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Season 1, episode 15
Series 115
1st release: 02/05/96
2nd release: 05/27/96
3rd release: 05/19/97
1st strip release: 08/27/98
2nd strip release: 11/19/98
Production number: 76921
Script number: 116
Approximate shooting dates: November-December 1995
Last update: 03-08-00


(Philemon) Iain Rea
(Lias) Norman Forsey
(Mineus) Latham Gaines

Patrick Smith (Glauce)
Michelle Huirama (Tesa)
Jason Hoyte (Timus)
Jonathan Acorn (Mirus)
Ian Miller (Low Life)
Chris Bohm (Guard)
Mia Koning (Waif)

Written by Brenda Lilly
Edited by Jim Prior
Directed by Michael Levine

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The Warrior Princess learns that life as a blue blood can be a royal pain in the neck when she stands in for a lookalike princess whose life has been threatened by assassins.

Xena trades places with a princess who looks strikingly similar to herself in order to get to the bottom of a series of recent assassination attempts.

Xena trades identities with a look-alike princess in order to defeat the young woman's would-be assassins.

Assassins threaten Xena's double, a princess.

1st RELEASE: 02/05/96
An AA average of 5.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) STAR TREK DS9 12th with 6.5
(2) HERCULES 14th with 5.9
(3) XENA/BAYWATCH 15th with 5.5

2nd RELEASE: 05/27/96
An AA average of 5.0
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) STAR TREK DS9 8th with 5.4
(2) XENA 9th with 5.0
(3) HERCULES 1oth with 4.9

3rd RELEASE: 05/19/97
An AA average of 5.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) XENA 12th with 5.6
(2) HERCULES 13th with 5.0
(3) STAR TREK DS9 15th with 4.9


This synopsis is by Kym Taborn.

Amazing, but true: the cousin of Sisyphus (does brains run in this family or what?) hires Xena to protect his daughter, Diana, who is, no kidding, an exact double of...Xena! It seems that Diana is about to marry Mineus (arranged of course; they have never met) in order to join two kingdoms together. Part of the deal is that Mineus' kingdom must give up slavery. This does not set well with the slave trade lobbyists. The king fears an assassination attempt upon Diana, who has only left the castle twice before and is rather naive. Xena agrees to go undercover as Diana, while, instead of hiding Diana in a secure place, Diana is forced to dress up like Xena and is thrown out of the castle.

Xena-as-Diana then meets Philemon, the brother of Mineus. He was sent to make the final arrangements and preparations for the marriage and fusion of the two kingdoms. He has secretly fallen in love with Diana. He can sense something different with Diana, but he takes it as pre-wedding heebie- jeebies.

Meanwhile, Diana-as-Xena comes across Gabrielle in the midst of an attack. Gabrielle thinks it's a test and so clobbers the fiend. Gabrielle doesn't believe Diana's story until Diana starts to cry. Gabrielle finally gets the clue and agrees to help Diana survive on the outside.

Xena-as-Diana thwarts off an assassination attempt and realizes that someone is allowing the assassins to enter the castle. Later that evening, Xena-as-Diana meets Mineus and avoids playing a harp by breaking the strings.

Gabrielle and Diana-as-Xena slowly bond on the road. Diana-as-Xena is exposed to some poor folks and is shocked. As Gabrielle feeds the folks, Diana-as-Xena almost decapitates everyone by throwing her "rounding killing thing." When Gabrielle tells Diana-as-Xena it's called a chakram, Diana- as-Xena says, "Bless you."

At last Philemon discovered his beloved is not his beloved. Xena fends off another attack and finds out that General Bromius is behind the assassination attempts. When they go to Bromius' room, he has committed suicide. Philemon suspects murder. The King assumes that the peril is over, so he recalls Diana home. Diana returns and Xena leaves. Philemon realizes it was murder and rushes out to find Xena to bring her back. At the wedding, just as Philemon feared, another attempt is made on Diana's life. However, Diana is really Xena-as-Diana and beats the pants off of everyone at the wedding. Meanwhile, Diana-as-Xena gets Philemon to admit his love for Diana. Back at the wedding, Mineus absolutely refuses to marry Diana because of her actions at the wedding. Happy ending!!! And Argo gets a well-brushed tail.


Commentary Kym Taborn.

Not to be confused with HTLJ's "Warrior Princess", which was a dark gothic terse drama compared to "Warrior...Princess", "Warrior...Princess" is most notable for reaching the apex of silliness for the first season. "Royal Couple of Thieves" and "The Prodigal" attempted to aspire to the low-humor of this episode, but they never stood a chance. Slapstick and broad physical comedy was used in good measure. The energy that Ms. Lawless put into the roles was no doubt a relief after playing the stern, uptight Xena for over half a year. For the most part, except for a few brief moments in "Altared States", Ms. Lawless had played Xena very stern and humorless, reserving Xena's emotional expression exclusively while in the heat of battle or in strategy power-plays.

Lucy Lawless actually played four characters in this romp: Xena, Diana, Xena as Diana, and Diana as Xena. All four were distinct and never were confused during the show. It was always very clear which character was on screen, excepting of course the end where the trick was played upon the audience as well. However, there were subtle things done by Ms. Lawless which became obvious after multiple viewings of the last act of the episode.

Lucy Lawless amplifies the confusion in the second season sequel WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (episode #30), where yet another lookalike, Meg, enters the picture. Then, Ms. Lawless gets to show off her acting chops as three people pretending to be two other people each: Xena pretends to be Meg and Diana; Meg pretends to be Xena and Diana; but Diana only pretends to be Xena. For you non-math majors, that's eight different roles for Ms. Lawless to take on!


03-08-00. Steve Sears, a former co-executive producer of XENA, appeared on the NetForum on or around February 4, 2000, under his Tyldus rubric, and shared the following:

[responding to this question] (And what do you think of the editing of episodes from tv stations?)

I understand that overseas, this is a huge problem. Every country has their own time-out for TV shows. And, sometimes, it's less than we give them. So the local companies edit out what they think is unimportant or inappropriate. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. However, I do know that it has also happened here in the US, some stations wanting to squeeze in more advertising space out our expense. Studios USA goes after those stations when it happens...

...Another time, in "Warrior...Princess", there was a great line at the end of an act where the prince was stepping in to protect who he thought was the Princess (it was Xena). He says something to the effect of "Stay behind me, this is going to get ugly" Behind him, we see Xena's demeanor change and she says "YOu have no idea!" It was a great line, but it was CUT to get to commercial. RJ, Rob and myself were on the phone to the station immediately. They claimed it was a computer timing glitch and they'd fix it. They did... the next time it happened.


Interaction between Gabrielle and Princess Diana dressed as Xena, especially the 'round killing thing' and 'bless you' scene.

Xena as Princess Diana and trying to beat up bad guys without her chaperone noticing.


Click here to read a transcript of WARRIOR...PRINCESS.


Neither Xena nor her remarkably coincidental identical twin, Diana, were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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