Whoosh! Issue 37 - October 1999
Letters to the Editor

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Letters To The Editor


Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999
From: amicus3
Subject: Too Many Anniversaries

Hi Kym!

I just read the Editor's page and wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your editorial.

I am one your many readers who frequent WHOOSH not only to get my Xena fix for the day, but also because in a way, I feel a certain kinship or comfortable familiarity with WHOOSH. Kinda like the "everybody-knows-your-name" feeling that you might get if you went to a favorite "hang-out" place. I know that I do not know any of you personally but I have written a few things to you and your staff and it has always been a nice experience for me. It seems that, through a common interest - XWP - a special bond has formed and it transcends physically meeting each other. You end up just feeling a connection to people you have never met and really hardly know...but you know that they share the love and enthusiasm for a show that you feel the same about and then, it doesn't matter that you haven't met them...you just end up feeling a special connection with them.

Sorry, if this is getting kinda corny but this is how I feel about Whoosh. Oh, and when I say Whoosh, I mean the wonderful, dedicated, and talented people behind it and the many fans that have supported it and made it possible.

Thanks is definitely owed to Xena: Warrior Princess for being such a show that makes you laugh, cry, think, and feel, but also for allowing the "meeting" of special people to do a wonderful on-line magazine that I, for one, am very grateful for.

WHOOSH doesn't materialize like magic...thanks for the hard work and dedication...that makes this magic happen.


From: Nancela333
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999
Subject: just a thought

A most generous letter praising the folks behind the scenes who labor without material recompense to produce this excellent and favorite website of mine. I confess, I have no real idea of the time and skill required to publish the entire site, but I certainly have a greater appreciation of your (pural) dedication and abilities. Kudos to you all for a job exceptionally well-done.

However, I must state that your letter caused me some discomfort. Often, in my experience, when such a document is written it means the author is leaving the organization, considering leaving the organization, and/or preparing those that will be left for someone's departure. Hopefully, this is not the case, and you are simply an incredibly thoughtful "boss" making sure that the staff is fully recognized.

I have no particular website talents - I manage to foil the office software package(s) with its myriad limitations and assist those less-informed than I with their error messages and frustrations. My daughter is slightly involved with the website construction for a major player in the entertainment industry and keeps her work a great mystery - something about not having the time to explain it all. Oh, well. So, your talk of converting to HTML coding, inserting alt tags and other tidbits is, pardon the expression, Greek to me. Tho' I appreciate the results!

But, in short, you all do a fine job. I hope you keep it up, despite ennui. I'd hate to see Whoosh! diminish or disappear before the end of the sixth season. By then, I think the Xenaverse will be in reruns only.

Battle on!


Don't worry, there are no plans to stop WHOOSH. I am just an incredibly thoughtful "boss".

From: organizacion lopez avila
Subject: Whoosh Anniversary
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999

Happy anniversary and thanks a lot for the great job on this site. I want to congratulate the Whoosh staff for such a wonderful job. Please, keep up the good work.

Romelia Lopez A. Anaco

From: L S Stosalovich
Subject: Congratulations
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999

Wishing you, and all those who are a part of the Whoosh team congratulations and all the best for providing three great years. I look forward to reading Whoosh every month. Thanks for all the fun.



Paul Sprag
Subject: 'Borrowed' cast lists
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999

I thought I'd write in to apologise for using the Whoosh cast lists without asking or crediting you.

I use a lot of online resources, and with Whoosh being among the best Xena and Hercules sites, it's usually been top of the list for finding out information.

As cast lists are usually taken directly from TV or listings magazines, it didn't occur to me to ask permission before using them, as I didn't believe it was likely to breach copyright. However, I am sorry for the theft, and we at Cult Times will be sure to ask before using Whoosh information again.

However, if you could let me know what corrections need to be made, I can add them to our database!

Paul Spragg
Production Assistant
Cult Times magazine


Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999
Subject: Return of "The Way"

Just a note to congratulate your staff on pushing for the re-airing of "The Way". I am certain you all took a lot of heat from certain groups, but the episode did more to make me and many others aware of the ways of the Hindu religion than to detract by having Krishna appear as a character in the show. Way to go.

From: Andjam
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999
Subject: "The Way" is back - yay indeed

The returning of "The Way" is a victory for freedom of speech and GLBT rights. Xena fandom has united for a noble cause and all is right with XWP again.


"The Way" didn't change XWP's GLBT rights problems and freedom of speech problems. There's still no sign of progress on the Sappho episode.

However, the Jayce episode is said to be going ahead, which is some good news. At first I thought this would weaken my arguments about "The Way". But not really. After all, fans didn't lift a finger to get it back up. Instead, TPTB, who had been criticised for pulling "The Way", did the episode on their own initiative.

I may have been going on about the lack of support for these GLBT eps for a while, but there's yet to be a rebuttal in the letters section or in a reply via email. Just like you've called names such as "homophobe" and "cult" to get something done, should I call you names in order to get a reply? How about "racist" or "homophobe" since you're more keen on the right to offend Hindus than to have homosexuality on tv? Or maybe "coward" as it's easier to stick it to the Hindus than rebel against society as a whole? Easier, yes, but more worthwhile, no.

Unless the aim was for the subtexters to have another group to bash and for Christians to "become allies (with the subtexters) over their hatred of" Hindus? Isn't there a strong possibility that much of this protest is due to the usual nastiness between seasons of XWP?



Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999
From: Mist
Subject: S&S: Donations

Just a reminder. Lucy's baby is due in the next few weeks and if you want to contribute to a worldwide donation drive to celebrate the birth of the baby and to wish the Taperts well, please feel free to drop a check for one of the following organizations to the appropriate S&S representative. Be sure to make your check payable to the appropriate charity, NOT Sword and Staff.

In the United States: (Donations in US$)
For All Kids Foundation and/or
Starship Children's Hospital Foundation (Telemedicine Initiative)
Mail to: Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002

In Canada: (Donations in Canadian $)
Starlight Foundation
Mail to: Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002, USA

In Australia:
Starlight Foundation
Mail to: Mary Draganis, P.O. Box M4, Missenden Road, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

In New Zealand:
Starship Children's Hospital Foundation
Mail to: Sylvia Ovenall, 116 Balmacewen Road, Wakari, Dunedin, New Zealand

In Germany:
Medica Mondiale
For donation information, contact Hans Jorg Stanger of the German Fan Club at hans_joerg_stangor@csi.com

Netherlands and Belgium
Please make transfers to: Giro 7869941 (DAHX in Vlissingen) and indicate "contribution Motherhood" with your transfer.

In Italy
Red Cross
For information on making a donation in ITALY to benefit the earthquake victims in Turkey, please contact Storm at e-stefani@usa.net.

Great Britain
Great Ormand Street Hospital and/or
Booth Hall
Mail to: XenaNet, PO Box 259, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN8 7ZZ England

If you live in a country that is not represented in the above list, please feel free to participate in one of the above donation drives. If you'd like more information or need information, please contact me at cassetta@ix.netcom.com

There will be an online auction conducted on the Sword and Staff website when the baby is born. This auction will feature a large number of autographed items, X:WP fan fiction, magazines from around the world with articles on Lucy, Renee, and Xena, comics, and an assortment of other Xena and Herc memorabilia. The proceeds from that auction will be split between the Starship Children's Hospital Foundation in New Zealand and Rosie O'Donnell's For All Kids Foundation. Keep an eye out for announcements on this one.

Mist sword-and-staff.com


crystal blue
Subject: Jorgen Norberg's Nasty Letter
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999

I am sitting here sincerely hoping that Jorgen Norberg's letter in the last issue of "Whoosh!" was a joke. Regardless of how you view subtext on "XWP", attacking the author of an article exploring it and the entire gay community is just tacky. (Not to mention all the spelling errors, I just hate that) The rant he has attempted to pass off as a rational letter is repressed, illiterate, and blatantly homophobic. Just because you have a well of vitriol deep inside you, Jorgen, is no reason to spread it on us.

sincerity herself,
crystal blue

P.S. Just as a side note, how would it help morality to force college students of the opposite sex to room together? Like there isn't enough casual sex and sexual assault on our campuses anyway!


Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999
From: Mist
Subject: Sword and Staff

Over the past two and a half years, Xena fans have been volunteering their time and working to raise money for charities under the banner of Sword and Staff. To date, we have raised over $102,000. We've preserved more than 432 acres of Amazon Rainforest. We have cleaned tons of trash off miles of beaches. We have helped the homeless, the abused, the hungry, the displaced victims of war, and injured wildlife. We've raised money for drug rehabilitation. We've helped fund research for AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, birth defects, brain injuries, and a host of other physical maladies. In a short time, we went from what was perceived as a bunch of social misfits watching a campy television show to a group that is a power to be reckoned with. Like the show that's captured our imaginations, Xena fans have managed to make a mark on society in a number of positive ways. Sword and Staff is among their contributions. We've made change and we've made a difference. Not because we set out to do that, but because we are who we are and we do what we do.

More than once I have been placed in a position to defend what we do and my part in it. That's happened again today. So let me state this clearly. I don't ever seek special favors for myself where Xena is concerned. When I go to a convention, I pay $65 for a seat, just like anyone else. I wait on line for autographs, just like everyone else. If I buy pix for those autographs, I pay for them. However, if I ask for more than one autograph, it's because it is the easiest way to reach the cast members. Not because I benefit in some way. Not because I think I rate some special treatment. I don't keep the items they sign for Sword and Staff for myself. Ever. Everything I acquire goes for auction either online or at a fest somewhere in the world. Or it goes on the Sword and Staff Marketplace page. Or we donate to charities who ask for items for their own fundraisers.

If I ask the fans, fan clubs, and cast members to contribute to Sword and Staff it is because that is what keeps this organization alive and viable. And as I said, the cons are the most convenient place to get the cast members to autograph things. There's no ego involved in these requests. It is simply expedient. And there is no special treatment involved when the cast members ask to donate, or offer to sign for us, or don't hesitate to sign multiple items knowing that they'll be used to raise funds for charity. It's easier for them to sign at the cons as well.

If there are questions about what Sword and Staff is, how it is run, how donations are taken and forwarded to the charities, how we acquire the items we auction off, or about my role in Sword and Staff, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll answer any questions you may have.

Mist sword-and-staff.com


From: jmeisner
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 1999
Subject: Thanks

Am a new (two months) Xena fan and am devouring everything I can. Yes, watching six new-to-me episodes every week IS like drinking ambrosia from a fire hose. Your site has been MOST helpful in my learning process. Just wanted to let you know!


Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999
Scott Helmke
Subject: Letter to editor


No specific comments, just thanks for the great Xena coverage. I'm a not entirely rabid Xena fan, and the episode guides are wonderful!

Thanks again,

From: Judith Morgan
Subject: Letter to the Editor
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999

I'm a new fan to Xena, having only begun watching the show in August 1999. Being a UK fan as well has it's difficulties as it is hard to get any information, merchandise etc on the show - so i have spent hours surfing the net and i think your WHOOSH site has been invaluable. I have learnt so much from your episode guides and the articles in WHOOSH are brilliant - I have spent evening after evening reading through the first 30 editions - my eyes are now blurred. I have yet to see the first series, except the first two episodes which came on sale in the UK. So your site has filled in most of the gaps. I thought the second season was great and again this site put the series into context as SKY didn't show the series in order - some were shown daily at 10 in the morning (no doubt having had cuts made to them!) whilst the Rift episodes were shown one evening a week - so I am avidly waiting The Bitter Suite - and I have yet to see series 4 - i'll keep scanning the TV guides for reruns. I have been to many sites and my knowledge is gaining but I'm struggling to find anybody in my local vicinity who is in to Xena - most of my friends and colleagues consider me to be going through some sort of madness - it is nice to find out that I am not and that through sites like this i can read and feel like I am not alone.

Keep up the great work - I look forward to reading WHOOsh for years to come.


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