Whoosh! Issue 60 - September 2001

By Denise Lavester
Group Therapy Project
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Memories Going Up In Smoke (01-06)
A Momentary Insanity (07-10)
Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands (11-12)


Memories Going Up In Smoke

Hey, how come you guys always burn *my* stuff?
Xena and Gabrielle almost never burned merchandise at their campfires.

[01] My husband, a light sleeper, and I were awakened on Friday, June 22, 2001, at 3:42am by a blazing contained fire. I could not believe what my eyes were watching going up in smoke. Lisa, my 19 year old daughter, and her five sleep-over friends, had taken their cherished Xena and Gabrielle memorabilia and were giving them what they called a "Fit Ending". I told my husband to go back to bed. He had a job interview later that day. I told him I could handle this situation.

[02] As I walked through our screened-in porch, I could not help but notice among the sleeping bags a few beer cans and an empty wine bottle. At this point, I was angry. My mind wrestled with what approach to take. I did not want to embarrass my daughter or her friends. They are good kids. As they saw me approaching, their whispers turned silent. Suddenly, all that was heard was the cracking and roar of fire coming from a large steel barrel. Three of the young girls, including my daughter, were teary-eyed. This was not a party. It was not for fun.

[03] Their stillness and sadness overwhelmed me. It calmed me. After all, truth and honesty has a place with oneself. Around their age, I was burning my bras and I do not think I need to mention a word about my alcohol and/or other consumptives. My daughter apologized for waking me up and so did Sharon, Courtney, Pat, Erica, and Hopie. What I came to learn saddened even me. Because I am a Xena: Warrior Princess fan also.

[04] It had started some two years ago. Xena and Gabrielle had given my daughter the strength to tell her family that she was a lesbian. I am grateful for that. I do not want to ever see Lisa or anyone in my family go through any nonsensical pain. Life is hard enough.

[05] Lisa had taped all the earlier shows, and within two years whenever we had the time, I was able to update myself with the show. In time, other members of the family had become enticed, such as my husband Tony and my youngest son Michael. I can remember Lisa trying her best to get me to watch it, telling me it was a love story. It turns out that I do indeed agree with her. It is or, at least, was a beautiful love story.

[06] That morning, however, I had spent two hours with six young and intelligent women who were visibly upset by what they had learned over the Internet concerning the ending of Xena: Warrior Princess. We buried Xena and Gabrielle together. They took all their Xena and Gabrielle memorabilia T-shirts, CD's, jewelry etc., and put it all together into the fire. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.

A Momentary Insanity

[07] They told me about some spoilers that they had read, indicating that Xena was killed and Gabrielle was left "alone" and holding Xena's ashes. I have to ask this: What did Xena: Warrior Princess fans do to deserve such "tragic" ending? Did the producers and writers of the show lose their minds? A tragic ending for Xena and Gabrielle makes no sense. How could they do this to the fans?

[08] It has been known that Xena has quite a following. Xena: Warrior Princess is nothing, would be NOTHING, if it were not for the fans. The fans raised Xena to a cult level. They were always giving, giving, giving. Does it need to be said that their loyalty and commitment has earned the fans the right to want, want, and want, what they want? Would it have been so difficult to give the show a happy ending?

[09] What a terrible way to say "Thank you" to the fans. We, of course, cannot control the hard knocks and blows that real life throws at us, but when it comes to entertainment we do have control over the pen. Having such control, why would you want to have the fans hurt so? This one is unforgivable.

[10] My daughter and her friends pledged to one another NOT to watch the ending. It aired here Saturday night. What we used to look foreword to so many times was now deliberately avoided. That is rather profound. They insisted they would not watch their favorite characters portrayed in such, and in their own words, an "unfit ending". Therefore, they took matters into their own hands.

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

[11] To help them handle their hurt, they felt that Xena and Gabrielle should live happily together or die together. It is so simple! We gave Xena and Gabrielle a "fit ending". As far as we are concerned, Xena and Gabrielle will always together forever.

[12] The writers betrayed us. They could not have given us a harder blow. Xena and Gabrielle would have had it no other way but to live or die, but always together. Yes, Xena: Warrior Princess has finally come to its end. Our love and loyalty to the characters of Xena and Gabrielle deserves to be given what is right. I am proud of these kids. I am sorry the writers missed it.


Denise Lavester Denise Lavester

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