Whoosh! Issue Sixty - September 2001


Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

When Creations Outgrow Their Creators
By Seeta Persaud (sathenas@escape.com)
One Against An Army
By W. F. Wilcox (wft6584@juno.com)
Masters and Pupils
By Carla M. Gilless (cgilless@research.ucsf.edu)
Ending a Myth: Responsibilities of a Creator
By Mark Wisniewski (markwisski@mac.com)
The Cut Final Scene
By Susanne McCaffery (appinpug@yahoo.com)
Not Fair!
By Denise Lavester (Geopaid@aol.com)
Broken Hearts and Cooler Heads: Assessing Consensus on Friend In Need
By Judy Fisher (tgflux@excite.com)
The Light At the End of Xena's Tunnel: An Optimist's View of the Series Finale
By Katie Woleslagle (dottie062001@email.msn.com)
The Series Finale: What They Got Right and What They Did Not
By Bonnie Tryonoviech (Bonnielt77@hotmail.com)
The Way of the Warrior as Outsider, Redemption, Empowerment, and Love
By Karren Wood (woodka@gse.harvard.edu)
Political Themes in the Xena Finale
By Amy Zidell (amy@almostcoherent.com)
What Is Left When Nothing Is Left
By Lady Jane Grey (davis@math.utexas.edu)
Notes For Therapy
By Carole Giorgio (Womynbard@aol.com)
Friend In Need: A Story of Transcendent Love
By S. Night (jedi.knight@prodigy.net)
Forever and In Perfection: Friend In Need As the Near Perfect Series Ending and Beginning
By Deeder McDaniel (deedermc@earthlink.net)
Xena Is Dead, Long Live Xena
By Ramsey Harris (princessramsey@dca.net)
Stages of Grief: Coming to Terms With Xena's Demise
By Mary Beth Floyd (floydmb_99@yahoo.com)
Why Xena Should Not Have Died: A Rejoinder to Rob Tapert
By A. Adams (Tenderware@aol.com)
Requiem For a Warrior: An Open Letter to Xena
By Nora Manzanares (Amiznom@aol.com)
Endings Always Come Too Fast
By Lynn Roberts (l2m2r@mindspring.com)
Response to Rob Tapert's Vision
By Michal Salat (michalsalat@earthlink.net)
One Night At the Museum of Television and Radio
By Sandra Holland (sandbags@postoffice.pacbell.net)
How Xena Saved My Buttons
By Deborah Monroy (dmonroy@learnlink.emory.edu)
Grief, Anger, and the Rational Mind
By Jan Vaughan (BElannafan@aol.com)
Exit Left, Stage Five: Acceptance
By Christine Flora (rcflora@attglobal.net)
A Reluctant Fan's Perspective
By Linda Lorenzo (renn512@yahoo.com)
Xena's Redemption Song: Too Much Love Will Kill You
By Samantha Cabrera-Diaz (atenea@ntlworld.com)
The Grief Center
By Lynne Jones (ljones@bluewolf.co.uk)
Forget Group Therapy: Boycott!
By Philip Tracy (philt53@home.com)
50 Questions About the Final Episode
By Yahoo's Xena Warrior Princess board (loriandscott@mediaone.net)