was an accident!”

Jar:  “Shut up!  At least, die like a man!”

H:  “Jaris!  Put the knife down.  Let him go!”

Jar:  “Get out of here, Hercules.  This has nothing to do with

H:  “Put-- the knife down.”

Jar:  “You’ll have to kill me to stop me.  Wouldn’t that be
funny?  If that was the way it was suppposed to happen all



H:  “Not so fast.  I’ll deal with you later.”

1st Thug:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h!  Uh!  Uh!”

A Thug’s Voice:  “Let’s go!”

Jar:  “You should have thrown that knife through my heart.”

H:  “You should listen to your heart.  Listen to your brother,
Bartoc.  He’d tell you that killling isn’t the answer.”

Jar:  “Don’t you get it?  There _is_ no answer.  I’m a walking
dead man!”

H:  “But you’re not dead yet.  Every moment of life is precious.
Spend it with your son.  Spend it with the people who love you.
Because of me, your brother never had that chance-- but you

Jar:  “I’m afraid to die, Hercules.”

H:  “Well-- we all are.”

Jar:  “I can’t fight it, can I?”

H:  “None of us can.  Once we realize that-- the hard part is

Jar:  “Will you tell my son about me, someday?  And tell him his
father loved him?”

H:  “I will, my friend.  I promise.”


Neh:  “What’s the matter?  Jaris said you wanted to see me.”

Y H:  “Nehemiah, there’s a gang here.  Bartoc was one of them.
They attacked me.  I was fighting them off.  Bartoc died because
I killed him.  It was an accident.”

Neh:  “Ah-h!  Ah-h-h-h!  I trusted you!  Took you under my roof!
I treated you like family.”

Y H:  “You have every right to be angry.  I can’t bring Bartoc
back.  I’m sorry.  But I need to get this out in the open-- in
case we don’t get through this one alive.”

Y I:  “Herc!  They’re coming.”


Dag:  “Keep your eyes open!  Don’t give ‘em a chance to slip

Gang-bangers [Yell]:  “Torch this place and everyone in it!  Make
them beg for mercy!”  

Ken:  “Burn, baby-- burn!”


Y I:  “Yo!  Jaris!  Grab the bucket!”



Y H:  “Duck!”

Dag:  “You had your chance with us, kid.”

Y Jar:  “Father!”

Neh:  “Jar-i-i-i-is!  No-o-o-o!”

Y H:  “Come and pick on somebody your own size, Dageth.”

Dag:  “That’s the last time you’re gonna put your hands on me.
You’re dead meat!”

Ken:  “Rip his heart out!”

Y I:  “Hey, Kenickus!  Play nice.”

Y H:  “Come on, Dageth!  Is that all you got?!  Come on!”

Y I:  “Get him, Herc!”

Y H:  “You’re finished, Dageth!  Get out!”


Y H:  “It won’t be the same”

Y Jar:  “It looks good to me.  Thanks, Hercules.”

Y I:  “Time to hit the road, Herc.”

Y H:  “Goodbye, Jaris.”

Y Jar:  “Tell him.”

Neh:  “Hercules-- I just wanna thank you for-- saving Jaris from
the gang.  And, uh-- maybe I can be a-- better father to him than
I was to Bartoc.”


Rena:  “Goodbye, Jaris.”

H:  “He’s with his brother and his father now.”

Rena:  “I know.  Come in.  Have something to eat with us,

H:  “No, no.  You, uh-- you go on.  I’ll-- I’ll be along.”
[Clears throat]

Y H:  “What’s wrong, Herc?”

H:  “This makes two people I’ve buried here-- both too young.”

Y H:  “But you were there for Jaris when he needed you.  You have
nothing to blame yourself for this time.”

H:  “I still can’t help feeling guilty.”

Y H:  “With time and understanding those feelings will fade.”

H:  “But never completely.  We have both-- learned a lot along
the way.”

Y H:  “Well, ya gotta live and learn.”

H:  “Yeah.  It’s too bad-- some of the biggest lessons we learn--
involve losing people we love.”

Y H:  “They’re never really gone, right?  ‘Cause they’re part of
us-- always.”

H:  “Hmm.  Always.”


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