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[52] Robert Trebor is one of the most fan-accessible actors I've seen. The guy clearly enjoys his role as Salmoneus as much as he enjoys speaking to fans. He is always upbeat, positive, and amusing. I've been fortunate to hear him speak several times now and he is always entertaining. The Xenaverse is very lucky to have him.

[53] He greeted both HERC and XENA fans with equal respect, and was very excited because that night we were all *finally* going to get to see a new Salmoneus episode!

[54] Bob made some introductory remarks about fame and the success of the show. Although sometimes people recognise him on the street (When he was in Florida a child said to him "Do you know who you are?") he doesn't consider himself all that famous, he thinks of himself as a working actor. He had no idea when, four years ago, he went to work in New Zealand on his first HERCULES project, that the shows would be as successful as they have been.

[55] He told the story about how he created a Salmoneus-composed theme song for XENA. At literally the last few minutes of shooting, he improvised "Xe-e-na, coming to your town, Xe-e-na don't you wear a frown." He performed this, with walnut accompaniment.

[56] Though he speaks French, someone complained that they thought his French accent sounded "fake" to which he reacted in mock indignation.

[57] He really enjoyed doing MEN IN PINK (#H71) with Bruce Campbell. MiP is the Renaissance tribute to SOME LIKE IT HOT. Ironically, the actor who played Talmadeus (who wanted Sal's head in THE GREATER GOOD [#21]) plays the character who falls in love with Sal in disguise in MiP.

[58] When asked what he liked most about Salmoneus, Bob replied that even though Salmoneus often seems preoccupied with making money, in the end, he will always come through to help people. The audience applauded this.

[59] SAL_FAN was introduced to cheers. SAL_FAN wanted to know how much more we'd be able to see Salmoneus after MiP. The audience wanted to know too. Bob didn't know yet, but hopes there will be a demand soon.

[60] Someone asked if Bob had ever considered a career in singing. He said that actually there was talk of making a "Salmoneus Sings -- Songs in the Key of Commerce" with money-themed tunes such as "If I were a Rich Man", "Brother Can You Spare a Dime", etc.. He said he loves Broadway, and as an aside, the Lucy in GREASE was much closer to the real Lucy than Xena.

[61] It was asked if he had a fan club. Indeed he does! It's called Palindrome Pals, and the URL is: http://www.cyberramp.net/~lnmorris/

[62] Someone wanted to know when we'd get to see Bob and Ted Raimi together again. Bob said we would see them both but not as Joxer and Salmoneus in YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A HERCULES (#H74). Ted plays Alex, a writer on the HERC show, and Bob plays B.S. Hollingsfoffer, a big mogul.

[63] Bob continued to have great fun with the audience, talking about his experiences with various actors, and patiently answering questions from children who seem to adore him.

[64] A child innocently asked if there was an episode where Salmoneus gets to be "on" XENA. "Gets to be 'on' Xena'?" Bob echoed. The audience laughed and laughed at that. "Shame on you!" Bob scolded them. "Let a child have her innocence!" For some reason the double entendres tend to fly thick and fast when Bob speaks. "Not on top of the actor," the child tried to clarify. The audience laughed uncontrollably. Bob did his best to save the situation.

[65] At a different point, a girl asked, "That person who plays Atalanta [Cory Everson] doesn't look like she wears underwear. Does she?" Bob asked "What's your name?" "Melanie" "How old are you?" "Fourteen." "Well, Melanie, there are just some questions a gentleman doesn't answer, and when you're older, you'll really appreciate that." Once again, the audience laughed and applauded approval.

[66] Bob's most embarrassing moment in the shows was when he was filming MUMMY DEAREST (#H41) on HERC. A rat was supposed to fall on his head and stay there for a moment, which is hard to do. There were many rat antics, and his head was pretty scratched up. In MiP, when he and Bruce are in drag, they do a strip-tease. This was difficult when he had to keep covering certain areas so as not to be found out he wasn't really a woman.

[67] He also encouraged people to write in to say what they want to see. People's letters are important and they do count.

[68] With that, his time was up.

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