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Xena-related Merchandise

Happily, the amount of available Xena merchandise (fondly known as "Xenabilia") is steadily increasing in quantity and variety.  Most items are (or will soon be) available through the Official Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Club, including caps, t-shirts, photos, mugs, and chakram-inspired jewelry. Additionally, the Official Xena & Hercules Online Store has many items not found anywhere else.

Miscellaneous Xenabilia

I get most of my Xenastuff at a wonderful store called Remember When.  They carry t-shirts, posters, stills, trading cards, sci-fi magazines (many with Xena-related articles) and comic books of all kinds.  They're happy to order and mail things!

Remember When
2431 Valwood Parkway
Dallas, TX 75234
vox: (972) 243-3439
fax: (972) 243-1858

Videotapes of the first two seasons (episodes 1-46) are available.  You can order the either season as a set from the Official Xena & Hercules Online Store.  They also have the first two seasons of Hercules.  They're $169.95 per set, and include a lot of cool extras.

Action Figures

ToyBiz has come up with two lines of credible action figures, in 6" and 12" sizes. You can buy them at Power Star Collectibles online.

The original diminutive dollies are so hard to find that the possession of one affords its owner an almost mystical cachet.  There were originally three of them, made by Toy Biz: two 5-inch models (referred to as Xena I and Xena II) and one 10-inch.  Xena I proudly wore the Xena armor, and was equipped with a sword and a shield.  Xena II was seductively clad in the red peasant dress that Xena wore in THE WARRIOR PRINCESS (HTLJ #09) and came with a chakram and a spear.  The 10" Xena came with BOTH outfits, sword, and chakram.  None of them looked much like Xena.  (And they were obviously designed by non-fans—when was the last time you saw Xena use a shield?!?)  But they were the best we had at the time.

They're also VERY hot items in Action Figure Land.  Stories of toy hustlers abound.  If you want a dollie, your best bet is to get on a mailing list and let everyone know.  There are people out there who are more than willing to help you.  Xenites are great about this sort of thing!

Several XWP figures appeared in mid-'98:  two new 6-inch Xenas, a 6-inch Gabrielle, a 6-inch Callisto, and 11-inch Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto dollies.  6-inch versions of Autolycus, Velasca, and Xena in a harem outfit were released in December '98, and Xena in her red Roman outfit and a new Gabrielle due out soon.  A 5-inch Salmoneous action figure (now, there's an oxymoron!) was released as part of the HTLJ "Olympics" series.  Now, if we can just get Ephiny, Ares, Joxer, Marcus, Draco, Argo...

Trading Cards

The first Xena card set was released by Topps in April 1998, the second series in September 1998, and the third in June 1999. Xena was also featured on several cards in the 1996 "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys" card sets, also published by Topps.


Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic: the Gathering, have created a similar (i.e., card-based) fantasy game based on Xena. It was released in Summer 1998, and can be used with the Hercules game. There is a base set of 180 cards,the Battle Cry expansion set of 75 cards, and a set of Hercules cards, which can be intermingled with the Xena cards. There are no plans for further expansion sets.

The Hercules and Xena Roleplaying Game, written by George Strayton,and published by West End Games, provides "Dungeons & Dragons"-style roleplay, but set in the world of myth and legend that Hercules and Xena occupy. The boxed set is comprised of the players' guide (which is also available alone), a Gamemasters' guide, a GM screen to hide behind, some sample adventures, and a set of groovy custom dice. West End Games has filed for Chapter 11 protection, so getting hold of this RPG is becoming more difficult.

There is also a Xena Board Game, which uses cardboard hexes. It can be combined with the Hercules board game for a game-playing experience nonpareil.

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