Whoosh! Issue Fifty - Nine August 2001


Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

In My Life
By P.D.; Note from P.D.'s family; Introduction by Donna Kaye (dkaye@interchange.ubc.ca)
Coming Home: What Went Wrong and Oh So Right in the Final Season of Xena: Warrior Princess
By Rob Berg (morningperson_2000@yahoo.com)
The Death of a Warrior
By Lorien Patton (aka "Quest") (lorien@immortal-creations.com)
"Xena, That Is Not Right!"
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (penandswrd@aol.com)
The Five Stages of Xena Withdrawal
By Myra Hope Bobbitt (mhbobbitt@hotmail.com)
A Friend in Need Is Not A Friend Indeed
By Mil Toro (lucyfer@idirect.com)
What Can I Say? I Liked It
By Christine Anderson (Kiz98@aol.com)
Top Ten Things HCNB Xenites Can Do Now That The Show Is Off The Air
By Lucia Correa (correa@san.rr.com)
Oh My God! They Killed Xena! You B*st*rds!
By D.J. Hall (talesien@netzero.net)
Goodbye to My Hero
By Catherine M. Wilson (cmwilson@wildestdreams.org) and Donna E. Trifilo (dtr@rawbw.com)
Why Did You Have To Go And Die On Us?
By Lena Oak (lisachrisoak@msn.com)
Friend In Need of Context
By Tara Gregg (tgregg@direct.ca)
A Mission From God
By Inn Ikon (innikon@hotmail.com)
Why This Ending?
By Xiomara Suro (beboman@earthlink.net)
Life, Death, Love ... These Are A Few of My Favorite Things
By Emmanuel Aquin (amiral@videotron.ca)
Full Circle? Love Or Revenge As the Final Message of Xena: Warrior Princess
By Inga Horwood (imh@gardencitynet.co.uk)
An Easy Way to Enjoy the Series Finale
By Judith Parker (jkp@bright.net)
Music Saved The Show
By Jane Komarov (tootles@thedoghousemail.com)
Searching For Meaning
By C. Paradee (cparadee@prodigy.net)
Did Xena Have to Die?
By Adriane Saunders (adrianeonline@yahoo.com)
A Clue In Need
By Valerie A. Foster (ValAtty91@aol.com)
By Nathan Epstein (nadeje@pacbell.net)
It's Just A Show
By Judith K. Parker (jkp@BRIGHT.NET)
The Risk of Feeling Hope: A Letter of Disappointment
By Sara Conner (msbumsqueak@qwest.net)
A Journey of Life and Death to the Discovery of Love Everlasting
By Darshann Smyth (kissmescully@aol.com)
Thoughts On the Death of a Warrior Princess
By Gail Rodger (gerodger@impop.bellatlantic.net)
Memo to Mr. Tapert: A View From the Cheap Seats
By Teresa Ortega (tinyrooster@earthlink.net)
Adventures in the Stunned Trade: Comments on the Final Episode of Xena: Warrior Princess
By L. A. Clark (barddiva@tampabay.rr.com)
Group Therapy - Friend In Deed
By Jackie Cannon (Lectrikldy@aol.com) and Moni
How Do I Feel About the Series Finale?
By Pat O'Neill (dolphin851@hotmail.com)