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By Greg Gruschow
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The Helpful Joxer (01-02)
The Episodes (03-18)
The Very Helpful Joxer (19-20)

Instances of Heroism:
Curing Gabrielle'S Case Of Selective Amnesia

The Helpful Joxer

Sorry about that 'outta my way you homeless bum' remark

Joxer hangs out with Lachrymose in PUNCH LINES.

[1] During the episode PUNCHLINES (101/511), Aphrodite at one point asks Gabrielle if she really thought Joxer would have been any help against Lachrymose. Gabrielle responds that Joxer has helped many times, to which Aphrodite asks, "Really? When?" Gabrielle thinks about it for a bit -- cue clips of Joxer getting the smackdown -- but she cannot recall a single case. She does, however, say he is a loyal friend and a great traveling companion.

[2] This scene clues Joxer fans to Gabrielle's case of selective amnesia and her under-appreciation of his past heroic deeds. Granted, PUNCHLINES was a clip-show and a comedy, but, really, could The Powers That Be (TPTB) not show one measly little clip of Joxer helping to save the day? Gabrielle cannot remember one instance, not one at all. Even the most casual viewer can do better than that. Perhaps in a future clip show TPTB might consider these episodes and instances to answer the critical issue: Just what is Joxer good for?

The Episodes

[3] CALLISTO (22/122): When ordered by Callisto to kill Gabrielle, Joxer refuses to do so, even though he must know that failing Callisto again is not going to be good for his health.

[4] GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204). After playing the lyre for Orpheus and putting all the Bacchae to sleep, Big Bad Bacchus himself jumps up to put the hurt on poor Joxer. What does Joxer do? Scream? Beg for mercy? No. He asks this honked-off deity if he has any requests. His attempt at humor in the face of adversity is admirable and shows courage.

[5] RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205). Most casual viewers can at least point this one out: Joxer makes a mad charge to rescue Xena and Gabrielle from Callisto and her minions, and he takes an arrow for his troubles. However, the confusion he causes allows Xena get her chakram and free herself.

[6] INTIMATE STRANGER (31/207): Joxer is willing to defend Argo from Callisto, although he knows he does not stand a chance against her.

[7] BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302): Joxer attempts to break up a fight between two people who are total strangers to him. Alas, trying to emulate his heroes costs him his life.

[8] THE BITTER SUITE (58/312): Perhaps Joxer's finest hour-not only does he defy Xena, he actually attacks her, all to buy Gabrielle enough time to escape.

[9] KING CON (61/315): Fearing that the minions searching for him will hurt the priests, a badly beaten Joxer leaves the protection of the temple, and he is either caught trying to lure them away, or he surrenders to them. The episode does not clarify which is the case.

[10] SACRIFICE II (68/322): There is a lot riding on Joxer here! He must smuggle the Hind's Blood Dagger into the temple where Hope is, not get his throat cut as a sacrifice, and get that dagger back to Xena, all of which he does.

[11] A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403): After coming back from tallying the sheep flocks, Joxer spots Hope and attacks her at once, only to be defeated by her godlike powers.

[12] IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404): Joxer, armed only with a bucket of stew, walks into the Scythian camp and puts them out of commission. When the reward money is presented to him for his efforts he refuses it, because that is what a Hero is supposed to do.

[13] THE PLAY'S THE THING (85/417): Joxer fights the warlord Cleon to stop him from wrecking Gabrielle's play.

[14] THE CONVERT (86/418): Though some, including this author, feel that Joxer killing Kryton was no accident, Joxer's desire to inform Arman of his father's fate took serious maturity, responsibility, and guts.

[15] TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE (87/419): When Discord seems about to kill Gabrielle for the death of Ravenica, the bounty huntress, Joxer fairly leaps between them, demanding that Discord take him instead, as it was his gravy that seems to have been responsible.

[16] FALLEN ANGEL (91/501): Here is a question for you: How easy would it have been for you to get the frozen corpses of your two best friends down off those crosses?

[17] PURITY (96/506): As he and Gabrielle face imminent death at the hands of Pao Su and lots of black powder, Joxer begs Xena to save Gabrielle first.

[18] PUNCHLINES (101/511): Okay, so Gabrielle did tell Aphrodite how Joxer managed to trick Lachrymose into returning her to her normal size. However, it may be a case of too little, too late.

The Very Helpful Joxer

Hey!  These horse steaks are mine, all mine!

Joxer defends Argo in INTIMATE STRANGER.

[19] Since almost his first appearance, Joxer has been dismissed repeatedly by a great number of fans as pure comic relief. By "officially" ignoring screen evidence to the contrary in favor of Joxer's more entertaining goofiness, TPTB enforce this slanted view of a much deeper character. In doing so, they do a great disservice to the character, the actor who portrayed him, and the fans who love him.

[20] Joxer is more than a stooge, more than a mobile prop, and more than a walking gag. If he were not, then these instances of heroism and nobility would not exist, as they are the domains of the Hero, not the Comic Relief.


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