Whoosh! You know Lena, you would make such a great MI-5 agent. Have you ever thought of applying?
The blossoming triangle has a
lighthearted moment, except for Maggie

Lena Kundera

March 02, 2004

(Lena appearance)
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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


After Maggie feeds Bianca some pancakes, Maggie inadvertantly lobbies to name the baby Lena, Lena arrives to tell Bianca that she has found the perfect house for her. Maggie is surpised and asks Bianca if she is moving. Bianca says yes because the apartment is too small for her and a baby. She also tells Maggie that she asked Lena to look for something bigger. Maggie becomes upset and Bianca says that she was not expecting Lena to be so successful so quickly. Lena tells Bianca that the house has room for a au pair, and Bianca tells her she does not want to have an au pair. Lena asks Bianca how she will be able to run the various businesses without help, and Bianca tells her that she has Kendall and her to run the businesses. Lena agrees. While Lena is talking about the house, Maggie has post traumatic stress about Portia, the painting from Hell. Breaking Maggie's reverie, Bianca mentions that she needs lots of things for the baby, so Maggie offers to make a list and to get them for Bianca. Bianca then decides to check out the house in an hour. Jamie comes to the apartment and Maggie drops everything to leave with him. Jamie asks her outside the door if she was okay and Maggie said that she just had to get out of there. Bianca asks Lena if she thought Maggie was acting weird, and Lena, who no doubt thinks everything Maggie does is weird, agrees. Bianca tells Lena that she feels bad about moving out but she has got to get on with her life and staying at the apartment will not help her do that. Bianca leaves, telling Lena that she will meet her at the new house. Thus Lena is again the last person to leave an apartment where she does not live. Babe and JR announce they are giving Bianca a baby shower tomorrow (but in Pine Valley time that means Friday).


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of the Lenameister.

From About All My Children

Maggie urges Bianca to eat, saying she's got to keep up her strength! She confides when Bianca confessed to killing Michael, she almost died; she had all of these horrible visions of visiting her in prison and was scared to death! Bianca insists it's okay now, and Maggie looks at her tenderly. Bianca teases Maggie about fattening her and the baby up, and Maggie notes calling her the baby is too generic-she's got to come up with a name! As they joke about possible names, someone knocks at the door. Maggie tells Binks it's fate, "When you open up the door, whoever it is, we'll name her after her!" To her displeasure, it's Lena, who announces she's found the perfect house for Bianca. Lena looks down at the floor as Maggie tells Bianca, "You didn't tell me you were moving!" Bianca explains she asked Lena to do some househunting for her because she's supposed to rest, and Maggie protests she gave her no warning! Lena leaves the room, and Bianca asks if Maggie expected her to live here when she brought the baby home? Maggie she knew she'd be moving out eventually, but she expected to hear it from her. Lena comes back with a glass of water, and Bianca asks why she thinks this house is perfect for her? Lena describes the lovely little bungalow with a fenced-in yard and garden in a child-friendly neighborhood, and explains the house is on the market because the family living there is adopting another child; it's going to be too small for them, but it's perfect for Bianca and the baby! She laughs that any au pair would kill to live there, but Bianca asks why she thinks she's hiring an au pair? Nobody's going to take care of her child but her! Lena just meant that running Cambias Industries is more than a full-time job, and wonders how she's going to manage? Bianca reiterates she's not going to be a part-time mom; Lena's not saying she should, she just assumed she'd want some help. Maggie suggests she never assume anything about Bianca. Bianca says Alexander Cambias' businesses were incredibly well run, and Ryan left great management teams in place. She's also got Kendall, who's stepped up to help, and Lena to assist her. Maggie thinks it's a great idea, saying lots of single moms don't have a choice, they have to slave away to make ends meet. Bianca can afford to do it, and can dedicate all her time to the baby. Lena describes the light rooms and porch with a swing and hammock. She goes on about the kitchen and dining room, and can already imagine Bianca living there, with all the floppy toys all over the place, and all the pretty pictures her daughter will bring home that she'll put up on the walls. Maggie flashes back to Bianca hanging Portia, and Bianca asks what she thinks about the house? Maggie claims to think it's ideal; Bianca agrees and excitedly goes to call Marian to see if she can show it to them today. She reaches Marian, who agrees to meet them there in an hour. Asked about the school system, Lena smiles there's an elementary school 2 blocks away, with no busy streets to cross. Bianca thinks it's so perfect it's scary! Jamie comes to the door, and Maggie exclaims she thought she had been stood up! Grabbing her jacket, she's out the door. In the hallway, Jamie asks what was that? Maggie calls it survival; she had to get out of there before she said something incredibly stupid and made a fool of herself!

Bianca asks if Maggie's exit seemed kind of sudden and weird? She was supposed to move out and hide until the baby was born-it was Kendall's trial that put her move on hold. Lena asks if she and Maggie never talked about it? Bianca admits they talked around it, and Lena says she looked like she had been punched. Bianca admits she still feels kind of guilty about leaving Maggie, and feels really sad. Lena knows she's very dear to her, and thinks maybe it's not a good idea for Bianca to be moving out by herself. Bianca says with the baby on the way, she really needs to establish her own life. They agree to meet at the house, as Bianca needs to make a stop before then. Lena leaves, and Bianca takes a long look at the apartment before closing the door.

Jamie brings Maggie back to Tad's, and asks if she wants to compare horror stories? Maggie sighs she's such a loser-if she told him, he wouldn't even believe it. Jamie bets his day was worse; he agrees it was about Babe, "Life totally and completely sucks!" Maggie touches his shoulder and asks, "Do you mind?" Jamie questions, "Do you?" She puts her head on his shoulder, and Jamie holds her.

From Soap Slut

Naggie relishes having Bianca all to herself at their apartment until Lena bursts in with the news that she found the perfect house for Bianca to move into. Trying not to look upset that Bianca is going to leave, Naggie bolts with James when he shows up.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Erica is fine.
  • Maggie tries to be the boy at the movies.
  • Bianca is a sloth.
  • Lena is an agent.

The Set-Up – At Enchantment, Erica and her Fruit Roll-Up Leather of Evil are fine, FANTASTICALLY FINE!

At the studio, Maggie feeds Bianca the same way my dad fed me when I was, well, two.

Bianca: "I’m not an invalid."

No, but you are a tool: Maggie kisses you, offers no explanation for it and you let her feed you? That’s just preposterous.

Maggie gets a dreamy look on her face, tells Bianca she has "buttered" herself and wipes off the butter from her cheek.

Maggie, why don’t you just pretend to stretch, yawn, and put your arm around Bianca? It would be less obvious then.

At the hospital, something happens to Jar-Jar Boobe and no one cares.

The Studio – Maggie believes it’s time to start thinking about giving VolderBaby a VolderName; after nixing all names that refer to how ugly babies are when they’re born, she suggests Philadelphia. Bianca counters with
Punxsutawney, home of weather forecasting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil (by the way: six more weeks of winter: Phil saw his shadow). When she hears the knock on the door, Maggie declares that "it’s fate" and VolderBaby shall be named after the person on the other side.

Swallow, Maggie: VolderBaby shall now be called Lena Jr.!

Lena: "Bianca, I found it. Start packing: it’s the perfect house for you."

Great, but why are you hopping like a mad rabbit?

Maggie: "You didn’t tell me you were moving."


Enchantment – Kendall offers to sign Enchantment over to Erica again because Erica, Erica Kane is Enchantment, but she’s too busy looking at a picture of Bianca and hallucinating a speech Bianca never gave. Apparently, it will never be over, not ever. Oh, wait, I spoke too soon: it’s over now that the picture is face down on the desk.

The Studio – Bianca tells Maggie she asked Lena to look into real estate because she is supposed to rest and reading the paper is just too taxing.

Lena: "Bianca just gave me an idea of what she’s looking for and the neighborhoods she likes."

U-huh. I’d buy that is you weren’t the same Lena who folder-planned a trip to Europe.

Maggie: "You gave me no warning."
Bianca: "Maggie, you didn’t expect me to live here when I brought the baby home, did you?"

Hello, freezer: I’m beginning to think Bianca let Maggie feed her as a last act of charity. Maggie, why the hell didn’t you realize that a studio is not ideal for two adults and a baby? Bianca, you tool: why the hell do you expect Maggie to figure things out on her own? She doesn’t even know which way she swings!

Maggie: "How long has she been looking for a place?"
Bianca: "She just started."

Oh, please: Lena has been looking at the market for months: she’s just letting you think she’s found the perfect house in less time than it takes me to recap AMC.

Maggie: "I knew that you’d be moving out eventually: I just expected to hear it from you."

Word, girlfriend. Oh, wait: is that too gender-specific for you? Do you feel oh, I dunno, dismantled now?

Bianca tells Maggie the studio is just two small for a lesbian, a question mark and Asshat’s child and asks Lena why she thinks the house she’s found is perfect; Lena describes the place as "a bungalow" with a fenced-in yard and a garden in a "friendly and loud and busy" neighborhood with young couples, all of whom "have kids and big, floppy dogs."

Bianca: "Why is the house on the market?"
Lena: "The owners, the Foremans, they already have two kids and are adopting another one. They’re saying the house is just shrinking: it only has to bedrooms and just one little, tiny room in the back."

Whoa. Research, thy name in Lena.

Maggie: "So it’s too cramped. Too small?"

Oh shut up, you stupid troll: it’s too small for four people, not two. And don’t interrupt PowerPoint!Lena again.

The house will be just perfect for Bianca and Lena Jr., Lena says, and "any au pair would kill to live in a house like this." Bianca doesn’t want to even consider the au pair notion and Maggie just looks clueless because she doesn’t speak French and doesn’t know that an au pair is a nanny with equal rights.

Lena: "I’m not saying that you’re not capable: it’s just that running Cambias Industries is more than a full-time job: how are you going to manage?"

Lena talks about time management and I hear "how are we going to travel with a baby? Babies are all about love, but you can’t do the love thing with a baby in tow – if you know what I mean, and I think you do."

Bianca: "There’s no way I’m going to be a part-time mom: I don’t want somebody else taking care of my child for me."

First you demonize abortion and now working mothers? Thank you, McT, for showing all women their proper place. Oh, and fuck you.

Lena: "I’m not saying you should: I just assumed you’d want to hire some help."
"Hum, first clue: never assume anything about Bianca."

Hum, first clue: the White Picket Fence Contingent can crush The Retcon 32.

Bianca tells Lena that she won’t bother with the business because it practically runs itself and Ryan left a good management team behind, something which would scare the crap out of me and make me go running to find a new CFO right away.

Bianca: "And I’ve got Kendall who has stepped up to help and I’ve got you to assist her, right?"

If assumptions can be sweet, then this is a sugar bomb – but I can’t stand the way Bianca assumes Lena will always be around and at her beck and call: it’s one thing to depend on someone, but quite another to rely on that person’s devotion out of convenience.

Lena: "Right. As long as you want me."
Bianca: "Well, then: I’m set."

I feel so empty and used. Sniff.

While Maggie sulks in the background – because every Lianca scene is not about Lianca but must, in fact, be all about Maggie’s feelings – Lena describes the bungalow’s porch with the swing and the kitchen and the "big French window leading out to the patio and to the backyard."

Lena: "Bianca, I can already imagine you living there with all the floppy toys all over the place. Your daughter is going to bring these pretty pictures home and you’re going to put them up all over the wall…"

…and Maggie flashes back to Bianca hanging Portia. Maggie, Lena said "pretty pictures," not incubus-inducing, horrendous crap.

Enchantment – Kendall and Erica bond over shattered glass and pop psychology.

Kendall: "Maybe it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it takes your mind off what’s happened to Bianca – if anything can. […] Some events are so traumatic they stay with us forever."

Kendall, honey: thunderstorm. Need I say more?

Adam’s Crib – Jar-Jar Boobe crap and then…

…J.R. says he wants to throw Babe "the biggest, most expensive shower" Babe has ever seen.

Well, ok, but don’t invite Erica because…you know.

Babe announces she doesn’t want a baby shower but, before Mary can thank whatever idol she worships, announces she wants to throw one for Bianca.

Mary: "Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be? I mean, what does one give the lesbian who has everything, the one who shot and killed the rapist who impregnated her?"

Well, how about a power tool?

Babe: "Bianca is a great girl and she loves her baby and she’s gonna make herself a terrific mother and that’s all anybody should be worrying about right now."

Ignoring the grammar and the syntax and the fact that Bianca will not be building herself anything, least of all another mother, I have to wonder whether anyone at AMC has noticed that Babe and Bianca should be thrown into a chemistry experiment as soon as possible for a little B&B.

Calamity Was A Winner – Maggie suggests that the washer and drier should go "in the mudroom" so that Bianca won’t have to "schlep up and down the stairs to do laundry" and will therefore be able "to keep an eye on the baby."

Bianca: "That’s a fantastic idea: thanks."
Lena: "I didn’t even think to look in the basement."

Oh good grief: this is not a competition!

Bianca: "Oh my god: I didn’t even think to ask about the school system."
Lena: "Oh, there’s an elementary school two blocks away, no busy streets to cross."

Oh, well: as long as Lena’s winning…not that I’m keeping score or anything because that would be childish.

Jamie arrives, Maggie shoots out the door with him and tells him that leaving the studio was a matter of "survival."

Maggie: "I had to get out of there before I said something incredibly stupid and made a complete fool out of myself."

I’m confused: haven’t you been doing that for months?

Enchantment – The phone keeps on ringing and everyone ignores it.

Erica: "I am a very reasonable person: I never meant to hurt your feelings and I though you understood your own behavior."

You’re so damn vile, Erica.

Erica: "You’ve been fantasizing about the perfect family since you were old enough to dream."
Kendall: "Well, I still have that dream for you, me and Bianca."

Yeah. Kendall, Erica can barely say gay as it is: there’s no way she’s going to be flying the Kinks banner, too.

Erica: "You and Bianca have done very well all by yourselves. You bonded together, you took on the world together."

And they’ll be going to San Francisco together. Ah, Kinks.

Erica: "You’ve achieved your aim with Bianca."

Are you trying to turn me into a pervert? Oh, wait.

The Studio – Finally alone, Lena and Bianca talk about Maggie.

Bianca: "Was it just me or did Maggie’s exit seem kind of – "
Lena: "Sudden?"
Bianca: "And weird."

Is it just me or is Bianca kind of stupid and a hell of a lot toolish? Bianca, you twit: the girl is confused! She kissed you, feeds you pancakes and can’t stand Lena: can you move out of your self-centered circle and look around?

Bianca tries to justify her behavior about the move and explains that it was always part of the plan and it was only put on hold because of Kendall’s trial.

Lena: "You and Maggie never talked about it?"
Bianca: "More like we talked around it."

That’s not what I remember, you retconing flip-flopper.

Lena: "She looked like she’d been punched."

Heh. Ahem. I mean yes, yes she did.

Bianca: "I know: if I’d known, I would have asked you to give me the details about the house someplace else."

No: you should have told Maggie you were planning to move out and without her. I don’t like Maggie – I know, you’re shocked – but the woman has put her life on hold for you and with you explicit consent: the least you can do is let her know what your plans are.

Bianca: "I guess I still feel kind of guilty."
Lena: "About leaving Maggie? Come on, be honest."

Lena? I heart you hardcore. That is all.

Bianca: "I feel sad. I feel really sad."

I don’t care. I feel that I really don’t care.

The Last Scenes (and not a moment too soon) – At Tad’s, Maggie tells Jamie that she’s "such a loser" and that, if she were to tell him about it, he "would not even believe it." I believe you: do you feel better now?

At Enchantment, Erica holds the phone with both hands and grows angry with the person who is probably holding it with just one.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Erica tells Kendall and Bianca that her father called; Krystal tells Babe they can still find out who the baby’s father really is; Tad wonders what J.R. would do if he were to catch Babe in another lie.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Tad tried to make his announcement.
Tad: I have something important to say.
Krystal: Yes he does. Me and this little sweetie pie here are getting hitched.
Jamie: Ewwwwww.
JR: I don't believe it.
Joe: I'm surprised. I didnt' think the two of you were catching on with the audience.
Adam: Frankly I would have picked Simone but at least you're not marrying Liza. That can be hell on your character. Believe me, I know.
Tad: I'm not marrying Krystal.
Krystal: You're not? But after all we've been to each other. I hate to be crass folks but Tad and I have been boinking like rabbits in the springtime.
Jamie: Ewwwwww.
Joe: Why don't you two discuss this in the hall?
Tad: So we can have some privacy?
Joe: No, because frankly you're boring the stuffing out of me.
Babe: I feel sick.
JR: Is it the baby?
Joe: Probably just the storyline. Babe, if you need a barf bag I'm sure you can borrow one from the audience. I hear they keep a supply handy.

Tad and Krystal talked in the hall.
Tad: I have proof that Babe is still married to that guy from OLTL.
Krystal: I really don't see how. Is there a stamp on that piece of paper that says "this marriage was never annulled"? I mean, how do you know she didn't take care of it?
Tad: Don't try to make any sense out of this. Just work with me.....Hey, where's everybody going? I'm not through yet. There's more to this storyline. Get back in the office.
Babe: Sorry. I'm going home. I feel sick.
Jamie: Later Dad. I've got my next storyline to think about.
Adam: I lost interest in this plot development last Friday.
Joe: Don't look at me. If this keeps up I'm going to start hiding in surgery the way Ruth did for years.
Krystal: See. Even your own family isn't interested in this. Imagine how the audience feels. Just let it go Tad and let JR and my baby doll be happy.
Tad: I can't do that. Meddling seems to have become my life.

Maggie and Bianca were having breakfast.
Maggie: Open wide. Here comes yummy for the tummy.
Bianca: I'm stuffed Maggie. I can't eat another bite.
Baby: OK, am I the only one who thinks spoonfeeding a perfectly healthy adult is just a little weird?
Lena: Bianca, I have found the perfect house for you.
Maggie: House? Are you moving out?
Baby: Jealous Auntie Maggie?
Bianca: I thought you knew I was planning on moving.
Maggie: How was I supposed to know? We don't have a psychic connection. Who do you think we are - Ryan and Greenlee?
Lena: It's a lovely little house.
Baby: Little? I was thinking more along the lines of an estate. What about Wildwind? The people who live there aren't on much anymore.
Lena: I'm sure whichever au pair you hire will love the house.
Bianca: Au pair? I'm not hiring an au pair.
Baby: ::sniff:::I should think not. I want a staff of nannies trained by the British Royal Family.
Bianca: I'm taking care of the baby myself.
Baby: :::gasp::: I'm going to have to have a serious talk with her.
Bianca: What about the school system?
Lena: I checked the neighborhood and there is a wonderful elementary school nearby.
Baby: Public schools? :::gasp:::What's wrong with you people? I'm expecting private tutors, then an exclusive finishing school where I can be SORAS'D.
Maggie: I'd love to stay and talk about the house but Jamie's here and we have a date.
Baby: Oh yeah, that's one red hot romance ready to happen.:::yawn::::
Bianca: Did Maggie sound a little strange to you?
Lena: Not really. But sometimes I get distracted by her wardrobe and miss what she's saying.

Erica was startled to find Kendall in her office.
Kendall: Are you all right?
Erica: Of course I'm all right. I always toss vases across the room. It's better for the triceps than lifting weights.
Kendall: I've been thinking. Maybe I should give Enchantment back to you. After all, it's been your storyline for years.
Erica: No. I want you to have it. I'm ready for a new challenge.
Kendall: Do you know what you're going to do?
Erica: Probably have a complete mental breakdown and end up in a catatonic state......oh, you mean career wise? No idea. You know Kendall, you've certainly changed. You're nothing like the girl that turned up on my doorstep all those years ago - and I don't just mean the whole recasting thing.
Kendall: Do you think I've changed for the better?
Erica: Oh yes.
Kendall: So do you think we have a chance to really be a mother and daughter?
Erica: No way. You betrayed me and I never stand for a betrayal.
Kendall: ::::sigh:::So we really haven't made any progress on our relationship.
Erica: Of course not. Do any storylines ever really make any progress on this show? Now excuse me while I take this phone call.......Hello?:::gasp:::It's you! How dare you call me like this? You betrayed me and ruined my life! I'll never forgive you! Never never never!
Voice: Jeez lady. If you don't want to switch long distance service just say no.


Since the blossoming triangle story line began, Eden Reigel has had to have some of her lines spoon fed to her

Maggie feeds a Bianca wishing to be more independent

... and I will be able to dress like an adult again and use big shiny guns all the time.

The ring makes its weekly appearance


Maggie: Oh, it's fate. When you open up the door, whoever it is, we'll name her after her.
Bianca: Oh, "Pizza Delivery Guy" Montgomery?
Lena: Bianca, I found it.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Maggie inadvertently names Bianca's baby Lena]

Maggie: Clean and gorgeous.
Bianca: Well, you see what happens when you overfeed me? I wind up wearing half my food.
Maggie: You're eating for two. Stuff happens.
Bianca: Well, this is where all the spoiling ends, ok? I'm not going to have you fattening me up or the baby. You're going to turn her into a little butterball.
Maggie: What do you mean? Babies are supposed to be plump. Listen to us -- "baby, baby, baby, baby." Come on, it's too generic. You need to come up with a name.
Bianca: Well, you know, some people wait and see what the baby looks like.
Maggie: Oh, they look like old little men. You're going to wait to name her Irving or Herschel?
Bianca: Well, I might get something from her expression.
Maggie: Oh, so she's going to love being grown up known as "gas bubble."
Bianca: If she wrinkles up her face or something, we can call her "scrunchy."
Maggie: People also name their babies after towns -- Philadelphia.
Bianca: Hmm, too ordinary. [amc040302a-inc2 starts] Punxatawny, or "punky" for short.
[Knock on door]
Maggie: I like that. You're on to something.
Bianca: I'll get it.
Maggie: Oh, it's fate. When you open up the door, whoever it is, we'll name her after her.
Bianca: Oh, "pizza delivery guy" montgomery?
Lena: Bianca, I found it. Start packing. It's the perfect house for you.
Maggie: You didn't tell me you were moving.

***** (clip b) [Lena describes the house to Bianca and Maggie]

[amc040302b starts]
Bianca: Well, I just asked Lena to do a little house hunting for me because I'm supposed to rest.
Lena: Bianca gave me an idea of what she's looking for and the neighborhoods she likes.
Maggie: You gave me no warning.
Lena: I'm going to go get some water.
Bianca: Ok. Maggie, you didn't expect me to live here when I brought the baby home, did you?
Maggie: How long has she been looking for a place?
Bianca: She's just started. Come on, this place is, like, too cramped for just the two of us. I mean, the fish have more room in their fish tank than we have. And I still have to bring home so much stuff for the baby -- I mean, a crib, a playpen, a changing table, a bassinet --
Maggie: I know, I know. I didn't -- I didn't expect you to have her 16th birthday here. I knew that you'd be moving out eventually. I just expected to hear it from you.
Bianca: Well, I never expected Lena to find a place so fast. Lena, why -- why do you think this house is perfect for me?
Lena: It's just a really sweet house. It's not very big. It's a bungalow. But the yard is just perfect, and it's all fenced-in in the back with a garden.
Bianca: Well, where is it?
Lena: Cornell drive. A lot of the neighbors are in their 20s and 30s, and they all have kids and big, floppy dogs. It's just really friendly and loud and busy, you know?
Bianca: Why is the house on the market?
Lena: Oh, the owners, the Foremans -- they already have two kids and they're adopting another one. They're saying the house is just shrinking. It only has two bedrooms, and just one little tiny room in the back.
Maggie: So it's too cramped, too small.
Lena: For them, yeah.
Bianca: But you think perfect for me?
Lena: And the baby. Trust me, bianca, any au pair is going to kill to live in a house like --
bianca: An au pair? Why do you think I'm hiring an au pair? Nobody's going to take care of my child but me. I'm going to raise her myself.
Lena: Well, I'm not saying you're not capable. It's just that running Cambias Industries is more than a full-time job. How are you going to manage?

***** (clip c) [Lena describe the house some more and Maggie thinks of Portia]

[amc040302c starts]
Bianca: Well, there's no way I'm going to be a part-time mom. I mean, I don't want somebody else to take care of my child for me.
Lena: Oh, I'm not saying you should. I just assumed you'd want to hire some help.
Maggie: Oh, first clue -- never assume anything about Bianca.
Lena: So you're not going to handle the Cambias interests?
Bianca: Well, actually, Alexander Cambias' businesses were incredibly well run. And Ryan left great management teams in place, and I've got Kendall who's stepped up to help, and then I've got you to assist her, right?
Lena: Right, as long as you want me.
Bianca: Well, then, I'm set.
Maggie: I think it's a great idea. You know, a lot of single moms -- they don't have a choice. They have to slave away to make ends meet and you can afford to do it. And you can dedicate all your time to the baby.
Bianca: Well, thanks.
Maggie: Oh, it's just my opinion. I mean, my mom -- please. She was clueless when it came to me and Frankie.
Bianca: Well, so, Lena, tell me more about the house.
Lena: Oh, well, it's really light. I mean, it's got huge windows, and it's just perfect. In the front there's a porch, and on it there's a swing and a hammock --
bianca: Oh --
lena: And you can just feed and rock the baby right there when the weather's right.
Bianca: Well, what about the kitchen?
Lena: Oh, it's definitely big enough for you to be there when the baby's eating and for you to cook, and you can eat in it. It's big enough for that when you don't want to use the dining room.
Bianca: So, then, I can maybe turn the dining room into a playroom.
Lena: Yes! There's a big French window leading out onto the patio and onto the backyard.
Bianca: Gosh, she's going to have great birthday parties when she gets older.
Lena: Bianca, I can already imagine you living there, with all the floppy toys all over the place, and your daughter's going to bring all these pretty pictures home. You're going to put them up on the walls.
Bianca: Now, how does she look?
[MAggie has a flash back to hanging Portia]
Maggie: Why do we have to hang up paintings anyway? We're only going to be here for a couple more months, right?
Bianca: Maggie, what do you have against this painting?
[End of flashback]
Bianca: All right, Maggie, what's your vote? Maggie?
Maggie: What?
Bianca: Well, what do you think about the house?
Maggie: Oh -- I think it's ideal.
Bianca: I think so, too. I'm going to call Marian right now. Maybe she can show us all the house today before somebody else snatches it up.

***** (clip d) [Lena is devastated that she forgot about a basement]

[amc040302d-inc1 starts]
Bianca: Thank -- thank you. Thank you so much. I'll see you later.
Lena: Hey, when can we go?
Bianca: Well, she's going to meet us there in an hour, and Marian said that now that she knows kind of what I'm looking for, she's going to bring her book and maybe show us some more houses later today.
Lena: Listen, you won't need it. I'm telling you, once you see this house, you'll be sold.
Bianca: Well, that would make everything really easy.
Maggie: You said that there's a mudroom, right?
Lena: Yeah, off the back door.
Maggie: Well, that's great. You know, you could put the washer and dryer there. You don't have to schlep up and down the stairs to do laundry, and then you can keep an eye on the baby.
Bianca: That's a fantastic idea. Thanks.
Lena: I didn't even think to look in the basement.
Bianca: Well, that's ok. We'll check it out. We'll check everything out. Gosh, there's so much to do before the baby arrives.
Lena: You know, if there's anything I can do to help --
Bianca: Well, it's just we need to get so much stuff -- I mean, a car seat, a baby stroller --
Maggie: No, no -- you make a list, I'll take care of it.
Lena: Well, a lot will depend on where it is that you decide to live.
Bianca: Oh, my god, I didn't even think to ask about the school system.
Lena: Oh, there's an elementary school two blocks away. No busy streets to cross.
Bianca: Well, this is amazing. This is so perfect that it's scary. I mean, there must be something wrong. There must be termites or a giant sinkhole about to swallow the whole place up.
[Knock on door]
Lena: Shh! Don't! You'll curse it.
Maggie: Thank god. Where you have been? I thought I had been stood up. Gosh, I've been waiting for him. I'll catch you guys later. We're going to go out, all right?
Bianca: Bye.
Lena: Bye.
[amc040302d-inc1 ends]
Jamie: What was that?
Maggie: Survival.
Jamie: So we didn't have a date?
Maggie: I had to get out of there before I said something incredibly stupid and made a complete fool out of myself.
Jamie: Come on.

***** (clip e) [Bianca and Lena discuss Maggie's weirdness]

[amc040302e starts]
Bianca: Was it just me, or did Maggie's exit seem kind of --
Lena: Sudden?
Bianca: And weird. I was supposed to move out and hide until the baby was born, but it was Kendall's trial that put my move on hold.
Lena: You and Maggie never talked about it?
Bianca: More like we talked around it.
Lena: She looked like she'd been punched.
Bianca: I know. If I had known, I would've -- I would've asked you to give me the details of the house someplace else. I guess I still feel kind of guilty.
Lena: About leaving Maggie? Come on, be honest.
Bianca: I feel sad. I feel really sad.
Lena: I know she's very dear to you. I don't know, maybe it's not a good idea for you to be moving by yourself. Maybe --
bianca: No, no. With the baby on the way, I really need to establish my own life.
Lena: Good. So, shall we go?
Bianca: Actually, could I -- could I just meet you at the house? I just -- I just need to make a stop first.
Lena: Ok. I'll see you there.
Bianca: Ok.
Lena: Ok, bye.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040302a-inc2.mov (2.3m; 0:20) Maggie inadvertently names Bianca's baby Lena
amc040302b-loses_sound.mov (13.1m; 1:56) Lena describes the house to Bianca and Maggie
amc040302c-loses_sound.mov (15.5m; 2:17) Lena describe the house some more and Maggie thinks of Portia
amc040302d-inc1.mov (10.2m; 1:31) Lena is devastated that she forgot about a basement
amc040302e.mov (9.4m; 1:23) Bianca and Lena discuss Maggie's weirdness

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