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Herein resides all the media mentionings we could find about WHOOSH (the website and journal), IAXS (International Associaiton of Xena Studies), or the Staff of WHOOSH expounding on and on about something. Enjoy!

If you know of a media mentioning involving WHOOSH and it is not listed here, please email us at No mentioning is too small for us. We will take any mentioning that you feel like sending our way!

This listing proceeds in reverse chronological order. The most recent mentionings are on top, the oldest on the bottom!


A New Star On The Horizon
Non-Sport Update, Dec 2001-Jan 2002 [12/01/01]
By Larry Powell
Pages 44-45; 48
Content: Quotes articles from Whoosh on pages 45 and 48:

As fan Adrienne Saunders noted in Whoosh, The Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies, Xena's mortality was part of the appeal of the show. "Xena's 'superhero' status comes not from her being larger than life, but from being as large as life," Saunders wrote. Part of the show's appeal came from the relationship of the featured partners -- Xena the embittered warrior and Gabrielle the the young idealist. Gabrielle was no "yes-woman"who simply ran errands for her master. Over the years, her fighting skills improved, and she fought side-by-side with the Warrior Princess.

But then there was the lesbian issue. Talk that Xena and Gabrielle might be lovers added publicity and expanded the audience for the show. As fan Sandra Falero noted in Whoosh, the writers didn't push the issue, but the stars of the show seemed willing to encourage the speculation. "They are content with the fact that fans can interpret the relationship any way they choose, and have little problem with being held up as sex symbols for either side," Falero wrote.

Saunders was quoted from "Did Xena Have To Die", WHOOSH #59 (08/01), Falero was quoted from "Mything In Action: Re-Envisioning Male Myth/History In The Xenaverse", WHOOSH #56 (05/01),
Posted 12/21/01
Page 44 scanned 12/21/01
Page 45 scanned 12/21/01
Page 48 scanned 12/21/01

"Whatever Turns You On
Genders, Fall 2001 [11/01/01]
By Jeanne E. Hamming
Content: One of Whoosh's interviews with Stephen Sears is cited and quoted in this comprehensive look at Xena alternative fan fiction as a variety of slash and why it is unique from other varieties of slash fiction.
Posted 11/23/01
Cached 11/23/01

"Xena" Shocking Series Finale!, 06/13/01
By Jenny Stewart
Content: Whoosh editor Kym Taborn is quoted on her opinions on the series ender of Xena: Warrior Princess
Posted 06/14/01
Cached 06/14/01

From A to Xena, 06/12/01
By Joyce Millman
Content: "W is for whoosh. 1) The sound made by Xena's lethal chakram (aka "round killing thing") as it flies through the air. 2) Whoosh! The Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies."
Posted 06/14/01
Page one and Page two cached 06/14/01

Whoosh! There It Is
iSyndicate, Surf the Net, 01/05/01
By Jennifer R. Schroeder with additional writing by Bridget Petrella
Content: A review of WHOOSH!
Posted 01/05/01
Cached 01/05/01


Rudolph, Warrior Reindeer
Yahoo Internet Life, Pretty Strange Sites, 12/19/00
By Scott Alexander
Content: A WHOOSH link discussing Beth Fishkind's article about Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the show's similarity to Xena: Warrrior Princess
Posted 12/27/00
Cached 01/05/01

USA Studios Xena The Final Season_ 'Will They Or Won't They?
Upbeat Online, 11/21/00
WHOOSH mention and quote from the site:

"And therein lies the eternal burning question among Xena fans far and wide... will Xena and Gabrielle finally resolve all of the speculation as to what their relationship really is about, from a purely physical perspective... in the series finale? From the Whoosh Site ( "Apparently, Gabrielle goes into a coma (ala Sleeping Beauty) and can only come out of it when kissed by her soulmate. Okay, everybody in unison, 'Who's Gabrielle's soulmate?' If you do not know by now, then you should stop watching the show. Of course, there is the slight problem of Gabrielle's soul mate allegedly having amnesia and being a recent newly-wed... but then if death can't keep these two apart, then nothing can." At this point it's still uncertain, and a bit premature for speculation, but one thing is certain, the show itself has taken television script writing to a new level of expression and creativity, one that isn't likely to be duplicated anytime soon. We here at The Tube File will certainly be saddened to see 'Xena Warrior Princess' go, but we feel rather enlightened by the show's incredible path and feel both pleased and privileged to have been able to follow the exceptional storylines for the past six years. Battle on Xena!"

Posted 11/21/00

I don't know the title because it's in HEBREW!
Sheleg, 10-01-00
Commentary: WHOOSH and IAXS were mentioned on an Israeli website!!! Too cool. Mazel tov!!!
Text: [rough translation]

"First of all, before trying to summarize the most important Xena sites on the net, let me just point out the contribution of the creators and directors of the show to the development of these sites. This contribution is not a direct one. The television network producing Xena never published or supported the fan sites, but contrary to other networks, such as Fox, it never tried to put obstacles in their path and even announced that it recognizes the activities of these site as a factor in the popularity of the show. As a result, a very delicate symbiosis has evolved between the Xenite Webmasters and the show. In this symbiosis the webmasters feel free to publish images and clips from the show (while mentioning the copy right of its creators), and in exchange the show get free publicity over the internet and even an expansion of the ideas in it.

"An obvious example for a site that shows X:WP in a new light is the virtual magazine Whoosh!. The magazine represents IAXS- "The International Association of Xena Studies", a completely informal body dealing with the analysis of the artistic, historical and literary aspects of "Xena". It is important to remember that this site was created by fans and although it was never given an official stature, it plays an important part within the Internet Xena community.

"Like Whoosh, there are two other sites that induce pilgrimage: The first is Tom's Xena Page, a site even the gods don't remember when it first appeared. and the second is Andrew's Xenaverse, a relatively new site (compared to Tom's) but it's layout is refreshing and to this day it is being updated regularly. In both sites you will find an especially big number of links, screen grabs, original artwork and much more. My recommendation- don't skip the "Battle On!" comics in Tom's site and Andrew's montages.

"Another important source of information for Xenites all over the world and especially in Israel is Xenamedia. The site summarizes the latest appearances of the Show's actors in every media and is updated on an almost daily basis. In Xenamedia you will find link, interviews, photographs and video clips of the actors. Since most of the links are to video and newspaper clip which never got to our little country, it is recommended to check it every once in a while and be updated on the guest appearances of your favorite actors."

Posted 08/10/00

Ted Raimi in Spiderman news
A fan reported to us that Ted Raimi stated at the Phoenix Con in the last weekend of July 2000, that he would be in Spiderman but he could not divulge the role. We posted that in the News & Rumor section of the episode guide. Here's the pertinent text:

"08-02-00. On July 30, 2000, Ted Raimi at the Mesa, Arizona XENA Con said again that Joxer will be back as a "bumbling" ghost next season. He also mentioned that he has gotten a role in the SPIDERMAN movie his big brother Sam is directing later this year."
From there others saw and reported. Took 7 days for the news to pass to the "big names". Here is what we have seen thus far...

Ted Raimi to appear in SPIDER-MAN!!!
Ain't It Cool News, 08-09-00
Commentary: "Our friends"? Never met the man.
Text: "Hey folks, Harry here with a 'no sh*t' scoop about SPIDER-MAN that comes from our friends covering all that is Xena at Whoosh.Org, and it came out of Ted Raimi's mouth at a Xena Con, somewhere upon a table in Arizona. Strange place for info to come from. Personally, I'm racking my brain trying to think of an existing known character to Ted to play... and... for the life of me, I can't seem to think of one... so it might just be a cameo.... We'll see next holiday season! I don't know if you've got this before, but I found this on the Whooosh website (a Xena website) [quotes my notice] So that's a Spiderman casting newsstory for you"
Posted 08/10/00

Coming Attractions, 08-09-00
Text: "Evening, August 9, 2000... Whoosh, the Xena-devoted website, recently spoke with Ted Raimi, who plays Joxer in the syndicated series and is brother to Spider-Man director Sam (and often has a cameo in his films). Raimi (Ted, that is) told Whoosh that he'd be continuing his series of cameos in his brother's movies with an appearance in Spider-Man. Nothing was said about which character Ted would be playing. [Originally appeared online at Whoosh.]"
Posted 08/16/00

ZENtertainment, 08-11-00
Text: "The SPIDER-MAN HYPE fan site has run a number of interesting casting rumors lately; like rumors of Nicolas Cage as Normon Osborne/Green Goblin, which appear could be true, and rumors of Vincent D'Onofrio (The Cell) as Doctor Octopus and Liev Schrieber (Sphere) as Dr. Conners/The Lizard, which have been denied by the actors. The site also rumors Julia Stiles (10 Things I Hate About You) may play Mary Jane Watson. Additionally, Ted Raimi, brother of director Sam, tells the XENA website WHOOSH that he'll appear in the film."
Posted 08/11/00

D'Onofrio: No To Doc Ock
SciFi Wire, 08-09-00
Commentary: Nice plug!
Text: "And the Whoosh! Web site reported that Raimi's brother, Ted Raimi (Xena: Warrior Princess), may appear in the film as well. "
Posted 08/10/00

Ted Raimi To Appear in Spiderman, 08-09-00
Commentary: Says Raimi "talked" to us. He did not. It was taken from what he said off the stage. We have been trying to get an interview from him since the first Official XENA Con. No luck yet.
Text: "Ted Raimi, Joxer in the hit show Xena: Warrior Princess and Sam's younger brother, who often appears in his films, talked to the Xena website Whoosh. He mentioned that he has gotten a role in the Spider-Man movie his big brother Sam is directing later this year. No word who he will play."
Posted 08/10/00

Cage To Play Green Goblin?
[To get to article click here then click on "insider news" from the far left vertical menu, then click "insider archive" from the far right vertical menu -- it is the last item on the menu, then click "aug" in the 2000 arhives horizontal menu, then click August 9 2000 on the calendar, find "Cage Playing Green Goblin?", then click "full story" at end of the paragraph. There you are! So easy, so efficent! Be sure to write Cinescape to thank them for this great way of not allowing direct links to newstories!], 08-09-00
Commentary: They actually got it accurate!
Text: "In related news, Sam's brother Ted Raimi has confirmed that he will have an unspecified role in the film, this according to Whoosh."
Posted 08/10/00

Browser. A Bit of This and That: The Net as a Flea Market of Ideas.
New York Times, 06/29/00
Listed in the "Arts, Music and Popular Culture", the listing gives a link with the following text: "WHOOSH: Each monthly issue of this fan site features articles about "Xena: Warrior Princess.""
Posted 06/29/00

The Xena Files. Ever wonder where all that subtext came from? Jeff has some ideas...
IGN Sci-Fi, 06/26/00
Jeff just can't bring himself to say that anyone else works just as hard as MaryD! The fact is Xenadom is lucky to have a lot of hardworking fans who are contributing a great amount to Also, Jeff mentions that "Heather" told him that he missed a reference to WHOOSH. Thanks Heather, wherever you are!
Posted 06/27/00

Season 6 news just keeps on coming...
By Cathy O`Grady, 06/24/00
WHOOSH is reported as the source for the news that Chris Manheim had left XENA and that R.J. Stewart brought in new writers for the 6th season.
Posted 07/18/00

SFRA Review #246, June/July 2000.
I am in the process of finding this.
Posted 07/04/00


TV Fans Connect & Create On-Line
MSNBC On-Line, 12/03/99
Small mention, but includes a link and mentions our interviews and articles:


The Internet has begun to remove the barriers between creators and consumers. Producers, writers and actors use online forums for first-hand communication with fans, allowing them to maintain their privacy while receiving first-hand feedback. On Yahoo, producers and actors participate in chats and question-and-answer discussion boards. WHOOSH!, a fan-run journal about "Xena, Warrior Princess," features exclusive discussions with many of the show's writers and directors. J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of "Babylon 5," corresponded with online fans throughout the run of his series.

Posted 12/04/99

Xena - Warrior Princess, Hero, Friend
Xena Mania, 10-23-99

Night Crawler: Warrior Worship
SF Weekly, 10/20/99
"Malibu-based" WHOOSH is mentioned along with a reference to Darise Error's article about the lack of kisses between Xena and Gabrielle in the 3rd and 4th seasons (issue #36, October 1999), in this article looking at the Xena phenom and a visit to the SF Convention October 16-17, 1999. Posted 10-21-99

The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: Chaining Rhetorical Visions from the Margins of the Margins to the Mainstream in the Xenaverse
Chris Boese's Doctoral Dissertation
WHOOSH, Kym Taborn, Betsy Book, and many other fans are discussed in Ms. Boese's dissertation which looks at XENA fandom and fan ficiton. Posted 12-19-99

Computer Talk: World Wide Websites
Feminist Collections, 07/31/99 (Summer 1999)
WHOOSH is the only XENA website annotated on this list of women-studies related websites. This is such a great list of women-studies websites that I have included it in its entirety. Posted 12-02-99

Xenites vs. Trekkers;' Xena' followers making pilgrimage to S.A.
San Antonio Express-News, 05/11/99
A promotional article about the upcoming San Antonio Con on 05/16/99. Petra de Jong's On the Road report is mentioned. Posted 10-21-99

Xena Rules -- Is That Okay?
By Marion Williams
Shoot the Messenger 05/1999
Both WHOOSH and the Diane Silver article in WHOOSH about Lesbian Recognizance are mention in this serious look at the Xenaverse.
Posted 07-18-00

Xena, cyber princess. Lucy lawless, TV's Xena, tells how it feels to be the ultimate fantasy of lesbians online.
The Advocate, 03/02/99
by Michelle Kort

Hollywood For Sale
Radio show Wisconsin Public Radio: To The Best of Our Knowledge, 02/21/99
Guest: Kym Taborn
"Kim [sic] Taborn is the editor and publisher of an on-line magazine ( dedicated to Xena, the warrior princess. She tells Jim Fleming why she loves the show and what makes it a cult classic. Also, classics scholar Matthew Gumpert, who's also a Xena fan, tells Jim that the anachronisms and historical distortions in Xena are nothing new _ people have always re-invented myths to suit their own times. And, cultural critic Neil Gabler tells Steve Paulson that the United States has become the Entertainment Republic; that we all think of our lives as movies; and that Bill Clinton is our entertainer-in- chief. Gabler's book is "LIFE the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality.""
If you would like a cassette copy of this radio show, e-mail Kym.

Lawless and Order
USA Weekly On-Line, 01/17/99
Mention of the International Association of Xena Studies: "'Everybody loves their law shows and their sitcoms, but this is just a different genre they can fit into their viewing diet,' says Lawless. 'It's dessert.' For many obsessive fans, Xena is much more than dessert. It's a way of life: The Internet boasts an "International Association of Xena Studies." Posted 10-25-99


UnOfficial Xena Warrior Princess Magazine
Fresh Magazine, December 1998
In an Australian unofficial guide to the show, WHOOSH is said to have "a lot of substance" and "looks fantastic". Article "Why Joxer is Seen as a Threat and Other Problems" [by Jennifer Waldeau] is mentioned. Posted 01-12-99

The Web's Next Wave of Fun. Finally putting up a home page? You're behind the curve. This fall, everybody's building a palace
Time Magazine, 11/09/98
In an article about The Palace graphic user interface chat environment, WHOOSH's Palace venture with Tom's Xena Page and SRT Technologies is mentioned in Time Magazine. Posted 01-12-99

If you want the real story on Xena, check out the multitude of fan sites
Chicago Daily Herald, 11/06/98
WHOOSH is reviewed against the old official XENA site, and guess what! WHOOSH WINS! They call WHOOSH "easily among the best "Xena" sites. The corporate site offers a perfunctory tribute to "Xena," but the Journal site includes the things that matter to true Xenites." Why to go WHOOSH! WHOOSH articles mentioned: "Why Joxer is Seen as a Threat and Other Problems" [by Jennifer Waldeau] and "Missing Dahak: What Went Wrong in the Third Season of 'Xena: Warrior Princess'" [by E.A. Weeks]. Posted 01-12-99

Battle on! Millions of viewers dedicated to 'don't-mess-with-me' 'Xena'
The Denver Post, 09/14/98
Fun article about XENA fandom with quotes from Fans Sandi Jepsen, Joann Cosby, and Dyann Esparza (WHOOSH Staff) and official guide author, Robert Weisbrot and Producer Liz Friedman. WHOOSH is cited as being representative of the websites. Articles mentioned: "Was Xena ever really evil?" [by Debbie White], "Xena and Heathcliff: Byronic Heroes" [by Cathy H. McLain], and "What the Heck is a Chakram, Anyway?" [by Bret Ryan Rudnick]. Proper url given along with Tom's Xena Page's url! Yay! Posted 01-12-99

It's Not Just a Breath Mint, It's a Web Portal. Internet Marketing Secret: E-Commerce in for Success
Fortune Magazine, 08/17/98
In an article about marketing "Web Fuel", a mint geared towards the internet, IAXS and WHOOSH are mentioned in passing as a recommended website by WebFuel. Posted 01-12-99

The Rainbow Screen. Xena, Warrior Princess, 07/15/98
by Leni Sarten

Getting MUDdy with Xena
Salon, 04/30/98
An article asking why MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) still exist looks at the Xena fans' participation in the on-line Hercules and Xena: Alliance of Heroes MUD. Laura Sue Dean of Whoosh is quoted as saying if Lucy Lawless were to show up at the MUD, "You better crank up your servers, because they're going to crash". She is identified as the "gossip columnist for Xena fan site WHOOSH". Posted 11-08-01.

Screen Grab, In the Service of a Warrior Princess
The New York Times, 03/05/98
A short but telling article on the presence of XWP on the internet. Quoted are Lucy Lawless, Betsy Book, and Tom Simpson. Calls WHOOSH "one of the most elegantly designed and irresistible 'Xena' comfort stations on the information highway". The following articles were mentioned: "Xena and Heathcliff: Classic Byronic Heroes," (Cathy H. McLain) and "The Female Hero, Duality of Gender and Post-Modern Feminism in 'Xena: Warrior Princess,'" (Rhonda Nelson). Also discusses Tom Simpson's (WHOOSH Consultant) Tom's Xena Page. Posted 01-12-99

The power of myths. Looking like they just stepped out of ancient mythology, two TV superheroes have muscled their way into pop culture
The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, FL), 03-05-98
A detailed article. Quotes Siegfried Nelson and mentions he wrote a WHOOSH article [Cry Murder: The Politics and Ethics of Homicide in Xena: Warrior Princess], and also mentions Melissa Meister's WHOOSH paper [Important of Sapphic Subtext in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS] as well. Posted 01-12-99

Xena Goes to College, 01/16/98
by Michele Green


Escapist Fun at your Desktop
Time, 12/15/97
Taken from the Entertainment Weekly review and devoid of that shameful B+ rating, Time magazine lets the qworld know about WHOOSH! We have better company this time, being reviewed with ("The Rules" obviously didn't make the Time cut), and 5 computer games. Posted 01-12-99

Princess of the Xeitgeist. All Hail Xena, Warrior Princess, Whose Power and (yes, Ambiguous) Sexuality have Boys and Girls of all Ages Simply Swooning
Los Angeles Times, 11/30/97
Major article on the XENA phenom, and it mentions WHOOSH, and gives our old url. Posted 01-12-99

New This Week
Entertainment Weekly, 11/14/97
Wow! We got reviewed in Entertainment Weekly. They only do one or a week so we feel this was our 15 minutes of fame with EW. Okay we got only a B+, but at least we left that "The Rules" site in the dust with their pathetic C+. And we were listed first too!!! Posted 01-11-99

Xena sites take on mythic proportions. Melissa Meister's essay posted on the web., 09/15/97
by Steve Segal

COMPUTER COLUMN: Technology comes to aid of Xena fans The Hercules and Xena Learning Adventure is one of three titles on CD., 09/15/97
by Steve Segal

Getting a grip on the `Xena' loop. Xena (Lucy Lawless) poised with her chakram, her weapon of choice., 09/14/97
by Steve Segal

Real knock-outs: Female action heroes flex marketing muscles
Marketing News, 09-01-97
Detailed article about the ascendency of female action heroes. IAXS is mentioned as a Xena site. Posted 01-12-99

An Interview with R.J. Stewart, Writer & Co-Executive Producer of Xena: Warrior Princess
Writer's Website, 08/11/97

Kemosabe substitute keeps on Tick-ing
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 08-08-97
An actual section about IAXS! States we have "set a new standard in fandom", it is "well-written", and money never exchanged hands! Author Ellis states his pride in being mentioned in an article in WHOOSH ["The Curse of Baywatch" by Kym Taborn] and quotes where he is mentioned. Uses the old WHOOSH url. Posted 01-12-99

Who Owns Xena?
Salon, 07/03/97
An article about how Universal allows Xena fandom to proliferate on the net without any harassment by them. Kym Taborn is quoted, along with Michael Martinez, Henry Jenkins, and others. Posted 01/12/99

Seis Grados de Xena [6 Degrees of Xena - who does the show appeal to?]
Cinescape, July 1997
by Steve Hockensmith
I am still looking for an English version of this article.

The Province, May 1997
by ?
Quotes staffmembers Debbie Casseta and Kym Taborn about women kicking men's hinders.

Xena slaughters the entertainment stereotypes
The Denver Post, 03/23/97
A look into the feminist overtones of XWP, includes quotes from Sarah Dyer (Space ghost Coast to Coast and Action Girl Comic writer), Robert Tapert, and Kym Taborn. Posted 01/12/99

Xenaphilia. Fan of XENA Have Fomented a Cultlike Passionfor TV's Most Ferocious and fetching Heroine. But is their Devotion Enough to Ciut a Swath for Female Action Stars?
Entertainment Weekly, 03/07/97
Major report on XENA fandom. Calls IAXS a "Web-based think tank of sorts". Also mentions WHOOSH, the journal. Quotes tons of people including Kym Taborn. Posted 01-12-99

Babes in toyland; Xena versus Sailor Moon
Saturday Night (Canadian), February 1997
This is an essay on which is the better role model for young girls: Sialor Moon or Xena: Warrior Princess. XWP wins. In the article WHOOSH is mentioned along with the Encyclopedia Xenaica (no longer associated with WHOOSH), and the articles "Visual Metaphor in Xena: Warrior Princess" [by Carmen Carter] and "Xena: Warrior Princess: A Native American Perspective" [by Linda Knighton]. Posted 01/12/99

Made-for-TV mythology made easy
The Straits Times (Singapore), 01/26/97

Quick introductions to the show and includes websites for the shows. WHOOSH appears at its old url, listed with the old url of the Official Site. Posted 01-12-99

Strong following for Hercules
The Straits Times (Singapore), 01/26/97
WHOOSH mention in a overview of the HERK/XENA phenom as it existed at the beginning of 1997. Posted 01-12-99

Xena generation. Fans from 6 to 60 adore the 'Warrior Princess'
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 01/25/97
More Burbank I (01/97) convention coverage. Four fans (including WHOOSH's KNerys and Betsy Book), one business man, Ru Emerson (XENA novelist), and Lucy Lawless are quoted. KNerys (Assistant to Graphics Editor) is called Kyra Neese, and Betsy Book (WHOOSH Webmaster extraordinaire) gets extensively quoted on her take on XWP including that "sex thing". Posted 01/12/99

The fall and rise of Xena Horse spill behind her, Lucy Lawless charges ahead
USA Today, 01/15/97
WHOOSH is mentioned as being at the Burbank I Convention (01/97). Two fans and Lucy Lawless are quoted. 01-12-99

A cult cries out for Xena; TV: Warrior princess is an inspiration for feminists, a turn-on for men and women, and a hoot for all who dare.
The Baltimore Sun, 01/14/97
Written as a dispatch from the first official XENA.HERK convention (Burbank 01/97), Zurawik quotes 3 fans at the convention and Lucy Lawless. IAXS was mentioned, along with the names of the following articles "Xena and Heathcliff: Byronic Heroes" [by Cathy H McClain] and "The Lesbian Spirit of Xena Warrior Princess" [Diane Silver, WHOOSH staff emeritus]. Posted 01-12-99

Xena. Ode to a Grecian warrior princess with guts, wits, awesome moves, wide-ranging appeal - and a cult following.
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), 01/12/97.
Tillotson writes about XWP's wide demographic and the fan net presence. WHOOSH is mentioned and called "an online collection of 150 musings including 'Chain Mail and Its Uses on XWP' [written by our own Chris Clogston] and 'The Influence of Xena on the Medical Profession' [which has not been written yet, hmmmm]". She attempts to list the various stereotypical type of fans for the show. Michael Evans-Layng (WHOOSH author) and Kym Taborn (WHOOSH Publisher/Editor-in-Chief) are quoted. Posted 01-12-99


It's no wonder this woman has become Xena: Worldwide Cult Queen.
The Denver Post, 11/20/96.
Calls WHOOSH "a rather cerebral collection of sometimes academic articles about XWP", and refers to the Carmen Carter article on visiual metaphor in the series [WHOOSH #03 (9611)]. Posted 01-12-99

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