Whoosh! Issue 88 - April 2004
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From the Graphics Editor:
The Night of the Comedic Catharsis

From the Graphics Editor:
The Night of the Comedic Catharsis

Well, kids, itís been awhile since Iíve had an update for these pages.

Iíve been keeping busy working with Kym and company to do interviews for the DVD extra material for Herc and Xena, Seasons 3 through 6. Some of that work is out now. It seems a little weird talking to people years after a series ended and still getting their thoughts about it, but most of them rose to the occasion with flying colours. Most of the time all I had to do was show a clip from an episode and the interviewee would say something like ďOh yeah, I remember that now. It was really cold that day!Ē

Itís been a pleasure to do this work in Auckland, where Iíve been living for the last six months. Itís amazing how much of a ďsmall townĒ this metropolis of the Southern Hemisphere really is. I run into ex-Xena and ex-Herc people all the time.

If you happen to be in Auckland this month and next, feel free to check out (among the many other things to do) the International Comedy Festival. I so stand-up comedy at a place called the Classic on Queen Street, and Iím in the Raw Comedy Quest this year as a rookie contender. The whole stand-up comedy avocation was an accident and another story for another time, but the bottom line is, here in New Zealand, one has an opportunity to pursue pretty much any dream and go somewhere with it to a certain extent. After having written jokes and things for many years, itís very different to actually go on stage and tell them. But itís a lot of fun.

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The usual gang of suspects

Pictured, left to right, RAW Comedy Quest contenders Tony Feíao, Bret Rudnick, Juliet, Adam Rakich, Andrew Holland, and Fraser Hoff

Bret Ryan Rudnick
Whoosh! Executive Committee
6 April 2004
Auckland, New Zealand

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