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“Fame”  Episode 20/120


Narrator:  “Last time, on Young Hercules-- ”

[[[[[[H:  “Orpheus-- when you’re right, you’re right.  This place
is amazing.”  Eurydice [Eur]:  “Be one of us-- Hercules--
forever-ever.”  H:  “Nooooo!”  Bacchus [Bac]:  “After them!”  H:
“Whoa, whoa.”  Cheiron:  “The mark of the Bacchae.  Come
sundown-- she’ll belong to Bacchus.”  H:  “We’ll see about that.”
Orpheus [Or]’s Voice:  “Some of the Bacchae remember a story-- ”
Or:  “-- a kind of riddle-- about-- washing your spirit clean.”
Bac:  [Yells]  H:  “Are you OK?”  Lilith [Lil]:  “I think so.”
H:  “Come on.”]]]]]]

I:  “Hercules!  Hercules.  Uh!  Where’s Jason?  He’s gotta hear

H:  “He’s gettin’ ready for his coronation.  Hey, did you know,
who’s drilling the honor guards?”

I:  “Oh, not Lilith.”

H:  “Uh-huh.”

I:  “Poor guards.  Oh, well-- their loss.  Guess who’s performing
live at Kora’s tonight?  Orpheus.”

H:  “Ooh!  Can we finish this later?”

I:  “So, are you gonna come along to the biggest event ever, or
are you gonna stay here doing-- Hercules things?”

H:  “Iolaus-- is it just me, or do you remember that Orpheus and
Eurydice used to snag victims for my brother, Bacchus?  Huh?
They tried to suck us into their sick little cult.”

I:  “This is at Kora’s.  OK?  You beat the Bacchae cult.  You
beat Bacchus.  He’s out of the picture.”

H:  “He’s a god, Iolaus.  They’re never out of the picture”

I:  “You’re missing the point, Hercules.  Eurydice and Orpheus
are stars, now.  They need management.  They need protection.
Y’see?  That’s where you and me come in.”

H:  “No-- that’s where I get off.”

I:  “OK.  Fine, I’ll-- I’ll just tell Eurydice you can’t make

H:  “No.  No, I mean-- I didn’t say I’m not comin’-- I, you know,
I just-- meant that I’m only goin’ to keep you out of trouble.
Ooh!  Let’s go.”


Bac’s Voice:  “Do not let these two enter.”

I:  “Thank you.”

Ticket Agent:  “Yeah.”

Bouncer [Bou]:  “Hold it!”

I:  “Oh.  Oh, no, no, it’s OK.  We’re friends of the band.”

Bou:  “Take a hike-- losers!”

Girl’s Voice:  “Hey!  Jerk.”

H:  “Just forget it.  All right?”

Eur:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Eurydice.”

Eur:  “By the gods!  This is wonderful!  Let me give you some

H:  “Thanks.”

Bou:  “Now, wati a minute!”

Eur:  “Get back to your post.  These are honored guests.”

H [Mouths]:  “Honored guests.”

Eur:  “Follow me.  You’re not gonna believe-- Orpheus’ music.
This is gonna be the most incredible thing you’ve ever

H:  “Oh, yeah.  Mm-hmm.”

Bac:  “Incredible, yes-- and maybe-- the last--”



H:  “Eurydice!”

Groupie:  “A pass?  Are you a friend of the band?”

I:  “A-ha!  Oh-- oh, yes.  Me and Orpheus-- we go _way_ back.”

H:  “Eurydice!”

Eur:  “Over here!”

H:  “OK.  Hey, I’m gonna, uh, uh-- ”

I:  “That’s great.  OK.”


Bac:  “I told you-- not-- to admit Hercules.”

Bou:  “I tried, Bacchus.  But Eurydices [sic] let him in.  You
said not to make her suspicious.”


Eur:  “Oh, Hercules!  It’s so great to see you, again!”

H:  “Uh-- uh-- uh-- w-, you, too.  Uh, I’m a-I’m a little
confused, still.  I mean, I thought that you, uh-- weren’t you
a-- ?

Eur:  “A Bacchae?”

H:  “Hmm.”

Eur:  “Yeah, but-- now I’m free.”

H:  “Oh.  How?”

Eur:  “Orpheus did it.  Oh-- Hercules, you would have no idea how
fabulous he is!  He worked it out with Bacchus.”

H:  “Yeah-- he’s fabulous.”

Eur:  “My life’s my own again, and I owe it _all_ to Orpheus.”

H:  “He’s sure doin’ well for himself, huh?  Oh-- ”

Eur:  “Isn’t it great?  He’s finally getting all the fame he

H:  “That’s, uh-- that’s great.” 


Bou:  “What’s Hercules want?  Huh?  Orpheus?”

I:  “Hey!  Orpheus!  Over here, buddy.”

Or:  “Iolaus.  Hey, I’m glad you could make it, really.”

I:  “Hey, man.”

Or:  “So, um, did-- did Hercules, uh-- come with you?”

I:  “Uh-- yeah, yeah, I think he’s, uh-- I think he’s backstage.”

Or:  “Terrific.  Terrific.  Well, ladies, this man helped save my
life.  Treat him well.”

Groupie:  “It’s great to meet you.”


Eur:  “Almost time to go on.  How do you like my outfit?”

H:  “Well, it’s great, but-- we need to talk.  Eurydice, there’s
something very wrong.”

Eur:  “Don’t you like it?”

H:  “Oh-- no, no, it’s not the outfit.  It’s, um-- it’s you.
It’s like you’re hidin’ somethin’, even from yourself.”

Or:  “There you are.  By the gods, Hercules, it’s good to see you
again.  You’re staying for the concert, I hope.”
H:  “It’s a nice lyre you have, there.”

Or:  “Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Have you ever seen anything like it?”

H:  “Yeah.  Bacchus has one.”

Or:  “A-ha-ha-- had one.  It’s mine, now.  And, through it, I can
touch the very souls of my audience.  I can feel them _adore_ me.
It’s fabulous.”

H:  “Yeah-- I’m sure it is.  How did you get it?”

Or:  “Negotiation.  Bacchus is, after all, a patron of the arts.”

H:  “You made a deal with Bacchus?  How could you do that?  You
know how dangerous he is?”

Crowd’s Voices [In Background]:  “Or-phe-us! [Etc]”

Or:  “Well-- ask her is she likes her new freedom.  Ask them if
they like my music.  Enjoy the performance, Hercules.  My
audience awaits.”

Eur:  “I appreciate your concern, Hercules.  But really--
everything’s fine.”

H:  “Really?”


H:  “Say goodbye, Iolaus.”

I:  “Oh-oh.  We can’t go yet.”

H:  “Yeah, we can.”

I:  “No-- we can’t.”

H:  “Yes-- we can.”

I:  “Don’t _do_ this to me, Hercules.  Ooh!” 

Girl’s Voice:  “I love you!  I love you!”


I:  “Hercules!  Hercules!  There were three girls.  Three girls
talkin’ to me-- just ‘cause I knew Orpheus!”

H:  “And they want Orpheus, OK?  Orpheus-- not us.  Now,
something’s very wrong, here.  We’re going.”


Bac:  “Hercules knows.”

Or:  “What a surprise.  Couldn’t just lie low for once concern
now, could ya?”

Bac:  “I will _not_ be intimidated by my half-brother.”

Or:  “A close family you have.  Look-- this is not my problem.
I’m upholding my end of our deal.  My concerts bring in more new
Bacchae than you can handle.”

Bac:  “Oh, but it is your problem, Orpheus.  Now that Hercules
knows, he’ll try to stop us.  And if he succeeds-- that will be
the end of our deal-- Eurydice’s freedom, and your fame.”

Or:  “And your supply of new servants.  Look-- Hercules knows
that Eurydice’s freedom is part of my deal.  He’s not gonna try
to stop me.  He’s gonna try to stop you.  Ball’s in your court,
Horn-boy.  Deal with it.”

Bac [Yells]:  “That musician’s fame has made him arrogant.  When
all this is over-- I _will_ take Eurydice from him-- just to
remind him-- who’s responsible for all his glory.”

Bou:  “But-- what of Hercules?”

Bac:  “At the concert-- Hercules will try to interfere.  But
we’ll be ready-- and Hercules-- will be destroyed.”  [Laughs]



Cheiron:  “I sense a new resolve in you, Hercules. You’ve set
yourself a mission.”

H:  “Yeah-- to put an end to this cult, once and for all.  Is
there any weapon I can use to fight off the Bacchae?”

Cheiron:  “Yes-- nothing in this room.  The undead can only
defeated by their own.  Such weapons are not easy to come by.”

H:  “Just tell me where to get ‘em.”


I:  “Dryads?  This is crazy.  You sure we have to do this?”

H:  “I do; you don’t.  You can go back if you want to.”

I:  “Oh-- now, you tell me.  Whoa.  You think he, uh-- might just
give us one of his bones if-- if we ask?”


H:  “Oh, uh-- sorry, uh-- .  Listen, we-we really needed one of
your bones, though, you know?  Hope you understand.”

I:  “OK, so the, uh-- thigh bone’s connected to the, uh-- ”

H:  “Yeah, the hip bone.”

I:  “Yeah, and the hip bone’s connected to the-- ”

H:  “Uh-- whatever.  Let’s call the whole thing off, huh?
Thanks.  Well, uh-- that went pretty well, don’tcha think?”

I:  “Hmm-- not for him, though.”

H:  “No.”

H and I:  “Oh, well.”


Bou:  “Our spies report that Hercules is headed for the concert.”

Bac:  “Then it has come to this.  My half-brother has challenged
my will for the last time.    All of you!  To the concert!  Run,
my Bacchae!  Destroy Hercules!”

Bou:  “Come, Bacchae!”


Eur:  “It can’t be.  Orpheus!  This-- was the deal you made?!  To
keep recruiting for Bacchus behind my back?!”

Or:  “Come on, Sweetheart.  Look-- I did it for you.  It’s what
we wanted, isn’t it?  To be free?  It’s worth delivering a few
slaves to Bacchus.”

Eur:  “No!  I can’t do this!  I won’t-- be part of this!  Not for
you!  Not for anyone!  It’s over!”

Or:  “Huh?”

H:  “Ladies and gentlemen-- !”

Eur:  “Hercules!”

H:  “I don’t mean to alarm you, but there are Bacchae-- in the


H:  “Get outta here before Bacchus can take you back.”

Eur:  “What about Orpheus?  Leave him alone!”

Bac:  “Our deal is over.  You’re both mine again!”

Eur:  “Never.”

Or:  “Ho-Ho-Honey-- maybe we should talk about this.”

Eur:  “Orpheus and I will never serve you again.”

Or:  “Eurydice!”

Bac:  “Then pay the price.”

Eur:  “Orpheus!  Are you hurt?”

Bac [Laughs]:  “Foolish mortal!  _I_ am eternal!”

H:  “Your hold on these people isn’t.”

Bac:  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I:  “I was Cheiron was right, huh?”

H:  “Yeah”

I:  “It worked like a charm.”

H:  “Look at that.”

Girl:  “What happened?!”

I:  “You could tell her the truth.”

H:  “What’s that?  He’s a lying creep?  Wouldn’t matter, anyway.
I mean-- she’s made her choice.  So-- Orpheus-- I guess, now that
you’ve rejected Bacchus, you’re uh-- you’re gonna get rid of that
think, right?”

Or:  “Uh-- right.”

H:  “Right.”


H:  “So-- you ready?”

Or:  “I guess.  Well, so much for glory-- for music-- for fame--
and for Bacchus’ lyre.  Good riddance.”

Eur:  “You still have your music-- and me.”

Or:  “Yeah.  Yeah.  I guess I don’t need Bacchus or the lyre to
make it, huh?”

Eur:  “Sometimes, following your destiny involves great

I:  “What she said.  Come on.”


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