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"City of the Dead"  Episode 109/606


Imenzu [Ime]:  "Egypt is dead.  Our empire was once vast and
unchallenged.  The sound of our apporaching army struck fear in
the hearts of our enemies.  Now-- we cower behind our borders.
We-- trade.  We barter.  We negotiate.  If my father was still
alive, he would strike us all down as traitors!  We have allowed
ourselves to become weak-- and small-- but in our hearts, we are
just as strong as our ancestors.  Greece is defenseless.  Their
gods were nearly destroyed by the deity Dahok.  If we attack
now-- they won't have a prayer."  

Nefertiti [Nef]:  "Why attack a country that's not a threat?"

Ime:  "The Greeks are strong and proud.  They won't take long to
restore their former glory."

Nef:  "We have achived get prosperity through peace-- and while
my dear Imenzu is too _young_ to remember-- the rest of you will
_know_ that war brought us nothing but death."

Man:  "That's true."

Nef:  "I have invited Greece's most famous and noble son-- to
discuss an alliance-- and I will not have this court entertaining
matters of violence!"

Ime:  "Be careful, Mother.  You may find yourself in the minority
on this one."

Nef:  "Then it's a good thing-- _I_ am queen.  Your proposal-- is

Ramses [Ram]:  "Once again my mother-- demonstrates her courage
and wisdom.  If the Greeks are coming-- then we must prepare a
feast-- in their honor."

Nef:  "This court is adjourned."

Ram:  "Well done, Mother."

Nef:  "I only wish your sister was [sic] more behind our cause."


I:  "So then, the-- the good god, Osiris, was persuaded by the
evil god, Iset [?], to-to lay down in the sarcophagus.  But you
see, what Osiris didn't realize-- "

H:  "-- was that it was all a trap.  Osiris was killed, and
that's when he became [Sarcastically], Lord of the Underworld."

I:  "Hah.  I didn't realize you knew so much about Egyptian
history, Herc."

H:  "Well, when you hear the same story four or five times in one
day, ya start ta catch on."

I:  "Sorry, buddy.  It's just, I-I'm so excited!  I mean, Egypt!
You know?  The Sphinx, the Nile-- and-- and the food.  Oh, I
can't wait to get my first bite of genuine Egyptian asp."

H:  "Mmm-mmm, goodie."

I:  "Herc, this is, should be further over.  Hey!  Guess how many
stones there are in the Great Pyramid."

H:  "I don't wanna guess."

I:  "Oh, come on!"

H:  "Uh, I don't know, what?  Uh-- 2,300,000."

I:  "Don't you get tired of being right all the time?"

H:  "Uh-- no."

I:  "Huh."

H:  "I don't wanna disappoint you, buddy, but-- I don't think
we're gonna get a chance to do a whole lotta sightseeing."

I:  "Huh?"

H:  "Queen Nefertiti said her advisors are in a conquering mood.
Hopefully, we can show them that Greece is a friend."

Captain [Cap]:  "Hercules is right.  From what I've heard,
there's been a lot of unrest in Cairo lately."

I:  "Oh, come on.  Since Queen Nefertiti took over-- Egypt has
been one of the most peaceful countries in the known world."

H:  "I guess we'll find out when we get there tomorrow."

Cap:  "Actually, Hercules, we made good time.  We'll reach Egypt

I [Laughing]:  "Yes!  Ha-ha!  Hey!  Do you wanna know what they
do with the Pharaoh's insides before they mummify him?"

H:  "Do I have a choice?"

I:  "Huh?"

H:  "Sure, yeah.  I said, yeah.  Who wouldn't wanna know?"

I:  "OK, so first, they have to take the brain out.  So they get
this long kind'a spatula thing, and then they-- they go up the


I:  "Maybe we're, uh-- early.  It looks like nobody's up yet."

H:  "Strange."

I:  "What?"

H:  "The royal palace-- not a guard in sight.  Something's not


Nef:  [Screams]


H:  "There it is."


H:  "I hope we're interrupting."

I:  "Whaddya think that does?" 

H:  "Well, why don't you find out?"


Egyptian:  "Any closer-- she dies!"

H:  "I haven't heard that one before."

Nef:  [Screams]

H:  "Iolaus!"



Nef:  [Screams]

H:  "Iolaus!"

I:  "What?!"

H:  "Hang in there, buddy!"

I:  "Hold on!  Herc!"

H:  "Come on.  I gotcha."

Nef:  [Screams]

H:  "Whoa!"

Nef:  "Uh!  This is just a guess, but-- you must be Hercules."

H:  "Um."


I:  "Thanks.  Mmm.  Scarab pudding.  Ha-ha.  Herc, ya gonna eat

H:  "It's all yours, buddy."

I:  "Thanks, buddy.  Mmm."

Nef:  "Hercules-- Iolaus-- we are honored by your presence.  May
this be the beginning of a fruitful relationship between our two

H:  "I would like nothing better.  To peace."

I:  "Yeah-- to peace."

Guests [Interrupt]:  "To peace."

Ime:  "Peace is the last offense of the weak."

Nef:  "My daughter's tongue's sometimes too quick-- for her

H:  "Hmm-- Iolaus has the same problem."

I:  "Huh?  Oh, wow!  Asp stew!  I've always wanted to taste

H:  "Yeah, you told me."

Ram:  "We've-- heard many stories of the legend'ry [sic]
Hercules.  Well, in considering the events of last night-- I'm
starting to believe them.  Thank you for saving my mother's

H:  "You're welcome.  Do you have any idea who would wanna harm
your mother?"

Ime:  "I'm afraid that could be almost anyone.  My mother's--
policy of peace at all costs is not being received as well as she
had hoped."

Ram:  "Even-- by her own daughter.  She and my mother have--
differing views on how to run our kingdom.   And this is neither
the time nor the place to discuss it."

H:  "Still, I'd like to help out in any way I can."

Ime:  "Are you saying that our government cannot handle its own

Nef:  "He's doing nothing of the kind.  Your offer is generous,
Hercules, but-- asking a guest to take on such a responsibility
would be considered an offense in our country.  You've already
done more than enough."

H:  "To be honest, I'd be more offended if I couldn't help."

I:  "That's true."

Nef:  "As you wish.  You have the run of the palace-- on one
condition.  You must take some time to experience the beauty and
serenity of our land.  For now-- please-- enjoy the bounty
provided us by the Nile."

I:  "Um-- could somebody pass me the locust cake?  Thanks."

H:  "Don't you think you should pace yourself?"

I:  "Huh?"


H:  "Iolaus-- did you find anything?"

I:  "Uh-h-h-- I don't know, Herc.  I can't find anything
suspicious.  Uh.  Oh, boy.  I gotta sit down."  [Stomach churns]

H:  "I think we're missing something.  Those assassins couldn't
have disappeared without a trace."

I [Stomach churns]:  "Oo-o-oh, well-- no one saw 'em leave the

H:  "Maybe they never went out that door."

I [Belches]:  "Oh-h-h-h.  I think I ate too many locust cakes.
[Stomach churns]  What are you lookin' for?"

H:  "Well, I'm looking for a-- a secret passage."

I:  "Herc?  There's a secret passage.  Herc?"


H:  "Now we know one thing.  It was an inside job."

Ime's Voice:  "I'm sorry that we have to meet in secret-- "

Ime:  "-- but I do it only for the good of Egypt.  The queen has
diverted our military resources to the arts and sciences.  You
know as well as I do that scrolls and statues won't protect us
when our enemies come banging on our doors."

Advisor:  "Nefertiti has brought nothing but good fortune to

Ime:  "The queen has lost sight of everyting that our great
empire once stood for.  Any _loyal_ Egyptian would know that.
Soon-- you will be faced with a choice.  You can allow the queen
to tear down our kingdom stone by stone-- or we can work together
to resurrect the Egypt of our ancestors.  Your actions will
determine the future for this land, for us-- and for our
children.  I thank you for your time.  May Ra shine upon you."

Advisors' Voices:  "Praise be to Ra."

H [Sighs]:  "Interesting speech."

Ime:  "Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong, Hercules.
It's liable to get your head cut off."

H:  "What do you think about that?"

I:  "Well, I think it's potentially fatal.  Uh-- it's good
delivery, excellent style.  I'd give it a 4.5."

H:  "Style I'll give you, but originality?  Mmm, nah.  3.0 tops."

Ime:  "You don't have any idea what's going on here."

H:  "From what I can tell, your mother has done everything in her
power to bring peace to Egypt.  Now, what's wrong with that?"

Ime:  "Oh, so she has you fooled as well.  Frankly, I'm
surprised.  I thought you were more intelligent than that.  My
mother is not the saint that you make her out to be."

I:  "What do you mean?"

Ime:  "You wouldn't understand."

H:  "Enlighten us."

Ime:  "I don't have time for this."

H:  "Oh, but you have time to plot against your mother."

Ime:  "Why don't you get on your boat and go home before you
overstay your welcome?"

H:  "Can't.  We spent all our frequent sailor miles just to get

I:  "Nice comeback."

H:  "Uh, I've been waiting a while to use that one."


Nef:  "Every year, the Nile overflows its banks."

I:  "Yeah, thus depositing a-- a rich black-- well, it's-it's
almost loam, really, or silt, which-- which nourishes the next
year's plants."

Nef:  "That's right, Iolaus."

I:  "Did you know?  At the temple of Carnack [sp?]-- there are
over one hundred and thirty-four columns?"

Nef:  "Actually, I didn't.  I'm impressed."

H:  "Apparently, Iolaus is-- an Egyptologist."

Nef:  "I'm honored.  From here, you can see the pyramids.
They're beautiful, aren't they?"

I:  "Now, you see?  The first one, there?  That's the Great
Pyramid.  That was built first.  The second one-- that's the
pyramid of Kaphra [sp?]-- and that was built second.  And the
third one over there-- that's the pyramid of Minelkra [sp?]-- and
that was built-- uh-- third."

H:  "What about that last one?"

Nef:  "My husband started construction on it just before he

I:  "The Great Pyramid?  That houses the Necronomicon-- which
is-- you know-- the book of the dead, for lay people."

H:  "Thank you."

Nef:  "It did for a long time-- but the Necronomicon's magic is
powerful and dangerous.  And the threat of tomb raiders forced me
to have the priests of Osiris move it to a safer location."

H:  "Queen Nefertiti-- you don't see eye-to-eye with your
daughter, do you?"

Nef:  "I loved my husband-- but he saw Egypt as-- nothing more
than a machine of conquest.  When he died, I saw'r [sic] a chance
to undo all the damage he had done.  But to accomplish that-- I
had to make sacrifices."

H:  "Your children."

Nef:  "My duties took me away from Ramses and Imenzu.  Every
night I'd look in on them and make sure they were safe-- but I
had to leave it to the nurses and the priests to raise them."

H:  "But they felt abandoned."

Nef:  "As Egypt prospered-- my family suffered."

I:  "But-- Ramses seems to understand."

Nef:  "Hm-m-- he didn't-- not for a long time."

H:  "What about Imenzu?"

Nef:  "With age comes maturity.  One day-- she'll understands
[sic] what it means to bear the weight of this."

I:  "Oh-- the royal seal."

H:  "Here it comes."

I:  "May I?  See?  This was first introduced in the second
dynasty by Taseps-ben-hon-soo[sp?]."

H:  "Iolaus."

I:  "And it was used to ratify the Pharaoh's decrees.  You know?
At first-- they didn't have this.  They would use-- stone
cartuches [sp?]."

H:  "Iolaus."

I:  "And they would stand them side by side."

H:  "Hey, look!  The Sphinx!"

I:  "Huh?  Where?"

Messenger:  "My queen, forgive my interruption.  Your presence is
required in the palace."

Nef:  "Excuse me, Hercules-- Iolaus.  A queen's work is never

I:  "Well-- I think we now know-- who was responsible for sending
those assassins."

H:  "Do we?  I'm not so sure."

I:  "Oh, really?  Well, I'm not so sure you saw the Sphinx."

H:  "Egyptiologist."


Ram:  "Is it completed?"

Smith:  "Yes, sire."

Ime:  "The court is primed and ready.  They won't oppose us.
Now, we have only one problem-- Hercules."

Ram:  "Have no fear, Sister.  By this time tomorrow-- the queen
will be queen no more-- and Hercules will be sentenced-- to



I:  "You know?  I've been thinking, Hercules, and-- well-- my
money's on Imenzu."

H:  "Yeah, but something doesn't add up."

I:  "Huh?"  [Chuckles]

H:  "Those assassins weren't assassins."

I:  "Huh?"

H:  "They had plenty of time to kill Nefertiti, even before we
got there.  No, they were there for something else.  Ramses-- I
was just-- what happened with your hand?"

Ram:  "It's just an unfortunate accident-- nothing to concern
yourself with.  Actually-- our meeting is fortuitous, Hercules.
Matters of the court are pressing.  If you would do us the

H:  "After you."

I:  "It's not bad."

H:  "Iolaus."

I:  "Huh?  Oh, uh-- I'll-I'll-I'll come back."

Vendor:  "Madam-- the pyramid at-- [?]."


Ram:  "I'm glad you could join us, Mother."

Nef:  "I was anxious to find out why the court had been assembled
without my permission."

Ram:  "Then I'll get straight to the point.  Why did you bring
Hercules to Egypt?"

Nef:  "I thought that was quite clear."

Ram:  "You all know that I live only to serve my mother-- which
is what makes this so difficult.  But if nothing else, the queen
has taught us all one thing.  Egypt always comes first."

Nef:  "What are you getting at, Ramses?"

Ram:  "You no longer have to keep up the charade.  Spies loyal to
Egypt have intercepted this scroll.  In it, my mother yields half
of Egypt to Greece in exchange for peace.  Tell me, my friends--
what use is half a soul?"

Nef:  "You know I would never betray Egypt."

Advisor:  "I don't believe it."

Ram:  "I didn't believe it, either-- until I saw that it bears
the royal seal."

H:  "Greece has no interest in Egypt-- except as an ally."

Ram:  "We'll hear no more of your treacherous words.  Arrest them
both and my mother!"

Nef:  "Why are you doing this, Ramses?"

H:  "Wait!  May I look at the scroll?  This is a fake.  The seal
is a forgery."

Advisor:  "How do you know?  There is only one seal-- and the
queen has it in her possession at all times."

H:  "Someone made a copy of it.  Ramses, why don't you tell us
what happened with your hand?"

Ram:  "I told you-- it was just an unfortunate accident."

H:  "Well, then, you have nothing to hide, do you?"

Nef:  "I'm so sorry, my son.  Take him!"

Guard:  "Come on, traitor!"


Nef:  "Hercules-- once again, I owe you my thanks.  I can't
believe Ramses was behind all of this.  I can't believe I was so

H:  "It's not your fault."

Nef:  "Yes, it is.  The scars Ramses bears-- were caused by me.
If I had been more present-- in his youth-- "

H:  "We're all faced with choices.  Sometimes that choice is
between two goods.  You did what you thought was right."

Nef:  "For Egypt, yes-- and in so doing, I neglected my duty as a

H:  "It's not too late to make up for lost time."

Nef:  "The crime of high treason-- carries a sentence of death.
Ramses will be executed at dawn."

H:  "And you can't-- alter the sentence."

Nef:  "I can't change the law to benefit myself.  That would go
against everything I've worked for all these years.  Once again--
I'm faced with a choice between my family-- and Egypt.  What
should I do, Hercules?"

H:  "Well, that's not my place to say.  I mean, Ramses knew
exactly what he was doing.  We all have to-- take responsibility
for our actions."

Nef:  "Thank you, Hercules.  If you'll excuse me-- I need time to

H:  "One more thing-- Imenzu was also-- "

Nef:  "I know.  I know."


Ime:  "Mother?  I heard about Ramses.  I don't know what to say."

Nef:  "It's just the two of us.  You can drop the act."

Ime:  "I don't know what you're talking about."

Nef:  "And I don't have time to argue with you."

Ime:  "No time for me?  That's new.  Don't you get it, Mother?
This all happened because of you.  If you had loved us-- "

Nef:  "I am willing to take responsibility for what I've done.
And I'm sorry for what you had to go through growing up-- but I
_do_ love you.  I always have.  And there's nothing you can say
or do to change that.  Your brother is gonna die if I don't do
something about it.  Free him.  Tell him to get out of Egypt as
soon as possible.  And Imenzu-- tell him I love him."


Ime:  "You're dismissed."

Guard:  "But, Princess-- "

Ime:  "You dare defy a royal command?!"

Ram:  "I knew you wouldn't abandon me."

Ime:  "Hurry-- you have to get out of Egypt before they find out
you've gone."

Ram:  "Leave Egypt?  What do you take me for?  A coward?  I'm
gonna put an end to this, once and for all."

Ime:  "Ramses-- it wasn't me who freed you.  It was our mother."

Ram:  "Too little, too late."

Ime:  "Where are you going?"

Ram:  "Play time is over.  There's only one way to restore our
father's kingdom."


I:  "Ramses?"

H:  "Imenzu, where's Ramses?"

Ime:  "You're too late."

H:  "Listen to me.  Your brother needs help.  I have to find

Ime:  "I-I thought we were doing the right thing."

H:  "You have a chance to do the right thing now.  Ramses is
backed into a corner.  He'll lash out at anyone who gets in his
way.  Do you really wanna put innocent lives in danger?  Now,
where-- did he go?"

Ime:  "I don't know."

I:  "What was the last thing he said to you?"

Ime:  "He said he was gonna restore our father's kingdom"


Ram:  "Out of my way!"

Priest:  "Ramses-- you don't know what you're doing!"

Ram:  "What are you afraid of, Priest?  Are you scared of me?"

Priest:  "I'm afraid of what will happen-- when the Necronomicon
is-- returned to Egypt."

Ram:  "Have no fear-- you'll not be alive to see it."


Ime [Gasps]:  "By the gods!"

H:  "Ramses."



Ime:  "Ramkotep?"

I:  "Who was he?"

Ime:  "He raised me and Ramses ever since I can remember.  He
used to-- wake us up in the morning and-- put us to bed at night.
Ramses couldn't have done a thing like this."

H:  "Yeah, I'm sure he was just tryin' to help out."

Ime:  "He was just doing what he thought was best for Egypt.
Sometimes, that means sacrifice."

H:  "How about self-sacrifice?  But then again, that's not the
same thing as-- murder-- is it?"

Ime:  "You don't understand.  Our mother will lead Egypt to

H:  "Don't be ridiculous!  Even if you disagree with her, stop
denying that you love her, or you're gonna end up just like

I:  "Think she'll be all right?"

H:  "If she weren't, she wouldn't have led us here in the first
place.  Somebody didn't clean up after himself.  Ramses has the

I:  "What map?"

H:  "Nefertiti-- had her priest move the Necronomicon to a secret
place.  Inside their own temple-- would have been too obvious."

I:  "So, in order for the descendants to find it, they would need
a map."

H:  "Hmm-- and Ramses needs that map to find the Necronomicon.
Now, the only question is-- how do we find Ramses?"

I:  "Wait a minute-- what better place to hide the book of the
dead-- than in the city of the same name?  Huh?"

H:  "You know how to get to the city of the dead?"

I [Chuckles]:  "Do I know how to get to the city of the dead?
No-- no, I don't.  But, but-- I do know where to-- start looking.
Oh, and, uh, it's-- not that way."


Ram:  [Reads Eygptian chant]


Ime:  "We need to settle this."

Nef:  "Leave us.  I don't know what more I can say besides-- I'm

Ime:  "Mother, can you remember when I was just a child?  Before
you became queen?  We used to take walks along the Nile.  We'd
run out into the water before the guards could stop us.  We'd
both end up soaking wet, and we'd have to sneak back into the
palace before Father could see us."

Nef:  "You were very young.  I'm surprised you remember."

Ime:  "Don't you understand?  That is the only pleasant memory
that I have.  There is nothing else.  When you took the throne, I
lost my mother."

Nef:  "Imenzu-- "

Ime:  "I'm not through.  Ramses is out of control.  Whose fault
that is, it doesn't matter-- but I don't wanna end up like him.
I suppose what I'm saying is-- I don't agree with what you did,
but-- I'm not ready to give you up, either."

Nef:  "I'm glad to hear that."


I:  "OK, see?  There's an eye-- an owl, bird-- squiggly lines.
This is where the Necronomicon is."

H:  "So, how do we open it?"

I:  "Yeah, um-- OK, look.  Yeah, see?  Some hieroglyphs [sp?],
so-- well, I guess, all I gotta do is, uh-- push 'em in the right

H:  "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

I:  "Who knows all the names of the Egyptian gods?"

H:  "Iolaus, I just don't think you should-- you pushed it."

I:  "Yeah."

H:  "Oh, that's good."

I:  "All right-- th-this is OK.  Uh-- I just gotta try-- another
one [?]."

H:  "Iolaus, wait."

I:  "Ha-ha.  Huh?  Ha-ha?  Ha-ha-ha.  Yeah, good.  Uh-- OK, OK,
one more, just-- "

H:  "Uh-uh.  Uh-uh-uh-uh.  It's my turn."

I:  "Uh, Herc.  Uh-- Herc?  Uh-- come on!"


H:  "Looks like Ramses beat us to it."

Ram:  "Actually-- you're just in time-- to witness my ascension."

H:  "Ramses, you don't know what you're doing."

Ram:  "First-- I'm gonna put a final end to you and your friend.
And then I'm gonna remake Egypt in my image.  I believe I know
exactly what I'm doing."

H:  "We're trying to help you!"

Ram:  "Really?  Seems you're gonna have to try a little harder."

H:  "This can't be good."




I:  "Herc!  Mine's made of stone!  Any suggestions?!"

H:  "I'm workin' on it."

I:  "Herc?!"

H:  "A couple of hacks."

I:  "Huh?  Oh [Chuckles]-- funny."


Ram:  "You always did like the water."

Ime:  "Ramses.  The Necronomicon."

Ram:  "Our victory is at hand.  We will be gods, Imenzu-- and
then-- we will resurrect our father's Egypt.  Come-- there is
much to do."

Ime:  "Wait.  Are you sure that this is the right thing?"

Ram:  "This is precisely what we've been waiting for."

Ime:  "I'm just not sure that this is the way we want to achieve
our goals."

Ram:  "The taint of the foreigner is all over you.  What did
Hercules do to you?"

Ime:  "Nothing!  Look, you're taking this too far.  You're losing
yourself in your anger."

Ram:  "Hercules has fed you this poison!  Can't you see?!  He and
our mother have orchestrated all of this!  They forced us to it!
I need you.  You're the only one I can trust.  We've made it this
far by relying on each other.  This is our chance to bring back
Egypt to its former glory.  It will all be over soon.  And then
we can begin our new life together."


Ram:  [Speaks Egyptian]

I:  "Ramses had the Necronomicon."

Nef:  "I know.  He'll have the power to destroy whoever gets in
his way."

H:  "We'll see about that."

Nef:  "You don't understand.  There's no saving him now."

I:  "He's your son!"

Nef:  "My husband was obsessed with the Necronomicon.  He thought
it would make him a god.  Before he could complete the spell-- I
managed to get the book away from him.  And without its power,
its magic turned on him and he was destroyed.  That's how my
husband died-- by my hand."

H:  "Does Ramses know this?"

Nef:  "No!  I know you'll do everything in your power to save my
son-- but in the end, you must do whatever it takes-- to save

Woman's Voice:  "No-o-o-o-o!"

Ram:  [Speaks Egyptian]

H:  "Ramses!"

Ram:  "Congratulations.  You'll be the first to bow down to me."

H:  "You know?  You give egomaniacs a bad name."


H:  "I will never-- bow to you."

I:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h!"

Ram:  "Give me the book!"

Nef:  "Don't!  Your father tried to use that book to become a
god.  It killed him."

Ram:  "I'm well aware of my father's failure, Hercules-- but it
was his faith in my mother that destroyed him, not the
Necronomicon.  Imenzu-- "

H:  "Your brother doesn't care about Egypt or its people.  He's
only out for revenge."

Ram:  "A noble attempt, Hercules-- but my sister and I are one
and the same.  Our destinies lie together."

H:  "Imenzu-- don't listen to Ramses.  Don't listen to me!  Just
listen to your heart."

Ram:  "No-o-o!  You'll be the first one to die!"

H:  "Ramses, wait!  Without the book, you'll have no protection
from the magic!"

Ram:  [Speaks Egyptian]

H:  "Iolaus-- get her out of here."

I:  "This way!  Come on!  Herc, you can't save him!"

H:  "I have to try!"

I:  "Go!  Go!  Go!  Come on!"

H:  "Ramse-e-e-e-e-es!"

Ime:  "Hercules?"

I:  "Hercules."


H:  "I'm sorry about Ramses."

Ime:  "It's not your fault.  You can't save someone from

H:  "Maybe, you can."

Nef:  "Hercules-- I'm the one to blame-- and I'm not gonna make
that same mistake again."

Ime:  "Thank you for giving me my life back.  I don't how I can
repay you."

H:  "How about by becoming a family, again?  Has anyone seen

I:  "Yo, Herc!  Here!"  [Chuckles]

H:  "Uh-- nice hat.  Looks good."

I:  "Thanks!  I got you one, buddy."

H:  "Really?"

I:  "Yeah."

H:  "Well, how thoughtful."

I:  "Come on.  Put it on."  [Laughter]

H:  "It's gonna be a long trip home."

I:  "Huh?"

H:  "I said, it's gonna be a fun trip home."

I:  "Yeah.  You know, it is because-- I met this guy-- and he
claims to have memorized-- all of the secret codes-- ."


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