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Xena's Armor & Chakram

Xena with swordXena's current armor is different from the heavy warlord armor she wore in the early Hercules episodes.  It's brown rather than black, and is markedly less ornate (and somewhat more practical).  She also no longer wears a cape, so the intriguing claw-like epaulets are missing.  From DESTINY [#36], we know that the design on her breastplate was copied from that of her mentor, M'Lila.

The chakramThe weapon most identified with Xena is the chakram.  It is based on a razor-sharp metal ring used by the Sikhs, a fierce fighting sect in the Punjab of India.  They didn't throw it the way Xena does; rather, the Sikhs held the chakram between their thumb and index finger and threw it from neck level, perhaps whirling it around the index finger for extra velocity.  Chakra were often very ornate in design.  They were lethal to approximately 50 yards, and could cause significant damage up to 100 yards.  The Sikhs carried several at once, and wore them wrapped in their turbans.  (Sources: Nick Nayko ; Guns & Ammo Knives, p. 98 ; Weapons, New York : St Martin's Press, 1990, p. 81.)  The design for one side of Xena's chakram was inspired by Lao Ma.  Just where Xena obtained this amazing weapon and where she learned to wield it with such skill is as yet unknown.

In CHAKRAM [#92], Xena combines her chakram (the so-called Dark Chakram) with the Chakram of Light to create a new weapon. The new chakram can split into two parts, and can be used for hand-to-hand combat.

Chakra are in high demand among Xenites.  At the Burbank convention, one of the chakra used on the show was auctioned off for over $8000!  Replicas are available to people on more limited budgets.  Check the merchandise page for details!

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