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Edition Refusing to ask for directions, Godzilla accidently attacks Toledo again

Godzilla Gallery

Welcome to our Godzilla Gallery. Godzilla and his ilk are just too fun and cute not to celebrate. I am going to exhibit my growing collection of Godzilla moments for the world to enjoy, no matter what those guys in the white coats over there say!

Last update: 01-03-02

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Yum! These bullet trains are perfect for a between battle snack! They're grrrrr-eat!

Godzilla prefers his trains al dente

Godzilla, after realizing he had no opposable thumb, nonetheless came to the aid of his horned house guest

Godzilla kept his teeth strong and healthy by not eating between meals -- or at least that's what he told his mother

Look into my eyes...you are getting sleepy....very sleepy...now tell me where Tokyo is...

No one can say no to Godzilla's bedroom eyes. Sadly, there are no other Godzillas for him to mate with.

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