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Lena Kundera

January 06, 2004

(Lena appearance)
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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Lena and Bianca return to Bianca's apartment after the New Year's party laughing over a guy who tried to pick up Lena; Bianca pulls Lena into a hug and then remembers she's not her girlfriend; Lena assures her friends can hug and who knows, if it leads to something else, she's (ALWAYS) game; Maggie returns to the apartment; Bianca asks Lena and Maggie what they think about her idea to stay in town for Kendall's trial and to tell Erica about her pregnancy; Maggies counsels against it; Lena counsels for it; Maggie eventually comes around to Bianca's idea; Bianca leaves to tell Erica about her pregnancy and asks Lena to wait for her; Lena asks Maggie if she opposed the idea because she didn't think it was a good idea or whether Maggie wanted to go off with Bianca and have bianca and the baby all to herself.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca informs Lena and Maggie that she's going to tell Erica the truth about her pregnancy. Lena supports Bianca's decision but Maggie is opposed to it.

From About All My Children

Bianca and Lena go back to Bianca's apartment after the New Year's Eve party, and wonder, "What kind of name is Chance, anyway?" They laugh about the cheesy pickup line Brooke's date had tried, and how he used the same routine on someone else after Lena introduced Bianca as her date! Lena starts to go, saying Bianca and her baby need some rest, but Bianca tells her to just think about it-it's a new year, a new life, so many possibilities and so much to look forward to! They hug happily before Bianca uncomfortably pulls back and apologizes. Lena tells her it's 2004-can't two friends hug? She adds that if, someday, it becomes something more, she won't complain; if not, Chance said his number's in the book! They are laughing when Maggie comes in and says her New Year's resolution is going to be working on her sucky timing! She starts to go to the dorm, but Lena says she was about to leave. Bianca wants them both to stay; she needs them both for moral support, "For something that is going to send my mother screaming around the bend." Maggie suggests they table this until Bianca's gotten some rest, as pre-dawn isn't prime time for rational thoughts; any life-altering decision that includes her mother requires a clear head and a warning label! Bianca says she is completely clear, and has been since Christmas Eve. Lena's been meaning to say something-she seems more at peace. Bianca agrees that's exactly what she is, and feels so good about the decision she's made. Maggie asks if she's sure she wants to fill them in on it? Bianca does, as they are the two she trusts most, "In this world, anyway." That means a lot to both of them, and they ask Bianca to tell them what this is about. Bianca asks, "What would you guys think if I decided to tell the truth about my baby, starting with my mother?" Maggie tells her to get real! If she tells her mother she is having Michael's baby, she will totally freak! Bianca agrees she expects a meltdown, and Maggie argues she'll have to scoop her mother up and put her back together; it will be all about Erica, Bianca's taking care of her instead of the other way around. Bianca shrugs there's nothing new there. Maggie insists all this stress won't be good for the baby, and she's sorry if this isn't what Bianca wants to hear. Bianca wants to hear the truth, and Maggie notes she doesn't hear Lena spitting any tacks. Bianca turns to Lena and asks if she thinks telling her mother about the baby is a mistake? Lena says it's the only mature and honest decision she can make, but Maggie exclaims it's crazy! Erica won't be throwing any baby showers anytime soon, and Lena doesn't know her mother! Lena says she does-she worked for her. She says every day Bianca's baby grows inside her, she becomes more the woman she wants to be, and her mother needs to accept that, but how can she if she hides the truth? Maggie asks what if Erica can't handle the truth? Lena thinks that's too bad for Erica; Bianca can't be making decisions for herself and her baby based on what's best for her mother! Maggie points out that Erica is only part of the problem, because in a few days Bianca's sister is going to be standing trial for murder. At first it will be Kendall at the center of attention, but then the story will shift to Bianca being pregnant with Michael's baby, and she doesn't need that! She asks what happened to her exit strategy, and Bianca asks what about Kendall? She's going to need her in that courtroom and she can't just duck out on her because she's afraid people are going to find out she's pregnant. Maggie asks if she's run any of this by Kendall? Bianca admits she hasn't yet, and Maggie suggests she do so before she makes her decision because this could really affect her defense and her claim that she's having Michael's baby. Bianca says for the time being, the world can go on thinking that she is; all she's going to do is tell her mother in confidence that Kendall made up her baby in order to protect her, and she's the one who's really pregnant.

Lena thinks that's really brave of her, but Maggie doesn't understand what's changed since she wanted to keep all of this under wraps. Bianca grins as she agrees to tell them what's changed, but they have to promise not to laugh or ship her off to Oak Haven. Lena asks what happened to change her mind? "My very own Christmas miracle!" Bianca replies.

Bianca explains that, up until Christmas Eve, she was terrified if anybody found out how the baby was created that they would judge her, and that shame would make her child hate herself; what she didn't realize was that she was afraid she would hate her, too. She thought if no one knew where she came from, that she wouldn't have to face the truth, either. Even though she's been saying this baby would make everything better, deep down inside she was afraid that she was going to make everything worse. On Christmas Eve, she was forced to face her fear. She was really lost and hopeless; then she sent up an SOS to her Grandma Mona, and the next thing she knew, she was following the sound of church bells to this tiny little chapel and a baby nobody wanted tucked away in a manger. Maggie asks if it was a real baby, and Bianca agrees, "He was real to me, and he needed me, and I took care of him." She fed him and held him and sang to him and cried with him, and the next thing she knew, she started to fall in love with him. It didn't matter who his parents were or where he came from; it wouldn't have changed the way she felt about him one bit! Then it was like the sky opened up and suddenly everything made sense, and she knew that every child is gift from God; she knew she will love her baby, and that nothing else matters. Maggie kneels by her side and takes her hand, and Lena covers them with her own. Maggie agrees if she really wants to go through with this and tell her mom about the baby, she and Lena will be right behind her, "About 10 feet or so!" Bianca thanks them both; she knows she can count on them 100%, but in all fairness to her mom, she has to tell her this one on one, heart to heart. Lena says she'll go so Bianca can get some sleep, but Bianca insists she wants to tell her mother right not or she'll lose her nerve! Lena asks if she can stay here and wait for her, and Bianca agrees she would love that. Maggie agrees it's fine with her. She and Lena hug Bianca and wish her luck, insisting she can do this! Bianca leaves, and Maggie asks Lena what she thinks? Lena guesses Erica is just going to have to accept Bianca's baby as a fact of life, but it's not Erica that Maggie's worried about.

Lena turns down Maggie's offer of more hot chocolate, but wants to ask her something. She says Bianca decided not to hide her pregnancy anymore, "Are you upset because you think she's making a mistake, or because you won't be going away and having Bianca and the baby all to yourself?"

From Soap Slut

Bianca confides in Lena and Naggie that since she wants to stick around and support Kendall during her trial, she plans on revealing her pregnancy. Lena and Naggieís reactions are predictable: Lena is all for the plan since it means Binks will be sticking around while Naggie pooh-poohs the idea because now she wonít be Biancaís sugarmomma on a whirlwind European vacation. Naggie realizes her opposition is getting her nowhere so she changes her mind and throws in her support. Bianca leaves to go tell Erica her news and Lena calls Naggie on her real reason for wanting Binks to stay.


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  • Erica waxes poetic.
  • Jack's head explodes.
  • Ryan hides.
  • Juan Pablo sets his jaw.
  • Mia is the bait.
  • Edmund is out of bullets.

The Set-Up - At the boathouse, Jack wants to talk to God but artificial light runs interference Ė and then Erica appears.

Erica: "Iím not following you if thatís what youíre thinking."
Jack: "Never crossed my mind."

It would have if Jack were Maggie and Erica were Lena.

At the lodge, Kendall replays yesterdayís scene because the special effects? They were comedy gold.

Portiaís Closet Ė Lena and Bianca make their way into the apartment in a fit of giggles over Chance, Brookeís date, who put the moves on Lena while they were in the coatroom. Once inside, Lena decides itís time to go before the pumpkins turn back into Maggie and bite her ankles.

Bianca: "I donít know Lena, just think about it: a new year, a new life, so many possibilities, so much to look forward toÖ"

Öso many chances to molest your girlfriend and pull her into a hug like youíre doing nowÖ

Bianca: "Iím sorry, I didnít mean to Ė "

Yes, yes you did. And Lenaís never sorry when you paw her, especially when you imply that you and she together are something "to look forward to." Oh, and thank you for ditching that straight hug crap youíve been doing with Lena: that waist pull thing was pretty d*** hot, you grubby-handed tool.

Lena: "What? Hey, itís 2004: canít two friends hug?"

Stop interrupting, you dork: Biancaís trying to tell you something! Jesus. And you and Bianca? Friends? Yeah, ok. Actually, Iím glad you want to reassure Bianca that, even though she grabbed and kissed you, you donít expect anything and arenít assuming youíre back together: after all, itís not as if one of you is wearing a non-commitment commitment ring or as if Bianca made you to promise to wait for her return and you made out on New Yearís Eve, or Ė oh, wait.

The Boathouse Ė Erica and Jack remember their dance under the stars.

Erica: "I remember that after that event we met in the park and you brought me here. Same twinkle lights. And we danced: that was pure magic."

No, Iím pretty sure that was electricity. You know, switch on, switch off.

Erica tells Jack that, when it comes to the law, heís brilliant Ė except that heís really, really not Ė but that he needs a cheat sheet when it comes to women.

Erica: "[Men] seem to compartmentalize: you all think that you can keep your accounts separate. [Ö] That is so mental. Women Ė women think with their hearts. [Ö] Women run the tides of their emotions wherever they may lead them Ė because weíre fabulous. But thatís why, when we make a mistake, our whole lives are on the line."

Oh, Megan: did you write that? Youíre so stupid.

Portiaís Miracle Ė Bianca needs Lena and Maggie. At the same time.

Maggie: "Stats show that pre-dawn isnít prime time for rational thought."
"Sounds like youíre speaking from experience."

Bwah! CovertZing!Lena rocks. And Maggieís experience? Itís not limited to "pre-dawn."

Bianca tells Maggie and Lena sheís made a decision, feels good about it, and Christmas is just a miraculous, erm, miracle.

Maggie: "You sure you wanna fill us in on it?"

By Ďus,í you mean Lena, right? Youíre as subtle and annoying as things that go Ďbam.í

Bianca: "Well, yeah: you guys are the ones that I trust most Ė in this world anyway."

Whatís that sound? Oh, itís the pffffttt of the trust weather balloon fizzling out of the BAM board. What pity.

Bianca: "What would you guys think if I decided to tell the truth about my baby - starting with my mother?"

Well, itíll mean youíre not as stupid as I think you are Ė though that still makes you pretty d*** stupid. As far as what Maggie and Lena will think Ė come on: Maggie will hate it because she wonít be taking that trip with you and knocking the midwife out of the why when the time comes to catch VolderBaby on its way out and Lena will love it because youíll be staying in town. I could be wrong, but I really, really doubt it.

The Boathouse - In a series of convoluted references to "that man" and "that woman," Erica explains that, when a woman is really in love, protecting the man she loves takes precedence over any and every thing.

Jack: "Even if it costs her this manís love?"
Erica: "Well, thatís not even something to be considered because life without that man is out of the question."

Aww. Sniff. I really, really want them to get married: is that so wrong? I want it more than I want Lianca which Iím sure is a mortal sin - or a gay one anyway. Mad props to The Jackson Posse who have waited an eternity and a half to get Erica and Jack together, are still waiting, and have somehow managed to remain funny and involved instead of calling for a thermonuclear war of North Korean proportions. You know, like I would have done.

Erica: "Take me home. Take me home, Jack, and Iíll tell you a secret. Iíll tell you a secret that I kept to keep you safe."

Oh, f*** the talking: go home and make out, d*** it!

The Lodge Ė While the men Ė Aidan, Edmund and yes, Mia Ė stay on look out near the windows, the women, lead by Ryan, cower and hide behind an overturned table.

Ryan: "Heís the one who got us into this death trap: I say itís time for him to stand tall."

Shut up, your worthless coward: I hope you get hit by a stray JFK magic bullet thatíll first hit you in the a** and then turn around and get you in the eyes. Yes, both of them. After that, kneecaps.

Kendall: "Actually, Ryan, you got us into this: I was perfectly happy at home cleaning out my fridge."

Hee. The fridge was happy, too, and just about ready to take out a cigarette.

Juan Pablo: "Lavery is right: this is my bottom."

Bwah! Not your a**, Juan De La Etcetera: your battle.

Outside, the Calatravas megaphone in that they have a hostage.

Maria: "Edmund? Iím sorry."

Pause. Think. Pause. Furrow. Pause. Think. Think harder.

Edmund: "My god, thatís Maria."

My god, youíre a moron.

Portiaís House of No Surprises Ė Predictably, Maggie thinks that telling Erica the truth about the baby is a very bad idea.

Maggie: "Then you will have to scoop her up and put her back together: before you know it, itíll be all about Erica."

Itís already all about Erica, you nitwit.

Bianca must think Maggie is a tool, too, because she gets up and goes to sit next to Lena while Maggie continue to disagree with her decision.

Maggie: "Iím sorry if this is not what you want to hear. [Ö] You donít need me mouthing off to you."

Thatís right: keep that mouth as far away as possible, you stupid troll.

Maggie: "You donít hear Lena spitting any tacks."

Thatís because she wants to spit them in your general direction, but not in front of Bianca. Oh, wait: Iím the one who wants to do that.

Bianca: "Well, thatís true: what do you think? Do you think that telling my mother about the baby is a mistake?"
Lena: "At the end, I think thatís the only decision you can make."
Maggie: "What? How do you get that?"

How do you get your voice to go up so high? What are you, 13? Oh, right.

Lena: "Maggie, itís mature. Itís honest."

Lena, donít use big words in front of the kids.

Maggie continues to freak out until Bianca tells her to "calm down" because she "want[s] to hear what Lena has to say."

Maggie: "Well, you know, she doesnít know your mother."
Lena: "Actually, I do. I worked for her, remember?"

Yeah, letís not dwell on that too much.

Maggie: "Ok, well, this is totally different."
Bianca: "Maggie, come on: Iím the one who asked Lena for her opinion: letís let her talk."

Oh, sure, take away my turn to say Ďshut up!í Fine, FINE!

Maggie: "Fine, letís hear it."

Oh, shut up, you troll.

Lena tells Bianca that "every day that [her] baby grows inside [her], [she] become[s] more the woman that [she] want[s] to be" and that Erica "needs to accept her" but wonít be able to if Bianca keeps the truth from her.

Maggie: "Again, what if Erica canít handle the truth?"
Lena: "Well, thatís too bad for Erica, Iím sorry: Bianca canít be making decisions for herself and her baby based on whatís best for her mother."

Oh, thank god youíve not gone stupid, too: after the latest clothing and hair debacles, it was really 50-50. Even though Lenaís opinion was just as predictable as Maggieís, I think itís the right one Ė if for no other reason that itís been my own position since day one. The fact that it makes her look and sound like an adult while it reduces Maggie to sputter like the confused imbecile that she is Ė well, thatís just a bonus.

Bianca decides to explain why sheís decided to stop hiding the pregnancy which, unfortunately, involves the retelling of Biancaís Christmas Miracle - Starring St. Mona of Assisi, A Hungry Baby Boy, the Theft of Baby Jesus and Father Clarence.

Bianca: "I took care of him: I fed him and I held him, I sang with him and I cried with himÖ"

You fed the plastic baby Jesus? Jesus. Oh, sorry. Well, I guess there had to be a point to the dangling Bianca boob. And the baby? He cried because you were singing.

Bianca: "And then it was like the sky opened up and suddenly everything made sense and I knew that every child is a gift from God."

Oh good god. Yeah, sorry again. But, come on: most people already know that children are not responsible for the sins of their mothers and fathers: why the h*** did you need a "miracle" to figure that out? Are you that stupid? Yeah, way to go with the redundant questions, recapper.

Ericaís Penthouse Ė You know the secret? The one Erica kept from Jack? Because she loves him? And wanted to protect him? Yeah, that one: after teasing us for 45 minutes, we still donít know what it is.

You know what? If youíre not going to tell me, then stop talking about it, you obnoxious b*******. No, not Erica and Jack: I love them. Please go shag now. Thank you.

Portiaís House Of Chocolate Ė Bianca decides she should tell Erica right away, before she "loses [her] nerve," and gets Lena to wait at the apartment with Maggie.

Ah, to be blissfully ignorant: Iím not altogether certain there will be a house for Bianca to come back to. And telling your mother? At 3 a.m.? Bianca, honey, itís never too soon to start being considerate.

The Lodge Ė After cutting the red wire Ė the red? And youíre not dead? - Aidan stops the C-4 bomb countdown while Ryan hogties José Alejandro. Upstairs, Kendall, Greenlee and Mia decide to arm themselves. Greenlee picks a snowshoe because splinters? Theyíre a b****.

The Last Scenes Ė At the penthouse, Bianca arrives just as Erica and Jack are about have sex. Before opening the door, Erica adjusts her sweater because Bianca must never, ever know that she and Uncle Jack, well, do it.

At Portiaís, things are quiet and awkward. And then they get worse.

Lena: "Bianca has decided not to hide her pregnancy: are you upset because you think sheís making a mistake or because you wonít be going away and having Bianca and the baby all to yourself?"

Bwah! Oh, pick me, pick me!

Outside the lodge, fake snow jumps and jams the guns.

Inside, Kendall, Mia and Greenlee disarm a guy but forget to pick up his gun. José Alejandro makes his way back upstairs because Ryan? He couldnít tie his own balls on if his life depended on it.

Back outside, Edmund finds Maria Ė and then is shot. Oh, donít worry: Iím sure the bullet was caught in the fur.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: J.R. confronts Paul; Bianca has news for Erica and Jack; José Alejandro threatens the Fusion Trio; Maria must save Edmundís life.


Just to hit a Lianca point real quick, does anyone else groan and giggle whenever Lena plays the 'friends' card? I *still* take this as a passive/aggressive move. For one thing, all the evidence points to how completely laughable it is, her suggesting they are just friends. She's wearing the ring, they made out on New Years, she promised to wait for Binks, etc. The reason I take it as a p/a move is that you only say something that obviously questionable if you are fishing for it to be disputed. Lena, sweetie, that's not gonna work. Bianca will keep ignoring it or side-stepping it. I really hope Lena saying she would give Chance a call if Lianca doesn't work out was totally a joke and not a subtle nudge. Because if it was a 'I can get other action. I'm hot, you know', it didn't work too well from the way Bianca burst into laughter. Plus, you can't make your kinda/sorta GF jealous with a man you've both been blasting on for being a loser. Not a good idea. Besides, I think Lena was joking, right?

I liked how Maggie's immaturity was contrasted with Lena's maturity today. And Bianca's WTF looks to Maggie's freakouts were great. I also liked how Bianca grabbed Lena into the hug - it looked more natural than previous ones, grabbing her around the waist. Yum. I hated that she apologized for it though, and we had to sit through the stupid "that's what friends do" bit. Ugh. Yeah, like friends kiss each other like that. Remember how you kissed each other, girls? Not that long ago?

I wish Lena's hair would go back to how it was on the morning after their big night of lesbo sex. She looked so great that morning.

Oh, and it was weird that Bianca and Maggie changed their clothes. Lena looked odd sitting there still in her NYE clothes.

Lena's hair was also fabu during the airport and airport aftermath ("our friendly bellhop" - that knee dip cracked me up) scenes. The hair/makeup people should be shot for wrongs they have since inflicted on Lena/Olga. That said, Olga seems to be the adventurous sort when it comes down to trying new hair styles - she's gone through more looks in the one year she's been on the show than I have in the past five.

When Bianca left to go talk to Erica and Lena and Maggie were left in the apt and Lena said "Maggie, can I ask you a question?" I really, really, realllllllllyyyyy was hoping that question would be "WHAT THE H*** ARE YOU WEARING?"

When she first changed clothes before the big "Christmas Miracle" story (Which, for the record, I really enjoyed when it happened. Bianca's version of it for them didn't do it justice) I thought "OMG Maggie is wearing a sweatsuit..it's almost normal." Then I looked a little closer and it looked like she was wearing a white T-shirt with one of those back braces they give to Home Depot employees. The thing came right under her boobs to jack 'em up a couple notches and tied behind her back somehow. Then the SLEEVES were actually some kind of micro-mini-dog sweater that just barely fit over her shoulders...

WHO IS DRESSING THIS GIRL ?? And a better question is WHY?

Whew. OK, I think I'm done.

From Black Knight
I have to admit, reading the first part (PBPing as usual today), I felt soooo sorry for Brooke. Her d*** date's hitting on Lena [Chance]. Not that it's not totally understandable (hair aside) why he would, but was it really necessary for AMC to dis poor Brooke like that? Couldn't it just have been a random guy and not Brooke's date? Oh well.

It's really hard for me to talk about Lianca without seeing the ep, since so much of them is in their looks and line deliveries and such, but just reading the PBP, I wasn't really bothered by Lena's "friends" line. I took it more as a way of her reassuring Bianca that just because Bianca had kissed her that night--a midnight NYE kiss can mean everything, nothing, or anything in between, after all--Lena wasn't assuming that Bianca had brought her back to the apartment for sex. Now there are certainly better ways to say just that than the awkward "friends" line (as everyone else has pointed out, who kisses a friend like that?), but while Lena is excellent at talking to other people in front of Bianca, she isn't nearly as silvertongued alone with Bianca. (And, Mystic, I took Lena's line about Chance as a total joke--no nudging or anything else intended. I mean, the line she used to reject Chance to his face is that she's into beautiful women.)

No surprise as to Lena/Maggie's opinions of what Bianca should do, of course. Lena was right in what she said about what Bianca should do...but it's clear that she also really doesn't have a good understanding of Erica or the Kane Women dynamics yet, either. That's the one part in which Maggie was right in what she was saying. Not that that's Lena's fault--I doubt Bianca or Kendall have ever talked to her in any detail about the circumstances of the original rape and consequent treatment of Kendall. She doesn't know just how much this'll hit to the core for Erica. Lena's points were very mature, but Erica's not mature. Heh. Bianca knows it--no wonder she asked Lena to stay while she goes off to talk to Erica. The Lena/Maggie stuff tomorrow--with Bianca not around, it's open season--should be fun if Liz can just muster up an ounce of energy to play the scenes.

From SkiffyPup
Loved that Eden finally stopped straighthugging. Thanks Eden! That was the most believable Bianca hug ever. But why the sorry? You just kissed the woman an hour ago, so WTF?

Lena... "friends"? Yeah, right. Stop saying that. I hate Megan for this inconsistent, contrived bulls***, but thanks for the 2 minutes without Maggie. Loved how Lena came off as the mature, honest, supportive, and altogether together one while Mags looked like a petty idiot.

Lena calls the minifreak on her s***- Loved that... except not. It would've been more fun for Bianca to come home and recap the Coitus interruptus for her "friends", since the reveal isn't happening tomorrow anyway.

regis, yeah that did look a little odd. But Mags and Binks live there. Too soon for Lena to be hopeful enough to pack and overnight "just in case" bag an leave it in the trunk.

From Mystic
That's all very true but I live in fear of Lena's strategy ultimately shooting her in the foot. The 'friends' line came on the heels of a very interesting hug. (I'm not sure why this hug seemed so different from their eleventy million other hugs but it did. I think it's because Bianca keeps having these odd moments of very tangible physicality popping up at random moments. Errr, I'm not explaining myself well but maybe you'll get it more after you watch your tape. Or maybe I'll learn to verbalize my points better. One of the two.) Anyways, they have this *rowr* hug, which makes Bianca scramble and feel odd, and then Lena's does her friends spiel. Now Bianca has made huge strides in getting more settled and comfortable with Lena but I'm kinda nervous Lena will accidently derail some of that. I don't know how far Binks has gotten past her thinking that she's not good enough for Lena or that someone else would be better for Lena. I'm just nervous that Lena will whip something like this out at the wrong moment and set off one of the trip wires in Binky's psyche. I don't want Bianca to get it in her head that they should be just friends or that that is what Lena wants.

Granted, that probably won't happen now that Lianca are way more open with each other and I worry for naught. Honestly, I get apprehensive anytime these two talk ;) They don't communicate very well and Lena always interrupts with a reassurance right before Bianca says something that Lena probably needs to hear. Drives me batty, man. Bianca was about to sputter out *why* she was apologizing about the hug and........grrr. I wanted to hear it, dammit, even though I know what Bianca most likely would have said.

From sweeper
Maggie's ill-fitting sequined dress with the hideous scarf around her waist was nothing compared to tha backless bolero ballet sweater-over-white t-shirt monstrosity she changed into - that has got to be nastiest thing she's worn, and yes, I'm counting the Thanksgiving placemat. And word to the awfulness of the pigtails and Lena's hair. But I have to say, Eden is gorgeous with her hair tucked behind her ears like that. Did y'all catch how, when Maggie started blasting her for planning to tell Erica about the Voldertot, Bianca oh-so-unsubtly got up and went and sat next to Lena? Loved that.

From Boris
It took me the better part of today to notice, but people "Portia" is gone! It's been replaced by some sort of Elvis rendition in beadwork.

From Black Knight
As far as the usual Lianca hugging goes, I tend to put the fault on Olga's side because Lena is nearly always the one to initiate the hugs and it's hard to be able to do much when someone taller wraps their arms around your shoulders/upper arms the way Olga tends to. It kind of pinions your arms down. I think the only other hug that Bianca ever initiated was the post-coital hug in the hotel suite, and I like that one because Eden approached it just like a kiss (which was perfect because it was completely idiotic that they were hugging instead of kissing at that moment) and so it looked damn sexy. The come-hither look in her eyes when she pulled Lena's head down to hers...*rowr*

I totally get what you're saying and it could easily become an issue at some point. In a small way it may be an issue now, because as commented on often, this NYE dress is the most skin-baring thing Bianca's ever worn, at a point when she's getting closer to being ready for sex but yet isn't quite there. There's an element there of putting the goods out on display for Lena to keep her interested during this long enforced absence-of-sex period, which is something Bianca certainly worries about because it's a large part of the reason why she broke up with Lena in the first place. She felt Lena deserved a real girlfriend who isn't a mess and can have sex. It'd be a lot clearer if Lena came out and said point-blank that she just doesn't want Bianca worrying that Lena expects them to have sex right then, but I think Lena really doesn't want to talk about sex outright, for fear of opening up a whole can of worms. All that said, I don't think it's a huge issue yet. Down the road, yeah, it could backfire, but Bianca's coming along well enough that I think she'll be ready for sex before that point. p>With Bianca's long-running issues of people telling her what to do, exacerbated by the rape, right now I think if Lena did press (not for sex, since Lena would never do that, but for an official "we're back together" declaration) she'd run screaming. Did you notice when Maggie was talking a couple of weeks ago with the clear assumption that Lianca are going to get back together, and Bianca actually got pissed about it? She absolutely hates people making assumptions whether those assumptions are right or not. (If Maggie wants to throw a wrench in Lianca, there's the way to do it.) Lena has always done much better with Bianca when she doesn't push and let Bianca come around on her own--that's Bianca's biggest red button issue, so safer to stick with the passive-aggressive stuff. Plus, I think both Bianca and Lena really tend to define whether they're officially girlfriends or not by whether they're having sex or not. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just a product of their sexual attraction being so strong.

ETA: Not that I'm sorry to see Portia go, but uh...there was such a fuss made about Portia surviving the gas explosion. And it's not like AMC didn't know what kind of reaction the audience would have to the painting, since all dialogue about Portia centered on every other character hating the painting like poison. As such, wonder what the reason for the change is. That said, ELVIS? WTF? Maybe this is just going to be a running joke like Maggie's godawful wardrobe?

From Mystic
The weird thing about Lianca in the last few eps is that the five yard rule has suddenly disappeared. Really disappeared. Snuggly dancing and a much hotter kiss from NYE and today there was gratuitous hugging, plenty of hand shags, and Bianca (park bench notwithstanding) sat the closest to Lena I've ever seen. It's kinda hard *not* to be waiting for whatever shoe to drop. Are they allowing this new level of physical closeness because it just makes sense for people in love to be like this? Or is it just making Lianca more viable because TPTB are setting up the triangle? It's just so damn sudden, I'm nervous. Hee! I'm fully bonding with my inner drama queen.

From Solvay
Word Skiffy. I thought the Lianca Christmas Eve hug was the most ďstraighthugĒ Iíd seen between them. Bend at the waist, hug high and lean over so that only the shoulders have a chance to touch. I remember thinking that Edenís sister needed to tell her that dykes donít hug that way and give her some lessons in full body contact. Today Eden swept her arm around Olgaís waist and pulled her in tight. And she didnít telegraph the move so it looked a lot more natural. As far as the usual Lianca hugging goes, I tend to put the fault on Olga's side because Lena is nearly always the one to initiate the hugs and it's hard to be able to do much when someone taller wraps their arms around your shoulders/upper arms the way Olga tends to. It kind of pinions your arms down.

I disagree on the fault lying with Olga. Eden has always been able to make the hugging choice she made today. Usually she places her hands up high on Olgaís back so that her palms are at or near Olgaís shoulders. Eden ended up moving her hands up Olgaís back today, but not nearly so far and starting at the waist made all the difference. Not sure if that was an acting choice Eden made to signal some change in Liancaís relationship (or Biancaís feelings toward Lena) or just an increase in her repertoire of hugs and comfortableness in physical contact with Olga. Whatever, it worked. The 5-yard rule seems to have disappeared a few hours before midnight on New Yearís Eve. Now if we could just get the dialogue to go along with this new physical closeness.

Poor Maggie. Dissed in so many subtle ways. I loved when she got up and joined Bianca on the couch and Binks immediately got up to sit with Lena. And since Lena already had her arm along the back of the couch and Binks sat on the couch within Lenaís armspan it accentuated the ďweíre togetherĒ message. But whatís with Maggs and Lena speaking for each other? ďWeĒ agree. ďWeíllĒ do it. They both did it at different times today. Guess they both want to appear agreeable to Binks and can snark and snarl at each other in private.

From RifRandle
Yeah, I'm for the triangle too. I like both pairings for different reasons, although, ultimately, I'm probably more for Lena/Bianca 'cause I like Lena as a character (even one that's been severely diluted) more than I do Maggie. Right now it seems most of the triangle is being played out in the media--AMC has both fanbases right they want them and can pretty much do anything without actually committing to anything. I think anyone expecting a full-blown triangle will be disappointed because, as several posters above pointed out, Bianca's going to be busy with other storylines and there is no romantic relationship between Maggie and Bianca to root for. I'm intrigued as to how this new character (presumably Braden) will fit in. I read a speculation on DL a couple weeks ago that seems likely with the scenes we've had so far--that Bianca would freak out at any sort of intimacy with Lena and would settle for, essentially, a semi-romantic, non-physical friendship with Mags. Mags, in turn, would fall head over heels with a guy and Bianca would lose both of them. I still have big doubts that they'll make Maggie gay or even bi.

From Black Knight
Well, I do have to disagree with one thing, CKD--if Olga leaves, I think we can expect BAM. Whatever I may think of Lianca vs. BAM, they both have devoted fanbases and in soaps, if one of the rivals leaves, the other rival generally gets the girl/guy by default, simply because there's no point in pissing off both fanbases and trying to build a third fanbase with a newcomer. (The best example: Sonny/Brenda/Jax wars on GH, rounds 1-467.) AMC isn't going to leave Bianca with no love interest at all.

iprobablywatchtvtoomuch, I used to hope for BAM, but that was because I'd adored Bianca/Frankie, which were basically a teen and lighter version of Lianca. It was the same sort of couple--con artist falling for her mark. I was very annoyed when they killed Frankie off. And then when Maggie showed up and was straight, I pretty much gave up altogether. But then AMC started moving that way, and I didn't think they'd ever pair Bianca with anyone else. I figured A girlfriend was better than no girlfriend at all. I certainly never figured AMC would dare pair Bianca with an older and sexy woman--I always figured they'd keep her with some young virginal teen because then the romance doesn't look like much more than an emotionally intense friendship. I'm so used to gay couples on network TV being completely de-sexualized, always talking about their feeeeeeeeeeelings and never admitting that hey, they want to have sex, dammit. Then Lianca got going and really raised the bar for gay network TV couples. To go back to BAM at this point would just feel like hamburger after filet mignon, and it's really hard to imagine Bianca being torn on any serious level between the two of them. With some true triangles, that can be interesting. With Bianca, I'd just think she's an idiot for being torn, especially as she has no chemistry with Maggie. If AMC keeps it mostly this way, a rather one-sided triangle, I actually think it's MORE interesting because at least there's finally something interesting to watch about Maggie. Her bitchiness, jealousy, and generally being pathetic is amusing. If she goes psycho, she may even have a personality.

I kind of found it karmic justice that Bianca interrupted Erica just as she was about to get lucky. How many times have we seen Erica interrupt Bianca? Anyway, who wants to bet that after Bianca's "The big news is why" line that we heard in the previews, Erica or Jack will immediately interrupt with whatever they think the reason is, thus fulfilling soap cliche #32 "Never let any character simply talk, always interrupt and tell them what they were about to say"?

Maggie's shawl was awful, but its worst failing was that it didn't cover up near enough of that damn shiny dress. Bianca looked hot in the black top. Oink!

It's always fun seeing Lena's colder and more calculating side come out. The way she kind of let down and looked worried once Bianca left indicates that she realizes Erica's more of a problem than she let on to Bianca with the rah-rah support, not that Bianca needed Lena to tell her that anyway. Bianca knows better than anyone what kind of meltdown Erica will have. But Lena wants Bianca to stay in town, of course, and I'm sure she realizes she couldn't have talked Bianca into anything, anyway. Bianca had already made her decision and was just looking for support, really. When she didn't get it from Maggie, she went straight to Lena, physically even. The HPF isn't dumb and gave Bianca what she wanted. All the arguing back and forth cracked me up. If Binks thinks it's bad now, wait until she's got Maggie AND Lena AND Kendall AND Erica all in the same room spouting opinions. She'll have to put them all on a timeshare plan or something.

What I really enjoyed was the way Lena did that little bit at the end. Fixing Maggie with a look, beginning, "Bianca's decided not to hide her pregnancy anymore"--her accent thickening there, always telling when Olga does that--and then pausing, mouth open, before delivering the rest of the dialogue. Reminded me of a big cat eyeing the prey for a second before going in for the kill. No playing nice now that Bianca's out of sight, hee.

From Black Knight
Lena's best-looking moment--hair, dress, etc.--was the ep when she and Erica were talking about Bianca after Voldemort, Erica was threatening Lena and then opening up to her about what it was like going through Bianca's anorexia. She looked absolutely gorgeous during that.

From twodeadcows
BWAH!! sweeper What the hell was she wearing? Upon close inspection, it appeared to be a white t-shirt, sweat bottoms, and a reaaalllly small workout jacket thing. And then the pigtails... Lena, Maggie, Mia, and (I'm sorry, I didn't think the mashed behind the ears hair was flattering) Bianca today. I think someone in wardrobe and/or hair & makeup is geting free therapy by working out his/her frustrations on the pretty people of AMC. Did anyone else think Lena's dress was Betty Rubble-esque?

From Solvay
Yes, 2deadcows! Exactly. Especially when they showed her barefoot today when she was moving down the couch to grill Maggs at the end of the ep.

From Black Knight
Bwah, it's totally Betty Rubble. Good eye. I liked the barefoot thing, btw, for a reason--that's right, Lena, go ahead and make yourself right at home at Bianca's. First she invited herself to stay and then she took her shoes off. Hee. She and Maggie are totally warring over territory, while Bianca's not exactly completely oblivious, but has no desire to dig too deeply into it either when she's got the pregnancy and trial to worry about.

I had to snicker at Lena's final line to Maggie because there was also a nice little vibe underneath of, "That's exactly what I would be doing." It does take one to know one.

From Dirksunboy
I've pretty much learned to not get my hopes up about anything AMC related, but I CAN'T WAIT to see today's ep and see Lena tear Maggie a new one! Lena's been sidelined so long, I'd forgotten how great she is at being devious and commanding! The boyfriend and I were laughing watching the end of yesterday's show over how Lena and Maggie were like watching a slinky, bitchy cat toying with a widdle mouse. I hope McT and Co. won't JUST have Lena as a "leg" in the triangle though, and give her some more "corporate espionage" stuff...but I'm not holding my breath.

From Onlyinpv
For those of you who might be wondering, there is a definite difference between straighthug and gayhug. My son is gay and explained the differences to me, and on that Boy meets Boy show he always picked out the straight guys based on the way they hugged. I myself didn't read that Eden's gay sister taught her to hug the proper gay way but it makes sense to me. According to my son, gay people rub the other's back when they hug and have more body contact, straight people pat and have no contact below the shoulders. Lianca is really getting the gayhug looking authentic! Sizzle!

From Skiffypup
Word! Even barefoot in the dress from the sateen factory accident, Olga always has something to show. She should've ditched the shawl earlier in the evening. great shoulders! Oh, and fantastic legs! Show me more!!!!

Speaking of barefootness, she was barefoot throughout most of that scenework. I noticed in her last (halfhearted) attempt to go "let me drive you" (oh, yeah. Let her!) she was moving as if offcamera down her foot was slipping into her shoe. Poor Lena didn't want her magical date to end ... even if it included time with Maggie or a side trip to the mother-in-law's penthouse.

From Kimberly
Am I the only one to notice the fact that, not only is Portia's portrait hanging on the wall in Bianca and Maggie's apartment before they leave for the party on New Year's Eve, but also that it's in one piece? I remember there being a huge hole in it after the explosion! Then, when they return later that evening - there is a ghastly portrait of what looks like the bottom half of a cowboy hanging in Portia's place.

Hmm . . . I guess Maggie not only had time to doll herself up after Lena and Bianca left, but apparently she also had time to give Portia a proper burial AND buy an equally ugly replacement for her! She MUST possess the ability to travel via teleportation, or how on earth could she have been waiting at the party to see Lena and Bianca make their grand entrance?

Hee. Here's a thought - Maggie had time to do all of that and still beat our girls to the party, because Lena and Bianca were off parking somewhere -- You know, getting reacquainted. Hey - A girl can dream! LOL.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Will New Year's Day ever arrive in the valley?

Bianca and Lena arrived home.
Baby: Hey, didn't we leave the Valley Inn like three days ago? What did we do, take the scenic route through Canada?
Bianca: I'm going to need your support Lena. Maggie's too.
Lena: What is it?
Bianca: I'm going to tell my mother about the baby.
Baby: It's about time. I thought I was going to have to send out the birth announcements myself.
Maggie: You can't do that. It's a terrible idea.
Baby: Don't listen to her Mom. You should have learned your lesson when she told you your New Year's Eve dress was fabulous.
Bianca: What do you think Lena?
Lena: I think it's the right thing to do.
Bianca: Because it's the mature decision?
Lena: Yes. And because the secrecy thing is annoying the heck out the audience.
Maggie: I still don't agree but what made you change your mind?
Bianca: I had my own Christmas miracle.
Baby: Hey, weren't you wearing something else 5 seconds ago? What happened?
Bianca: It was just like It's a Wonderful Life except everyone didn't start singing Auld Lang Syne at the end. But I realized that my baby is a precious gift from God and I'll love her no matter what.
Baby: Let's just hope she remembers that the first time I stay out all night or wreck the car.

Erica found Jack at the boathouse.
Erica: What are you doing here?
Jack: Looking for Greenlee. What about you?
Erica: Looking for company. Even the Backburner Cafe is deserted tonight.
Jack: I just wish I knew where Greenlee is.
Erica: I'm sure she's fine. It's not like she's out playing musical beds or being held captive by Argentinian gangsters or anything.
Jack: I just don't understand her choices.
Erica: She's a grown woman Jack. You have to let her make her own choices and live her own life.
Jack: Like you're going to start doing with Bianca?
Erica: Bwahahahahahahaha! I've always loved your sense of humor. Oh Jack, sometimes a woman makes mistakes but if she does it for love it shouldn't be held against her.
Jack: Are we still talking about Greenlee?
Erica: Of course not. I'm talking about me. You know half of a scene talking about someone else is my limit.

Later at the penthouse.....
Erica: I have to tell you what happened the last night Michael was seen alive. Notice I didn't say the night he was murdered. I don't know if that's significant or not.
Jack: You can tell me anything. But tell me during the commercial. We don't want the audience to know.
Erica: And that's the whole story.
Jack: Wow! I can't believe it. And the audience won't be able to believe it either- not that they'll get to hear it for another month or so. Now let me carry you to the bedrooom - hearing secrets is always such a turnon.
Bianca: Hi Mom. Hi Uncle Jack. I have something to tell you.
Baby: I think our timing leaves something to be desired here.

It was non stop action at the ski lodge.
Aidan: Everybody down. Oi think it's those message board people. They're a nasty lot.
Mia: Oh great. I'm probably first on their list.
PFKAJP: I am the one they are after. I will go out and surrender.
Ryan: If you must you must. Bye now.
Greenlee: You can't go. I'm still angling for a Pablo/Greenlee/Ryan triangle.
Extra: Surrender PFKAJP or we'll kill our hostage. We have one of your loved ones.
Kendall: It must be Boyd. All my other boyfriends are already here.
Greenlee: Oh yeah, well all my boyfriends are here too.
Ryan: They're bluffing. All of my girlfriends are here.
Mia: Maybe it's the winner of the Sexiest Man contest. I never really loved him but I used to talk about him a lot.
Aidan: Oi aven't a clew oo it cewd be. Oi ad someone from me past show up last year but it was a bomb.
Maria: I'm the hostage you idiots! The whole show doesn't revolve around you, you know. And speaking of bombs, there's a traitor in the lodge who has a bomb.
Jose: It's me! I'm proud to admit it. If ever a storyline needed being blown to bits it's this one.
Aidan: Off to the bisement with yew. Oi'll mike yew defewse the bomb.
Ryan: I'll help.
Greenlee: What do you know about bombs?
Ryan: Lots. I did pilot season in LA last year, remember?

Down in the basement...
Aidan: All roit mite, which woire dew yew cut tew mike this thing sife? Jose: The red - no the green - no the yellow - no the aquamarine - no the magenta...
Ryan: Maybe we should just do eeny meeny miney mo.
Aidan: Oi'll pull this one. If it works foin, if not then at least Oi'll be spared aving a storyline with Mia.
Ryan: Hey, it worked. Tough break Aidan.
Aidan: Yew can't win them all. Oi'll tike the bomb upstairs and yew stigh down ere with Ose. Don't let im go whotever yew dew.

Kendall: I wish we could have an action sequence. I'm tired of just sitting around.
Greenlee: Oh goody, here comes an Argentinian gangster now.
Mia: Let's get him.
Kendall: Wow that was fun!
Jose: But your fun has come to an end. Reach for the sky pilgrim.
Greenlee: Will the Fusion Three meet their maker? Has time run out for the girls who gave business a bad name? Or will they be able to outwit their captor and save the day? Tune in tomorrow - Same AMC time - Same AMC channel.

PFKAJP: :::bang bang::::
Gangster extras: :::::bang bang:::::
Ryan: ::::bang bang bang::::::
Maria: Help!
Edmund: Maria!
Gangster extra: ::::bang:::::
Edmund: Blimey! ::::thud::::
Maria: Will Edmund meet his maker? Did I come back from the dead only to be left a widow? Or will Edmund survive because no one dies on a Tueday? Tune in tomorrow - Same AMC time - Same AMC channel.


Olga and Eden giddy after finding out an actual conversation between them had been scripted

What's this??? The ladies are enjoying each other's company without
being thrown into pangs of guilt, anguish, or regret?

Acting 101, when in the presence of two exquisite performers eat your own face.

Looks like Maggie is kinda getting tired of this Lena chick


Lena: What's he doing hitting on me in the coatroom?
Bianca: Well, it's only because you're simply irresistable.
Lena: Oh, yes. I guess he didn't catch us on the dance floor.

Lena: Hey, it's 2004. can't two friends hug? And if someday it leads to something more, I won't complain. But if not, Chance said his number's in the book.

Maggie: I can honestly use the words "3:00 A.M." And "impulse dye job" in the same sentence. It took my hair months to recover.
Bianca: Well, you don't have to worry. We're in no danger of becoming bottled blonds tonight.
Maggie: Yes, but any life-altering decision that includes your mother requires a clear head and a warning label.
Lena: Are you upset because you think she's making a mistake, or because you won't be going away and having Bianca and the baby all to yourself?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca and Lena laugh over a guy who tried to make a pass at Lena]

amc040106a starts]
[The ladies laughing and Bianca going to open her apartment door]
Bianca: You were so bad.
Lena: Well, what kind of name is Chance, anyway?
Bianca: I don't know. The name of Brooke's weird date.
Lena: What's he doing hitting on me in the coatroom?
Bianca: Well, it's only because you're simply [in a faux Polish accent] irresistable.
Lena: Oh, yes. [The ladies enter Bianca's apartment] I guess he didn't catch us on the dance floor.
[Bianca gasps at the thought]
Lena: Could you believe that cheesy pick up line?
Bianca: Yes! [Bianca doing a Chance impersionation] Hey baby, you ever meet someone and know right away know that you were
Bianca and Lena: [in unison] meant to be!
Lena: I can't believe it. Then I said, 'Well, yes, but only in the arms of a beautiful woman.'
Bianca: Did you see his face when you intro'd me as your date?
Lena: You know, straight afterwards, I heard him use the exact same routine on someone else.
Bianca: I guess sometimes, New Year's brings out the desperation in some people.
[Awkward pause]
Lena: I guess it's past pumpkin hour, so you and your your baby needs lots of rest.
Bianca: Lena, just think about it. A new year, a new life, so many possibilities [draws Lena into a hug], so much to look forward to. [Hug ends and Bianca gets nervous] I'm sorry. I didn't mean--
Bianca: What? Hey, it's 2004. can't two friends hug? And if someday it leads to something more, I won't complain. But if not, Chance said his number's in the book.
Bianca: Oh, wonderful. [laughing] That would be lovely.
Maggie: [entering apartment] Remind me my New Year's resolution is going to be working on my sucky timing. [Starting to leave] Pretend I was never --
Bianca: Oh, no no. Maggie where are you going?
Maggie: I'll just go crash the dorm. It's really not a problem.
Lena: No please stay. I was about to leave.
Bianca: No. Actually nobody is going anywhere. I need you both here, for moral support.
Maggie: Support for what?
Bianca: Something that is going to send my mother screaming around the bend.

***** (clip b) [Bianca asks Lena and Maggie what they think about Bianca telling her mother about being pregnant]

[amc040106b starts]
Maggie: Well, maybe we should table this till we catch some zs.
Bianca: Oh, no, I'm completely awake.
Maggie: Yeah, well, stats show that predawn isn't prime time for rational thought.
Lena: It sounds like you're speaking from experience.
Maggie: Oh, I can honestly use the words "3:00 A.M." And "impulse dye job" in the same sentence. It took my hair months to recover.
Bianca: Well, you don't have to worry. We're in no danger of becoming bottled blonds tonight.
Maggie: Yes, but any life-altering decision that includes your mother requires a clear head and a warning label.
Bianca: Ok, well, I'm completely clear. I have been since Christmas Eve.
Lena: I've been meaning to say something. You seem -- I don't know -- more at peace.
Bianca: Well, that's exactly what I am. And that's why I feel so good about the decision that I've made.
Maggie: Are you sure you want to fill us in on it?
Bianca: Well, yeah. I mean, you guys are the ones that I trust most -- in this world, anyway.
Lena: Hey, that means everything to me.
Maggie: Same here.
Lena: Well? Don't keep us in suspense.
Maggie: Yeah, tell us. What is this about?
Bianca: What would you guys think if I decided to tell the truth about my baby, starting with my mother?

***** (clip c) [Maggie doesn't like it; Lena likes it]

Maggie: Bianca, get real. I mean, if you tell your mother that you're going to have Michael's baby, she will totally freak.
Bianca: Well, yes, and I expect that. I expect that she'll be shocked, and I expect a probable meltdown.
Maggie: No, and then you will have to scoop her up and put her back together. Before you know it, it'll be all about erica, you taking care of her instead of the other way around.
Bianca: Well, you know, there's nothing new there.
Maggie: All the stress, the aggravation, erica having a fit -- that's not good for the baby. I'm sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but --
bianca: No, maggie, I want to hear the truth.
Maggie: Well, you know what? You just -- you don't need me mouthing off to you.
Bianca: You mouth off because you care about me, and I love you for that.
Maggie: Well, you don't hear lena spitting any tacks.
Bianca: Well, that's true. I mean, what do you think? Do you agree with maggie? Do you think that my telling my mother about the baby is a mistake?
Lena: Honestly?
Bianca: Please.
Lena: At the end, I think it's the only decision you can make.
Maggie: What? How do you get that?
Lena: Maggie, it's mature, it's honest.
Maggie: It's crazy. Erica will not be throwing any baby showers any time soon.
Bianca: Ok, maggie, calm down. I just want to hear what lena has to say.
Maggie: Well, then, you know what? She doesn't know your mother.
Lena: Actually, I do. I worked for her, remember?
Maggie: Ok, well, this is totally different.
Bianca: Maggie, come on. I'm the one who asked lena for her opinion. Let's let her talk.
Maggie: Fine. Let's hear it.
Lena: Bianca, every day that your baby grows inside you, you become more of the woman that you want to be. And your mother needs to accept that, but how can she if you hide the truth?
Maggie: Again, what if Erica can't handle the truth?
Lena: Well, that's too bad for Erica. I'm sorry. Bianca can't be making decisions for herself and her baby based on what's best for her mother.
Maggie: Erica is actually only part of the problem here. Because in a few days, Bianca's sister is going to be standing trial for murder. I mean, at first, yes, it will be Kendall that is the star attraction, but the main-interest story will be Bianca pregnant with Michael Cambias' baby. Do you know how hot and heavy that spotlight's going to get? You do not need that.
Bianca: You know what? I might not have a choice.
Maggie: Well, what about your exit strategy? I mean, you were going to get gone and have the baby someplace where no one knows you.
Bianca: Well, I know, and that is just fine for me, but what about Kendall? What about my sister? She's going to need me in that courtroom. I can't just duck out on her because i'm afraid that people are going to find out that i'm pregnant.
Maggie: Well, have you run any of this by Kendall?
Bianca: No, I haven't, not yet.
Maggie: Well, maybe you should before you make your decision. Because this could really affect her defense, her claim that she's the one having Michael's baby.
Bianca: Yeah, well, for the time being, the world can go on thinking that she is. All that i'm going to do is I'm just going to tell my mother in confidence, just the two of us, that -- that Kendall made up her baby in order to protect me, and that i'm the one who's really pregnant.
Lena: That's really brave of you.
Maggie: Well, I just don't get it because, you know, you wanted to keep this all under wraps. I don't understand what's changed.
Bianca: All right, well, I will tell you what's changed. But you guys have to promise me that you're not going to laugh and that you're not going to ship me off to oak haven.
Lena: Ok, we promise. What is it? What happened to change your mind?
Bianca: My very own Christmas miracle.

***** (clip d) [Bianca relates her Christmas miracle to Maggie and Lena]

[amc040106d starts]
Lena: Start at the beginning.
Maggie: Yeah, tell us what happened.
Bianca: Ok. Um -- well, the beginning, I guess, is when I got pregnant, when I was raped. And up until christmas eve, I was terrified that if anybody found out how my baby was created that they would judge her and that that shame would make her hate herself.
Maggie: Which is why you wanted to have the baby someplace where no one knew you.
Bianca: Right. But what i didn't realize was I was afraid that I would hate her, too.
Lena: No. That could never happen.
Bianca: Well, I -- I thought that if no one knew where she came from, then I wouldn't have to face the truth, either. And I think that's what I've been doing the whole time. I think, even though i kept saying that this baby would make everything better, that deep down inside I was afraid that she was just going to make everything worse.
Maggie: So, on Christmas eve --
bianca: On christmas eve, I was forced to face my fear. I was really, really lost and really hopeless. And then I sent up an S.O.S. To my Grandma Mona, and the next thing I know, I'm following the sound of church bells, and it leads me to this tiny, little chapel and a baby that nobody wanted, tucked away in a manger.
Maggie: A real baby?
Bianca: He was real to me. And he needed me, and I took care of him. I fed him and I held him and I sang to him and I cried with him. And the next thing I knew, without even realizing it, I started to fall in love with him.
Maggie: And you didn't know where he came from?
Bianca: No. That was the thing -- like, it didn't matter who his parents were or where he came from. It wouldn't have changed the way I felt about him one bit. And then it was like the sky opened up and suddenly everything made sense, and I knew that every child is a gift from God. And I knew that I could love this baby, that I will love my baby and that nothing else matters.

***** (clip e) [Maggie supports Bianca in her decision]

[amc040106e starts]
Maggie: Ok. Aunt Maggie weighing in here. Tough girl. Look, if you really want to go through with this and tell your mom that you're having the baby, Lena and I will be right behind you -- about 10 feet or so.
Bianca: Oh, I see. So you're chicken?
Maggie: No. No, really. I mean, if this is the road that you want to take, then who am I to block traffic? We will be right behind you.
Bianca: Well, that's great. And thanks. I know that I can count on you guys 100%. But in all fairness to my mom, I think that I'm going to have to tell her this one-on-one, heart-to-heart. Just daughter-to-mother, just the two of us.
Maggie: Make that three.
Bianca: Right.
Lena: Ok, well, I'm out of here. You're going to need plenty of sleep if you're going to face Erica with the truth.
Bianca: Oh, no, I can't possibly sleep. I think I'm going to tell her this right now.
Maggie: What are you talk-- you can't do that. It's too late.
Lena: She's right. It's the middle of the night.
Bianca: I don't care. I have to. If i don't tell her this now, I'm afraid i'm going to lose my nerve.
Lena: Ok, well, do you want me to give you a ride?
Bianca: No, no, I want to drive myself.
Lena: Well, can I at least stay here and wait for you?
Bianca: I would love that. I mean, maggie, if you're all right with it.
Maggie: Sure. Please, I'm not going to sleep any time soon.
Bianca: Well, wish me luck.
Lena: Oh, you can do this.
[The ladies all hug goodbye]
Maggie: And just remember, it's you and the baby first.
Bianca: Ok.
Maggie: Ok.
Bianca: See you later.
Maggie: Bye.
[Bianca leaves]
Maggie: So, what do you think?
Lena: I guess Erica's just going to have to accept bianca's baby as a fact of life. She's a strong woman. I'm sure she can take it.
Maggie: Hmm. Well, it's not Erica I'm worried about. It's Bianca.

***** (clip f) [Lena asks Maggie about her real motive in being against Bianca's idea]

[amc040106f starts]
Maggie: You want some more hot chocolate?
Lena: No, thank you. Maggie, may I ask you something?
Maggie: Sure. What?
Lena: Uh -- Bianca has decided not to hide her pregnancy anymore. Are you upset because you think she's making a mistake, or because you won't be going away and having Bianca and the baby all to yourself?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040106a.mpg (18.7m; 1:49) Bianca and Lena laugh over a guy who tried to make a pass at Lena
amc040106b.mpg (13.1m; 1:17) Bianca asks Lena and Maggie what they think about Bianca telling her mother about being pregnant
amc040106c.mpg (36.7m; 3:35) Maggie doesn't like it; Lena likes it
amc040106d.mpg (31.1m; 3:03) Bianca relates her Christmas miracle to Maggie and Lena
amc040106e.mpg (20.8m; 2:02) Maggie supports Bianca in her decision
amc040106f.mpg (5.6m; 0:33) Lena asks Maggie about her real motive in being against Bianca's idea

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