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Maintained since 2004 by pLINKONIMUS, Scroll Insid'Er Editor

Last modified August 16, 2004

What is The Scroll Insid'Er?

The Scroll Insid'Er is an interactive and continuing graphic novel. We invite all creative fans of Xena: Warrior Princess to join us in this project.

Anyone who would like to submit a 'scroll' should send pLINKONIMUS a 500 - 800 word outline of their story. pLINKONIMUS will try to keep as close to the original as possible but will have to retain the right to edit/alter stories where necessary. Future issues will be longer, more action based than the first issue and rely more heavily on dialogue (speech bubbles etc.) - so writers should bear that in mind.

Writers should also be aware that pLINKONIMUS is interested in working on their Xena stories - not their version of the Virginia Whoosh angle.


Issue 01: A Woman With A Following (August 2004)

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