Whoosh! Maggie was most curious about Lena's just been rolling around on the couch look
Lena dutifully listens as Bianca speaks

Lena Kundera

January 05, 2004

(Lena on next on AMC)
Last update: 01/06/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Lena seen on the Next on AMC where Bianca asks Lena and Maggie what they think of her coming clean about the pregnancy.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of the Lenameister.

From About All My Children

Bianca asks Maggie and Lena what they would think if she decided to tell the truth about her baby?
Erica tells Jack to take her home, and she’ll tell him a secret that she kept to keep him safe.
As Greenlee tells Ryan she has a New Year’s resolution to keep, we see the bomb ticking down to 14:08…

From Soap Slut

No mention of Lena.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Krystal's bank balance is in her bra.
  • J.R. doesn't get his milk.
  • Maggie eats cake.
  • Liza needs more chocolate.
  • Simone doesn't want a mint.
  • Tad can't feel his thighs.
  • Polaroids are back.

The Set-Up - At the PVI, Tad realizes he's a bottom.

In Betsy's room of horrors, Babe shows her unhappiness by wearing actual clothes.

At the lodge, Greenlee and Ryan think of Kendall and get it on.  

Land of Wind and Horses - Maria dreams of her wedding to Edmund and wakes up sweating - sorry Maria, it's not a nightmare - and then forgets she knows how to speak Spanish and says "José Alejandro" as if she were from Sweden.

The Lodge - Thinking and talking about Kendall works wonders for Greenlee 'cause just saying her name makes her want to molest Ryan who, on the other hand, has a sudden attack of conscience.

Greenlee: "Oh my god.  Ryan, are you back in love with Kendall?"

Oh, sure, I believe how unappealing that must be for you, Greenlee: I must have imagined you were the one who was chasing Kendall, trying to take her clothes off to see her "belly."  U-huh.

PVI – Jamie is convinced that the night he spent with Babe was "special" and tries to explain it to Maggie who, in fact, would prefer to learn more about diesel engines.

Jamie: "You weren’t there."

Dude, she was barely there for the "great sex" fantasia with Henry!  You know, the night she spent talking about her friend Bianca?  Yeah, for anyone else, that would have been a clue.

Maggie: "Ok, ok: let’s say that you did tap into her inner core."

Inner core?  Aww, Maggie’s trying on bad lesbian fan fiction terminology: can flannel really be that far behind?

Jamie: "I wish Babe was just a friend: my life would be a lot simpler but, every time I see her, it puts me in knots.  I just want to hold her and keep her safe."
Maggie: "Maybe that’s just not what she wants – from you anyway."

Or from you, Maggie.  Oh, wait: are you talking about Babe?  ‘Cause your mouth says "Babe," but your eyes say "Babe and Britney Spears are the same person!  The blond!  The bling!  The mamas!  The south!  The clothes!  The marriages!  The annulments!  The – oh, wait a minute: am I supposed to be thinking about Bianca?  I'm confused."

The Furnace – In the basement, José Alejandro does something dangerous.  I know because that block he’s fondling says "C-4" and "Danger" and is surrounded by doodles of mini bombs. 

Betsy’s Heifer – J.R.’s upset that Babe won’t speak with him, but he’s really more upset because she didn’t want to have sex with him on New Year’s Eve and he was under the impression that being married pretty much guaranteed that part of the deal - and then his ManBoobs go red when he yells that he’s jealous because he loves her.

When one's nipples emote more than one's face, it's probably time to reconsider professions.

The Lodge – Ryan doesn’t want 2004 to be just like 2003, so I think we can all agree he should go back to 2002, get out of town and possibly fall off his bike on his way out.

Greenlee wishes she "could have been the person [Juan Pablo] needed," but she’s too selfish and hung up on Kendall for that.

Juan Pablo: "You are everything I imagined the perfect woman to be."

Are you sure you're not confusing your nightmares with creative thinking?

The Last Scenes – At the PVI, Maggie tells Jamie that her New Year resolutions include keeping her opinions to herself and "not getting into other people’s business." 

Maggie: "Sometimes, no matter how much you care about someone, they’re already with the people who are right for them."

Oh good grief, I get it already!  She's confused!  Because Bianca!  She's pretty! And unavailable!  I get it. 

Upstairs, Tad can’t feel his thighs.

At the lodge, Kendall is too busy blinking in the face of danger to close the door after a few stray bullets try to make her shawl look interesting.  And then a flash goes wild.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Bianca asks Lena and Maggie for an opinion on the truth; Erica chats with Jack; the timer counts down.


This parody is by LizzieT.

The party lingers on in Pine Valley - or should I say the nightmare continues?

Jamie and Maggie talked about life.
Jamie: I just can't help the way I feel about Babe. It's like the minute I saw her I knew we were destined to be together. Have you ever felt that way about someone?
Maggie: I'm not sure. I don't think the writers have made up their minds yet.
Jamie: Whatever happens I won't let Babe be hurt by that evil JR.
Maggie: I don't get it. Babe cheated on JR right after she married him, she would have cheated on him again tonight if he hadn't shown up when he did and JR is the villain?
Jamie: Of course. You just have to remember - Babe=Good.

Babe and JR were at home.
JR: Aren't you going to speak to me?
Babe: No. Why do you keep treating me like a slut? Uh.....you didn't watch a tape of Friday's show did you?
JR: I started to but I got bored and turned it off.
Babe: Then you have no reason to treat me like someone who would invite her brother in law up to her hotel room and try to seduce him into silence.
JR: You're right. I apologize. I should remember - Babe=Good.

Krystal gave Tad the paper.
Tad: Your bank statement? That's the big secret? Krystal: Yes. So you had sex with me just to get a look at my bank statement. Are we destined to be the next super couple or what?

Later Simone confronted Tad.
Simone: Have you been with that Krystal person?
Tad: Now why would you ask me such a thing? Notice I'm not actually lying to you, I'm just not telling you the truth.
Simone: I'm sorry I misjudged you Tad. Let's make love.
Tad: Hmmm, sex with two different women within an hour? Are you sure this isn't the Fan Fantasy episode?
Simone: No. Just a really bad attempt to put the romance back on AMC.

Maria had a dream.
Maria: Edmund and I are getting married......wow, they really did used to have romance on this show.....there's the plane crash......Edmund, I'm not dead......
Edmund: I know you're not. It's just our storyline that's dead.
Maria: Auuhhhhhh!! I have to find Edmund.
Isabella: Just be careful Maria. Don't end up with amnesia again. That storyline sucked.
Maddie: Look Mommy, I drew a picture for you.
Maria: In the middle of the night?
Maddie: Sam was sawing on the bars of the attic and I couldn't sleep. It's a picture of Daddy trying to find a storyline.
Maria: Who else is in the picture?
Maddie: A bunch of Argentinian gangsters and some bedhoppers up at the ski lodge. I think this may be the worst picture I ever drew.

Meanwhile up at the ski lodge......
Greenlee: Make love to me now Ryan.
Ryan: I can't.
Greenlee: It's because of Kendall isn't it? How did she win you over? I'll bet she acted all clingy and needy and told you she had to have your help deciding what to do with her life. Oh wait....that was me.
Ryan: I can't be with you Greenlee. It's time to change partners again.

Edmund: What's going on up here? This place has no security.
PFKAJP: My countryman Jose is providing the security.
Jose: Right. Pay no attention to the bomb I am carrying around in my toolbox.
Kendall: Speaking of bombs, I really want out of this storyline. Can I borrow your car?
Aidan: Oi'll droive yew ome Kendall.
Mia: But you'll have to ride in the trunk. I want Aidan all to myself.
Ryan: Kendall can't leave now. It's time to switch partners again. Come with me.
Aidan: Oi'll just check arownd owtsoid whoil they tawk.
Edmund: Aren't you risking being shot by the Argentinian gangsters?
Aidan: Oi cewd only ope to be that lucky.
Edmund: I just wish I could call Maria and tell her where I am.
Mia: I'll call her for you Edmund. After all, you and I once meant so much to each other.
Edmund: Thanks Melissa. You're a peach.

Ryan: I'm trying very hard to forgive you Kendall.
Kendall: Me? You're the one who was up here making out with Greenlee.
Ryan: I'm willing to look past that.
Kendall: Bite me.

In the basement...
Aidan: Blimey! Whot are yew dewing down ere?
Jose: Just planting a bomb in the furnace. Those message board people are getting restless with this storyline.
Aidan: All roit. Carry on mite.

Greenlee: Can we leave now?
Aidan: Not yet. Oi sense something is abowt to appen.
Kendall: On this show? Not a chance.
Edmund: Do you think we're in danger?
Aidan: Oi dew. Oi think anyone oo opens this door moit be gunned down in a ail of bullets.
Kendall: And get away from this storyline?
Aidan: Roito.
Kendall: I'm out the door then!
Greenlee: Me first!
Edmund: Age before beauty! Out of my way!
Aidan: Oi'm special ops. I shewd go first!
PFKAJP: In my country the rich would be the first out the door.
Mia: Look out everyone. You'll be trampled by the audience.


Alicia, in an attempt to save her career, tries to escape the dreadful action set but is caught at the last second by her velcro buddy Ryan...

Kendall obviously needs to spend more time with Lena.


Bianca: What would you guys think if I decided to tell the truth about my baby?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Next on AMC: Bianca asks the rest of the budding triangle what they think about her coming clean about the pregnancy]

On the next "all my children"
[amc040105a-inc1 starts]
Bianca: [Still in New year's garb, at B's apt] What would you guys think if I decided to tell the truth about my baby?
[amc040105a-inc1 ends]
Erica: Take me home, and I'll tell you a secret that i kept to keep you safe.
Greenlee: The best part about being gunned down on new year's -- no pesky resolutions to keep.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040105a-inc1 (1.4m; 0:08) Next on AMC: Bianca asks the rest of the budding triangle what they think about her coming clean about the pregnancy

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