Whoosh! Issue 44 - May 2000

IAXS project #410
By Lisa Morwald
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The Reluctant Fan (01-02)
An Obsession is Born (03-04)
What the Show Gave Me (05-10)
Conclusion (11)

How Obsessing Over XWP Has Changed My Life

Back in the old days, when Xena and Gabrielle both had more hair.

An early promo still of Xena and Gabrielle.

The Reluctant Fan

[01] While considering the different subjects I write about and trying to decide on one, I stumbled upon an excellent topic: "How Obsessing over XWP Has Changed My Life". I would like to share with you why this is a perfect topic for me.

[02] It all began one night when, once again, my husband asked me to watch Xena. I did not want to give the show a chance. Every week he would watch, and I would put my earphones on and listen to music. That night I started to watch it while listening to my music, and I noticed that it had my attention. I found myself taking my earphones off more and more until, finally, I just turned the music off. I found the show very funny and exciting too. That night the same episode was to air again at midnight, so I watched the whole thing this time. I also noticed that it made me feel good. I started to watch every episode from then on.

An Obsession Is Born

[03] I soon noticed that I was obsessing over the show. I was talking to everyone about it and telling them to watch it. I also taped every show and watched it at least three times before the next one would air. I then went looking for everything on the net. I found Whoosh! and other sites too. My desktop theme was Xena, my sounds-Xena, my favorite cup had Xena on it, even my cap has Xena on it. Xena, Xena, Xena was all I could think about. When people would come over to my house, I would talk about her. If they did not know about the show, they soon found themselves in front of my TV watching an episode. I would usually start them out with the Christmas episode, A SOLSTICE CAROL (33/209).

[04] When people would look at me weirdly and say, "You watch Xena?", I never felt I had to hide my pride in the show. I just figured that they did not know what they were missing, and then I asked them if they had ever really watched a show. I remembered that once had refused to give it a chance too.

What the Show Gave Me

[05] There is one thing I have not mentioned yet, and it is why I keep watching the show. For the past seven years I have been very ill, suffering from an eating disorder. I have been very weak, and it was very hard for me to even leave my house sometimes. While watching the show, I noticed the way the characters would fight through hard times like death, betrayal, illnesses, etc. I then told myself that it was time for me to do the same.

[06] I began by being positive instead of negative at all times. I was very skinny and thought that it was great since all models were skinny, too. I started to see a different kind of woman in Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, etc., a kind of woman I wanted to be. They were not boney like a model. They looked healthy and seemed to have a lot of strength. It was then that I realized I did not have to be a bone-rack. Healthy was a much better way to go. I used these women as my models.

[07] As the months went by, my doctors noticed a big change in my health. I started to gain weight and had a total change of attitude. Instead of obsessing over my thinness, I obsessed over Xena: Warrior Princess.

[08] It is a long road back to health, and I am not there yet, but many things about the show have helped. The humor in the show always keeps my spirits up. The love makes me feel good. The action keeps me on my toes, and the constant surprises that come each week make me want more.

[09] This may seem strange, but I would use Xena's character when I was feeling ill. If I felt weak and did not want to try harder to go out, I would tell myself, "Xena wouldn't do this! She's much too strong". I would find myself, then push myself to go on, and it would work. I sometimes felt like a kid pretending to be their favorite hero. I would put myself in Xena's, Gabrielle's, or even Callisto's place and pretend I was them, not the sick person I was. I soon found that I started to get stronger in mind, soul, and body.

[10] I get a lot out of every show. I remember how all the characters in their own way helped to get me well, with humor, love, action, and strength.


[11] The title of this project is "How obsessing over XWP has changed my life". I have mentioned several, and spoken about one in depth. I cannot stress the importance of the show in my life enough. Without a show like this, I feel I would not have done so well. It has given me the strength to go on. By obsessing over the show, I am now able to live again. No riches can give me what Xena: Warrior Princess has: a new lease on life. That is all that matters to me.


Lisa Morwald Lisa Morwald
I live in Canada. I spend every Wednesday Night watching Xena. My house is run by a cat named BooBoo. I am self employed. I enjoy being outdoors.
Favorite episode: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302); WARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115).
Favorite line: Callisto: "Love is a trick that nature plays to get us to reproduce, I want no part of it." RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205); Peasant: What's this? Diana: This? Its my round killing thing. Gabrielle: Chakram. Diana: Bless you. WARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115)
First episode seen: Don't remember
Least favorite episode: GIANT KILLER (27/203)

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