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By Tigger Warrior Prince
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Unanswered Questions (01-02)
Hercules and Iolaus (03-05)
Autolycus (06-07)
Salmoneus (08-10)
Eve (11)
Who Knows? (12)


Unanswered Questions



[01] When the television series Xena: Warrior Princess came to a close, it left behind many questions. Many of these questions have been answered, whether by interviews with The Powers That Be or the speculation of the fans.

[02] One question, however, remains unanswered and seemingly overlooked. Where did everyone go? For better or for worse, Xena's and Gabrielle's destinies were clearly laid out, as were the destinies of their enemies Julius Caesar, Velasca, and Callisto, to name a few. But what of Xena's and Gabrielle's friends? True, the life exploits of Joxer and Meg were explained as were the lives of both Xena's and Gabrielle's respective families, but what happened to the rest. What of Hercules, Iolaus, Autolycus, Salmoneus, and especially Eve? Where did they go, what happened to them, and why were they never heard from again?

Hercules and Iolaus


The boys

[03] Hercules and Iolaus were Xena and Gabrielle's oldest friends, and yet nothing is mentioned of Hercules past the birth of Eve. How can such an oversight have been made? Can anyone honestly believe that Hercules, a man who spent his entire life fighting against the gods would be absent in the events leading up to their demise?

[04] Another question that needs to be asked is where was Iolaus during this whole time? Why did neither woman think to ask the whereabouts of their dear friend during the events of the birth of Eve? Hercules' new "'do" was mentioned, but nothing of his best friend? Granted timelines could have become a bit skewed as they tend to do in the Xenaverse, and the birth of Eve could have taken place during Iolaus' stint into the underworld, though then Hercules' new "'do" would completely boggle the continuity of the fifth season of his legendary journeys.

[05] However this does not explain his absence twenty-five years later. Even if Eve's birth coincided with Iolaus' lapse from the living, why did the heroines not search out Hercules once they were revived from their twenty-five year "nap"? They thought it necessary to seek out the whereabouts of Gabrielle's family. A family which had for all intents and purposes forsaken its eldest child, yet never once thought to seek out their oldest friend, the man who "unchained" Xena's heart, a man who was a demi-god, and in all reality would be a great asset in the struggle against the Olympians. Preposterous!



The king of thieves

[06] Another interesting question is what happened to Autolycus? The King of Thieves may not have been the most honest of Xena and Gabrielle's friends, but his heart was made of gold, a fact that he proved time and time again, even if he would never admit it.

[07] So what happened to the friend who risked his own life time and time again? The last time anyone seems to have heard of Autolycus was at Gabrielle's infamous murder mystery birthday party. After this party, Autolycus simply vanishes never to be heard from again. What could one expect from the King of Thieves? One could expect him to at least try to keep in touch with two of his closest friends. Unless perhaps he got into a predicament even he could not escape from. Or was the folly completely on Xena and Gabrielle's part for not contacting him after their crucifixion and resurrection?



The king of the deals

[08] Another character who, though wily and for lack of a better word, greedy, managed to worm his way into the hearts of the warrior princess and battling bard was Salmoneus. Despite Salmoneus' obvious character flaws he maintained a touch of innocence, because in the end he always tried to help. Granted his schemes for easy money were usually what started the trouble. But when worse came to worse he was right there trying to help, doing the best he could.

[09] Although Salmoneus was not the most courageous of men, more often than not deep down he was a good man. In some respects he was much like Joxer, and no matter what Xena and Gabrielle said they both dearly loved Joxer. But again, one has to ask what happened to him, where did he go? He remains suspiciously absent from the duo's lives after the "Miss Known World" beauty contest.

[10] It is known that he continued on, after all he had many more adventures with Hercules, Iolaus, and even Autolycus, however the women never saw him again. Did he even find that one million-dinar idea, the quick fix to all his "money problems"? Does anyone know the answer, and will the share with the rest of the Xenaverse?



The weirdo

[11] Perhaps the most vexing question any Xenite could ask would have to be what happened to Eve. True she never completely vanished; she spent many long periods of time without even contacting her "parents". Were the messages of Eli so important that she couldn't drop dear old mom a line now and again? It was rather confusing to constantly see her with Xena and Gabrielle, and then suddenly it was as if she dissipated into thin air. Where was she when she was not with the duo? What was she doing? These questions could have infinite answers, which ones are correct?

Who Knows?


Still yeah????!!!!

[12] In the end the outcome is the same, no one knows. No one knows where all these dear friends ended up. All anyone really knows is that each of these people were valued and almost certainly beloved friends to Xena and Gabrielle and yet in the end they all just seem to have disappeared into the mists of time, never to be heard from again.


the author Tigger Warrior Prince
Tigger Warrior Prince is your average middle class blue-collar worker. He passes the time by working in order to make ends meet and hopefully find a way to pursue a higher education and earn a degree (or two) in Classical Studies.

Favorite episode: ONE AGAINST AN ARMY
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