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Issue 19

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Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

What the Home Shopping Network Can Do For Xenites
By Kym Masera Taborn (whoosh@hsn.com)
Steamy Cels for Sale: "Hot Tub" Scene Cels Cut From Animated Movie Go On Sale Next Week
By J. G. Flatwood (jatg@battleon.com)
New Line of Toby Mugs Featuring Characters Due Out Soon
By Sharon DeZaney (zaney@aol.com)
Franklin Mint Commissions New Line of Joxer & Perdicus Plates for Sword & Staff Auction
By Misto (misto@netcom.com)
Check Out the Latest Workout Videos: Salmoneus Sweats to the Oldies, Gabs of Steel, and Sorbo's Low Impact Lifting
By Workee (amazon@pumpmeup.com)
Home Shopping Network Features "Perm the Natural Way" Segment, Hosted by Ephiny and Aphrodite
By Laura Sue Dean (hairgirl@fabu.com)
Top Ten Reasons Why Barry Diller Should Not Be Confused With Phyllis Diller.
By Jarron (jarron@simplenet.com)
Will Sony buy Whoosh!? Find Out in the All-Japanese Edition
By Amazon King (ak@harvard.edu)

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