Whoosh! Issue Ten - July 1997


IAXS Research Project #164
By Julie Ruffell
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Darphus! Bad boy! I want you to clean up after all this. No
sex for you.

The Old Xena (tm) in a flashback surveying the damage she has done
after a good day's work

[01] What follows is a history of known events in Xena's life up to the end of the episode, SINS OF THE PAST (#01). This report presents the events and people in Xena's life who helped to shape her. It is based upon incidences and affiliations that Xena and others have mentioned or encountered throughout XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS up to the second season episode, DESTINY (#36). The Xena trilogy from HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS also has been included in this review.


[02] Little is known of Xena's childhood except for some relationships and one major event, making it difficult to understand her as a child. Xena, from what we can tell, at first had a good, loving relationship with her father. Xena trusted him to keep her safe and to be there for her. Xena was first introduced into the world of deception when one day her father left, never to return. Our young heroine was torn. How could someone she loved and trusted so dearly have betrayed her (TIES THAT BIND #20)?

[03] Xena had two brothers, Lyceus, the youngest and Toris, the eldest. Xena always had the closest relationship with Lyceus, which is why his death was all the harder on her (REMEMBER NOTHING #26 and DEATH MASK #23).

Yes, and after you fell out of the tree I would kick you. I
was so cute.

Xena and Flora in the hoosegow reminiscing about the good old Amphipolis days when Xena tormented Flora as only a sister-like-person could

[04] An important childhood friend of Xena's was Flora. Xena thought of Flora as a younger sister and watched out for her, yet, even at a young age, Xena was able to teach Flora about trust. Flora told the story of the tree in THE BLACK WOLF (#11). Xena would hold out her hand to help Flora up the tree, and then at the last moment, take it away. Xena taught Flora that she had to help herself. She had to be able to stand on her own, not rely upon others. Perhaps Xena felt this way because of her father.


[05] Xena lived a very simple life with her family and friends and probably would of settled down, with children, if not for the events that shattered her world.

[06] It began one day when the unexpecting villagers of Amphipolis looked up in horror as an army, lead by the warlord, Cortese, approached their village. People were robbed and killed. Houses were broken into and burned; then army was gone with a promise to return. Xena was devastated. Toris told the villagers that they needed to flee. Xena disagreed. She and Lyceus had practiced some simple fighting and they could both handle a sword fairly well. Xena rallied the villagers and told them that they had to fight back.

[07] When Cortese returned with his army, he was surprised to find that Amphipolis was not going to roll over. The battle was long and hard, but, in the end, Xena's side triumphed. There was a problem, however. Xena had lost Lyceus to the other side. The brother she had held so dear, was dead. This filled Xena with great anger that she needed to satisfy.

If you ever ask me to that again, Rob, you **are** dead

The Old Xena (tm) as a wildly successful pirate on the Aegean looking for plunder, ransom, and some hot Roman love
in DESTINY (#36)

[08] Xena gathered together the victorious villagers and told them that this battle had only been the beginning. Now they needed to send a message to everyone, that Amphipolis was not helpless. Xena and her army took control of the surrounding villages, providing more protection to her home land. At the end of every battle, Xena announced to the survivors that they would be safe from her, as long as they never allied themselves with the enemies of Amphipolis. Xena won every battle (DESTINY #36]


[09] Now that Amphipolis was safe, Xena's job was done. Xena, however, no longer found joy in her work. She was becoming bored with this life and needed something new.

[10] Xena stood on the deck of her boat, watching as one of her men hit a Roman noble who had insulted him. The Roman kept his form and his calm, even as Xena's man drew his sword. The man was just about to kill the Roman, when Xena interfered. Xena states that he's worth twenty thousand dinars in ransom. The Roman tells her that he's worth five times that. Xena looks at the Roman who is so confident and smiles. She orders that the nearest Roman camp be told to sent one hundred thousand dinars.

  • XENA: ...if they ever want to see -- what's your name?"
  • CAESAR: Caesar. Julius Caesar.
  • XENA: Caesar. Julius Caesar, again.

[11] Xena holds her sword to a basket telling the stow-away not to move. Xena uses her sword to remove the cover and a person dressed in a hooded, brown cloak, leaps out. Xena's men move in to fight, but the hooded person takes them all out with lighting quick moves. Xena kicks, but the person grabs her leg and, using pressure points, renders Xena's leg useless. Xena falls to the deck and watches as the person uses pressure points on the neck of one of her men. The hooded person continues to beat Xena's men, using moves that she herself will later use. Xena pulls out a knife and throws it. It cuts the mast free, which covers the hooded person. Xena uses her sword as a walking stick and staggers over to the captive. She removes the hood to reveal a woman. Xena demands her leg fixed and the woman does so. When Xena orders that the woman fix up the man she hit in the neck, they discover that he is dead. Xena is willing to spare the woman's life if she will teach Xena what she knows. The woman agrees.

[12] Caesar tells Xena that the woman is from the land of the Pharaoh and speaks the language of Western Gaul. He claims that one day, he will conquer all three provinces of Gaul. Xena is amazed with this man who is so sure that he is destined to rule the world. He tells Xena that destiny controls one's life and that there are no accidents. Xena tells him that he is destined to have dinner in her cabin. Xena has fallen for the great Caesar.

[13] Later, Xena enters the room with the mysterious woman whose amazing moves Xena had never seen the likes of before. The woman is in restraints. Xena offers the keys to the chain on the woman's foot. Xena tosses aside her chainmail and sword to show the woman that she is not an enemy. Xena demands to be told how to use pressure points. The woman is reluctant at first, but then she demonstrates on Xena's neck. Xena falls, blood running from her nose. The woman will not release Xena. Xena begs to be set free. At the last instant, Xena is released. Xena now tries it on the woman. Xena does it correctly, and is surprised at first. The woman is on her knees, blood now running from her nose. Xena takes the woman's necklace. The woman begs in her language, but Xena just continues to stare at the necklace. The woman begins to gasp and finally Xena releases her, stating that she can play too. The moment has made the two woman respect each other and Xena no longer keeps the woman in chains.

I always carry extra non-pirate wear for just such
emergencies, Jules.

The Old Xena (tm) as a wildly seductive pirate on the Aegean looking for plunder, ransom, and some hot Roman love
in DESTINY (#36)

[14] That night Caesar enters Xena's cabin to find her wearing a revealing red dress. Xena then tries to seduce Caesar and in doing so, fails to see that Caesar is the one doing the seducing. Xena tells Caesar that she has grown bored with this life she leads. She tells him that they should join forces to make, "an unstoppable team." Caesar agrees and the two spend the night together. Later Caesar is returned to the Romans and Xena is paid in full. The two kiss good-bye and Caesar promises to find her again soon.

[15] While Xena waits for Caesar to return, the woman who was once Xena's prisoner, has become her friend. She begins to train Xena in all that she knows. Xena learns about pressure points and all the other amazing moves the woman knows. The two women cannot speak the same language, but they learn to understand each other without words.


[16] Finally Caesar returns to Xena. The boats pull up beside each other. Xena and Caesar slowly walk down the steps to the deck of her boat. Xena removes her hood. The two close in and circle to kiss, when Caesar pulls a knife and holds it at Xena's throat. His men fire arrows, killing some of Xena's army. They board the ship and take Xena and her men as prisoners. Caesar asks about Xena's friend from Gaul. Xena lies, claiming that she killed the woman, because she betrayed Xena. Xena spits out the word betray as a hint to Caesar. She questioned him, asking him about the plans they had made together. Caesar tells her that they never were. There was only Rome, and that he is Rome.

[17] Caesar ties Xena and her men to crosses and raises them on the beach to send a message to those who would dare to pray on Rome. Xena is now in brown rags. Her hair is messed and there is a wound under her left eye. Xena spits on Caesar and his comments. Caesar bids good-bye to Xena and she screams out in pain as one of Caesar's soldiers breaks her legs with a sledge hammer.

[18] Xena has once more been betrayed by someone she trusted and loved. Up on the cross, the Warrior Princess has time to think about all the things in her life that have lead up to this moment. If she ever got out of this mess, how could she trust anyone again?

[19] Later, Xena's friend returns. She knocks out the guards and frees Xena. Xena is surprised to see her, but does not object. The woman whistles for her horse. She places Xena on the horse and the two women ride into the night. Caesar orders that Xena's life-less body be brought to him by the end of the night.

I am sorry. You want the other Nicklio. He lives about 15
miles down the road.

Gabrielle, wounded herself, takes the near dead Xena to the healer Nicklio on Mt. Nestos
in DESTINY (#36)

[20] The woman brings Xena to the great healer, Nicklio, and here Xena finally learns that the name of her friend is, M'Lila. Nicklio sets Xena's bones, bringing a great deal of pain. Xena has good healing powers and her bones are setting well. M'Lila sits next to Xena on her bed. Nicklio tells Xena that M'Lila knew it was not Xena's time to die. Xena tells M'Lila that she cannot understand why she saved her, but thanks M'Lila for doing so.

[21] That same night, three of Caesar's men break in, ready to kill Xena. They knock out Nicklio. M'Lila comes to Xena's aid once more. While she fights one man, Xena punches another. The last solider runs at Xena. M'Lila defeats her man and Xena kicks hers away. The men stumble to the floor. One pulls out a crossbow. M'Lila runs and jumps in front of Xena, just as the arrow is fired. M'Lila crumples at Xena's feet. She smiles and then passes over. Xena is shocked. Her greatest friend was now dead after saving her life for the second time. It is enough to push Xena over the edge. Her eyes fill with anger. The two soldiers who Xena fought, get to their feet. Xena does a handstand and kicks the two soldiers in the face, before falling back onto the bed. They come at her again and Xena kicks one in the back and his head goes into the fire. Xena kicks the second in the leg and holds him. She smiles evilly as she throws his sword into the chest of the one with the burnt face and then breaks the neck of the one she holds. The one M'Lila fought gets to his feet, but stumbles before Xena. She whips him with her hair and grabs him. She uses the first move M'Lila taught her.

[22] "You'll be dead in thirty seconds, but know this, you won't be the last. Tell Hades to prepare himself. A new Xena is born tonight, with a new purpose in life. Death." (DESTINY #36)


[23] So began a new path for Xena. The next several years in her life would bring pain and suffering to all those around her and would cause Xena grief that she would never be able to atone for.

[24] Xena was now a true warlord. She was no longer fighting to protect Amphipolis. Now Xena was fighting and killing for the sake of killing. Xena was good at what she did, never losing a battle. Her men worshipped her as a goddess. Xena was happy and content, but she could not see the pain this would bring her later, or how she was dying inside.

[25] Although Xena was a warlord, she was not completely evil. Xena had a code that included not killing woman or children. This proved that she had never gone so far over to the other side that she would not be able to return to the side of good.


[26] Xena now wanted a bigger challenge. She decided to lead her army against Corinth. This would prove to be Xena's first failing. The battle against the centaurs and Sisyphus was long, hard and in the end, no one won. Xena had suffered her first loss in battle because she did not accomplish want she had set out to do (HOOVES AND HARLOTS #10 and DEATH IN CHAINS #09]

I told her that centaurs don't eat hay, but she wants proof.
Whaddya say?

Gabrielle watches on as Xena and Kaleipus discuss old times
in ORPHAN OF WAR (#25)

[27] Xena had a smaller army, a hatred for centaurs and a thirst for power. She wanted the Ixion stone, which was guarded by a group of centaurs lead by, Kaleipus. While the battle raged on, Xena lost her heart again. This time to one of her soldiers, Borias. Xena then found herself pregnant.

[28] This was a shock to Xena. What could a warlord do with a child? Her child would become a target. While this was happening, the man she loved realized that no one should own the Ixion stone. Borias sunk away and found the stone, hiding it in his sword. Borias had found his way before Xena. He did not want to be evil. He sided with the centaurs. When Xena discovered this, she ordered Borias brought back to her, alive.

[29] To Xena's dismay, someone killed Borias. Xena was heartbroken. She did not even get to find out why he had betrayed her. Yet another man that Xena loved, had turned on her, left her. When Xena gave birth to her child, she realized that she could not keep him. Xena had to protect him. That night she met with Kaleipus. She told him that she would pull out her army, even though she was winning. She promised never to return if he would take her child. When she told him that the child was also the child of Borias, who had helped to keep the stone from Xena, Kaleipus told Xena that he would care for the child as his own. Now Xena had lost her son and she staggered away, her eyes wet with tears (ORPHAN OF WAR #26).

[30] Now there had been two battles that Xena had not won, three men who had betrayed her, and her brother and friend were dead. Xena's army was whittled down to smaller numbers and they were restless.

[31] Xena met a new warlord named Petracles. The two fell in love right away. Xena and Petracles teamed up together, combining their armies. Xena, however, was once more unaware that she was being mislead. Petracles and Xena wanted to own each other and, unknown to Xena, he was a better at it then she was. He asked Xena to marry him and she accepted, but once he had won, Petracles lost interest with the spoils (FISTFUL OF DINARS #14]

[32] All the loss filled Xena with rage and made her loss sight with her men. Xena wanted to reclaim her title as the greatest warlord. Xena figured that the best way to do this would be to kill the half-god, Hercules.

[33] Xena's plan was evil and clever. She befriended Hercules' friend, Iolaus. She pretended to be in love with him. Xena made Iolaus believe that Hercules had attacked her and the love-struck Iolaus believed her at once. Xena's plan was that Iolaus would fight Hercules and that Hercules would be forced to kill him. Xena would then kill Hercules while he was grieving over Iolaus.

[34] Iolaus wised up at the last moment and he and Hercules dispatched Xena's army. Xena mounted her horse and told Hercules that he had not seen the last of her. (HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, WARRIOR PRINCESS #09)


Yes, it comes in pink and I can get you one for only 5

The Old Xena (tm) and Salmoneus bonding

[35] As Xena watched women grab their children and run, she smiled. This battle was hers. She had started a new army after the incident with Hercules and she had dedicated her time to becoming feared again. Suddenly Xena's men bring her a man who is dressed like a woman, so Xena would not kill him. Her men are about to run a sword through him, but Xena likes the funny, little man and spares him life. She orders him to leave in the woman's clothing and to be brought along with the army. His name is Salmoneus.

[36] Xena hears that Hercules is on her trail and goes to meet him. She leaves her second in command, Darphus, in command. Darphus uses the time to turn Xena's men against her. He orders the village that Xena had next on her list destroyed. Everyone, including women and children, are killed and the village is burnt to the ground.

[37] Xena returns in time to save the one remaining survivor in the village, a baby boy. Darphus orders him killed. "Stop!" Xena orders. "You kill this baby, you die next. Contrary to what some might think, I still lead this army."

[38] There is more then one reason Xena saved the child. Some believe that it was because she was never really evil. That may be true, but I believe that Xena did it because of her own son. That was why she did not kill women and children. Having her own child, out there, somewhere, made Xena a different woman.

[39] Darphus dismisses Xena. She is no longer in command, but, in an army, no one, just walks away. Xena must run, the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet was a test that the leaving, or banished party had to do. They had to walk a straight line, unarmed, between two rows of men and had to survive the beating, by making it across the line. Xena fought her way through the line, the beating becoming more intense as it neared the end. Xena was beaten into the ground, but with her last ounce of strength, Xena pulled herself across the line. They all thought that Xena was dead, but her will to survive was too strong. Xena stood, and in doing so, made a record, of being the first, to ever survive The Gauntlet. Darphus ordered Xena killed, but her old army was honorable enough not to cross that line. Xena had survived and she was free to go.

[40] Xena sought out Hercules thinking that by killing him, she could win back her army. Xena's mind, however, was clouded and she lost. Hercules let her leave, knowing that Xena was fighting an internal conflict.

[41] Hercules and his friends fight Darphus' army which was attacking another village. Xena shows up at the last minute and turns the fight in Hercules' favor. Xena has her revenge on Darphus, killing him. Xena then finds the father of the baby she had saved and returns the child. Xena was now good (HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, THE GAUNTLET #12).

[42] Xena then earns the love of Hercules, the two being soul mates. Xena is also able to receive forgiveness from Iolaus. This encourages Xena, letting her know that the world could forgive her (HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, UNCHAINED HEART #13).


I wonder if I should tell her who her father really is.

Cyrene, Xena's mother, glaring at her warrior princess daughter

[43] Xena now had a new mission. She needed to atone for all the terror she had brought to the world. To start, Xena decided to go home to her mother. Xena dismounted her new horse, Argo, and took off her armor and weapons. She dug a hole and buried the items. Xena wanted to leave behind all that she was. She did not want to fight anymore.

[44] The sound of screaming surprises Xena. She looks to see a group of soldiers chasing some women. Xena sees the chance to help and does so. She fights off the men and is successful. Xena realizes that fighting is what she does. She will use her skills to stop warlords.

[45] There is one woman from the group that Xena saved, named Gabrielle, who wants to learn about Xena. The others want The Warrior Princess gone, but Gabrielle is amazed and impressed. She wants to live the life Xena lives. Xena has been hurt too much in her life to allow another near her. She dismisses the girl.

[46] Xena returns home, only to find that her mother and Amphipolis do not want anything to do with her. She has shamed her home town. Xena finds that her mother has disowned her. Xena is alone. She begins to doubt her decision. If her mother cannot forgive her, how can the rest of the world?

[47] Gabrielle follows Xena. She wants to join her. Xena is a woman that she can look up to. A woman who needs no one to care for her, one who can stand on her own.

[48] A warlord named Draco, a man who loves Xena, comes to Amphipolis. He wants Xena to remain evil. He makes his army carry Xena's banner to make her village think that the army is hers.

[49] Xena no longer wants to live. The villagers confront her about the army. They all carry stones. Xena puts down her sword and tells them to go ahead. They begin to stone Xena, when Gabrielle interferes. She convinces the villagers to let Xena go.

Oh, Lyceus! I told you not to get in front of that

Xena visiting the tomb of brother, Lyceus,

[50] Xena visits Lyceus' tomb. She talks to him about how no one will trust her. "It's hard to be alone," Xena tells him. Xena hears the words "You're not alone" and turns to see Gabrielle. Xena begins to see that this woman will accept her and wants to be her friend, but Xena still is not sure about giving her friendship away.

[51] Draco enters the village, demanding Xena. The villagers tell him that she is gone. Draco does not believe them and is about to beat the information out of one when Xena enters. Then Xena and Draco agree to a fight to the death. The battle is long and as Xena fights, Amphipolis cheers her on. Finally, Xena wins, but instead of killing Draco, she makes him swear never to return. The villagers offer Xena the loot they would of given to Draco. "I don't want anything," Xena replies.

[52] Xena prepares to leave, when her mother enters the room with a smile. She opens her arms and the two hug each other. "Mother, forgive me," pleads Xena. "I forgive you, my Little One," her mother responds. Xena has been forgiven and accepted.

[53] That night Gabrielle comes to Xena's camp because she is unable to make a fire. Xena lets her stay and so begins the greatest friendship that will survive many hardships and never end (SINS OF THE PAST #01).

You're so short. Are you sure you are my mother?

Cyrene forgiving Xena's sins of her past


[54] These were the events and people that helped to shape Xena's destiny which is to fight and conquer evil. As M'Lila would later tell Xena, she was evil, so she could fight evil. Although her life brought pain to herself and others, without this, Xena would not have learned to leave behind her hatred, accept her love, and to give love. There were many people in Xena's life who shaped her way, but the greatest one was Gabrielle. Gabrielle was left out of this report because we were focusing on Xena's past; but, without Gabrielle, there would be no Xena. Gabrielle keeps Xena on the side of justice and on the road of good. Their friendship is the one thing that Xena can always rely upon.

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