Whoosh! Issue 91 - July 2004

By Norma Gould
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[01] So there I was, walking around the San Diego Comic Con Friday in my Xena costume when I heard someone in a booth call out "Hey Xena, guess who's going to be here tomorrow? Renee O'Connor!" "She's not on the schedule" I replied, walking over to the Comic Book-The Movie booth. "She was just added," Booth-guy said. "She'll be here at 2 PM to sign autographs." "What is she charging?" I asked excitedly. "Nothing," came the reply. "She's signing for free, AND she's bringing 8x10's to give away." YIKES!!

[02] I got back to the booth Saturday at 12:30 wondering if there would be a line since no one knew about this last minute booking-silly me, Xena fans ALWAYS know. I was # 58 in line (they gave us numbers to keep out line cutters). They also moved us against a far away wall to keep us out of the way. I recognized the women in front of me from some of the Pasadena cons, and had a great time talking Xena with them. At 1:30, someone came by and announced that Renee O'Connor was stuck in traffic and would be late. We started getting nervous that we may not get to see her, since we were so far back in the line.

[03] At about 2:05 the line started moving, as they took SMALL groups of us back to the signing table. It was the slowest autograph line I have ever been in, and I was #1400 in line when Lucy signed at the 1st Herc-Xena con. This seemed longer. They finally led us back, and I saw Renee. She was blonde, petite, and far more beautiful than I had ever seen her. As I got nearer, someone pointed my costume out to her, she looked at me and said "Amazing." YES!! First "Good on ya Norma" from Lucy [Lawless] and now this, what a great Xena year this has been.

[04] It was finally my turn, and Renee was wonderful. She shook my hand, and I told her she was beautiful. She jumped up on the table to pose for pictures, and pulled my sword out and held it at my throat. She was fun, chatty, and playful.What a ham! No wonder the line was so slow! As she sat down to sign my 2 (FREE!!) 8x10s I faced away from her to get a picture taken and she jumped up on the table again and once more reached down and pulled my sword out, this time pressing into my hand then putting the (plastic) blade at her own throat. I told her about the Graham Norton show with Lucy [Lawless], and she seemed interested in seeing it. Then we said good-bye and it was over. And she stayed much later then scheduled, signing pictures for everyone, and treating them as well as she did me. What a sweetheart!!

In an alternate universe, Xena appears at a convention with her sidekick,
Britney Spears


the author Norma Gould
A woman of mystery.



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