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By James Ott
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My Options (01-08)


My Options

[1] I was an occasional TV viewer at best, and my watching was limited to barely a few shows that would pique my interest on a regular basis. My favorite show at the time was LA FEMME NIKITA (1997-2001) and, with less fervor, I would watch MILLENNIUM (1996-1999) , XENA, THE SIMPSONS (1989-present), and STAR TREK: VOYAGER (1995-2001). All five shows were on the rocks during last TV Season of 1999-2000. Thank goodness for Syndicated TV shows, because I became hooked on a bumper crop of programs that has me glued to the set at the oddest of times during the week.

Do you want the honour of pushing her down the shaft or should I do it?
The Three High-tech-teers in CLEO 2525, Cleo, Sarge, and Hel.

[2] We begin with the BACK TO BACK ACTION hour featuring CLEOPATRA 2525 (2000-present) and JACK OF ALL TRADES (2000-2001). Cleopatra is thawed out 500 years into the future and joins a "Voice" team to retake the planet from the alien "Baileys". This show has such pacing and sci-fi action that so much has been crammed into the actual 20 minutes of air time, you have to watch again for some of the intricacies you may have missed. The Cleo character is your classic fish out of water plot. Although she is not a gifted warrior like her companions Hel and Sarge, she often ends up being the "brains" of the outfit.

[3] On the other hand, JACK OF ALL TRADES is a brilliant comedy built around a Post Revolutionary War setting on a French territorial island with America's top spy assigned to work for Britain's top spy. There is roughly a minimum of five, funny jokes or lines per show. As far as comedy goes, it totally crushes your "Must See TV" purported comedies or any other show on network television. It will rank as a classic comedy that was exceptionally creative but stuck in a bad time slot. (How's 2:00 A.M. early Monday Mornings?) This show will be sadly missed as CLEOPATRA extends to a full hour. It is our hope that stars Bruce Campbell and Angela Dotchin will reappear in a new project, as they are both extremely talented.

[4] The classic, archetype character, SHEENA (2000-present), has been updated for television audiences since it last aired in 1954-55. This time around they hired possibly the world's most beautiful woman, Geena Lee Nolin (Ex-BAYWATCH Star) to play the jungle heroine. To enhance the series, she has the power to morph into various wild animals or the mud beast, the Durakna, if the need arises. She is faced with increasingly dangerous problems of the ever-changing landscape of modern Africa. So far in the show, we have see the introduction of various regular characters intertwined with some interesting story lines. Sheena can also absorb certain animal traits through some osmosis process allowing her to travel in darkness, track people by animal scent, or have amazing cunning or strength. I have rearranged my entire life to make sure I do not miss an episode. Must be the animal magnetism.

[5] In approximately 1819, along the Southern Coast in the Spanish province of Mexico there is another story. One of intrigue, cruelty, power, revenge, treachery, and adventure, the story of the legend of the QUEEN OF SWORDS (2000-present) is now told. Possibly, the best pure soap opera that has reached my TV. This is really the surprise show of Syndication because it far exceeds any expectations I had for a show about a "female Zorro". The superior production quality is unparalleled in its believable sets and scenery. The plots and actors are first rate. The interplay of the character is very well constructed. Tessie Santiago makes TV's DARK ANGEL (2000-present) star, Jessica Alba, look like an ugly stepchild by comparison. (Truthfully, both actors are doing well in the first acting jobs of their career.) Whether witty or dramatic, Ms. Santiago has a flair for this type of action program. Almost stealing the show is Valentine Pelka, who plays the evil Col. Luis Montoya, with villainy reaching new heights. Try this show and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Locally, in my area, this show beat NBC's TITANS (2000-2001) off the air in the ratings.

[6] I did peek at DARK ANGEL, and it is ironically put in the same timeslot against the WB's ANGEL (1999-present), CBS's TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL (1994-present) as well as TV Land's CHARLIE'S ANGELS (1976-1981). The show is the Fugitive meets the X-Men in a weird sort of way sprinkled with Y-Generation attitude. She plays a bike messenger by day, protector of the innocent by night. Hey! She is the female Zorro!

[7] In my final ode to TV's syndicated "kick b*tt Women", I am looking forward to a new show in production starring America's most talented and least publicized "Actress of the 90's", Yancy Butler. She scored a surprise hit with last Fall's WITCHBLADE (2000) film, which will become a syndicated series by the same name. Her acting skills elevated the mystical comic book character to an exciting realm for this genre. Butler's films are out there for rental. Films such as THE EX (Mark L. Lester, 1997), THE WITNESS FILES (Douglas Jackson, 1999), RAVAGER (James D. Deck, 1997) , and DROP ZONE (John Badham, 1994) speak for themselves.

[8] My viewing future is both bright and beautiful.


a man of mystery James Ott
A man of mystery.

Favorite Episode: ANIMAL ATTRACTION (94/504)
Favorite Line: Any said by Bruce Campbell
First Episode Seen: THE WARRIOR PRINCESS (H09/109)
Least favorite episode: MOTHERHOOD (112/522)

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