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Lena Kundera

June 22, 2004

(Lena mention)
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No mention

From About All My Children

Maggie pulls back from their hug and thanks Bianca, saying she feels better now. She looks at the clock, and hurries around looking for her keys. Bianca sighs and says this is never easy, but however she wants to handle it is okay with her; she can find another place to stay. Maggie insists she can deal, and wants them to always be friends, no matter what. She doesn't want to do anything to mess up their friendship, but has she now that she's told her how she feels? Bianca insists she's glad she said that; she loves her, too. Maggie knows she's in love with Lena, and promises she's okay. It was hard for her to get it out, but she feels a lot better now that she did. They agree they're cool, and Bianca says whenever she wants to talk...

From Soap Slut

No mention of Lena


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • MiMo pigs out.
  • Bianca raids the dark closet.
  • Mary pitches a tent in the driveway.
  • Simone test-drives her shiny hair.
  • The rack speaks.
  • Maggie sums herself up.

The Set-Up – At Metro Music, nothing will ever make it to the recap.

In the nursery, Babe tries to find reason in misery.

On the terrace, David laughs at fatherhood.

At confusion central, Bianca puts Maggie’s hands on her rack. See, even she thinks her rack is an oracle.

Fusion – Greenlee wants to protect Ryan from Kendall because, well, men are susceptible to curls. Hum, is there a reason why those giant paperclips as swinging from Kendall’s ears?

Confusion Central – With her hands on the Oracle of Rack, Maggie says she wants to always be Bianca’s friend.

Maggie: "I don’t want to do anything to mess up our friendship."

I think you’re a twit, but telling Bianca how you feel – or, well, how you think you might be feeling considering the moon and the tides – was a good move. Everything that happened before that is the problem, Maggie, and none of us with a brain have forgotten any of it.

Bianca: "I love you, too, Maggie."
Maggie: "But you’re in love with Lena."

But not in love enough to, say, get on a plane and visit.

The Chandler Manse – In the library, Babe says she wants to spend more time with J.R.; he begs off and insists there is a new box of crayons he simply must try or he’ll end up coloring outside the lines again.

On the terrace, David can’t remember sleeping with Krystal. Shouldn’t that be her line?

David: "All the time you’ve been in Pine Valley, all the times that you’ve seen me and not once did it occur to you that we had ever even seen each other, let alone get hooked up?"

Not that I want to defend Krystal but, since you are Babe’s father, should you not wonder why you don’t remember this, either? It takes two to slut things up, David.

David: "You know something, I still have a sample of Babe’s DNA back at the lab. All I have to do is submit some of my own and in less than 24 hours I can prove, once again, that you’re lying."

Another DNA test: hur…erm…ray.

In the nursery, Brooke is relieved that Mary Polanski is no longer after Jamie but is, rather, far more interested in slaughtering a whole different kind of lamb.

Adam: "Are you seeing anyone now? Because your love life isn’t listed on your list of needy charities."
Brooke: "Well, you would be the last one who I would ask to contribute."

And you edit a magazine with that mouth? And don’t make me like you two together, damn it: I have some Adam hate on slow simmer and I’d like to keep it that way.

On the terrace, David’s mind-fuck begins. Blink it away, David! I don’t care how much you want a daughter: try not to forget Bianca’s own VolderSpawn is not where she should be and do the right thing. Oh, what am I saying? No one ever does the right thing on this stupid show. Bastards.

Metro Music – Maggie walks in, relieved to see Jamie, and takes out the box of Sociables.

Maggie: "I told Bianca I think I may love her. Tell me: how do I take it back?"

Oh good god: you’re so horribly stupid I’m going to have to create a whole new scale just for you.

Maggie: "Bianca looked at me like I was from Mars. […] What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking."

And you’re not used to that by now?

Maggie: "I don’t know what I am. I mean, am I gay? Am I a little too festive? I mean, it’s not as if I’m looking at every girl who’s walking past me."

Is it time for this "journey" to get interesting or are we going to continue to humor the little tool and her non-existing problems?

Jamie: "Oh, you only have eyes for Bianca."
Maggie: "If that is lame humor – "
Jamie: "Kinda, sorta, but not really."
Maggie: "See, that sort of sums me up: kinda, sorta, but not really."

Exactly. Well, less than that: who knew it would be possible?

The Chandler Manse – Oh wow: what the hell is that, a knit poncho? Bianca, I know you’re sleeping on Maggie’s couch – and why are you? Can’t you spend some of your millions and get a room at the PVI while you look for a place? – but do you have to raid her closet cart, too?

J.R. is the usual idiot savant and gets cranky with Bianca for not staying away from Bess; Babe overhears him, sees a future without Rack Checks and gets mad.

Babe: "Bianca is a part of our baby’s life and that’s the way it has to be. That’s final."

U-huh. MiMo is not your baby: I’m only this calm about it because I’d rather see her with you than with Bianca and spare myself the crappy singing.

The Last Scenes – At Fusion, Kendall tries to make Greenlee believe she and Ryan shared more than a soul-sucking kiss.

In the nursery, J.R. pouts because "Babe has this thing for Bianca." All the women of Pie Balley do, Pampers boy.

On the terrace, Krystal says she hates that Bianca is suffering but, hey, she’s not her daughter so she doesn’t give a shit.

In the nursery again, J.R. assures Adam that he has a plan and will implement it as soon as he can get the gum out of his hair.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: David prepares Bianca for some good news; Greenlee knows nothing happened between Kendall and Ryan; Erica returns to Pine Valley.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Maggie and Bianca continued their talk.
Maggie: Wow, look at the time! I have to go now.
Bianca: Are you sure you're all right about this?
Maggie: I'm fine. Really. I'm not running away from talking about this by pretending to be going to class or anything. No, not me. I'd never run away from my true feelings, unless of course I would run away - or something.
Bianca: Just remember that I'm here if you need me.
Maggie: I know.....so is holding my hands up here by your chest a way of helping me decide if I'm gay or not?
Bianca: Could be.

The kids were at the record store.
Danielle: I think that guy likes me.
Reggie: He doesn't like you. He's a drug dealer.
Danielle: Are you sure?
Reggie: Positive. It's summer and time for the teen storyline so there has to be a drug dealer. Remember that Sweeney guy from a couple of years ago?
Danielle: Vaguely. Did my dad ever figure out who killed him?
Reggie: Derek? Bwahahahaha! You may be a pain sometimes Danielle but you've got a great sense of humor.
Maggie: Jamie, I just told Bianca that I might be in love with her which would mean I might be gay but I might like having sex with you so I might be straight.
Jamie: Let me see if I have this right....the first girl I ever boinked turns out to be my sister in law and the second girl I ever boinked turns out to be in love with another girl. Can anyone have worse luck than that in the romance department?

Things were busy at Fusion.
Greenlee: Simone, to make up for you not getting to go to San Francisco I have a surprise for you.
Simone: They've realized the audience will never accept Tad with the lying heartless skanky test switcher and they're giving me a storyline with him?
Greenlee: No. But I'm giving you a new car.
Simone: That's wonderful!
Greenlee: Not only that but I've arranged for you to have a reserved parking place at the Backburner Cafe.
Simone::::sigh::::I guess I should be grateful. I heard Opal had to park six blocks away the other night during Happy Hour.
Kendall: Hello Greenlee. I just came by to tell you that Ryan likes me better than he likes you.
Greenlee: Nuh huh. Ryan likes me twice as much as he likes you.
Kendall: Oh yeah! Well Ryan likes me to the infinite power more than he likes you.
Greenlee: Oh yeah! Well he signed my yearbook first.
Kendall: But he's taking me to the senior prom.
Greenlee: :::sigh::::You know, our scenes used to be a lot better before this lame triangle got started.
Kendall: I know......but Ryan still likes me better than he likes you.
Greenlee: Nuh huh. He likes me better than he likes you.

Babe talked to "Bess".
Babe: I just wish you could tell me that you've had a happy life so far.
Miranda: Happy life! I was born in a deserted cabin during a flash flood, I got dumped on the ground in an incubator hours after being born, I lost the only man I ever really loved when the Chandler Kid got stolen, I ended up being named Bess and sent here to live in exile away from my real family and that lying heartless skanky test switcher is prolonging the agony even as we speak. Don't talk to me about a happy life! Waahhhhhh!

Later Adam visited "Bess".
Adam: JR is doing everything he can to get you away from that guttersnipe he married. But if he fails your grandfather will take care of things.
Miranda: I appreciate the thought. Your first order of business needs to be to put a stop to the schemes of that lying heartless skanky test switcher.
Adam: I'll get right on it.
Brooke: Right on what?
Adam: Er....telling Bess a bedtime story. She wants to hear the one about the time Hoss discovered gold on the Ponderosa.
Miranda: Hey Brooke, chased after any of Grandma's left overs lately? Bwahahahahahaha! I kill me sometimes.
Brooke:You said you were interested in helping mankind so I brought you a list of charities you can contribute too.
Miranda: Not with my trust fund money you don't. Take all donations out of the Chandler Kid's college money.
Brooke: So what's up with you and Mary? She made a point of telling me that she's sharing your bed.
Adam: Maybe they're setting up a Brooke/Adam/Mary triangle.
Brooke: I doubt it. The audience might enjoy that and they make a point of never doing anything the audience wants.
Miranda: Tell me about it. My whole life has been about them never doing what the audience wants.

Krystal continued with her bombshell.
Krystal: You are Babe's father.
David: That's ridiculous. They just did a long lost daughter storyline with Jack and Greenlee last year. Surely they aren't going to repeat it this quickly.
Krystal: You're Babe's father and you can't take your own baby doll's baby doll away from her.
David: I don't believe you. And even if I did what difference does it make? She still has a baby that's not hers.
Krystal: Don't you see? Lots of people like you. If you keep the secret to protect your baby doll then the audience can't hate me for keeping the secret to protect my baby doll.
David: Or they'll hate me for keeping the secret but they'll hate you even more because you're causing the destruction of my character.
Krystal: Well, there is that. But you can't ruin my baby doll's life by telling her that her baby doll is dead:::::These scenes might be really heartrending if Babe didn't already know but they kind of lose their effectiveness when it's not like she's going to be surprised to hear the truth::::
David: I'm going to tell Bianca her child is still alive.
Krystal: How could you tell Babe that her child is dead after knowing what it's like to lose a child of your own? You don't deserve to be a father.
David: Ahhh. Throwing my daughter Leora's death at me to manipulate me. That makes you a despicable lying heartless skanky test switcher. But all your pleas are in vain. I'm not buying any of it and I can guarantee you those message board people aren't falling for it either. I'm telling the truth.
Krystal: Oh yeah? I don't think so. Tomorrow is Wednesday and we know this storyline isn't going to end on a Wednesday.


Unverified in non-clip parts

Clip A

Maggie: I want us to always be friends, no matter what.
Bianca: Are you sure you're ok with that?
Maggie: I don't want to do anything to mess up our friendship. But have i now that I told you how I feel? I -- bianca: No, no. I'm -- i'm glad that you said that. I love you, too, maggie.
Maggie: No, but you're in love with lena.
Bianca: I don't want to hurt you.
Maggie: You're not, I promise! I'm ok. Look, it was really hard for me to get it out, but i -- I do feel a lot better now that i did.
Bianca: So -- we're cool?
Maggie: We're cool. Completely. Ok?
Bianca: Ok.
Maggie: And now my keys are -- ugh. All right, look, i have to -- I have to sign into this class before it closes. Bianca: What class? You didn't tell me -- you're taking summer courses?
Maggie: Well, just -- I'm just going to take one -- anatomy, you know.
Bianca: Cool. Something every doctor has to know.
Maggie: Eyes, ears, and nose. I mean, how hard can it really be, right?
Bianca: Maggie, whenever you want to talk --
maggie: Thanks. Really. Thanks.

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