Whoosh! Issue 41 - February 2000

Exclusive to Whoosh!
By Nicola Guest
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Editor's Note: As a fun exercise, Whoosh! each month presents a cartoon drawn by Nicola Guest, and then invites its readers to send in their ideas of possible captions for the cartoon. All the received captions (unless deemed too wild and woolly) are published in the next month's issue. Submissions must be received by the 20th of the month to be considered for inclusion in the next month's issue.

Caption This No. 3
Caption This No. 2 Submissions

Caption This No. 3

Caption This No. 3

Hey, this is YOUR job now, cowkids! Send your caption right now!

Send your captions to Kym Taborn.

Caption This No. 2

Hey, this is YOUR job now, cowkids! Send your caption right now!

01. Just how many of these Gabrielle Action Figures (TM) did Santa's elves make?
And why do I have to fix the hair length on ALL of them?

(from Skip Ward)

02. Well, I don't have a mini-chakram, so I guess these scissors will have to do.
(from Sara Burch)

03. Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.
(from Carolyn M. Gravlin)

04. "Gabby's Hair Salon" - your hair will be cut by our Gabrielle
(from Joanne aka XenaRule)

05. Long hair? Staff? Boots? Please, that's SOOO last season!
(from Dina Marks)

06. In a perverted parallel to Between the Lines, ROC demonstrates on an unsuspecting Gabrielle doll how she got the idea for Gab's new do.
(from Jeremy Root)

07. I wonder how I'd look in a beehive?
(from Josh Harrison)

08. A little confused as to why Xena was keeping a doll of Gabrielle in her bedroll, Gabby decides to at least make it up-to-date.
(from Emily Mills)

09. I thought the idea of voodoo was that you do something to the doll and it happens to you as well! Not the other way around! It didn't work with the flips either!
(from Jessica Housden)

10. Sigh...time to change my action figures again.
(from T-Mad)

11. Oh well, it's already out of the box, I'm sure the value won't go down that much more.
(from Thomas Healy)

12. Hello, dolly; time for your makeover!--
(from Perdicus)

13. Art Imitates Life
(from Carol)

14. She loves me. [snip] She loves me not. [snip]
(from Ryan)

15. Mystic voodoo hairdressing
(from Ryan)

16. I love me...Hmm...Nothing's left for "I love me not!".
(from meredith)

17. That long-haired look is SO B.C.
(from meredith)

18. My action figure doll definitely needs a new power 'do!
(from Kat)

19. OK, let's see now. You need a haircut if you're gonna be my mini-ME. Can't wait to see the look on Xena's face when she sees this.
(from Virginia & Lourdes)

20. She loves me, she loves me not...
(from John Calhoun)

21. Soon everyone will want the Gabrielle Mehndi Tattoo Barbie!
(from Jen)

22. Gabby! Wait! I said no *strings* attached
(from Andjam)

23. Well, gotta keep those Gab dolls current...
(from Robin Walker)

24. Great! Xena, now I have to change ALL these Solstice dolls.
(from Louis Calabraro)

25. This doll used to look just like me. But I keep cutting and cutting, and it still doesn't look right. How short do I have to cut the darned bodice?
(from Stacey Capps)


Nicola Guest Nicola Guest

I live "across the pond" in bonny old England, currently doing a Degree in Media Production, specialising in Animation. I enjoy directing, storyboarding and creating comedy scripts (I like comedy alot so that's why the funny episodes of XWP are my favourite!) I'm also getting into web design and have started to produce my own site: http://www.c-gue.demon.co.uk/. At the moment I'm living the typical life of a student and loving every minute of it.
Favorite line: Gabrielle: "It's a SACK Xena" IF THE SHOE FITS
First episode seen: IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL
Least favorite episode: ULYSSES

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