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[69] Robert was his usual effervescent self ("stoked", as he put it), especially since the HERCULES episode being aired that week was a Salmoneous episode. He teased the audience with a spoiler involving Hercules and grapes. Laughing, he said he'd heard that supermarkets were now running out of fruit!

[70] Asked about fame and its effects, Robert related the story of three kids who came up to him in Orlando to say, wide-eyed, "Do you know who you are?"! He doesn't consider himself to be famous but is glad to know his autograph can fetch dollars for worthwhile projects. He said that basically he's a working actor who is glad if his artistry touches someone.

[71] There was a reprise of the walnut accompaniment (this time with organic walnuts) to Salmoneous' Xena song. Alas, I couldn't scribble down the words fast enough but do know it involves "town" and "frown."

[72] Robert enjoyed working with Bruce Campbell on the upcoming HERCULES episode, MEN IN PINK (#H71) which is a homage to SOME LIKE IT HOT. He jokingly assured the audience that there was *nothing* going on between Bruce and him! He did spoil us with a few details from the episode since Brad Carpenter had shown us some of the fun slides from that particular episode earlier.

[73] There were many good questions about the characterization of Salmoneous. Robert does not see him as *greedy*. He just schemes a lot. Basically, he has a good heart and will do the right thing to help people as illustrated in THE GREATER GOOD (#21), for instance. Salmoneous has had his moments as the hero in such episodes AS DARKNESS FALLS (#H06) and FIRE DOWN BELOW (#H22).

[74] Does he expect to have a singing career? Apparently, there was a record producer in the audience so let's hope this person was listening to Robert pitch a CD called "Salmoneous Sings in the Key of Commerce," featuring such songs as "Brother, Can you Spare a Dime?" plus "If I Were A Rich Man."

[75] How does Robert keep his composure while working with such lovely actresses as Corey Eversen or Alexandra Tydings? He stressed his mantra, "I am a professional actor. This is a job." Otherwise, he thinks of batting averages!

[76] Robert gleefully told us that there was now a Salmoneous doll from Toy Biz which an audience member dutifully brought to the stage for everyone to look at. "I've finally got biceps," crowed Robert.

[77] Robert ended his part of the convention by telling us fans that we're the reason the show is a hit and to keep writing letters of support.

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