Whoosh! The courtroom is mystified why Maggie is not there when Bianca and Lena are
Lena finally gets out of traffic
and into the courthouse

Lena Kundera

January 28, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 02/03/04

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Erica Kane
Bianca Montgomery
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Jackson Montgomery
Kendall Hart
Livia Frye


After six days in that incredibly bad Pine Valley traffic, Lena arrives at the courthouse and dutifully sits with Bianca.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of the Polish One.

From About All My Children

In the courtroom hallway, Bianca tells Lena the engagement between her mom and Jack is back on and they are going to get married as soon as the trial is over. Lena thought it should make Bianca happy, it’s what she’s been praying for. Bianca says she is happy, but with them being together 24/7, it is going to be that much harder for Uncle Jack to keep her baby a secret from Erica...

Kendall tells Reggie how grateful she is for all he has done, but Reggie does not want her to get all weepy on him. Bianca and Lena walk in and Bianca wants to know what she owes Reggie for. “You name it,” Kendall chuckles, “Reggie has been my rock through all of this.” Reggie proudly tells them that he is indeed Reggie the Rock. Lena tells Kendall that they are all behind her. Erica arrives in the courtroom and tells Kendall the sooner she believes that, the better off she will be. Erica wants to know why Reggie is not in school, but he explains that he is covering the trial for the school newspaper. Erica tells him to be sure to spell her name right. Kendall asks Erica for a little side bar conference. Off to the side, Erica spies Kendall’s engagement ring. Kendall tells her that she and Ryan are getting married and she has Erica to thank...

From Soap Slut

Bianca and Lena come in, the former’s eyes flashing green that Kendall and Reggie seem to be so close...


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From Beth
I can't belive that Olga [Sosnovska] let them style her hair like that. It was distracting.

From CK
Lena's hair has been a d*** mess ever since New Year's Eve. The cow licks have got to go and so do the 12-year old clothes. Oh, and the big-a** coat.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Maria visited Edmund at the hospital.
Maria: How are you feeling today?
Edmund: Awful. I'm paralyzed you know.
Maria: I know. But I'm sure it's temporary.
Edmund: That's what you said about our time on the backburner and look how long that lasted. Even my near death experience hasn't gotten us more than a couple of days a week screen time max.
Maria: You'll be fine. But just in case you're not I think I'll go out in the hall and see if I can find someone else to be in my storyline.
PFKAJP: Maria, are you all right?
Maria: I'm fine:::clunk::::
PFKAJP: She has fainted. In Pine Valley that is usually a sign on an impending "who's the daddy" storyline but in my country if a woman collapses into your arms she might be your next acting partner.
Maria: What happened?
PFKAJP: You fainted.
Maria: Oh yeah? Well don't get your hopes up. It's too soon to say we're going to be an item even if I did fall into your arms.
PFKAJP: I can be patient. Now let me take care of you. You must rest.
Maria: I'll rest but I won't be able to sleep. I haven't slept in days.
PFKAJP: Perhaps I can help. I will tell you the highlights of my time on the show so far.
Maria: Zzzzzzzzz

Brooke came to see Edmund.
Brooke: How are you feeling?
Edmund: I'm paralyzed. You could set my feet on fire and I wouldn't notice.
Brooke: :::mutters::: Don't tempt me.
Edmund: Huh?
Brooke: Never mind.
Edmund: It's more than just the paralysis Brooke. I just feel like something is terribly wrong.
Brooke: Why?
Edmund: I don't know. Maybe it's the lack of screen time. Maybe it's that veteran characters are being let go from all the soaps. That's why I had you bring me my living will. If something goes wrong I want someone in charge who won't hesitate to let me die.
Brooke: Then I'm the right choice. ::mutters:::: I'll just remember how fast you dumped me when Maria came back from the dead and I won't have any trouble pulling the plug.
Edmund: Huh?
Brooke: Nothing.

Over at Jack's apartment....
Erica: I"m ready to leave for court now. This is strange. I seem to be wearing one of Maggie's skirts. What's up with that?
Jack: I need you to leave now.
Erica: Why? Are you keeping secrets from me?
Jack: Would I keep secrets from you? What would make you say such a thing? Just be sure you leave by the back staircase so you don't see anyone on your way out.
Judge: I'm here Jack. What is it you wanted to tell me? Are we doing one of those storylines like Adam did where you boink the judge to make the trial go your way?
Jack: Sorry.
Judge: Rats. So why did you call me over here?
Jack: I just want to make sure you allow my testimony to stand.
Judge: But if I do that you might face going to jail.
Jack: I know that. I've always wanted to do a jail storyline. I'm even willing to wear orange if I have to.
Judge: I'll see what I can do.

Greenlee woke up at the Chandler Mansion.
Greenlee: Where am I?
Mary: You're about to alienate even more fans by getting advice from me on how you should destroy Kendall to get Ryan to come back to you.
Greenlee: Do you really think that will work?
Mary: Yes. There's nothing like trashing the woman he loves to make a man turn to you.
Greenlee: All right. I will. I'll find a way to ruin Kendall's relationship with Ryan. If I get her executed in the process, that will just be the cherry on the sundae.

Greenlee went to the baby store in Philadelphia.
Greenlee: Have you seen this woman?
Clerk: No. But she looks really nice. I'll bet if I knew her she'd be my very favorite character on the show.
Greenlee: Auuughhhhhhh! Wait, what's this thing?
Clerk: It's a fake pregnancy tummy. They're worn by men who want to feel what it's like to be pregnant and by soap characters who are trying to fake a pregnancy and avoid lethal injection.
Greenlee: Bwahahahahahahahaha! I've uncovered your plot Kendall. If I only had a mustache I'd be twirling it.

Over at the courthouse....
Reggie: Order in the court!
Kendall: What are you doing?
Reggie: Hey, if JR can pretend to be a business executive I can pretend to be a judge.
Kendall: You're actually more convincing than he is.
Erica: Kendall, is that an engagement ring?
Kendall: Yes. Ryan and I are engaged.
Erica: What a lovely little starter ring. I'm sure you'll move up to a larger stone with each engagement.
Kendall: You think?
Erica: Of course. Look how many years it took for me to land this rock.
Kendall: This is really nice talking with you like this Erica. So do you think we're going to be a mother/daughter combo again?
Erica: I wouldn't count on it. You know how much the audience enjoys it when we bond. We can't have them actually liking something now can we?
Judge: Court is now in session. Jack, you may resume your testimony guaranteed to land you in a jail cell.
Alan: You say you stole the gun from the evidence room. What else did you steal?
Jack: Heroin. A really big bag of heroin.
Alan: And why did you steal it?
Jack: To plant on Michael Cambias.
Audience: :::gasp::::
Justin: ::::Kewl:::::
Juror 1: Aha! I had Jack down on my flow chart as the one who planted the drugs. This puts me in the lead in the "solve the case" pool.
Juror 2: Not me. I had Palmer and Adam down for that and Jack down for moving the body to the freezer.
Juror 3: I thought Erica planted the drugs and that Jack shot Adam thinking he was Michael.
Juror 4: I thought Myrtle planted the drugs and Jack was the Music Box Killer over on OLTL.
Judge: Order in the court!
Jack: So when am I going to be arrested. I'll bet you just can't wait to see me in handcuffs.
Erica: Really Jack, I've seen you in handcuffs before.
Jack: I was talking to Justin.
Erica: Oh. Never mind.
Cop: Mr. Montgomery, you have the right to remain silent...
Erica: You can't arrest him. He's the only man I ever really loved.
Cop: Hey! I thought I was the only man you ever really loved.


After Lena's harrowing four day traffic experience, the ladies are happy to be together again

Kendall's impending murder trial brightens up Lianca's day


Kendall: That's right. This kid's earning college credit watching my back.

Lena: Kendall, we're all behind you.
Erica: And the sooner you believe that, the better off you'll be. Hello, sweetheart. Good morning, Lena. Reggie, why aren't you in school?
Reggie: Oh, I was covering the trial for the school newspaper, so --
Erica: I see. Ok, then. Just be sure you spell my name right.

Erica: I spy with my little eye something sparkly.

Justin: Alan, let Jack have it.

Justin: I knew it! I knew it! I knew you stole that kilo!

Jack: Let's just say it was one of many options that I explored.

Livia: I have plenty, because this witness' testimony stinks to high heaven.

Jack: So, gentlemen, when may I expect to be arrested?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena wonders why Bianca is not happy about Jack and Erica's reconciliation]

[amc040128a starts]
[Lena and Bianca outside the courtroom]
Bianca: So the engagement is back on, and mom and Uncle Jack are going to get married as soon as the trial is over.
Lena: That's good. It's what you've been praying for. Why don't you look happy?
Bianca: Well, I am happy for the two of them, but, you know, with them being together 24/7, it's going to be that much harder for Uncle Jack to keep my baby a secret from mom.

***** (clip b) [Lena voices her support of Kendall]

[Bianca and Lena walk in on Kendall and Reggie talking]
Kendall: Reggie, you've really put yourself out there for me, and I am beyond grateful.
Reggie: Well, don't get all weepy on me.
Kendall: I just -- I just know how much I owe you.
Bianca: Kendall? [amc040128b-inc2 starts] What do you owe Reggie for?
Kendall: Well, you name it. Reggie's been my rock during all of this craziness.
Reggie: Well, you know, that's me, Reggie the rock. You know, rocky.
Kendall: That's right. This kid's earning college credit watching my back.
Bianca: Yeah? Well, Reggie's great like that.
Lena: Kendall, we're all behind you.
Erica: And the sooner you believe that, the better off you'll be. Hello, sweetheart. Good morning, Lena. Reggie, why aren't you in school?
Reggie: Oh, I was covering the trial for the school newspaper, so --
Erica: I see. Ok, then. Just be sure you spell my name right.
Kendall: Erica, can we do a little sidebar for a second?
Erica: Yes, yes, of course. [amc040128b-inc2 stops] I spy with my little eye something sparkly.
Kendall: Oh -- it's an engagement ring.
Erica: Yes, I thought so.
Kendall: Ryan and I are getting married. We're incredibly happy, and I have you to thank.

***** (clip c) [Lena seated in court with Bianca where she belongs]

Bailiff: Ahem. This court is now in session.
[Lena, Bianca, and Erica in seats right behind defense table]
Bailiff: All rise for the honorable Judge Hannah Lampert.
Judge: Recall Jackson Montgomery to the stand. And now, to address the prosecution's motion for striking this witness' testimony from the record. Upon review, I find that Mr. Montgomery's answers were given in direct response to mr. Singer's questioning and, therefore, rule to let his testimony stand.
[Gallery murmurs]
[amc040128c-inc2 starts]
[Bianca and Lena turn to each other, talking]
[Judge pounds gavel]
Judge: Order. [amc040128c-inc2 ends] Mr. Singer, proceed. Mr. Montgomery, may I remind you that you are still under oath.
Jack: Yes, your honor.
Justin: Alan, let Jack have it.
Alan: Not to worry. The tables are about to turn. All right, Mr. Montgomery, let's talk about this smoking gun.

***** (clip d) [Courtroom abuzz after Jackson's confession (Lena appearance)]

Alan: Mr. Montgomery, tell the court what use you had for the gun you took from the evidence room the night of august 28.
Jack: I used that gun for protection.
Alan: Protection from what?
Jack: Michael Cambias was back on the streets. He had threatened me and my entire family right here in this very courtroom.
Alan: And the gun you kept at home in a safe was not an option?
Jack: I was not at home. I was at the police station. I was not about to leave there unprotected. So, yes, I went to the evidence room, I took a gun, and I returned it the next morning.
Alan: Did you take anything else from the evidence room that night?
Jack: Yes, I did.
Alan: What was it?
Jack: A kilo of heroin.
[Gallery reacts]
[judge pounds gavel]
[gallery murmurs]
[amc040128d-inc2 starts]
[Shot of Lena wearing her ring and talking with Bianca and the courtroom is out of control
Erica: Jack, don't do this! Jack, please don't do this!
Reggie: It's got to be a lie.
[Judge pounds gavel]
Bianca: He's making himself look guilty.
Kendall: He's making this worse.
[amc040128d-inc2 ends]
Justin: I knew it! I knew it! I knew you stole that kilo!
Judge: Settle down or I will clear this courtroom! Continue, Mr. Singer.
Alan: You took a kilo of heroin from the police evidence room?
Jack: Yes, I did.
Alan: Tell us what use you had for a kilo of heroin.
Jack: I planted that heroin where I knew it would be found -- in the fireplace of michael cambias' condo.
[Gallery murmurs]
[shot of Erica, Bianca, Lena, and Reggie reacting]
Erica: Jack -- he's gone too far. I mean, why not just put a gun to his head?
Reggie: I mean, they'll lock him up for sure now!
Bianca: We have to trust uncle jack.
Erica: Trust that --
Kendall: Are they going to take him to jail? Are they going to arrest him?
[Judge pounds gavel]
Judge: Quiet!
Alan: And your motive for planting the drug?
Jack: Well, I would think that would be obvious. I was trying to set Michael Cambias up.
Alan: The police received an anonymous tip.
Jack: That came from one of my sources on the street. I myself was at the condo when the police found the heroin.
Alan: Possession of that quantity with intent to sell carries a stiff prison sentence.
Jack: Well, that's the idea, Mr. Singer. I was trying to stop Michael Cambias, stop him from terrorizing my family!
Alan: You stated for the record that the gun you borrowed was for self-protection.
Jack: Yes, yes, that's correct.
Alan: You never intended it as a murder weapon.
Jack: I would have used that gun if it had become necessary, yes.
Alan: But framing Cambias was simpler, involving less personal risk than gunning for him.
Jack: Let's just say it was one of many options that I explored.
Alan: Mr. Montgomery, did you murder Michael Cambias?
Jack: No, I did not.
Alan: No further questions, your honor.
Judge: Ms. Frye?
Livia: Well, I have plenty, because this witness' testimony stinks to high heaven.

***** (clip e) [Lena background and reaction during trial]

Livia: So, Mr. Montgomery, I'm to understand that it is your testimony that you stole a gun because you were afraid to take a 10-minute drive to get the one in your safe?
Jack: Yes. [Lena shot] When it comes to my family's safety, I don't take chances.
Livia: So it's natural your fingerprints would be on the weapon?
Jack: I would imagine they would be all over it.
Livia: Did you ever give the combination to your safe to Kendall Cambias?
Jack: No. Never.
Livia: Because you didn't trust her?
Jack: I wouldn't put it that way, exactly.
Livia: Did you trust Kendall Cambias -- yes or no?
Jack: No. No.
Livia: Was your then-fiancee Erica Kane aware of your mistrust of her daughter?
Jack: I would expect so. It certainly wasn't a big secret.
Livia: Then why would Miss Kane give something so intimate and personal as the secret combination to your safe to her daughter whom she had a rocky relationship with?
Alan: Objection. Irrelevant.
Judge: Overruled. I'd like to hear the answer to that myself.
Jack: I don't know.
Livia: It is highly unlikely that Miss Kane would give Kendall Cambias the time of day, let alone a secret combination.
Alan: Objection. Conclusion.
Judge: Sustained. Is there a question in there somewhere, Ms. Frye?
Livia: Mr. Montgomery, is it true that when Michael Cambias was acquitted you publicly assaulted him and threatened to kill him?
Jack: Yes, I did. He had raped my niece.
Alan: Objection, your honor. Allegedly raped.
Judge: Sustained. Watch your tone, Mr. Montgomery.
Livia: So you felt that his actions justified your taking the law into your own hands?
[Kendall shot with Lena in background]
Jack: No, I didn't say that.
Livia: That's exactly what you did! You stole a gun, you planted the heroin, you broke into a private residence. You were already removed from this investigation because of a conflict of interest and because of your alleged unethical conduct. Yet you want this jury to believe that you did not fire the gun that killed Michael Cambias?
Alan: Objection, your honor! Witness is on the stand. She's giving her summation!
Livia: Withdrawn. I have nothing further.
Judge: Redirect, Mr. Singer?
Alan: No, your honor.
Judge: Witness is excused. This court will reconvene in one half-hour.
Bailiff: All rise!
[Lena in background]
Jack: So, gentlemen, when may I expect to be arrested?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040128a.mov (2.7m; 0:23) Lena wonders why Bianca is not happy about Jack and Erica's reconciliation
amc040128b-inc2.mov (5.4m; 0:46) Lena voices her support of Kendall
amc040128c-inc2.mov (342k; 0:02) Lena seated in court with Bianca where she belongs
amc040128d-inc2.mov (1.1m; 0:09) Courtroom abuzz after Jackson's confession (Lena appearance)

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