Whoosh! Issue 92 - August 2004
Letters to the Editor

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Topics Covered: All My Children; Another Xena Con; Meeting Lucy Lawless; Mourning Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Letters To The Editor

All My Children

From: Carol Macias
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 10:21 AM
Subject: All My Children - Lena & Bianca

I have been a big fan of Lena & Bianca during their run on All My CHildren but gradually phased out of watching the show since Lianca & Bianca's storyline was fading out. I was surfing your site and realized that I missed Lena's goodbye and the LAST KISS. OMG!!! And you don't have the scenes to download.

Are you still making available the CD's of the L & B storyline for a "donation"? How soon will those be available because I would love to donate to the cause?

Missing Lena & Bianca

First, I do have the goodbye kiss available for download -- the problem is the person who was donating the space for the Lena Kundera theater can no longer donate the space. If you know anyone who has 200-400megs that we can squat on for about 6-12 months, I can make available the entire Kundera library on a rotating weekly basis.

Second, at some point I will have the entire library available on 600meg chunks. As soon as I carve out some time I will edit them and then make then available on disk. However, that will take sometime. At this time my CD burner is on the fritz. Also, my computer is havng some eccentricities that may have to be solved by a complete reformet. Oh the joy of computer ownership. Anyways, I have not forgotten; the main enemies of this project are equipment malfunction and time. I intend to figure out all these problems eventually. My word of advice, though, is never buy a compaq or HP computer. I have been using computers since 1982 and these babies are the most unreliable machines I have encountered yet.

Another Xena Con

From: Autographmania
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 2:25 PM


We would really appreciate it if you could help us in promoting the upcoming Xena (10th Anniversary) & Hercules Convention that we are organising, by letting your web site readers know about it.

Information on the vent is as follows:

XENA (10th Anniversary) & Hercules Convention
18 - 20 MARCH 2005

Jarvis Piccadilly Hotel
Piccadilly Plaza
Portland Street
M1 4PH, UK

JOEL TOBECK - Strife - Deimos - Lucifer - King Boraeus in XENA & HERCULES Creegan in Cleopatra 2525 & Orc Lieutenant 1 in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Plus over the weekend there will be:
Guest Talks On Stage - Photograph Sessions - Parties - Karaoke - A Guest
Autograph Sessions - Competitions - Dealers & LOADS MORE!!

For Fans By Fans


Meeting Lucy Lawless

From: Norma Gould
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 10:46 PM
Subject: Met Lucy Lawless on June 20, 2004

Here's my story about meeting Lucy Lawless.

Saturday, June 19th 2004. I received a tip from my world wide network of Xena contacts that Lucy Lawless, Xena herself, would be the celebrity starter at the Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run 2004, in West Hollywood, the very next day. I had met Renee O'Connor last summer and had always wanted to meet Lucy while wearing my Xena costume. But it was Father's Day, and I had obligations to people. Screw 'em, this is Lucy! I was going!!

With my faithful photographer in tow, I arrived at the starting point for the race a few hours early to get parking, then hung around waiting for something to happen. Lucy was to start the race at eight. About 7:30 a bunch of us Xena fans were talking to Sharon [Delaney], from the fan club, who casually mentioned that Lucy had just walked right by us!!!

I quickly looked around, and sure enough, standing not twenty feet away signing an autograph was Lucy Lawless!

She was blonde, and thinner than I had ever seen her, just beautiful with that amazing smile that gave you tingles whenever she turned it on you. I could tell as I approached what a warm and friendly person she was, and how much she loved her fans.

I went up to her and said "Hi Lucy, I'm Norma. You look great!" "You too." She said. She gave me a big smile and a hug, and then began checking out my costume, touching a kneepad and the skirt. "This is amazing (The same word Renee used!), it looks just like the real thing!" I could have died happy right then.

As we posed for pictures Lucy whispered to me "Thank goodness you wore a Xena costume, I was afraid I was going to disappoint everyone by not wearing mine." We chatted a bit more, and she signed two Xena pictures for me. In one of those she was sitting in front of Argo laughing, and she commented "I don't have my Xena face on in this one, I'm Lucy here." I replied I liked it that way. The other picture was of Xena and Gabby, and she said "Renee will be around later, I'll leave room for her to sign, too." YIPES!! I never did see Renee, don't think she made it.

We hugged one last time, then I moved back and let others have a chance with her. She happily chatted and signed for another 30 minutes at least. She was like a regular person, who seemed grateful for her fans. I moved back in and got her to sign an event poster, but just when she was going to sign my (toy) chakram, one of the event people tried to drag her away. Lucy, always the sweetheart, grabbed my chakram and refused to budge until she had signed it "To Norma Love, Lucy Lawless"

I wasn't sure if she could be as sweet as Renee was, but she WAS! What a pair of sweethearts!

The next hour was taken up by Lucy being introduced, giving a little speech ("This is my Xena posse up front, who show up where ever I go. You'll notice they are not runners"), then going out into the street and starting the race (with a megaphone), and afterward giving away some awards (She got a little irked when not a single person whose number she called was there. "Are you all in the loo?" she asked, getting a laugh).

During the race she posed for still more pictures with people (She is still the same person who stayed and signed 1600 autographs at the first Hercules/Xena con) and I talked to her for the last time. I asked her if there was going to be a Xena movie, and she said "There is no movie." When I mentioned the announcement at the last Xena Con she replied "Thats all just speculation." At one point she was standing by the stage all by her self, having signed everything for everyone who asked. No one bothered her.

It was getting late, and I decided to leave while Lucy was on stage. I knew she would be in the parade but after all the up-close contact that held no interest to me. I was on cloud nine, this could not have been better. Having now met both Lucy and Renee, and having posed with them both in my costume, I can't think of anything to top this.

HMMMMMMM, wonder where Sorbo hangs out these days. Got the best, time to get the rest.

... ... ... ...

Mourning Aqua Teen Hunger Force

From: Doug
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 8:04 PM
Subject: aquateenhungerforce

Could you please let me know where meatwad and co. went. BRING THEM BACK. I WILL DIE WITHOUT THE MEAT.

The Wadster and friends are on hiatus. Since they are the breakout stars of Adult Swim, I suspect they will be back after the creators have recovered from their burn out.

From: Hurstwizard
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 8:56 PM
Subject: Hello I am a fan
I think it really sucks that you are taking Aqua Teen Hunger Force off the air and replacing it with Sealab 2021 which is the dumbest show I have seen. Me and my friend are going to stop watching your shows. Aqua Teen was the best.

If I only had any shows to take off. Sniff. If I had the power, I would make Cartoon Network the 24 hours Harvey Birdman channel. Then we would all experience the true POWER OF ATTORNEY. And yes, you are correct, Sealab 2021 is the dumbest show you have ever seen.

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