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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Bob Trebor

Robert Trebor is best known to Hercules and Xena fans as Salmoneus, the traveling salesman and all around business entrepreneur. It's hard to believe, but it has been 10 years since the Hercules: Legendary Journeys franchise had begun. Bob originally started in the beginning with the Hercules Action Pack movies as a slave named Waylin in The Lost Kingdom.

Bob agreed to do an online interview with me back in mid February, 2003. I sent a letter out to the email lists inviting fans to send in questions to be included in the interview. Many fans wrote in with their questions and over the course of a few months, Bob and I emailed back and fourth. Since the interview was completed, I have had many computer problems and thought that the interview was lost. Luckily, I keep everything on disks and was able to piece it back together. I re-sent the interview to Bob to review and to add items to make it more current. Many Thanks to Bob for doing this!

During the course of the interview, I found out that Bob no longer had an OFFICIAL Website. I am now currently Bob's webmaster and his OFFICIAL site is here.

Bob is hilarious. I have enjoyed doing this interview with him and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Newer Items added to the interview will say "UPDATE:"

Bob on Hercules and Xena

JILLIAN (ALWheaties' sister): wants to know how you came to be on Hercules and Xena, and How did you get the role of Salmoneus?

BOB: Salmoneus was written for me by the producers of Hercules in the fall of '94. I was originally to appear in two episodes, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER and AS DARKNESS FALLS. Before DARKNESS wrapped, they asked my availability to appear in two of the three Xena guest star episodes on Hercules to be shot in January of '95. So actually I was cast in the Xena episodes before Lucy [Lawless] was cast as Xena! Vanessa Angel had been cast as Xena in November '94 when I was contracted to appear as Sal in the January episodes.

C'mon, give your Uncle Sal a hug

Salmoneus begs Centaurs to spare his life in AS DARKNESS FALLS

MARTY: "Do you keep in touch with people you met while appearing in Xena: Warrior Princess although the series has ended?"

BOB: Well, I occasionally see people at conventions and such...but we've all moved on. I spoke to Kevin [Sorbo] recently, he's a proud new poppa. I was in Vancouver shooting a Martin Short film, but he was on hiatus from Andromeda so we didn't have a chance to meet up.

MARY BETH: wrote "You got to play Salmoneous on both Xena and Hercules. Was it more fun/more challenging to play Sal. on Hercules or Xena? Why? What episode do you remember most fondly? What episode would you rather forget? Please know, Mr. Trebor, your portrayal of Salmoneous was delightful. Thanks."

BOB: They really were equally fun and challenging.......I did many more Hercules episodes than Xena, so perhaps Hercules was more challenging in the long run because there was much more variety and numerous storylines that used my various talents. Of the Xena episodes I remember THE GREATER GOOD fondly because it was so well written and allowed me many humorous and poignant moments both. There really were no episodes I'd rather forget......there was a fair amount of fun stuff in each of them.

Sal looks Xena in the...eye

Is that Sal or Lord Seltzer causing trouble again?

~ JACKY: writes "My favorite Salmoneus/Xena: Warrior Princess episode was THE BLACK WOLF. I loved the dialogue between Salmoneus, Gabrielle, and Xena. What's your favorite Salmonues/Xena: Warrior Princess episode? What was it like working on the sets of Xena: Warrior Princess? How has Xena: Warrior Princess changed your life?"

BOB: See above answer (THE GREATER GOOD). It was great fun working on Xena.....as well as Hercules. Long days, hard work, but very rewarding. Both Hercules and Xena allowed me much more public visibility than I had previously experienced....and allowed me to join the Director's Guild (for directing the Hercules episode ROCK AND A HARD PLACE). They also enabled me to write my humorous book Dear Salmoneus: The World's First Guide to Love and Money which every reader of this interview should own!

~ JACKY: also wants to know: "What was it like working with Lucy, Renee [O'Connor], Rob Tapert, Kevin Sorbo, and Kevin Smith?"

BOB: It was great....everybody giving 200%.....I wish I had the chance to work more with Kevin Smith....we really never had any scenes together, although I did morph into him in DEJA VU. We did hang out together at some cons...especially his first one, Warriorcon, in Washington DC in '97. I also saw some of his excellent stage work in Auckland evenings when I was free.

ALWHEATIES: How was working on the Hercules Movie Hercules and the Lost Kingdom different from working on a Hercules: Legendary Journeys series episode?

BOB: Actually the movie schedule was somewhat more relaxed for me per week. I'd work no more than 4 days in a row before a couple days off. The studio was paying more money per screen minute for the movie so we had more time to shoot. (This is common btw for a movie of the week versus an episodic). Once the show was up and running, and the studio knew it was a hit, they actually DECREASED our budget thinking we had the formula down. (This also is common studio practice). So on the series I was working more days in a row without time off, and longer days in some ways. We had the same amount of material to cram into a shorter timeframe.

ALWHEATIES: How was it directing your fellow actors in ROCK AND A HARD PLACE? How was Renee O'Connor as a director in DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN? How was Bruce Campbell as a director in FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US..."?

BOB: The cast and crew made my job easier cause they respected me as an actor and knew I had a clear vision for the storyline of ROCK. The hardest thing was to keep all levity out of the soundstage cause my main guest star (the excellent Lindsey Ginter) had to keep his emotional chops going continuously when he was under that rock. But the Kiwi crew was good as gold not kidding around between setups. Kevin [Sorbo] and Michael [Hurst] really said some nice things about my directing abilities in the Hercules episodic companion....which I'm too modest to repeat here. But you can read the book. Renee [O'Connor] was really learning about direction on the job (I think she's said as much in interviews). I would have liked to have worked with her on her second episode; I'm sure she ran the set more smoothly and learned a lot from her first experience. Bruce was a consummate professional...as always. He knew what he wanted and kept the set light and fizzy. And he took suggestions from the cast for comic bits (like my shocking his foot with a cattleprod).

ALWHEATIES: Have you directed any plays or movies? Which is harder to direct, a TV show episode, play or movie?

BOB: Yes, I've directed several plays in Chicago and New York. I hope to direct a movie in the near future. Each medium has it's own challenges. The plays were in small venues with minimal technical requirements...so the focus was really on the acting and the script. TV was a challenge because I had great technical support, but only had six and a half days to do a whole episode....so time and "making the day" (getting all the setups and shots you and the 1st Assitance Director had planned) was the biggest challenge of all.

ALWHEATIES: What was the funniest prank that someone pulled on or behind the scenes of Hercules or Xena or any of your other shows? What was the best prank you ever pulled?

BOB: Oh dear....we were actually a fairly boring lot as far as pranks....we were working too hard and long hours. After I directed my episode of Hercules, A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, after the final shot on the last day....the crew put me under the rock and pelted me with styrofoam.

ALWHEATIES: Out of all your countless costume (and various hat) changes for Hercules and Xena, which was your favorite costume to wear? Did you mind the episodes where you had to wear dresses?

BOB: I really liked the lavender pj's I got to wear in GREEN-EYED MONSTER on Hercules. It was a lounging outfit while waiting for Aphrodite to have her way with me..... I didn't mind the dresses, especially cause I knew Bruce was even more uncomfortable than I was!

NORMAWP: "My question for Robert Trebor is during the last few seasons of Hercules, they made jokes about Salmoneus but the character never appeared. Were you fired off the show?"

BOB: I wasn't fired but then I was never a series regular, meaning I always was hired on my availability on a show by show basis. I was put on hold for several episodes in the last seasons....meaning my character appeared in some story outlines.....but by the time the scripts were written....no Salmoneus. In some cases, the ideas were quashed at the last moment, for instance there was supposed to be a third modern day PacRen episode with Hollinsfoffer......but the suits at Universal didn't like the idea. The jokes about Sal were improved by cast members, cause they knew the fans would want to know what happened to Sal.

ALWHEATIES: Were there any episodes that they wanted you for, but due to other obligations, you couldn't do them? What were the episodes? I think they might have been a very different episode had Salmoneus were in them! :)

BOB: As far as I remember, I was available when they wanted to put me on "hold" but then the actual episode never materialized. I was never told, except the modern day episode, what those other episodes were.

ALWHEATIES: Do you have any upcoming Convention or other appearances planned?

BOB: None as of now......I was supposed to go to Bristol UK in the spring for an event, but their financing changed. It's still a remote possibility. I'm amazed that there are no 10th anniversary gatherings for Hercules planned so far. Yep, it was 1994 when the Five Hercules tele-movies were broadcast.

ALWHEATIES: Do you have any news about the rumored Xena movie?

BOB: Nope.

MARILYN: wants to know "Were you there for the filming of the Xena running the gauntlet in THE GAUNTLET? If so, what was that like?"

BOB: I certainly was there, and it was fairly brutal. This was shot early in '95, right after a "wilding" incident here in LA where schoolgirls were attacked by gangs of schoolboys. As it was being shot I said to the assistant director "there's no way this will be shown on TV without severe cuts". And it wasn't. Even the home video version which is more explicit isn't as violent as the entire footage shot.

ALWHEATIES: I heard that they are coming out with Xena and Hercules on DVD...Did you do any commentary or Behind the Scenes things for them? You mentioned that there were severe cuts from THE GAUNTLET, can you think of any other scenes that were originally cut down for TV broadcast and what they cut?

BOB: No, I didn't do any interviews or narration for the DVD's...as far as I know.....no one did. In GREATER GOOD, they cut a lot, not because of violence...but because the episode was too darn long to fit commercials into! My famous "Chicken Soup" sequence was cut along with the breast dagger bit (read the scripts online to see what I mean). And I believe some of the pageant acts and my intros were cut in MISS AMPHIPOLUS. I also had a very poignant scene with Kevin [Sorbo] in CENTAUR MENTOR JOURNEY that had the cameraman almost in tears....but it was cut cause the episode was long and the scene, while acted wonderfully by both of us, didn't move the story along.

How do I know she's a woman?  I KNOW!

Salmoneus crowns Miss Amphipolus…errr or is that Mr. Amphipolus?

ALWHEATIES: Did you get to keep any of the cool props of the items you were trying to sell on Xena/Herk? What was your favorite Salmoneus Creation? (I think 1 of the funniest was the Air-Sandals!) And, can you explain about the Chicken Soup from the GREATER GOOD?

BOB: I kept some dinars (I mean Sal really would, you know?) And I used them on for the cover of my WONDERFULLY FUNNY CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED BOOK DEAR SALMONEUS. I also kept my sun-god pendant. I think the Air Sandals and the wrist sundial (you can't tell accurate time unless you stand in one spot for the rest of your life) were pretty cool. I also liked that I invented "happy hour". As far as the Chicken Soup scene, you gotta read the script....it says it all there.

Sal had a heart of gold, too. Really.

They're My Dinars!!! You can't have any!!!

The Script

Gabrielle enters and heads straight for Xena.

I made sure guards were posted, like you said.

Now, make sure that this factory is cleared out of everyone else. Tell them to go home, board up their houses and stay inside. Talmadeus' focus right now is here.

Can you stop thinking about everyone else for a second? Isn't there anything I can do for you?

Chicken soup!
(off their reactions)
That's what you need. Some of my patented chicken soup. Yes? Soup is good food, trust Salmoneus. Let's see ... lots of chickens around here. I just need a knife.

Take my breast dagger.

He starts to reach toward her breasts.

My breast dagger is in my pouch.

Oh. Perhaps a name change of that particular equipment might be in order.

He heads off. Gabrielle sits next to Xena.

[skip to Salmoneus' return]


Gabrielle is about to exit through the door. Salmoneus can see her distress.

(re: Xena)
She'll be okay. She's strong. And with my chicken soup racing through her body, she'll be as good as new.

She tries to smile at him and exits.

[skip to Salmoneus' return]


Salmoneus walks in, holding his head. The chicken trots in his direction. He cowers from it, protecting his head.

Okay! I'll make pheasant soup!

The chicken looks at him with a newfound sense of superiority, then walks away. Salmoneus looks around and sees the two heavies, still unconscious Nymis starts to stir. Salmoneus picks up a barrel lid and hits him. He drops. Then... Salmoneus sees Xena. He rushes to her.

Xena ... ! Xena! Hello! This is a trick, right?

He touches her neck, then puts his hand over her mouth. Suddenly deflated, he drops to the ground next to her.

Proud warrioress...

A BEAT, then he grabs her blanket and pulls it over her and over her face.

I'll miss you.


Salmoneus sitting quietly beside the still form of Xena. Hold, then we:

Bob's Book: Dear Salmoneus

ALWHEATIES: I read your book Dear Salmoneus and thought it was hilarious! How long did it take you to write it?

BOB: It took about six months, averaging 3-4 hours a day five days a week. I also carried a little notepad with me everywhere in case a likely "questionner" occurred to me. For instance, I was driving in Auckland listening to BBC World Service, and there was a segment on the rare Patagonian Toothfish. I was so taken with the whimsy of that name that I pulled the car over and jotted it down. And lo and behold he is featured in the second section asking Sal for monetary and career advice.

Giving Abby a run for her money

Salmoneus is a best selling author!

ALWHEATIES: Have you written any other books?

BOB: Not books, but I did write a comedic storyline "The Theft of the Young Lovelies" for the first three Xena comics for Topps. And I did write movie reviews that were published by Scholastic Magazines when I was in high school. Which is ironic cause I just returned from Vancouver co-starring opposite Martin Short in the feature LaLaWood, and I play "the world's most knowledgeable film critic writing in English".

See?  He really IS comic relief!

Salmoneus is not just a comic actor…

ALWHEATIES: Do you have an address that fans write to request autographed photos or items?

BOB: No address as of yet. But whenever a fan sees me, if they'd like my book I always have a couple spare in my car.

Bob's Life

JUDY: wants to know if Bob Trebor is your stage name and if it is, how did you choose it?

BOB: Yes, Robert Trebor is my stage name, though my passport, driver's license and voter's card are all in that name as well. I picked it because "Trebor" is Robert backwards. My name is therefore a palindrome, and Palindrome Productions is the business name for my producing company.

ALWHEATIES: When is your Birthday?

BOB: My birthday is June 7th.......I'm a Gemini, just like Laurence Olivier (we're almost exactly alike, except I'm still employable). If anyone would like to send me a classic pinball machine from the 60's, 70's, or 80's, I'd be really appreciative!!!

ALWHEATIES: When did you first know you wanted to be an actor?

BOB: Around age 10

ALWHEATIES: What advice would you give people trying to get into show business?

BOB: Really have an honest assessment of your talents...and self-knowledge about your ability to persist against overwhelming odds.

ALWHEATIES: Have your children or anyone in your family followed in your footsteps?

BOB: No one.

ALWHEATIES: What other jobs did you do before you made it big? (I had read somewhere that you hosted a radio talk-show, any other interesting jobs?

BOB: Well, I was on a Northwestern University campus radio station during my freshman year as a film critic...so I had free passes to see a lot of stuff in Chicago. I actually met Roger Ebert at one of these screenings...and years later he raved about my work as an actor in 52-Pickup and Making Mr. Right....never remembering that we had met previously. I spent most of my "survival jobs" on the phone. Market research, telephone interviews, and sales of Management/Marketing courses for American Management Association in New York.

ALWHEATIES: What is your favorite pastime?

BOB: Probably watching movies and plays.

ALWHEATIES: What is your favorite movie and what would your Oscar pick be?

BOB: This is a toughie....of the nominees I voted for Roman Polanski for The Pianist for the Directors Guild Awards. I thought the film achieved what it set out to do perfectly.

ALWHEATIES UPDATE: FYI, Roman Polanski did win the Oscar for Best Director, but he did not win the Directors Guild Award. That went to Rob Marshall for Chicago.

ALWHEATIES: Are you still doing acting workshops?

BOB: Yes.....Saturday mornings, when I'm in town, I study with Milton Katselas at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Other people in class include Doris Roberts, Catherine Bell, Giovanni Ribisi, Tony Amendola, Anthony Stewart Head, and others you might recognize.

ALWHEATIES: Is your acting workshops similar to 'The Groundings'? What types of things do you do in the acting workshops?

BOB: It's the Beverly Hills workshop taught by Milton Katselas.....I only call it "my" workshop cause I attend every Saturday morning when I'm in town. It's a master class for scene study. We do scenes from plays and movies; for instance this Saturday I'm playing Alan Dershowitz in scenes from Reversal of Fortune (the part that Ron Silver played in the film). Then we get critiqued by Milton on our work... He's a fairly famous director/teacher......you can look up his credits here here

AMY: wants to know "How hard is it to be an actor? and How does an actor remain humble without letting glamour jade them?"

BOB: How hard is relative...meaning if you have relatives in the business it's not that hard. Any craft takes work and discipline; if you have the talent and temperament...it's not really that hard. To be a WORKING actor who can be supported solely by acting, that is darn near impossible....only 1/4 of 1% of actors can pull that off. I've never really been exposed to that much glamour so I'm not even close to being jaded. I'd love to be tempted with lots of fame and glamour to see how I'd react.

AMY: also wants to know "What would be his dream roll?"

BOB: A ham and cheese croissant with a little bechamel sauce drizzled on top. As far as a dream role.......I'd love to do Tevye in a first class production of Fiddler on the Roof.

ALWHEATIES: What is your website's address?

BOB: Uhmmmm, apparently I don't have one.

ALWHEATIES UPDATE: I am now currently Bob's webmaster and his OFFICIAL site is here

Bob's TV, Movie and Theatre Work

ALWHEATIES: You had a very funny scene in the movie Making Mr. Right. What is your favorite scene or quote that you've uttered in film?

BOB: My breakdown scene opposite Roy Scheider in John Frankenheimer's 52-Pickup ranks right up there. I plead for my life, spill drinks on myself, beg to turn states evidence against my fellow criminal buddies......and I still get whacked in the end.

A different side of Sal?  Or am I confusing art with reality?

Bob plays Leo Franks in the movie 52 Pick-Up

ALWHEATIES: What time period did you do the play Awake and Sing?...who acted with you?...what was your character?

BOB: I did Awake and Sing from April to June 2002 at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. The younger actress (the one who played my niece) was Juliet Landau---Drusilla on Buffy. The actress who played my sister was Marilyn Fox a highly respected actor-manager in Los Angeles. I played Uncle Morty, a women's garment manufacturer in The Depression.

LINDA: wants to know "What is the current project you're working on? Is there anything we can currently catch you doing (either TV or film)?"

BOB: I recently shot a guest star role that was written for me by Graham Yost on the NBC series Boomtown....and I just finished two roles in movies, one a cameo opposite Elizabeth Berkeley in Meet Market, and a major role opposite Martin Short in Jiminy Glick in Lalawood, a comedy based on his Jiminy Glick character. I also co-star with Hilary Duff, who's a real sweetie, very down-to-earth, in Raise Your Voice, and I play a rabbi who marries three gentile couples in the Hallmark movie Wedding Daze with John Larroquette.

THE TARTAN TERROR: "Hi Angela, I met Bob once, he's a nice guy. I'd simply like to know what his current projects are, what are his plans for the future.

BOB: See above.

CAROL: writes "hi am little shy about this, so here goes. first of all i would like to know how he is doing? also what has been doing since xena has ended? i always loved his work on xena, he always made me laugh. thank you"

ALWHEATIES: I will put the similar questions together and say that "these fellow fans wanted to know..."

BOB: Yeah...that's probably best.

ALWHEATIES: Some other fans that wrote in with similar questions are: Julie, Judy, Joan, Clytie, Pat and Sandy.

ALWHEATIES: What is your character's name on La La Wood, and Meet Market? What is your character's name for Boomtown and what is the episode title? Can you tell alittle about the filming of Boomtown? Do you like their style of story telling?

BOB: I play Jay Schiffer in Lalawood and my character is just called "The Director" in Meet Market. I played Keith on Boomtown (I actually don't remember the episode title). In Boomtown they dressed this incredibly elaborate set to look like a wicked S/M bar where there are erotic dancers with Marie Antionette wigs behind Lucite windows grinding away and I'm the owner of the place negotiating with the cops. I thought my sequence would take several hours (based on my experience doing scenes with lots of extras and camera movement.....but the whole thing lasted an hour, all hand held......with no reverse coverage. They move really fast! I love the shows I've seen, and hope they write me back into more episodes since apparently the show's been picked up for a second season.

ALWHEATIES UPDATE: The Boomtown episode Bob was in was called "Home Invasion" (episode 113). Sadly, Boomtown was cancelled, but it now is on DVD.

ALWHEATIES: Any more news on La La Wood and Meet Market or your book?

BOB: Lalawood (with Martin Short) is still being edited. Meet Market (with Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck) is having it's Hollywood Cast/Crew premiere on Nov. 19th, and I've been invited to attend.

BOB UPDATE: The Martin Short film in which I co-star Jiminy Glick in Lalawood is the Gala Closing night event at the Toronto Film Festival."

ALWHEATIES: What was it like to work with Woody Allen in The Purple Rose of Cairo? Who was your favorite director to work with? Which director taught you the most? Who would you like to work with in the future?

BOB: Woody was great but very quiet as a director, almost shy. His direction really filtered thru his 1st AD. In many ways the late great John Frankenheimer was my favorite director in 52-Pickup...I wish I had the chance to work with him more. He really loved working with actors, and getting them relaxed and trusting to go way out there emotionally. If you see the film, and my breakdown scene with Roy Scheider, you'll see what I mean. I'd love to work with all the great current directors...they're too many to list.

ALWHEATIES: E! Online Credits you as being in a (1987) movie called Meu Querido Dem Nio...Were you, and if so, what was it about? Also, I read somewhere that you were on The Guiding Light. If so, what role did you have and did you enjoy working on a soap opera?

BOB: That's funny...that title is just Spanish for My Demon Lover in which I starred with Scott Valentine. If you rent the film under the first title....you'll hear my voice dubbed. It's a very funny film.....I play a nerdy guy trying to hit on a cute blond until half-way thru the film when I reveal a BIG surprise. As far as Guiding Light....gosh, where did you read that? It was my very first New York acting job when I first arrived in the spring of 1976. I played a corpse....literally. I had a much larger part in All My Children where I played a French concierge at a tiny Parisian hotel for several days. Unfortunately they didn't fly me to Paris to shoot it.

PAT: wants to know: "You were so Funny as Salmoneus! Do comedic roles come easier for you? Was it hard for you to play David Berkowitz (the Son of Sam) in the TV movie Out of the Darkness?"

BOB: Thank you Pat for your enjoyment of my comedy. If a role is well written, and the producers give me a chance to have some input, comedy and drama are equally rewarding and challenging. In terms of quantity people tend to hire me more often for comedic roles.....and I do enjoy making people laugh. It wasn't that hard playing Berkowitz (hmmm and now readers are thinking is Trebor really a psycho?) but it was emotionally and physically draining especially because in the evenings I was playing broad comedy in an off-Broadway play called The Crate Those were sometimes 18 hour work days!

This is really getting disconcerting!

Bob plays the Son of Sam Murderer in Out of the Darkness

ALWHEATIES: You were in a film called Dying on the Edge which I think is also called Hearsay, what was that about and what was your role?

BOB: I played the brother of a murder victim who's being investigated by John Heard. My story is really a wraparound of another story that was shot two years before...and was unreleasable. In other words, in the original story..there was no brother. I really did the part as a favor to an old buddy of mine who I know from my Son of Sam, days. It's still a pretty bad film....but I have an interesting love scene with a topless hooker....it was interesting for me that is...I don't know how it will be for the viewer watching it. Oh..and I play a pharmacist--painter.

AMY: wants to know "What movie would he like to see created?"

BOB: A movie I've written, that I'd also direct and star in called My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean. Now if I can just get the two million for financing...

ALWHEATIES: If you get your funding (and I surely hope you do!), Who would be your dream cast for My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean (in addition to yourself of course)? :)

BOB: Ashley Judd for the female lead, Vince Vaughn and Christine Lahti for supporting parts...maybe Buck Henry and Estelle Getty for cameos.

ALWHEATIES: Any chance we'll see you on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda with Kevin Sorbo?

BOB: Boy I'd love that....and if Kevin can convince the money people to loosen up the Canadian Content rules (they lose money if they hire American guest stars.....Kevin and Keith use up all the non-Canadian "points") you just might. Michael [Hurst] could do the show cause he's Commonwealth. Since both New Zealand and Canada have the Queen on their money, he doesn't use up any "points".

ALWHEATIES UPDATE: Michael Hurst (Iolaus) did an episode of Andromeda entitled "The Knight, Death and the Devil". Keith Hamilton Cobb is no longer on the show as a series regular (he is currently on The Young and the Restless). So, here's hoping we see Bob in outer space!

Bob's Movies to Watch Out For

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood - is the Gala Closing night event at the Toronto Film Festival. Bob plays "Jay Schiffer, the world's most knowledgeable film critic writing in English".

Meet Market - Bob plays Director Dick.

Raise Your Voice (was known as Heart of Summer) - very wide theatrical premiere, Oct. 8th. Bob plays "A Russian music teacher who gives Hilary Duff a hard time about her commitment to music study. I have several scenes with Hilary and also John Corbett (who plays a more relaxed music teacher)".

Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects - Bob has a "Cameo role as the world's foremost Marx Bros. expert (playing opposite William Forsythe)."

Wedding Daze - Bob plays "The Rabbi who marries John Laroquette and Karen Valentine's three gentile daughters to their respective fiancées all on the same day." It has been airing on the Hallmark Channel since Labor Day (Sept. 6).


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the author Angela Lesa Wheaton
My real-life job is currently working as a nurse aide at a nursing/rehab center. Over the last few years, I have worked towards becoming a webmaster full-time. Many Xenites and Herculeans might remember me from my days doing ALWheaties Tube Watch Updates, which featured TV times of all the cast members of both shows. I am currently the official webmaster for Robert Trebor (Salmoneus) and Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius). The photo of me on the set of the upcoming movie Graves End, which stars Eric Roberts and Daniel Roebuck. I am also an extra in the film and am working on the behind-the-scenes website. I enjoy reading, TV, music and movies!!! While growing up, I wanted to travel to New Zealand and Australia, as they are such beautiful islands!!! Greek mythology has always held a fascination for me, so when I heard about Xena and Hercules... I was EXCITED!!! Here they have two of my most favorite things together AND a GREAT cast of characters to boot!!!

Favorite episode:It's SO HARD to choose just one!!! I guess my MOST favorite is IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (24/124)
Favorite line: Xena to Callisto: "You're acting so strangely that I hardly know ya, but still I don't trust you as far as I can throw ya". THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)
First episode seen:THE PATH NOT TAKEN (05/105)
Least favorite episode:GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204)



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